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Character/Team Build FAQ by pnx8x

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 10/21/05

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse
Character Building Guide (X-Box): Version 0.6

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction / Overview
 1.1 - General Stat & Skill Overview
 1.2 - Mutant Types
 1.3 - Team Building
 1.4 - Overview of Character Building

2. Character Analysis
 2.1 - Bishop
 2.2 - Colossus
 2.3 - Cyclops
 2.4 - Deadpool*
 2.5 - Gambit
 2.6 - Iceman
 2.7 - Iron Man*
 2.8 - Jean Grey
 2.9 - Juggernaut
2.10 - Magneto
2.11 - Nightcrawler
2.12 - Professor X*
2.13 - Rogue
2.14 - Scarlet Witch
2.15 - Storm
2.16 - Sunfire
2.17 - Toad
2.18 - Wolverine
* Unlockable Characters

3. Miscellaneous
 3.1 - Version History
 3.2 - Character / Game Glitches
 3.3 - Contact Info
 3.4 - Credit
 3.5 - Legal

1. Introduction / Overview:
This guide is broken into two main parts; First is the overview, this is to
give the player a broad look at strategy for building not only the character
but also in building the team.  Second is the character analysis, this is meant
to satisfy the player that just wants the lowdown on an individual character
and how to turn them into a strong part of your team.  The goal of the overview
is to give players the tools necessary to look at the character builds and
think for themselves and help point them in the right direction as to which
build will work the best and what modifications are necessary to make the
characters and team work towards their personal goals for the game.  This isn't
meant to spoon feed players with the absolute best build as much as it's meant
to show them how to build.  I have yet to play hard mode all the way through
and really develop the long term strategy for builds but that won't last too
long as I can't quit playing this game.

1.1 General Stat & Skill Overview
Stat Points:
Once you get into the game you will notice the characters each have their own
menu for stat point distribution.  You will be able to allocate their points as
you wish to build the characters.  Some people prefer the rainbow  strategy
with points in every category and every skill.  You will usually find that
having your characters specialize and be exceptional in only a few areas works

Each character will have default number of stat points that they start with.
Stat points that are gained as you level and they gain 4 stat points per level
that the player can distribute themselves.  Stat points can also be gained by
accessing tech stations, and completing some danger room missions.  Adding stat
points throughout the game will be necessary to keep your players fit to defeat
the enemy.

The 4 stat point categories and effects are:

-Body:   Raises Health Points (HP) and chance for double health from health
potions (the more HP, the more damage character can absorb)

Increases Energy Maximum, Energy Regeneration Rate, Melee Mental Dmg, and
chance for double health from potions (allows more liberal use of skills that
use energy)

-Strike: Raises Damage done by melee attacks (Effects vary between character to

-Speed:  Raises ATK (how often you land hits on enemies) and DEF (how often
enemy's hits are dodged by you) ratings.
Skill Points:
You will only start with one skill point per character at the beginning of the
game and the skill is predetermined.  You will gain 1 skill point per level and
there are chances to pick up extra skill points throughout the game.  One way
to do this is purchasing them from Beast or Forge.

Main types of skills include:

Usually a kick or punch with some sort of added damage built in.

Running, jumping or flying attack.  Usually in straight line meant to hurt
multiple enemies or objects.

Shoot single or multiple beam(s) at enemy.  Sometimes requires holding it down
to continue action.

Shoots object(s) at enemies.  Sometimes does radial damage upon impact.

Is an area of effect attack usually a circular pattern of

Skill that requires enemies to be near or advance towards your characters

Also an area of effect attack, pattern varies.

Work all the time and don't require activation before or during a battle.

Can be either for the individual or the entire team.  Can also be called a

Hurts enemy by reducing their effectiveness or the effectiveness of their

Allows the character to preform a specific action.

Any skill that is out of the ordinary and doesn't fit into any other category

A special move that cost Xtreme points that first appear at level 15.  Can be
any type of skill seen above.

When one or more players use their skills at the same time to harm an enemy
your team will have preformed a combo.  Combo can help boost the effectiveness
of your team so you will find many references to them throughout this guide.
Usually provided by a boost or a passive skill.  There are many types that will
be mentioned throughout this guide.  Abbreviations will be used in this guide
are as follows:

R-EL = Resist Elemental
R-EN = Resist Energy
R-M  = Resist Mental
R-R  = Resist Radiation

1.2 Mutant Types
X-Men Legends II is much like the first in the sense it has different types of
characters.  There are naturally a few characters of each type.  There are also
characters that can be built in different ways that determine their type.  Best
results usually come from building characters in a direction that is natural as
to enhance their best traits and make them stronger.

Each character will overlap into a few different types.  They will overlap into
several types either naturally because of a skill they possess OR due to the
direction a player builds them in.  Keep in mind that the types you may have
encountered in XML 1 don't all apply due to game play changes that make them

Three Main Types of Character:
Tanks / Range / Support
A. Tanks - These are characters made to take the brunt of the damage dealt by
the enemy.  On the front line they also need to deal quite a bit of damage to
the enemy.  You will find certain characters are naturally inclined to be tanks
because it takes fewer strike points to increase the damage they deal.  Another
quality you should look for in a tank is a personal shield or passive skill
that raises DEF, lowers damage taken, or raises resistance to many different
types of damage.  Of course if they have a shield/passive that does more than
one of these you know they're a winner.  Keep in mind that sometimes the best
defense is a good offense (cliche, yeah sorry)  Some players myself included
like to build a tank that deals so much damage that defense rarely is fully
tested.  However if you go this route you have to keep in mind that once you
progress to harder levels and harder enemies, defense cannot and should not be
ignored.  So you will want to invest for the future somehow.  Armor is a good
way to do this but don't forget you may get some armor with very elite
offensive power that you will leave you scrambling for another way to boost

B. Range - Unfortunately this name doesn't leave you guessing as to what their
purpose is.  Some people call them bombers, wizards, or snipers instead.
Basically they are the polar opposite of tanks.  They sit in the back of the
group and deal damage.  You will find that the damage is significant, at lower
levels they concentrate on fewer enemies and at higher levels they deal
damage to many enemies at once.  Their powers come at the cost of energy
though.  You will want to concentrate on their focus, mutant mastery, and any
other skill that saves, regenerates, or recovers energy.

C. Support - Support is a category for the characters that can possibly be a
melee (tank like) or ranged  support character but they are best at being a
little of both.  In fact while playing I found the support characters to be
very balanced between the two extremes.  Some like to lump support characters
and boosters into the same category but I like to keep them separate.  The
support have to be able to back up the tank, but don't necessarily have to
boost them.  Often times just having them up at the front dealing damage and
providing a little  distraction or stun is the best support you could ever give
your tank.  In the character analysis you will see three types of support
characters listed; ranged support, melee support, and just plain support.

Types of Individual Abilities:
Leaders / Bridgers / Fliers / Boosters / Teleport / Command & Confuse
D. Leaders - Characters that possess leadership skill.  This will boost
experience gained when using combos.

