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    Police Pursuit FAQ by agentv3

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 02/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition (PC)
    Police Pursuits FAQ
    Version 1.7, created 02/19/06 
    Copyright 2005 by Connor Giles
    Email: agentv3@gmail.com
    Notice: This guide is protected by United States Copyright Laws and may not 
    be reproduced in any form outside the sites listed below without express 
    permission from the author.
    Currently, the only sites with permission to post my guide are GameFAQs 
    SuperCheats, and NeoSeekers (www.gamefaqs.com www.supercheats.com, 
    and www.neoseekers.com)
    Hello all, and welcome to the Need for Speed: Most Wanted pursuit guide.
    This is my first attempt at guide writing, so I hope this is useful to 
    Version 1.0: The original guide.
    Version 1.1: Made minor tweaks to information, and added a Busted section
                 and a section for the final pursuit of the game.
    Version 1.2: Added a section about being impounded, added a spoiler warning
                 to the Level 6 pursuit, and made minor tweaks to the guide.
    Version 1.3: Made changes to the information, as well as some formatting
    Version 1.4: Added information on the Black Edition Challenge Level 7 chase,
                 added police 10- codes, and made some tweaks to the Helicopter
    Version 1.4b: Made a correction to the Black Edition Challenge.
    Version 1.5: Added a Dirty Tricks section, revised the final pursuit to
                 remove the Spoiler, and made other tweaks.
    Version 1.6: Added a new Dirty Trick, added information on the Nitrous
                 Gauge and the Speed Breaker Gauge, and other small revisions.
    Version 1.7: Minor editing and a few new tricks.
    Table of Contents
    Part 1: Important parts of the HUD
    1)	The Radar Detector
    2)	GPS
    3)	Heat Level indicator
    4)	Pursuit Condition Indicator
    5)      Nitrous Gauge
    6)      Speed Breaker Gauge
    Part 2: Profile of the Heat Levels
    1)	Heat Level 1
    2)	Heat Level 2
    3)	Heat Level 3
    4)	Heat Level 4
    5)	Heat Level 5
    6)      Heat Level 6
    7)      Heat Level 7
    Part 3: Surviving the Pursuit
    1)	Rolling Roadblocks
    2)	The PIT Maneuver
    3)      Pinning Maneuver
    4)	Roadblocks
    5)	Spike Strips
    6)	Rhino Attacks
    7)	The Police Helicopter
    Part 4: Evading the Pursuit
    Part 5: Cooling Off
    Part 6: The Aftermath
    Part 7: Busted...
    Part 8: The Final Pursuit: Heat Level 6
    Part 9: Dirty Tricks
    Part 1: Important Parts of the HUD
    By now, you should be partially familiar with the game's HUD, that is, the 
    gauges and indicators that tell you how you're doing and what's going on in
    the game.  In this guide, we will only be covering the gauges that matter 
    during police pursuits.
    The Radar Detector:
    This indicator appears on the top of the screen, it helps you track the
    positions of police officers and speed traps when they're in front of you.  
    When you are approaching an officer, the detector will begin to pulse and an
    arrow will appear in the center of it to tell you where the officer is in
    relation to your car, the faster it pulses, the closer the officer is.  If it
    detects a police officer, the detector will flash green, if it's a speed trap
    it sees, it will pulse orange.
    The GPS System:
    This appears in the lower left corner of the screen, it maps out your 
    position on the streets in real time.  It also shows where the cops are when
    they're chasing you as well as helicopters, pursuit breakers, and hiding 
    spots.  Police cars appear as red and blue flashing arrows, they point in 
    the direction they are facing.
    Heat Level Indicator:
    This wraps around the GPS, and shows how hot your car is to the police.  The
    number that appears at the top of this gauge is the heat level; it starts at
    one and can reach as high as five.  The bar that wraps around the GPS
    indicates how long you have before the Heat Level goes up.  The bar will
    continually fill up while the pursuit is active, if you enter Cooling Off
    mode, it will stop filling up.  If it flashes, you are dangerously close to
    gaining a Heat Level.  When you see the screen flash, your Heat Level has
    Pursuit Condition Indicator:
    This appears at the bottom of the screen during pursuits and tells you
    everything that's happening during the pursuit.
