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Reviewed: 09/22/05

While there's nothing new, this game is still great

The first X-Men Legends game was definitely a surprise in the RPG world with how cleanly and smoothly it made teamwork feel. They bring back more of that goodness this time, although one big change makes this one better. Not only can you play as the heroes, you can play as the villains as well. That enough, while none of the core gameplay mechanics has changed, can help make this worth the buy.

The graphics are nicely done, with the environments looks very detailed and destructible (YAY). The only thing is, they haven't changed much from the first game. They're more varied, but not much different. There are some mutants that weren't in the first game that are in this one that look close to the comic book incarnations, as do all really. But some of the characters we've seen before. The cut-scenes are very nice quality, but it again does look familiar. While these are still fairly well done, they haven't changed much from the last game, which is kind of a shame.

SOUND: 8/10
Patrick Stewart yet again voices Professor Xavier, and he does an incredible job. All of the voice acting is very well done, although Rogue's and Juggernaut's get annoying and campy. The music is standard orchestral stuff. It doesn't get stuck in your head, but it isn't obnoxious either. If they maybe could have put in more effort here, I would have been happy. The great voice-overs help carry this area nicely though.

STORY: 9/10
I definitely like this story better than the last one. This time, Apocalypse has risen to become a threat to all mankind. OK, maybe threat is too small a word. Maybe...ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION ENSUES!!!!! Anywho, Apocalypse's major plan is to get mutants together so he can take their powers. One of them is Magneto's son, so Magneto naturally gets PO'ed. Since the X-Men already have him as an enemy, the BrotherHood of Mutants and the X-Men decide to team up and defeat Apocalypse. This makes a very good opening cutscene with both the Brother Hood and X-Men freeing Xavier. Because this new story allows for villains to be playable, it makes the story and game ten times better.

This game once again defines teamwork in an RPG. YES IT'S AN RPG! You start out with 15 playable mutants, and you can make any four-person combination for each level. You can only control one mutant at a time, but you can switch on the fly, which makes it really easy to switch and vary up gameplay. Although, all of them have the standard regular attacks. More variations come from the fact that each mutant's have a different power which allows for many different ways to hurt evil people. Which mutants you take is vital, since some mutant's specific powers could help with an environmental puzzle. However, a few certain mutant's can kind of do the same sort of thing to the environment. For example, Magneto and Iceman can both kind of make a bridge thing. They can also help specifically, since only Iceman can put out fires, and only Magneto can manipulate metal objects in the environment. Fighting enemies is simple enough. Each mutant does get one kick-ass power that clears the room, and they all look and feel good to pull off. The unfortunate thing about this is, all of this kind of stuff, WE'VE SEEN BEFORE!!! If it weren't for the fact that they didn't do much to change up the game, this could have been perfect. Don't let that tear you down though, this game's still great and fun to play.

Mutliplayer is easy to do, just pick up a second controller, press start, and go. Again, only one of you can control one mutant at a time, but combos can be set up between two different mutants attacking the same guy, and these new and different combos can add experience points. Like I said before, this IS an RPG. The actual game takes about 25 hours, sidequests and all, and there are many different difficulty levels. Plus, every level can be taken differently for each mutant combination. There's also more mutants to be unlocked as you play the game. All in all, you can be playing this game for a while and have fun.

This game is definitely a treasure in RPG and comic book games, although nothing's changed that much since the first one. This is still a very fun game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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