E. Bridgers - They can create bridges within the game to facilitate movement

F. Fliers - This won't take long either.  Characters that fly. Done.

G. Teleporters - Only two of them.  Maybe this is getting too specific.  They
can teleport.

H. Boosters - This is a type of character and a boost an individual ability.
Every character in this game has a boost.  However, this part is about the
"group booster".  That is a character who's boost benefits the entire group.
Some unique characters actually have a passive that benefits the entire group,
so I include them in this group as well.  I don't consider it a group boost
when a character can add only a certain type of damage to their allies melee
attacks.  If they boost %damage, experience, DEF, or ATK of the entire group
that is a different matter.  Some may not agree but the reason I make this
differentiation is to draw attention to what I consider the more useful boosts.

I. Command & Confuse - I added this a little late, but I figured it is an
important concept that should be near the beginning.  Confusers make it
difficult to combo, they usually make the enemy flee or move away from the
group.  Command does the opposite and facilitates combos, they usually stun,
freeze, slow or pull the enemy closer.  Why didn't I make a category for each?
Easy...I'm Lazy.

------------------------ Character Breakdown -----------------------
TK = Tank
RG = Ranged
SP = Support
LD = Leader
BG = Bridger
FL = Flier
TE = Teleporter
MM = Move massive objects
MD = Move objects from distance
BR = Booster (Xt = Extreme Power, Group Boost Only)
CC = Command and Confuse (Cm & Cf, CC = both)

              | TK | RG | SP | LD | BG | FL | TE | MM | MD | BR | CC |
Bishop        | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | Xt | -- |
Colossus      | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- |
Cyclops       | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | Cm |
Deadpool      | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | Cm |
Gambit        | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- |
Iceman        | -- | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | Cm |
Iron Man      | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- |
Jean Grey     | -- | xx | -- | -- | xx | xx | -- | xx | xx | xx | Cf |
Juggernaut    | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- |
Magneto       | -- | xx | -- | xx | xx | xx | -- | xx | xx | xx | Cf |
Nightcrawler  | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | xx | -- |
Professor X   | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | Cm |
Rogue         | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- |
Scarlet Witch | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- |
Storm         | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | xx | -- | xx | xx | -- | -- |
Sunfire       | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- |
Toad          | -- | -- | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- |
Wolverine     | xx | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- |

1.3 Team Building
Gosh where to start...  There are so many strategies to build a team that works
well together.  It also allows you to determine the size of your team up to 4
characters.  Team choice partially depends on if you are playing alone or with
others.  I will focus on playing alone but expand briefly about group play.

First I will go over the strategy of a team when you actually play the game.

Strategy 1: Tanks and Confusers, sometimes called crowd control.  This is a
good strategy because your confusers usually weaken enemies offense or defense
as well as disorient them.  This makes them good targets for the tanks that can
do heavy damage.  Basically the tank's job is to come in and mop up the enemies
while the confuser leaves them clueless.  The problem with this build is it's
usually not effective on bosses.  In this strategy try to look for confuse
attacks that weaken the amount of damage the enemy deals out.  A confuse attack
that affects groups is best.  This will allow the tanks to wade through the
enemies knocking them off in a leisurely manner.

Strategy 2: Leader and Command, sometimes called a combo team or experience
farming team.  The idea of this strategy is to have the leader with their
experience and critical bonus lead the team to faster leveling and quick
knockouts.  Usually having a command character that can freeze or stun the
enemy is best, because hitting combos on moving targets is usually harder.  You
should also look for characters with high damage quick attacks that can be
repeated often.  This will allow more combos and getting mobbed is not a
problem if the mob is dying quickly.  With the right characters you may be able
to build the team without a command character.  Getting multiple characters
with radial attacks can also work for this strategy.  There is no wrong way to
do it as long as you are dealing enough damage while hearing the word COMBO!!
every few seconds.  Attacks to look for include beam, projectile, radial, and
quick melee attacks.  Don't expect to combo quite as much if you are using a
"slow" melee fighter.

Strategy 3: Tanks and Boosters This strategy ignores combos and crowd control.
Well in a sense it controls the crowd because it just kills them like most
strategies do.  With a good booster this strategy can really work well.  It
comes down to having 2 or 3 heavy tanks that run into the fray with a booster
on the edge keeping them full of health, energy or both.  If you only have two
tanks it's usually because you want to level faster so you threw a leader in
the team.  Some people throw tanks that are energy pigs in and have the booster
act as what I like to call an "energy dumpster".  They will be mentioned
several times throughout this FAQ.
General Overview:
It may seem obvious after outlining all the different types of characters that
you will want a few different types with abilities that compliment each other.
Most players prefer to have a core group that includes a tank, ranged support,
and melee support character.  The last character is up for grabs but most 
prefer a second tank or support character.  At least one of the characters
should be a booster, choosing the boost could make or break your team.  Many
prefer Jean Grey or Scarlet Witch for the energy recovery boost they offer.
Leaders provide an obvious boost but only if the team is capable of pulling off
enough combos to make it worth while.

As far as specific (individual) abilities go there are a few points in the game
where if you don't have a character with a specific ability it makes the game
very painful and even impossible.  No need to spoil anything, you will (or
should) know when you have reached one of these points. You want to try to have
a flier, bridger, leader, someone able to move objects from a distance and
someone with the ability to move massive objects.  Not all are necessary but
they do make your life easier.  Some characters are nice because they do
several of these at once.  A good example is Magneto, a bridger, leader, able
to move objects from a distance, can move massive objects, and he can fly. 
Wow, that takes care of that!!  Well, not quite, he isn't the answer for
everybody nor should he be.  Enough about him, you can keep reading if he is
all you care about. 
I hope none of this is to redundant or says the same thing over and over.  By
now you should realize that there are many combinations that work for a team.
Just because i haven't mentioned a team of only ranged characters yet doesn't
mean it can't work with the right preparation.  I just tried to point out the
more common (easier) ways to build a team.  When I go into further depth on the
characters I will mention what they do well and that will give you an idea what
type of team to build using the characters.  Have fun with it and don't be
afraid to be "weird" when building your team.  If you want to use characters
just because they are your favorite from the comics go ahead and try.  Worst
that can happen is they all die a gruesome death.  (can I say that? what is
this game rated anyhow? ...maybe they just get knocked out)  This game is
enough fun that playing it over again shouldn't be too much of a chore.

Special Team Bonuses: There are unique bonuses for having certain characters on
your team or having them wear certain skins.  I am not going to list them all
here as they are easily available in so many other places.  If you want to find
out more about them just look around www.gamefaqs.com a little more.  Just
worth mentioning, that's about it.