    On the top of the indicator are three numbers, the one on the left is your
    Trade Paint Counter, it tells you how many police cars you have hit.  The
    Number in the middle is the Chase Counter, it tells you how many police cars
    are actively chasing you.  The number on the right is the Disabled Car
    Counter, it tells you how many police cars you have disabled.
    The bar graph below the numbers is the Busted/Evade gauge; it starts in the
    middle and goes either left or right depending on how you're doing.  As you
    pull away from the officers, it starts moving right toward EVADE, if you get 
    out of the officer's range of vision, EVADE begins to flash green and a green 
    bar appears, if it fills up completely, the pursuit gauge changes to the
    Cooling Off gauge with a blue bar, if this fills up completely, you have
    successfully evaded the police and the pursuit is over.  However, if you 
    start slowing down, the gauge moves to the left towards BUSTED, and if you 
    slow down too much or stop and the police are on top of you, BUSTED starts 
    flashing red and a red bar appears, if it fills up completely, you are 
    arrested and the pursuit is over.
    Under the pursuit condition bar is the Backup Countdown Timer, it tells you
    how much time you have before backup arrives and more police start to chase
    Nitrous Gauge:
    This is the green bar below the tach/speedometer, it measures how much
    nitrous oxide (NO2) you have left in your nitrous tanks.  It recharges as
    you drive.  The Nitrous gives you a temporary boost of acceleration, 
    perfect for getting ahead of the police, or getting mobile after an
    Speed Breaker Gauge:
    This is the orange bar above the tach/speedometer, it measures how much 
    Speed Breaker time you have left.  It will recharge as you drive, but you
    must be driving above 100 MPH before it can recharge.  The Speed Breaker
    drastically slows down time and drastically increases handling response,
    giving you an edge when dealing with Roadblocks or other tight situations.
    Part 2: Profile of the Heat Levels
    Heat Level 1:  (Local Involvement)
    Police cars used: Standard Police Cruiser (aka, Crown Victorias)
    Maximum number giving chase: 5
    This is the easiest pursuit to get around; you can usually just floor it and 
    get away.  Not much to say about this one.
    Heat Level 2:  (local Involvement)
    Police Cars Used: Undercover Police Cruiser
    Maximum number giving chase: 10
    This level is a little tougher than level one, but is still manageable.
    Standard Roadblocks will start to be used here, as well as rolling
    Heat Level 3: (State Involvement)
    Police Cars Used: Pontiac GTO Police Cruiser
    Maximum number giving chase: 15
    The joy ride is over.  The police switch to GTO interceptors, which are 
    faster and are tougher to disable.  This level also sees the introduction
    of the Rhino SUV, which will ram you head on.
    Heat Level 4:  (State Involvement)
    Police Cars Used: Pontiac GTO Undercover Cruiser
    Maximum number giving chase: 20
    Now it gets real.  This Heat Level will see the introduction of the Police 
    Helicopter, which will track your movement in the pursuit, if you're in it's
    field of vision, you cannot escape and the police will find you.  Also, the
    Roadblocks will get a nasty new device: the Spike Strip.  Hitting a spike
    strip disables your car and is an instant Busted.  You cannot let your guard 
    down at this level; you must constantly watch the GPS and the road in front 
    of you to avoid being taken by surprise.
    Heat Level 5: (Federal Involvement)
    Police Cars Used: Chevrolet Corvette C6 Police Cruiser
    Maximum Number giving chase: 25
    Say hello to your worst nightmare.  All the cops are sporting Corvette C6s, 
    all equipped with Nitrous, and are easily able to match your car's speed.  It 
    takes some skilled driving to outrun these.  You'll have to contend with them 
    as well as the Rhinos, Roadblocks with Spike Strips, and Rolling Roadblocks. 
    Even scarier, the police helicopter will start to dive on your car and will
    actually try to hit it.  Keep an eye open for Sgt. Cross in this pursuit, his
    Corvette sports a zebra-style paint scheme that definitely stands out in any
    Roadblock.  Tag his car for a big boost to your bounty.
