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Bond Moment Guide by bobschnoozle

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 08/30/11

Do yourself a favor and READ ANY AND ALL JAMES BOND BOOKS by Ian Fleming

                             FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE
                               BOND MOMENT GUIDE

                             By bobschnoozleheimer
                       Copyright 2011 bobschnoozleheimer

     I. Introduction
    II. What is a Bond Moment?
   III. What the f--- is the point??
     V.& VI. Stuff
   VII. Legal Jargon

I. Introduction

Hello and welcome!! This guide is here to help you (and only you) complete 
every Bond Moment in From Russia with Love. Executing (and sometimes finding) 
each one can be frustrating, and given that no guide like this exists, I 
created one. This (along with my Attache Case Guide) is the first guide I'm 
submitting to Gamefaqs but I've been working on numerous guides for quite some 
time (look for every Metroid Prime game!) I'm much too busy (lazy shit) to work
on them as much as I would like. Let's get to business, shall we?

II. What is a Bond Moment?

Bond Moments are special events you must execute or places you must find. There
is a Bond Moment in every level, including the bonus levels. Bond Moments are 
unique to each level they occur in. A hint for any given Bond Moment is found 
on the pause menu when you are in the corresponding level.

III. What the f--- is the point??

Aside from being downright awesome (not always), the significance of Bond 
Moments are ultimately to help unlock the bonus levels. Bond Moments are one of
four things each mission requires you to do in order to get an award - the 
others are time, enemies killed and 00 Agent. Awards unlock bonus levels. Some 
Bond Moments coincide with finding an Attache Case. All Bond Moments will make 
your life easier. I'm pretty sure they help you pick up chicks, as well. The 
point is, there is no reason not to attempt a Bond Moment.


The format for this will be a simple level-by-level arrangement. I'll briefly 
describe how to execute each Bond Moment and the events leading up to it. The 
hint displayed on the pause menu for each level is shown with the Mission name.

| 01 London - Defeat the helicopter quickly |
This Bond Moment can be annoying. My advice? Lock on to the helicopter as soon 
as it appears and hold down R until it's destroyed. When the chopper attempts
to ram 007, dodge it with X towards the center. If you dodge away from the
center, more often than not you'll hit the invisible edge and the copter will
slam into you. Be aggressive; when it hides behind the clock tower, go after it
quickly. I'm not sure the exact time that the game considers 'quickly' but it
seems to be around one minute. Any specifics on this would be appreciated :)

| 02 Hedgemaze - Shoot the gas can next to the car |
Once you emerge from the maze itself, the area opens up. Across a small bridge 
is the car. Next to the car is a gas can. See where I'm going with this? Shoot 
the gas can to blow up the car and kill about four cronies.

| 03 Istanbul Pt.1 - Rappel swing through the glass into the enemy |
This occurs when Bond is on foot (duh). The first time you rappel swing, you'll
land on a typical platform. Mow through all the Russians on this platform and 
continue walking until you reach the edge. Jump down and rappel up the wall - 
the tank fires at you - to a small platform. From this platform, rappel swing 
through the glass and into the bad guy. Sweet!

| 04 Station T - Find the secret armory |
The secret armory can be viewed from the first room you enter. Navigate the 
station until you reach the main, large room (with the pillars and huge screens
and such). The secret armory is parallel with the entrance to this room, on the
ground floor. It's actually the same distance from the grapple point as the 
entrance door, just on the other side. The door looks exactly like the wall but
you can see a small indented outline of a door. Simply open it to gain access.

| 05 Istanbul Pt.2 - Enter the secret armory |
Another secret armory! After you acquire the Russian disguise and use it to get
past the checkpoint, enter the door that has the Assault Rifle leaning up
against it. Walk through this hallway, PAST THE FIRST DOOR. This door is high-
lighted (metaphorically speaking, of course) on your radar and once you enter,
you cannot return. The "hidden" armory is at the end of the hallway (the only
other door you can enter). The Attache Case is in here, as well. You're welcome

| 06 Underground - Enter the secret storage room |
Once you reach the hidden observation room, 007 will continue on foot. Kill the
Russians in the first room and enter the door. Walk through this small room 
(the Wright Magnum is in the tall cabinet) into a warehouse. Climb the stairs 
and walk around the room to a set of shelves with a few boxes on them. A nearby
vent is just begging for a Q Copter. Navigate the vent tunnel to a fan. 
Carefully fly through the blades and drop. Dash through a second fan and into 
another vent. The small room on the other side of the vent is the secret 
storage room. Detonate the Copter on the keypad near the door to unlock it. Now
walk to the ground floor and enter the door below that upper balcony. Body 
armor, complex schematics, sp. shotgun rounds...what more could you want??

| 07 Gypsy Camp - Find a way into the kitchen |
Kill the pesky gunner and those blasted Russians will take hostages. Swoop up a
gasmask and enter the house. A door on the right is locked. However, a vent 
near the ground to the left of this door means only one thing: fried chicken. 
Wait, I mean use the Q Copter... Blow up a chair blocking the door and enter 
the room. I was hoping for fried chicken...