1.4 Overview of Character Building
Ok, before we move on lets look at where we have been.  You should now
understand the basics on stat points and skill points and where they come from.
You should understand the types of mutants you have to work with and which type
each mutant is.  In addition you can now see which mutants have the skills
necessary to make navigating the game easier.  Team building hopefully gave you
some ideas on how to choose a team by taking the character type and these
individual abilities into account.  With this all said all that is left is to
figure out how to actually build the Tank, Ranged, or Support character so that
they complete their role in the team while making the necessary abilities
available to the team.  Use this as a general guide in combination with the
more detailed character analysis that comes from the next section and you
should be on your way to a good build.
Stat Point Distribution Overview:
First you will want to kick up your stat points.  For the characters that you
are using for your core group you will have to do this slowly.  If you switch
to an unused character all of the sudden you may find yourself scratching your
head trying to decide what to do.  Usually I will give instructions on how to
allocate points in groups of 4 since you gain 4 points per a level.  So it may
take some effort to build up the unused character but it should still be easy
enough to figure out with the guidelines suggested.

For example, lets say Nightcrawler is best built with "2/focus and 2/strike and
every third level 1 point for each stat (1 body, 1 focus, 1 strike, & 1 speed).
Lets plan for he long run and say you go to level 99 because you start at level
1 that comes out to 98 levels x 4 = 392 total stat points not counting the
default stats.  So Nightcrawler would end up with about 28/Body 168/Focus
168/Strike 28/Speed added to his stats.  This is to be taken as a general guide
to stat points not the law.  Mainly because this ratio of stat points will vary
depending on the level of difficulty you chose.  For example if you are playing
on a harder level you may want to increase the allocation of points to speed
and body.  So instead of only giving speed and body each 1 point every 3rd
level you may give them each 2 points every fourth level while continuing to
give 2 points to both focus and strike for all the levels in between.

Trust your instincts too.  If you notice your tank is having their health
points drained too quickly, using health packs a lot, or getting low often
despite their armor and defensive skills don't be afraid to change the plan a
little and donate extra to speed and body.  Just make sure you take into
account the future of the game because it might only be one more level before
they gain a stronger defensive skill or better armor that fixes the problem for
you.  Also I believe stats max out around 250 so you may want to hold back a
little so you don't accidently glitch your stats and have them roll over or
roll back or whatever happens to them.  I haven't noticed exactly what happens
yet although I have maxxed a few characters stats out.  I wasn't paying enough
attention to see if anything glitched.
Skill Point Distribution Overview:
As far as skill points are concerned I am going to keep this rather short.  I
mostly want to make sure the balance between stats and skills is understood in
this section.  Most of the advise about this is contained in the Character
Analysis section for each individual character.

Some general guidelines though:

A. Energy Consumption: If you build out a skill, make sure that it doesn't
consume more energy than they produce.  In fact make sure they have enough
energy to preform this skill as often as necessary.  For example, most of the
time I like to have one skill that I will really focus on that doesn't take up
much energy and one skill that sucks energy but is equally useful in boosting
the team, character or dealing more group damage if I get surrounded.  If you
find your character eating up a lot of energy and you really want to use that
skill you either have to pump up your focus stat or work on adding skill points
to mutant mastery.  The other possibility is to not level the skill as much
and depend on other boosts or passives to make the skill deal out more damage.

B. Defensive Skills:  Some people rely on skills to boost their defense.  The
problem with that is skills only enhance the DEF rating usually by a %.  If you
didn't invest in speed the whole game and you have a low DEF rating even if a
skill boosts it 900% it won't do much good if you are stuck with a base defense
of 10.  Extreme I know... but you get the idea I hope.  Speed is often an easy
way to boost your base DEF rating so don't forget about it especially on the
harder difficulties.

C. Offensive Skills:  This is a repeat of defensive skills really.  Don't
forget about your base damage and ATK rating that you gain from strike and
speed.  Enhancing a weak base damage is only going to offer a weak enhancement.
If your ATK rating is low it won't help the amount of damage you do, because
no matter how powerful the attack is no damage is done when you swing and miss
the enemy completely.

D. Max vs. Min: Choose your skills carefully, unless you are sure you are going
to keep playing until you max out everything.  Usually it is a good idea to
focus on what you think is best and only put a few points into skills you are
unsure of.  The nice thing about XML2 vs. XML1 is that you can go to Forge or
Beast (depending on what act you are in) and purchase "redistribute skills" for
a character.  The first time you purchase this it's relatively cheap compared
to the second and third time so I usually wait until I am past at least level
40 before using it.  That way I am a little more sure of what direction I am
going to take the character in.  Once you are sure that a you have a skill you
want to take all the way go ahead and max it out.  For abilities like fly
though...one point is enough, two at the most.

E. Purchase extra skill points as soon as you can during the game.  They get
more expensive as you level up.  I personally like to purchase 3 extra skill
points for my 4 main characters.  I do this by getting the first extra point
for each of the.  Once they all have that I go for the second...and so on.

2. Character Analysis:
First, I will include stat and skill point distribution guidelines.  Second is
the reasoning for why the character is built this way to give insight as to why
certain skills are ignored and others are maxxed.  Details may also include an
overview of their use with a team.  Some characters will have one or more
alternate builds.  Generally speaking the support type characters will warrant
more alternate builds.  Whether the character is going to be Human or AI
controlled can also affect your build, so I will try to mention which build is
best for each or changes necessary.  Then I will list the green item for that
character.  Last will be a full listing of the  characters powers in the order
they appear in the game. (more or less the descriptions the games gives)  The
skill listings are there mostly to aid the player in evaluating the build to
make sure the build works to give the characters skills they need to stand on
their own and help the team.  Some of these builds will be more complete than
others, but hopefully the information will be equally useful for them all.

-Characters marked with a "*" after their name need to be unlocked.
-Skills with a "*" in front of them are Xtreme Attacks

2.1 Bishop
Ranged Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus; occasional focus in speed

Skills Distribution:
Plasma Blaster or Full Auto
Energy Combat
Gun Mastery
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Superconductor

Special Item: Phase Pistols /

Build Details:
Bishop develops into a strong character later in the game.  Full auto rules but
not until level 14, you can use energy combat until that point.  Mutant master
is a must have skill as is gun mastery.  Like him or hate him he is a
powerhouse especially when teamed with a energy dumpster like Scarlet Witch or
Jean Grey.
Skills Listing:
-Bio Beam / Beam
Channels energy through his hands to blast enemies with beam of focused power

-Plasma Blaster / Projectile
Uses guns to fire projectiles that stun enemies (press and hold)

-Sapping Strike / Melee
Melee attack that reduces damage victims do by 50% for a time. Drains

-Full Auto / Projectile
Fires both guns in spray of bullets causing radiation damage (press and hold)

-Rapid Fire / Projectile
Fires both guns in broad sweeps with atomic radiation rounds

-Bombardment / Radial
Fires high-powered rounds into air, crashing down into enemies and objects

-Bio Blast / Radial
Energy attack damages enemies w/ chance of 'Deadly Strike' (takes 33% enemy

*Big Bang / Radial
Sucks in surrounding energy and releases explosion & nullifies enemy powers

*Superconductor / Boost
Entire team spends no EP and takes no energy damage for a time

-Absorption / Boost
Absorbs a % of energy damage and converts it to HP gain and boosts (PR)

-Energy Fury / Boost
Gives bonus energy damage to melee attacks for self and allies for a time