    Heat Level 6: (Final Pursuit)
    Police Cars Used: Chevrolet Corvette C6 Undercover Cruiser, Rhino SUV
    Maximum number giving chase: 30 (indicated, but much more than that)
    Now it's personal, Cross wants you taken down no matter what, and has called
    every cop car in Rockport and everywhere else to bust you.  SUVs and Cars
    will ride you everywhere you go, waiting for you to make one mistake so they
    can sandwich you and take you out.  Nowhere is safe, and there's no escape,
    it'll take every dirty trick in the book to get away.
    Heat Level 7: (Black Edition Challenge)
    Police Cars Used: Supercharged SUV
    Maximum Number Giving Chase: Don't even try
    This is worse than hell.  All the cars are Supercharged SUVs, faster and
    heavier versions of the Rhino, and they're all chasing after you.  If you are
    surrounded, there is no getting away, as the mass of the Super Rhinos are too
    great for your car to move if you are trapped.  To win this challenge, you
    have to rack up 500,000 in bounty and successfully get away.  If you don't
    believe in a higher power, you'll find one during this chase.
    You'll find this chase in the Challenge Series Races, found on the Main Menu.
    It's called the Black Edition Challenge, and it's at the bottom of the list.
    (Note: this is only available in the Black Edition of Most Wanted, this 
    challenge is not found in the regular version of the game.)
    Part 3: Getting In Trouble, or the Start of the Pursuit
    In the Wild:
    Sometimes you can avoid a pursuit altogether, this is good if you are not in 
    your pursuit car.  If you drive too fast or run into anything in the world, 
    you risk a concerned citizen calling 911 on you.  You'll know when this 
    happens when the police scanner comes on.  Right after the call over the 
    scanner, police will start to come into the area and your Radar Detector will 
    start to light up.  Your approach to the problem will depend on the 911 call 
    itself.  If the dispatcher doesn't identify your car, you can pass by 
    incoming police cars safely if you drive slowly and don't crash into anything.  
    However, if the dispatcher can describe your car, the police will turn on you
    when they spot you.  You'll know when you're in trouble when the music stops, 
    the world turns real bright, and the camera jumps over to the cop car.  When 
    this happens, the chase is on.  
    In a Race
    Before entering a race, make sure you check the Police Probability Rating
    before starting.  If it shows Minimum, you are relatively safe and a call to
    911 is not likely, if it's Maximum, expect a call to 911 during the race and
    for the police to get involved.  If a chase breaks out during the race, all
    you can do is cope with it, it's very hard to lose the police during a race
    because you are on a set course, but it can be done if you drive fast enough.
    During the race, the police will only use Rolling Roadblocks and PIT 
    maneuvers, no Spike Strips or Roadblocks.  If at the end of the race, the
    police are still chasing you, the race will turn into a full pursuit with the 
    maximum number of cars available for your Heat Level.  If you lose the cops
    during the race, you'll start in Cooling Off mode when the race ends.
    From the Hideout:
    If you want to start a pursuit, simply select Blacklist 15 from your menu, 
    then Bounty, then select where you want to hold the chase.  You'll be warped 
    there and the pursuit will begin immediately.
    Part 4: Surviving the Pursuit
    The police will use several techniques to stop you; this part will help you 
    get around everything the police will throw at you.  Here are some general 
    guidelines to follow before we cover the techniques in depth:
    1)   The Speed Breaker is your friend.  You will use this almost constantly 
         during the pursuit.  Make sure you can hit it instinctively, as you 
         never know when the police will surprise you, and you need it to 
         maneuver and dodge effectively
    2)   Keep moving at all times.  The police cannot bust you if you are moving.
    3)   Always watch in front of you, I know the exotic cars are very pretty, 
         but you need to be watching ahead for anything.  If you're not watching 
         ahead, it makes it very easy to miss a Spike Strip or Rhinos, and that 
         can be costly.
    4)   Avoid hitting traffic, especially large trucks.  Hitting traffic will at 
         the very least slow you down and can ruin a sprint to freedom when your
         in the EVADE zone, and at worse, stop you cold when there's a line of 
         cruisers on your tail waiting to surround you.  Many drivers have paid 
         the price by hitting traffic, don't be one of them.
    5)   Listen to the police radio.  This will sometimes tell you what the police 
         are planning to do and can give you time to prepare.  
