Razor 's Bounty?

  1. On the Tag 35 police and make pursuit last till 13 minutes milestone everytime i complete one of them i tried 2 evade but i keep on getting busted plz reply if u no what to do

    User Info: Matty_yomboan23

    Matty_yomboan23 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Razors is the hardest one, I have 2 profiles, one of them has beaten the game, and the other is on Razor. I say, go for all the speed traps, do the pursuit time challenge for less than 2 minutes, and then grab a new car, keep it slow, and put the handling and nitrous all the way up, then try it. thats what worked 4 me the first time. i bought a mustang and did that. once u get up to heat level 5, take as many turns as you can, and use every other pursuit breaker, then find a way to turn around without getting busted, and hit all the rest, then go to the bus station, and go up the ramp, but dont go off, drive into the middle, they USUALLY drive right off the ramp, but sometimes they sit there a bust you, jusat jump off and repeat until you get the long time challenge, and whatever else you can get by doing that.

    User Info: Bobber96

    Bobber96 - 8 years ago 0 0

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