-Energy Combat / Passive
Adds energy damage to melee attacks

-Gun Mastery / Passive
Adds to gun damage and increases chance for criticals with gun attacks

-Power Trip / Passive
Adds to DEF and movement speed and R-EN

-Mutant Mastery / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.2 - Colossus
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Strike / occasionally alternate 1 strike to focus or speed

Skill Distribution:
Iron Fist or Uppercut (pick one, Level 20 or 18) 
Massive Strike (Level 14)
Siberian Express (Level 11)
Galvanize (Level 15)
Metallurgy (Level 15)
Might (Level 2)
Mutant Master (as needed)
Xtreme: Demolition (Level 7)

Build Details: 
With this build Colossus should be able to take the damage as well as deal it
out.  If you run out of things to spend skill points don't be afraid to max
mutant master or invest in brawler.  If you are looking to include Colossus in
a combo team you may want to worry less about body and move to focus and use
thunderclap instead of iron fist or massive strike.  This would also be advised
if you are working on a dual tank team and are looking to just deal out serious
damage from a little further away.  Though thunderclap is not nearly as strong 
as it was in the first game though.  Usually I just stick with massive strike 
for the most part and I don't level up uppercut right away, prefer to keep 
energy cost down a little.

Skills Listing:
-Iron Fist / Melee
Increased melee attack with knockback

-Uppercut / Melee
Increased melee attack that pops enemies into air

-Thunder Clap / Radial
Thunderous clap that sends out a 140-degree blast of damage

-Massive Strike / Melee
Increased melee attack with chance for "deadly strike" (takes 33% enemy health)

-Bounding Smash / Radial
A colossal leap and landing that sends out radial shockwave of damage

-Siberian Express / Charge
An increased melee attack by charging forward

*Demolition / Radial
Xtreme concussion attack

*Unbreakable / Boost
Makes Colossus invincible and increases damage

-Steel Skin / Boost
Generates steel armor around body absorbing damage

-Roar / Boost
Battle cry giving all team members a bonus to all character traits

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Brawler / Passive
Gives natural ATK increase

-Galvanize / Passive
Gives natural DEF increase

-Metallurgy / Passive
Increases natural resistance to R-EL, R-EN, and R-M

-Might / Ability
Increases lifting strength & destruction level of melee

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.3 - Cyclops
Ranged Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus / occasional focus to speed

Skill Distribution:
Optic Beam
Polarized Beam
Tactics or Command
Visor Upgrade
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Flawless Tactics and Optic Rage (In that order)

Build Details:
If you commit to only a few powers and don't try to get a little of everything
he can deal some major damage.  You will have two beam powers, one with low
energy consumption (optic beam) that you can use all day long and one with
higher energy consumption (polarized beam) for easier combos and large groups.
With visor upgrade maxxed out you will find yourself dealing out plenty of
damage.  Tactics and command are only something I would add if you plan on
using Cyclops yourself, tactics would be my choice.  Defense grid is good to
use if you are going to let A.I. control this overgrown laser pointer.
Flawless tactics and leadership will help your entire team to level even
faster.  I usually let the  A.I. control Cyclops and I switch to him just
before I'm about to fight a large  mob of enemies or a boss.  Make all the
combos really count!!
Skills Listing:
-Optic Beam / Beam
Beam of energy filtered through Cyclops's visor

-Optic Slam / Beam
Wide beam that can knock enemies back

-Optic Flash / Debuff
Produces a low-power discharge of energy, stunning and damaging enemies

-Auto Artillery / Trap
Sets a small trap that sends out a wave of electricity when activated by

-Fusion Beam / Beam
A beam laced with atomic energy, causing extra radiation damage

-Focused Beam / Beam
An intensely focused beam that can pierce through enemies

-Polarized Beam / Beam
Beam that splits into 3 at point of contact with enemies

*Optic Rage / Beam
Xtreme arc spray attack

*Flawless Tactics / Boost
Increases experience earned for entire team

-Tactics / Boost
Uses combat knowledge to organize and prepare allies, increasing DEF

-Command / Boost
Uses natural leadership abilities to boost effectiveness of entire team

-Defense Grid / Passive
Adds a chance to dodge projectile attacks

-Visor / Upgrade
Passive Increases damage of all visor beam attacks and the chance of critical

-Leadership / Passive
Increases combo XP of team & increases chance of critical strike for team

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.4 - Deadpool*
Melee Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Focus / 3 Strike; occasionally 1 strike to speed & body

Skill Distribution:
Rupturing Jab
Regeneration (Level 1)
Weapon Mastery
Mutant Master

Build Details:
With a deadly damage dealer like Deadpool on your team your tank won't have to
worry about absorbing to much damage.  Repeated rupturing jab will not leave
enemies standing for long.  With such a variety of abilities it may be hard to
distribute skills but this should give you a good base to work off of.  If your
team needs a ranged character Deadpool wouldn't be my first choice although it
looks possible to make him one.  Keep him closer to the front lines and reap
the benefits.
Skills Listing:
-Rupturing Jab / Melee
Sword Attack

-Teleport / Special
Teleports, through reinforced walls at higher levels; carries Allies @ Level 4

-Dual Shot / Projectile
Pulls out two pistols and shoots

-Butterfly Kick / Melee
Backflip followed by thrust from each sword

-Blade Cyclone / Charge
Spin move with swords (press and hold)

*Nitrogen Blast / Blast
Throws explosive nitroglycerin grenades that freeze and slow enemies.

-Wisecrack / Boost
Taunts others to get them to fight

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Regeneration / Passive
Heals over time

-Stealth / Passive
Boosts damage and chance for criticals with all melee attacks

-Weapon Mastery / Passive
Boosts damage and chance for criticals with all sword and gun attacks

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.5 - Gambit
Ranged Support
Stat Distribution:
3 Focus / alternate 1 stat point through all 4 stats

Skill Distribution:
Card Shuffle
Ace of Spades or Full House
Card Mastery
Mutant Master
Xtreme: 52 Pickup (primary), Prince of Thieves (for fun)

Build Details:
This build is good for a combo team.  Gambit can sit in the rear of your group
dealing damage with a full deck or two.  If enemies get too close he can dodge
attacks and throw down Ace of Spades or a full house or two.  Card mastery will
ensure a massive amount of damage and mutant master will be necessary to keep
dealing the damage.
Melee Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Focus / 2 Strike / alternated 1 point between body and speed

Skill Distribution:
Staff Assault
Staff Slam
Energy Form or Energy Fury
Energy Combat
Mutant Master

Build Details: Built a little bit different Gambit is now ready to play backup
for your tank.  This turns him into a melee character.  Also a good build if
you plan on controlling Gambit yourself since it depends on having a boost
running as much as possible.  Don't count on this build if you intend to combo
a lot.
Skills Listing:
-Card Shuffle / Projectile
Multiple card projectile attack

-Staff Assault / Melee
Multiple staff melee attacks in quick succession

-Ace of Spades / Trap
Throws down cards that blow up when enemies approach them causing radiation

-Staff Slam / Radial
Radial energy attack
-Full House / Trap
Throws down cards that blow up when enemies approach them causing popup damage