    6)   There are two good offensive moves you can perform on the chasing
         officers to disable them or at least slow them down.  One way is
         a PIT maneuver, which means you simply shove your car into the 
         police car's rear quarter panel, which will send them spinning out,
         allowing you to slip by.  Another way is to force them into traffic,
         drive into head-on traffic and try to lead the cop cars into other cars,
         large trucks, and other heavy vehicles, this is a good way to disable the
         cops and will help your bounty.  (Special thanks to Justin).
    7)   Don't reset, ever.  Resetting will automaticallly get you busted.  If you
         get into a tight spot, reverse or nitrous, but don't hit reset.
    Special Tactical Note:
    Most of the time the police will communicate using the familiar 10- codes.
    Understanding these codes can give you a big edge in the pursuit, as it will
    help you identify what the police are doing, allowing you to plan for it.
    Here are the police 10- codes that are known so far:
    10-67: Regular Roadblock (at level 4 and up, this will include spike strips)
    10-75: Rolling Roadblock
    10-59: PIT Maneuver
    10-76: Damaged unit dropping back (possibly)
    10-73: Full Roadblock across highway
    10-42: Pinning Maneuver (One car will try to pin you against the wall)
    10-65: Rhino cover
    Very special thanks to Paul for this information
    Now that we have some general strategies, we can now cover how to get around 
    everything and the kitchen sink.
    Rolling Roadblocks:
    How it works: The police cars will group up around you at high speed, then 
    box you in and try to slow you down.
    How to Bust It:  When you see the cars starting to form up, hit the nitrous 
    and get out from behind them.  You can also force them into traffic.
    The PIT Maneuver:
    How it works:  A police car will get up to you and punch you in the quarter 
    panel to spin you out, then will try to block your exit.
    How to Bust It:  Move away from the cruiser and use your nitrous to avoid a 
    spinout, if he is able to punch you, use the Speed Breaker to regain control 
    and rocket away.
    Pinning Maneuver
    How it works: A police car will pin your car to a wall to immobilize you
    How to Bust It: Reverse away or try to shove the car out of the way.  Get
    mobile as fast as possible to avoid being busted.
    How it Works: Several police cars will line up bumper to bumper to create a 
    wall of steel to stop your progress.
    How to Bust It:  When you see the roadblock on your GPS, get ready with your
    Speed Breaker (it looks like several police cars facing each other
    perpendicular to the roadway).  When you see the roadblock in front of you,
    hit the Speed Breaker and size up the roadblock.  See if there's an opening 
    you can fit through, if there is, aim your car for it and squeeze through.  
    If the road is completely blocked, aim your car at the trunk of the patrol 
    cars to bust through.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you hit the trunk, as there 
    is less mass there, allowing you to punch the cruiser out of the way while
    maintaining control of your vehicle, and forward motion.  If you hit the 
    front where the engine is, or the door, you will either stop dead, slide 
    around, or fly up into the air in a barrel roll of death.  Neither is good
    when you have a long tail of police cars on you.
    Special Tactical Note:
    If your Speed Breaker is engaged when you strike the police officer, the
    hit will be more effective.  You won't slow down as much and you'll add
    extra force to the hit, sending the police car flying further.  Special 
    thanks to Elliot
    Spike Strips:
    How it Works:  The police will partially block the road and leave a gap.  In
    this gap will be a string of hollow spikes designed to puncture your tires.  
    They can either be a part of a large roadblock, or will be deployed by
    a single officer.
    How to Bust It:  Spike Strips are no joke, they will very quickly end the
    pursuit and will lead to your arrest.  Almost every roadblock will have a
    Spike Strip when you are at Level 4 and higher, this makes watching the GPS
    that much more important.  If you see a Roadblock on your GPS, start watching
    ahead and get ready with the Speed Breaker.  Once the Roadblock is in front of
    you, hit the Speed Breaker and look for the strip.  When you see it, move away
    from it and aim for the patrol cars that are the farthest away from it.  NEVER
    attack the cars next to the strip, as this leaves you vunerable if you aim 
    wrong and crash or roll over the target car, which can easily lead to you
    hitting the strip.  If you see a single officer sideways on the GPS, watch
    ahead and get your Speed Breaker ready.  When you see the officer, hit the 
    Speed Breaker and aim for the tail of the cop car.  It is crucial that you hit
    the police car, as it is often the only safe route around the strip.  