-Detonation / Special
Charge object/enemy; if enemy causes massive knockback and explosion

*52 Pickup / Radial
Throws cards into air, which rain down energy damage

*Prince of Thieves / Boost
Affects techbit, health pack and energy pack drops

-Energy Form / Boost
Turns parts of body into energy, improving defense and movement speed

-Energy Fury / Boost
Gives nearby allies and self energy damage on all melee attacks

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Energy Combat / Passive
Adds additional energy damage to melee attacks

-Evade / Passive
Increases chance to evade melee attacks
-Card Mastery / Passive
Adds damage to all projectile card attacks

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.6 - Iceman
Ranged Support
Range/Combo Support Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus / occasional focus to speed

Skill Distribution:
Slow Beam
Arctic Burst
Cold Mastery
Piercing Cold
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Cold Snap

Build Details:
This is designed to allow more combos while using Iceman in your team whether
you control him or the A.I. does the work.  Iceman has a few ranged attacks;
Slow Beam, Freeze Beam, Ice Shards and Cold Crush. (all make for decent combo
helpers)  I suggest slow beam in this build because it does good damage and
will last longer than freeze beam.  Ice shards is the only one of the four that
doesn't slow or freeze the enemy, the good thing about it is at higher levels
the shards cover a large area and are a good combo helper.  Cold crush is a
radial and projectile attack, but it only works well when the enemies are
grouped together tightly and it comes at a high energy cost.  If the fight
comes to Iceman you can use Arctic Burst, a solid radial attack with good
damage.  Arctic Burst is also a really good combo helper.
Melee Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 2 Strike / 1 Speed or Focus (alternate)

Skill Distribution:
Arctic Burst
Ice Armor
Ice Combat
Cold Mastery
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Cold Snap

Build Details:
This build is for those that intend on controlling Iceman themselves.  I didn't
call this a tank build mostly because I would not fully rely on Iceman to be
the only tank on a team.  Therefore I called it "melee support" because with
this build you can follow your tank around dealing lots of damage and pain.
Since his melee boosting skills aren't entirely passive it relies on the player
to take control and apply the boost when needed. Face it, without Ice armor
active Iceman is very vulnerable, at least too vulnerable for my taste.  I
threw in the Arctic Burst just so Iceman wouldn't be useless for combos and it
doesn't hurt to have something to bail you out if you are surrounded and need
some room.  If you are surrounded and out of energy hopefully you have an
xtreme point to use on Cold Snap, which is a very "cool" radial xtreme for
dealing damage.
Skills Listing:
-Slow Beam / Beam
Beam that slows enemies; can build bridges

-Ice Shards / Projectile
Throws shards of ice at enemies inflicting cold damage

-Freeze Beam / Beam
Beam that freezes enemies; can build bridges

-Ice Slide / Charge
Slides on ice sled damaging and slowing enemies

-Arctic Burst / Radial
Radial blast of cold that damages and slows enemies

-Cold Crush / Projectile
Ice projectile that freezes enemy and slows enemies within explosion radius

-Ice Pillar / Blast
Blasts ice pillars from the ground, damaging enemies and popping them up

*Cold Snap / Radial
Xtreme cold attack, damages everything; freezes nearby enemies & slows distant

*Ice Sidekick / Special
Spawns a minion to fight alongside team

-Ice Armor / Boost
Armor absorbs
damage; also damages and slows melee attackers

-Ice Gloves / Boost
Gives self and allies ice gloves, adding cold damage to melee & increases ATK

-Ice Combat / Passive
Adds additional cold damage to melee attacks

-Cold Mastery / Passive
Adds additional damage to all cold damage and adds resistance to cold damage

-Piercing Cold / Passive
Increases chance of piercing hit using beams and ice shards

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.7 - Iron Man*
Ranged Support
Stat Distribution:
2 Focus / 1 Strike / rotate 1 point btw all 4 stats

Skill Distribution:
Gamma Bolts
Motion Amplifier (Level 16)
Auto Medic (optional)
Mark VII Upgrade
Might (Level 2)
Flight (Level 1)
Mutant Master (Level 15)

Build Details:
Although he is a powerhouse I suggest teaming him with an energy dumpster if
possible.  Glitch detailed in section 3.2 tells of the true power motion
amplifier has.  This build has Iron Man working best as  a support character.
Let a tank take the damage for the team and have Iron Man make the enemy sorry.
At high levels gamma bolts alone can clear out a room with ease.  As a combo
helper he is only useful when using gamma bolts or one of his other skill
attacks.  I would suggest as a second skill attack either uni-beam or repulsor
rays.  I wouldn't worry about leveling them too much due to EP cost and damage
will take care of itself if you use motion amplifier as much as you should.
Skills Listing:
-Uni-Beam / Beam
Beam attack, causes energy damage

-Plasma Charges / Projectile
Shoots multiple charges of energy from hands

-Disruptor Shock / Blast
Burst of radiation, damages and stuns enemies

-Auto Turret / Trap
Places an auto turret that fires on nearby enemies

-Repulsor Rays / Projectile
Rapidly fires lasers as long as button is held

-Gamma Bolts / Projectile
Fires 3 gamma bolts that pierce enemies and bounce off walls

-Tractor Beam / Blast
Attaches gravity  well to enemy, causing damage/stun & sucks in nearby enemies

*Concussive Overload / Radial
Suit overloads, sending shockwaves of different energy types

*System Override / Boost
Allows Iron Man to revive himself if he's defeated within the boost lifetime

-Energy Shield / Boost
Suit forms energy shield that turns energy dmg into HP & increases physical dmg

-Motion Amplifier / Boost
Increases attack speed and melee damage

-Auto Medic / Passive
Heals over time
-Mark VII Upgrade / Passive
Increases damage done and chance of criticals when using energy attacks

-Environmental Suit / Passive
Increases resistances

-Might / Ability
Increases lifting strength & destruction level of melee

-Flight / Ability
Allows flying and improves mastery over it

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.8 - Jean Grey
Range Support
Stat Distribution:
4 Focus; occasionally alternate 1 stat point between body and speed

Skill Distribution:
Telekinesis (to level 8)
Psionic Boom
Mental Vortex or Calming Presence (max one)
Xtreme: From the Ashes
Mental Mastery (extra points)
Flight (1 point)
Mutant Master

Build Details:
You will want to turn your AI power to something other than telekinesis as soon
as possible if you intend to combo and not control Jean yourself.  When
choosing between mental vortex and calming presence make sure to take into
account your team.  If all members of your team have decent focus calming
presence can enhance the regeneration and it can be simply amazing.  If your
members don't have much focus and need a lot of EP mental vortex is better.
Mental master is a must flight is only necessary if you don't already have a
flier.  From the ashes can be a life saver, highly recommended.
Skills Listing:
-Telekinesis / Special
Ability to lift & throw objects and enemies; can build bridges 

-Psychic Spike / Projectile
Fires mental homing projectile

-Psionic Boom / Radial
A radial mental attack inflicting pain on enemies and reducing their dmg