    Keep an eye open when approaching toll booths at level 4, in some cases there
    will be a Spike Strip in between the booths without an officer guarding it.
    It might be a glitch, but still be very careful.  Special thanks to Arthur
    Special Note: 
    It is possible to continue driving if you only graze the strip,
    but your car's top speed, acceleration, and handling will be hampered greatly.
    You can survive a pursuit on a flat tire through sheer force of will and a
    very close hiding spot, but the chances of getting away are very slim.  If two
    or more tires are blown, the game's up.  Special thanks to Daniel for sending
    this info.
    Rhino Attacks:
    How it Works:  Rhino SUVs will charge head on at you to stop you dead.  They
    always come in pairs.  Rhinos will also be used in some Roadblocks.
    How to Bust It:  Rhinos are hard to get around particularly because they 
    appear so suddenly and you almost never see them until it's almost too late.
    If you happen to spot the SUVs coming at you, hit the Speed Breaker and try to
    maneuver around them, or get far enough ahead of them that they strike your
    rear quarter panel, as this allows you to maintain forward motion.  Rhinos
    will also be a part of some roadblocks, they can be dealt with by aiming for
    the rear of the SUV and using nitrous before hitting it.  Make sure to aim
    for the tail, as hitting the side or the front will result in you stopping
    dead, and that's a bad thing...
    The Police Helicopter:
    How it Works:  The helicopter will track your movement to prevent you from
    escaping.  It will also swoop down on you to punch you out of control.
    How to Bust It:  The helicopter's position will be indicated on your GPS, in
    front of the helicopter is a white cone, this represents it's field of vision.
    If a helicopter is tracking you, and there's no police cars coming, get under 
    an overpass or in a tunnel.  If you have patrol cars on you, keep driving.  
    The helicopter will eventually run out of fuel and will break away.  At level
    5, the helicopter will actually try to attack you, swooping down to punch your
    car, if you see it coming at you, boost away or use the Speed Breaker to
    maneuver away.  It's worth mentioning that hitting the helicopter counts as a
    Trade Paint point, but it's best to get these from the cop cars and not tangle
    with the Helicopter.
    Special Note: 
    In some very rare circumstances the helicopter will be a part of a
    roadblock, lined up with the cars.  Hitting the helicopter can be a big
    gamble, as a variety of things can happen: you will either stop dead like 
    hitting a wall, or you will glitch through it and not stop, or if you are real
    lucky, you might actually punch the helicopter out of the way, but it won't be
    immobilized.  Either way, in a situation where one mistake can ruin your whole
    day, it's best to stay away from it and hit another car in the lineup.
    Special thanks to Pjamin, Shiznit12345, Jared, and Nathan for experimenting
    with (or accidentally hitting) the helicopter.
    Part 4: Evading the Pursuit
    Your ultimate goal is to escape.  This can be a problem, especially at higher
    heat levels.  Pay attention to the Chase Number on your Pursuit Condition
    Indicator, it's the number in the center above the Busted/Evade meter.  If
    it's a high number, the only thing you can do is to ride it out and wait for
    the cars to start to break away.  When you get to about 2 or 1 cars left in
    the chase, it's time to act.  The best way to lose the car behind you is to
    find a Pursuit Breaker; they appear as red triangles on your GPS.  Pursuit
    Breakers are objects that you can hit that will disable cars behind you.  If
    these aren't around, make sudden turns onto other roads or try to venture into 
    traffic or tight places to try to trap the officer.  When EVADE starts to
    flash, hit your nitrous and get some distance away, then hold the distance
    until the green bar fills up completely.
    Part 5: Cooling Off
    You've gotten out of sight, but you're not home free yet.  When the green bar
    fills up completely, the Pursuit Condition Indicator changes to the Cooling
    Off Gauge.  This gauge tells you how long you have until the police consider
    you lost.  The higher your heat level is, the slower this gauge fills up, and
    if any police car or helicopter spots you, the pursuit will start up again.
    When you enter Cooling Off mode, first check and make sure there are no police
    cars coming up behind you, if there are no cars, hit the brakes.  The first
    thing you must do is to find your hideout; it's the green house on your GPS. 