-Memory Wipe / Radial
A radial blast of mental energy that confuses enemies and makes them flee

-Dark Phoenix / Blast
Mental energy blast & causes explosion of physical dmg around fallen enemies

-Mental Guardian / Trap
Summons a mental guardian that attacks enemies

*Phoenix Force / Radial
Xtreme radial dealing mental damage w/ chance to convert enemies

*From the Ashes / Boost
Resurrects 1 ally

-Mental Vortex / Boost
All allies turn 20% of damage inflicted into EP

-Calming Presence / Boost
Increases EP regeneration rate of entire team

-Psychic Fury / Boost
Gives Jean and allies mental damage bonus on all melee attacks

-Psionic Combat / Passive
Adds mental damage to melee attacks

-Telekinetic Net / Passive
Gives Jean a chance to dodge projectile attacks

-Mental Mastery / Passive
Increases damage of all mental attacks

-Flight / Ability
Allows flying and improves mastery over it
-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.9 - Juggernaut
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Strike / occasionally alternate 1 strike to focus or speed

Skill Distribution:
Thunder Punch
Crimson Rage
Precision (at least a few points)
Cyttorak's Folly
Balanced Form
Critical Strike
Xtreme: Path of Destruction

Build Details:
This build is best for when you let the AI control Juggernaut for you since it
uses passives more than boost.  You may want to consider putting more into
focus if you plan to control him yourself.  Using mainly thunder punch and
intelligent use of crimson rage will pave the path to your enemies destruction.
Get balanced form and his other passives up as soon as possible.  Eventually
you will want to max the melee skills but don't overdo it too soon otherwise
you will find yourself short on power.  If you find yourself lacking EP you may
have to toss some stats into focus ahead of schedule.  Well, there's not much
more you need to know about this build.
Skills Listing:
-Thunder Punch / Melee
Increased melee attack with stun bonus

-Brutal Blitz / Melee
Spins around and hits surrounding enemies

-Arcane Fist / Radial
Crystal-powered ground slam that sends out radial blast

-Bullrush / Charge
Charges against enemies, knocking them back
-Widowmaker / Melee
Massive melee attack, weakens Juggernaut
-Crimson Rage / Melee  
Multiple punch attack building up damage with each hit

*Crimson Devastation / Melee
Opens portal to Crimson Cosmos, flooding enemies w/ energy damage & causing

*Path of Destruction / Boost
Ability to break through objects effortlessly and preform one hit kills

-Cyttorak Shield / Boost
Team gain energy shield reflecting some energy damage

-Cyttorak Transfer / Boost
Team converts inflicted [er] & [fr] dmg into HP for Juggernaut & receives
Strike and DEF bonuses 

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Precision / Passive
ATK increased

-Cyttorak's Folly / Passive
All physical attacks have a chance to convert 15%  of inflicted dmg into EP

-Balanced Form / Passive
Increases DEF and attack speed

-Critical Strike / Passive
Increases chance of criticals for melee attacks

-Might / Ability
Increases lifting strength & destruction level of melee

2.10 - Magneto
Range Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus / occasional focus to speed

Skill Distribution: 
Levitation (Level 8)
Metal Spikes
Polarized Shield
Magnetic Deflection or Intimidation
Flight (Level 1)
Mutant Master

Build Detail:
If AI controlled stick with magnetic deflection or intimidation, otherwise
polarized shield is a better way to go when player controlled.  Levitation
doesn't work with combos real well, tends to be more of a confuse attack.
Almost any of his projectile, trap or blast attacks will provide better combo
helpers I suggest metal spikes.  Combos usually are the goal if you are going
to go through the trouble of using a leader.
Skills Listing:
-Levitation / Special
Ability to lift and throw objects & enemies; can build bridges

-Magnetic Shell / Beam
Forms metal shell around enemies, inflicting damage & holding
them in place

-Metal Spikes / Projectile
Forms metal spikes & hurls them at enemies

-Shrapnel Sentry / Trap
Forms metal shards on the ground that damage enemies who come near

-Magnetic Grasp / Radial
Forms metal shards and pulls in surrounding objects and enemies (press & hold)

-Magnetic Blast / Blast
Slows down blood flow using iron in blood to damage & confuse enemies

-Death Trap / Debuff
Surrounds enemies w/ cloud of flying metal, reflecting damage back to enemy

*Metallic Mayhem / Radial
Xtreme radial that pulls in surrounding metal objects and blast them outward

*Metal Minion / Special
Spawns metallic minion to fight alongside team

-Polarized Shield / Boost
Gives chance to block all incoming attacks

-Supremacy / Boost
Makes entire team better in combat increasing level of assigned skills

-Magnetic Deflection / Passive
Magnetic field deflects a percentage of missile attacks

-Intimidation / Passive
Increases DEF, lowers melee damage taken

-Leadership / Passive
Increases combo XP of team & increases chance of critical strike for team

-Flight / Ability
Allows flying and improves mastery over it

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.11 - Nightcrawler
Melee Support
Stat Distribution:
2 Focus / 2 Strike; occasional focus to speed instead

Skill Distribution:
Teleport (Level 3)
Teleport Attack
Teleport Frenzy
Teleport Mastery
Leap of Faith
Critical Strike
Uncanny Reflexes
Xtreme: Master of Chaos & Disappearing Act

Build Details:
Teleport attacks have damage based off of NC's base damage so strike is a key
stat.  Leap of faith is a must and uncanny reflexes will virtually eliminate
the need for too much speed but don't ignore speed completely.  By now
everybody should know there's a glitch on this character.  It can either work
for or against you, I try to play the middle ground.  I don't hesitate to put a
few points into teleport attack so I have something to fight with and I try to
build focus up as if the glitch didn't exist because focus is focus and it will
be needed even if you take full advantage of the glitch.

Skills Listing:
-Divine Blades / Melee
Multiple sword attacks in quick succession

-Teleport / Special
Teleports, through reinforced walls at higher levels; carries Allies @ Level 3

-Teleport Attack / Melee
Teleports and  performs a boosted melee attack

-Piercing Strike / Melee
Sword attack that  causes bleed damage

-Teleport Frenzy / Melee
Teleports to attack multiple enemies causing stun

-Sword Whirlwind / Melee
Spins around, attacking w/ swords (push and hold) (move w/ analog control)

*Master of Chaos / Charge
Teleports around attacking each enemy up to a set number of times

*Disappearing Act / Boost
Makes all allies invisible, and give them DEF & XP bonus

-Worship / Boost
Gives self and allies reduced power consumption

-Shadow Mastery / Boost
Hides in shadows, becoming hard for enemies to attack and defend against

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Sword Mastery / Passive 
Boosts damage and chance for criticals w/ all sword attacks

-Teleport Mastery / Passive
Extra damage and increased chance for criticals to all teleport attacks

-Uncanny Reflexes / Passive
Increase chance to dodge melee attacks

-Leap of Faith / Passive
Chance Nightcrawler rescues allies from defeat when in range (once per minute);
AI only

-Critical Strike / Passive
Increases chance of criticals for melee attacks

 2.12 - Professor X*
Ranged Support
Stat Distribution:
3 Focus / alternate 1 btw body to speed

Skill Distribution:
Crushing Ego
Reveal Intent
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Psychic Shock

Build Details:
A real team player with a great defense.  Unfortunately his offense isn't as
strong.  Crushing ego will hold the enemies down so with the help of the rest
of the team Professor X can become effective as well as help with combos.
Cleave can deliver damage if the enemy gets too close.  Leadership assures
faster leveling as long as the combos keep rolling.  If you can't tell I was
hoping he would be better.  I am going to make an effort to play him more so
maybe my opinion will change.
Skills Listing:
 -Cleave / Melee
Swings massive sword, causing dmg w/ chance for "deadly strike" (takes 33%
enemy health)

-Crushing Ego / Blast
Radial burst of mental energy that temporarily holds enemies

-Psychic Storm / Special
Sends psychic lightning from body to nearby enemies (press & hold)

*Psychic Shock / Special
Resurrects nearby fallen allies and enemies; enemies then become allies then

-Telepathic Link / Boost
Links minds of all teammates, increasing ATK and damage

-Reveal Intent / Passive
Increases mental insight increasing DEF

-Clairvoyance / Passive
Increases movement speed and  reduces damage taken

-Leadership / Passive
Increases combo XP of team & increases chance of critical strike for team

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.13 - Rogue
Stat Distribution:
1 Focus / 2 Strike / alternate last point btw Body & Speed

Skill Distribution:
Torpedo Strike
Prism Shield
Critical Strike
Flight (Level 1)
Xtreme: Reflective Aura

Build Details:
If you finding Rogue not taking much damage and needing few health packs you
can start to focus more stat points.  This will allow increased usage of smash
and torpedo strike.  Torpedo will be the best skill use when trying to combo
later in the game.  Reflective aura is great for some of the tougher bosses
that deal out high amounts of damage.

Skills Listing:
-Smash / Melee
Increased melee punch w/ knockback

-Bedazzle / Debuff
Baits nearby enemies into attacking & lowers enemy fighting ability

-Power Theft / Special
Steals a power from enemy (if possible) & stuns them

-Energy Overflow / Radial
Releases built-up energy in 180-degree forward arc

-Torpedo Strike / Charge
Torpedo style attack that knocks back enemies

-Tremor / Melee
Leaps into air & comes down w/ smash attack

*Manic Slam / Charge
Saps EP from all enemies, stuns them, & prevents them from using their power

*Reflective Aura / Boost
Reflects all dmg back onto enemies

-Heal / Boost
Raises HP regeneration rate for team & removes harmful effects; cost 15% of
Rogues HP

-Southern Shout / Boost
Increases HP and EP maximums for team

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Hardened / Passive
Increases DEF

-Prism Shield / Passive
Increases resistances

-Critical Strike / Passive
Increases chance of criticals for melee attacks

-Might / Ability
Increases lifting strength & destruction level of melee

-Flight / Ability
Allows flying & improves mastery over it

2.14 - Scarlet Witch
Range Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus / very occasional body to speed

Skill Distribution:
Misfortune or Combustion
Reality Shift
Probability Syphon
Hex Mastery
Deflect Missiles
Mutant Master

Build Details:
As true support her main job is to keep the rest of the team bursting with
energy using probability syphon.  Using her remaining energy she can use
combustion to combo and probability shift to pick up some cool gear and extra
techbits while dominating the enemy.

Skills Listing:
-Misfortune / Boost
Causes enemy attack to backfire, reflecting % of damage back at enemy

-Hex Bolt / Projectile
Fires a single hex bolt

-Combustion / Radial
Spontaneously combust surrounding enemies and objects

-Reality Shift / Special
Fires hex bolt that has chance to turn enemy into crate

-Hex Locked / Projectile
Fires several hex bolts w/ chance to cause "deadly strike" (takes 33% enemy

-Hex Explosion / Projectile
Fires a hex bolt that causes nearby objects to explode

*Anarchy Assault / Radial
Unleashes Magick burst of random dmg type, w/ chance to convert enemy

*Revitalize / Boost
Restores full HP for entire team & raises max HP

-Probability Syphon / Boost
Team members absorb 20% of inflicted damage into EP

-Amplify Luck / Boost
Increases teams damage and chance for criticals

-Heal / Boost
Gives team regenerative healing

-Scarlet's Touch / Passive
Increases chance of critical hits on all attacks

-Deflect Missiles / Passive
Increases chance of deflecting missile attacks

-Hex Mastery / Passive
Increases dmg & chance of criticals when using hex bolt attacks

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.15 - Storm
Range Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus / occasional body to speed

Skill Distribution:
Lightning Strike (few levels)
Electrical Shock or Funnels
Chain Lightning or Whirlwind
Lightning Mastery or Wind Mastery
Flight (Level 1)
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Will of the Goddess

Build Details:
Choose either the path of lightning or wind.  EP cost are high no matter which
way you go.  Both can assist combos well and do lots of damage.  Lightning may
be slightly better as combo helpers.  Wind has a slightly higher confuse
affect.  You may want to put skill points into storm shield only if you plan on
Storm being player controlled.

Skills Listing:
-Lightning Strike / Blast
Cast lightning bolt down to enemy

-Funnels / Trap
Two small wind funnels that move outward, stunning enemies on contact

-Blizzard / Debuff
Attaches a blizzard to an enemy, damaging other enemies nearby

-Electric Shock / Radial
Electrical pulse radiates outward, damaging other enemies nearby

-Whirlwind / Trap
Powerful wind vortex that lifts and throws objects and enemies about
-Chain Lightning / Blast
Lightning shoots from hands, chaining from enemy to enemy

-Static Charge / Debuff
Charges enemies within range increasing all damage taken

*Raging Tempest / Radial
Radial lightning and wind attack

*Will of the Goddess / Boost
Makes all team members invulnerable and increases max EP

-Whirlwind Armor / Boost
Whirlwind protector absorbs energy and radiation damage & cause damage when

-Storm Shield / Boost
Increases resistances for self & allies

-Elemental Combat / Passive
Adds electricity damage to melee attacks

-Wind Mastery / Passive
Increases damage & chance for criticals with wind damage

-Lightning Mastery / Passive
Increases damage & chance for criticals with electricity damage

-Flight / Ability
Allows flying and improves mastery over it

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.16 - Sunfire
Range Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 3 Focus / occasionally 1 focus to speed

Skill Distribution:
Flame Sword
Fire Mastery
Flight (Level 1)
Mutant Master
Xtreme: Rising Sun

Build Details:
This build should make sunfire a good combo helper and damage dealer.  Usually
you will want to use him as a mid-range attacker.  Ignite and flamesword should
be what you build first.  If Sunfire is player controlled add in ion shield and
elemental combat as well as putting more stats towards strike and speed.
Skills Listing:
-Ignite / Blast
Explodes nearby enemies