    If you can get to your hideout before the police find you, the pursuit ends
    immediately and you get away.  If a hideout is not nearby, look for a hiding
    spot, indicated by blue circles on your GPS.  When you are in a hiding spot,
    your Cooling Off meter fills up much faster, giving you a much better chance
    of getting away.  Drive very slowly, and watch your Radar Detector.  If you
    see it go off, quickly look at your GPS, if a Roadblock shows up, stop
    immediately and turn around, but stay put, this allows you to see if an
    officer is coming up behind you.  When the roadblock disappears, turn back
    around and continue on (SLOWLY).  If the radar detector goes off and nothing
    appears on the map, it's a police officer coming towards you, quickly spin a 
    180 and move the other direction to avoid being seen.  If you see a
    helicopter, watch where it goes.  If it's coming towards you, try to find a
    tunnel or overpass, or try to outrun it (this will often drive you towards 
    other police cars).  If you are seen, immediately floor it and get some 
    distance, and stay out of sight until you enter Cooling Off mode again.  If 
    you make it to the hiding spot, park in the circle and wait, but keep watching
    the Radar Detector.  You are not invisible in the circle, and if an officer
    sees you, the pursuit will start up again.  When the gauge fills up, you're in
    the clear.
    Part 6: The Aftermath
    So you got away.  Exellent.  But now the cops will be looking out for your
    car, and any confrontation with an officer will likely lead to another chase.
    Your heat level will remain at the level it was when the pursuit ended, and
    if you get caught again, the number of officers chasing you will be the
    maximum for that heat level when you start.  Unless you like a challenge,
    it's best to lower the heat level of your car when you end a chase so you are
    not innondated with cops if another pursuit starts.  The easiest way to lower
    the level is to drive your backup car (which you should have, if you don't 
    have one, GET ONE).  The longer your hot car sits, the lower it's Heat Level 
    drops.  If you need to get the level down quicker, get to a Performance Shop 
    and change your appearance.  Paint, body kits, vinyl, hoods, spoilers, and 
    roof scoops will all affect your Heat Level.  
    Part 7: Busted...
    Ok, so you wound up a hood ornament for a Mack Truck and ended up in the
    cooler.  Here's whats gonna happen: you will lose the bounty and milestones
    you earned from that pursuit, and you will be faced with a fine.  You have
    two options at this point: either use a Get Out of Jail Free marker or Pay
    the Fine.  If you use a Get Out of Jail Marker, the Pursuit never happened,
    You retain your wanted level and lose no money.  If you elect to pay the
    fine (or have no more Jail Free markers), your Heat Level returns to 1 and
    your car gets hit with an Impound Strike.  You can add impound strikes if
    you have the appropriate markers, but you can only have a maximum of 5 
    strikes.  Note that if you are busted, you only lose the bounty and milestones
    from that pursuit, all bounty and milestones gained in previous pursuits will
    be unaffected.
    If your last pursuit ended up with your car wrapped around a bridge pillar,
    and you recieved your third (or fourth, or fifth) impound strike, the police
    will take your car.  The car will show up in your garage, but you cannot
    drive or sell it while it is in impound.  When it is first impounded, you
    cannot do anything to get it back for at least a few hours, so make sure your
    spare car can handle races or you'll be driving around the city for quite
    some time.  After a while, an SMS will be sent to you by the police telling
    you that you can retrieve your car, but you'll have to pay an impound fee to
    retrieve it.  When you get it back, it will have no heat level or bounty, but
    you can drive and sell it again.  Also, your car will be impounded if you have
    no Get Out of Jail Free markers and cannot pay the fine, regardless of your
    impound strikes, so always have a good wad of cash around.
    Special thanks to Michele for giving me this information.
    Always, always, ALWAYS have a second car around in case your car gets
    impounded.  If you don't have a spare car and your only car gets impounded
    (remember, not having enough money to pay the fine will lead to an impound),
    your run for the top of the Blacklist will fail, and your game will be over.
    You have only two options at this point: either to start a new career, or to
    load a previously saved game (and hope Autosave was on, or you will have a
    long climb back to the top).  ALWAYS have a spare car available.