-Flamethrower / Beam
Shoots flames from hands

-Atomic Charge / Projectile
Shoots atomic homing projectile

-Fiery Geyser / Blast
Creates a column of flame that harms enemies

-Blazing Barrage / Projectile
Launches fire balls at enemies

-Flame Sword / Melee
Sweeping arc of fire w/ increased critical chance

-Inferno / Projectile
Launches fireball that explodes on contact and harms nearby enemies

*Super Nova / Radial
Mushroom cloud that causes fire and radiation damage

*Rising Sun / Boost
Makes Sunfire invincible and increases his damage

-Flaming Fury / Boost
Adds fire damage to melee attacks for self and allies

-Ion Shield / Boost
Forms shield of atomic particles that increases DEF and damages enemies

-Fire Mastery / Passive
Increases fire damage and chance for criticals

-Elemental Combat / Passive
Adds additional fire damage to melee attacks

-Ionize / Passive
Increases all resistances

-Flight / Ability
Allows flying and improves mastery over it

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.17 - Toad
Melee Support
Stat Distribution:
1 Body / 2 Strike / alternate last point btw speed and focus

Skill Distribution:
Tongue Strike
Mucous Spit or Tongue Lash
Tongue Mastery
Critical Strike
Mutant Master

Build Details:
Toad is a good team member to add to the team if you need some extra physical
damage needed.  His xtreme powers aren't even worth the trouble but you will
definitely want his passives.  Secretion is a must have to make him effective,
problem is AI may not use it all the time.  As a secondary attack I like mucous
spit although I felt like tongue mastery was going to waste.  I have considered
redistributing with tongue lash instead.

Skills Listing:
-Hammer Kick / Melee
Quick kick, lowering enemy's DEF 

-Tongue Strike / Melee
Quick tongue stab that stuns enemy

-Mucous Spit / Projectile
Explosive bile projectile, leaving sticky substance on ground

-Tongue Lash / Melee
Wide tongue attack that strikes several enemies causing popup

-Noxious Spew / Projectile
Poisonous bile, does radiation damage on impact, splits hitting multiple

-Leap Attack / Charge
Leaps at enemies, doing radial damage on impact (press & hold) to leap further

*Tongue Whip / Radial
Xtreme 360-degree tongue strike

*Plunder / Boost
Increases packs and techbits dropped by enemies

-Secretion / Boost
Secretes pheromones that enhance team speed and increase melee damage

-Taunt / Debuff
Insults enemies, causing them to attack and reducing their

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Spit Mastery / Passive
Increases damage and chance for criticals when using spit attacks

-Tongue Mastery / Passive
Increases damage and chance for criticals when using tongue attacks

-Critical Strike / Passive
Increases chance of criticals for melee attacks

-Mutant Master / Passive
Increases EP regeneration rate

2.18 - Wolverine
Stat Distribution:
1 Focus / 2 Strike / alternate 1 point btw body & speed

Skill Distribution:
Eviscerate (Level 14)
Berserker Rage
Claw Master (Level 20)
Enhanced Senses (Level 15)
Strong Willed (Level 15)
Regeneration (Level 15)
Might (Level 1)

Build Details:
Only downside of this tank is he has but one level of might.  His passives are
a must have on the road to making him a killing machine.  Not many skill points
to spare but put them into berserker rage if you plan on making him player 

Skills Listing:
-Feral Slash / Melee
Increased melee attack with knockback

-Claw Flurry / Melee
Increased melee combo that stuns victims

-Bloodlust / Melee
Increased melee attack as bleed damage

-Eviscerate / Melee
Increased melee attack causing extra damage for a short time
-Lethal Lunge / Charge
Launches forward, knocking back enemies where he lands and brutally slashing

-Claw Frenzy / Melee
Multiple slashing attacks, with each hit increasing attack speed

*Berserker Fury / Radial
Slashes multiple enemies in a blinding flurry of rage

*Rude Awakening / Boost
Gives Wolverine ability to revive himself if he's defeated within boost time

-Berserker Rage / Boost
Boost defense and movement

-Scream / Debuff
Causes enemies to run in fear and decrease their defense

-Block / Ability
Allows protection from attacks by blocking damage at cost of EP

-Claw Master / Passive
Increases effectiveness of claw power attacks
-Enhanced Senses / Passive
Animal instincts allow a natural increase in ATK and DEF

-Strong Willed / Passive
Increases all resistances

-Regeneration / Passive
Heals over time

-Might / Passive
Increases lifting strength & destruction level of melee

3. Miscellaneous:
3.1 Version History
Version 0.1 (10/11/2005) - Created formatting, table of contents, intro,
General Stat & Skill Overview, Mutant Types, Team Building, Overview of
Character Building

Version 0.2 (10/14/2005) - Started character analysis and started builds on
some characters.

Version 0.3 (10/17/2005) - Worked on character analysis, added skills listing
for all characters, added more builds, & corrected some formatting, grammar,
and spelling errors.

Version 0.4 (10/20/2005) - Adjusted character width to 79 characters to conform
with standards set for gamefaqs.com, added build analysis for a few more 
characters and fine made revisions on others.  Published.

Version 0.5 (10/21/2005) - Added and refined character analysis [after playing
the game even more, labor of love], added to glitches at the same time, cleaned
up spelling, punctuation and spacing.  Reorganized, clarified, omitted babble
where necessary. Published.

Version 0.6 (10/21/2005) - Further research and refinement of character 
analysis builds, added possible glitch, all characters have at least one build 
now, fixed a few errors in character analysis builds. Published.

3.2 Character Game Glitches

-Gambit - Energy fury appears to be glitched, still doing research.

-Iceman - Ice gloves skill consumes no energy.

-Iron Man - Motion amplifier increased damage on more than just melee.

Jean Grey - Dark phoenix doesn't do anything when you go for the last few 
levels, need to look into this more also.

-Nightcrawler - Glitch allows Teleport frenzy to be used without draining
energy so long as there are no skill points invested in teleport attack.  This
first becomes available at level 28.  Can be taken advantage of by purchasing a
"redistribute skill points" from either Beast or Forge.

3.3 Contact Info
I am more than willing to make corrections and accept suggestions and ideas for
characters/teams.  Please, just put "X-Men Legends II CG" in the subject and
don't attach anything.  I won't guarantee you will get a response but if your
idea or suggestion is used or correction is made I will give credit where
credit is due.


Please don't send questions because I don't have the time or knowledge to
answer them all.  Post it on the www.gamefaqs.com boards and I may just answer
there if I can.

3.4 Credit
* Thanks to all those everybody in the gamefaqs.com boards.  Thanks mostly for
putting up with my sarcastic comments and attempts to stir things up.

* All of my friends locally that sit and argue with me until they realize it's
useless.  Thanks for your valuable input and it wasn't useless.

* In paticular Zibanzo's thread on the gamefaqs.com boards had some really 
useful info that I didn't know already.  Special thanks to Zibanzo for those 

3.5 Legal
This guide is meant to enhance the enjoyment of a game and the maker is not
responsible for addiction, mental anguish, physical defects, loss of sight, or
any other harm that may be caused by the information on or improper use of this

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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of copyright.
Copyright 2006 pnx8x.

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