    Part 8: The Final Pursuit: Heat Level 6
    Welcome to the Grand Finale, the final chase.  Through a massive plot twist,
    you have slipped through Sgt. Cross's fingers as the most wanted man in
    Rockport, and he's hacked.  Every police car from here to Canada is in on the
    chase, Heavy Rhinos, the Helicopter, and Undercover Corvette C6s.  There will
    be Roadblocks, Spike Strips, and Rhinos around every corner, the Helicopter
    will dive on your car, and even worse: there is no EVADE, no matter how far
    away you get from the cops, there's no escape.  How will you get away?
    For the first five minutes all you can do is ride it out, the police will
    throw everything but the kitchen sink at you to bring you down.  The most
    important thing you need to know for this chase is that you CANNOT STOP OR
    CRASH.  You will have Corvettes and Rhinos on your tail at all times, enough
    to encase you in a tomb of steel should you crash or stop, making it nearly
    impossible to escape.  Just keep moving and use the tactics you learned in
    previous pursuits when dealing with Spike Strips and Roadblocks.
    If you survive the five minutes, you'll get a call from Mia telling you there
    are no safe places in Rockport, and the only way to escape is to flee the city
    via the Old Bridge.  At this point, you'll see a purple point appear on the
    GPS.  You cannot lock this point to get an arrow, so you have to find it the
    old fashioned way.  The Old Bridge is on the extreme West of the map, near the
    baseball stadium.  All you have to do is get to the west of the map, then
    either go North or South depending on where the point is relative to your car.
    Once you see the point, which sits next to the only road that goes west when
    on that side of the map, turn down it, and hit the nitrous.  Once you get to
    the break in the bridge, the game takes over, and you execute a spectacular
    jump over the broken bridge to freedom.  Congraturation, a winner is you :).
    Special Tactical Note:
    It is possible to gain some breathing room in the first five minutes by going
    to the Docks.  The Police will have a hard time navigating the sharp corners
    around this area.  Do remember that you cannot evade the cops completely, this
    is only meant to give you some space unitl Mia calls you.  Special Thanks to 
    Robson for this info.
    Part 9: Dirty Tricks
    Some people believe they should be upstanding criminals and play by the rules,
    others believe that anything is fair in love and war.  This is for those
    Bus-ted: (thanks to Thomas)
    The Bus Terminal provides an excellent place to frustrate the cops and rack up
    a big time score.  If you want to get away, turn before hitting the glass and
    hide between the two ramps.  If you want to rack up some bounty, go up the
    ramp on the right and crash through the glass, inside you'll find that the
    ramp extends a little further out, go to the end and stop.  Just sit until you
    get the bounty you want, then hide between the two ramps.
    Golf Clubbing: (Thanks to Shinda)
    If you want a pursuit without those pesky Roadblocks, drive a few laps around
    the golf course in the northern part of the map.  You can toy with the cops
    without roadblocks, though a Rhino or two might come in, a practical way to 
    rack up some bounty.
    Reloaded: (thanks to Jacques)
    If you have Autosave turned off, save before a pursuit.  If you get busted,
    simply reload your profile, and try again.
    Sore Loser (thanks to all those who corrected me on this):
    If Autosave is turned on and you get busted, before the Busted animation ends,
    simply hard reset the game and the bust never happened.  If you are playing
    this on a console, hit your Reset button before the animation ends.  If you
    have the PC version, simply hit alt+F4 and restart the game.  Make sure the
    you do it before the animation ends to avoid corrupting your game.
    Important Note:
    Performing this trick might corrupt your save game data, if you decide to do
    this, it's at your own risk.  I assume no responsibilty for data loss, OS
    damage, alien abductions, or other misc. acts of nature.
    Home Run: (thanks to Iain)
    The baseball stadium is an excellent place to end a pursuit, it's the diamond
    shaped thing on the western edge of the map.  Drive through it going West, and
    you'll go through two Pursuit Breakers, and on the other side a Hiding Spot.
    It's best to use this one when you're down to 3 or 4 cops on your tail.
    Special thanks to all the guide writers on GameFAQs, and all those who
    contributed to this guide. If I have omitted any information or if there is 
    any incorrect information, feel free to Email me and I will make corrections 
    as necessary.  My Email is agentv3@gmail.com.

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