| 08 Sniper Alley - Disable the radio soldier before he calls for backup |
This Bond Moment occurs just after you begin the level. From the car, walk 
straight ahead to the climbable wall. Before climbing it, use the C-stick to 
look over it; if the radio soldier is walking away from you and the other 
soldier is out of sight, climb the wall but do not drop to the ground 
(sometimes falling to the ground is inevitable, you should still be safe but 
rarely will he hear you). Aim at the radio soldier and use Bond Focus to fry 
his radio. Really, that's it.

| 09 Consulate - Enter the secret room |
Could they be any more vague (or unoriginal) with this 'secret room' business??
Good thing I'm a James Bond junkie or I just might turn into a hater. Anyway, 
once the elevator works and you ride it ALL the way down, you will end up in a
second gas filled room. Go left at the door (it requires both you and Tatiana 
to open) into a lab. Stand on top of the pale blue fridge in the center of the
room and look into the small room. See the keypad? Fry it with the Q Watch and
enter the room for some truly glorious prizes.

| 10 Istanbul Pt.3 - Destroy the helicopter |
The helicopter can't be avoided, so you would think this is a simple task. Yes 
and no. Shooting rockets at the chopper is easy but making it that far without 
depleting them is tricky. Here's my strategy: after 30 cars have been destroyed
(stupid objective, in my opinion, but whatever...), make a pit stop at the 
garage since it's on the way. This not only repairs the car but replenishes 
your rockets, as well. Use rockets only on the pair of trucks that attack while
using machine guns and - most likely - tire punches on those obnoxious black 
cars. Assuming you're playing 00 Agent, each truck* takes about ten rockets to 
destroy, leaving you with around ten for the helicopter. The helicopter 
actually only takes 3-4 rockets, so keep that in mind. Finally, the chopper can
be destroyed with the machine gun but, c'mon...you're better than that, right??

*I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else: almost every time I play this
level, the first truck (after the first objective has been completed) makes a 
hard left and slams into the fence after dropping one or two barrels. Also, the
last time I played this level, the second truck simply didn't appear. Is it me?

| 11 Train - Enter the gift shop |
This case is found when you finally exit the train and enter the station 
shortly after. A small room in the center of the station is the gift shop. The 
door is locked (go figure). Climb the stairs on the right while protecting 
Tatiana. A lever up here opens the gates (lower and upper) across the room. 
Walk across the room on this upper level and stop in the middle at a thing with
many posters on it. The train schedule is actually on the other side of this 
thing. Climb onto the center of it and rappel to the top of the shop. Simply 
drop through the hole to enter.

| 12 Factory - Destroy the guard tower |
Land the jetpack and exit the building into the snow. Enter the base and inch 
your way to the guard tower. Hug the right side of the base so you can spot an 
explosive barrel below the tower. Do I need to hold your hand?? Shoot the damn 
thing! A Sniper works well. The tower crashes down and James has no remorse.

| 13 Border - Enter the pillbox |
When 007 exits the car a second and final time, head through the Docks door. 
The pillbox is in plain sight, hanging over the water. A single guard sits 
inside the locked pillbox. Use a Q Copter to fly through the gap and blow up a 
chair blocking the door. The Attache Case is NOT inside.

| 14 Octopus Base - Enter the secret room in the missile silo |
You will enter the missile silo two different times, from two different 
directions, using two different routes. The lower door in the main room (it has
a giant ball in the center) leads to the warhead. Just after disarming the 
warhead (or before, just make sure you're standing next to it), send a Q Copter
into the nearest room via a broken window. A cardkey slot next to the door 
won't have a glowing red light, but blow it up anyway. You can now enter this
room; simply walk through the hatch door at the end of the walkway. 

| BONUS 01 Tunnels - Kill the commandos |
Towards the end of the tunnel, the tunnel will fork. Go right, up the small 
slope to find a Russian Commando in the distance. Bond Focus will show you 
three weak spots; shoot the top two weak spots and the commando's armor will 
drop. Now I suggest headshots with Sniper Rifle, or filling the other weak spot
with lead. Rockets are effective (of course) but I've found it easier to save 
rockets for the second commando. Walk to the end of this short tunnel to the 
turret. When you've cleared the enemies with the turret and disarmed the nearby
fourth bomb, head back the way you came. Commando number two will greet you at 
the bottom of the slope. Same strategy: blast the weak spots to drop his armor.
Pummeling this guy with rockets and the occasional grenade is a blast!!

| BONUS 02 Ruins - Enter the secret room |
The secret room is located on the second floor, meaning after you lower the 
floor ONCE. From the entrance of the room, walk to the far right wall. Climb 
onto the ledge that surrounds the room and walk through the narrow space to the

| BONUS 03 Plaza - Destroy the car |
I hate this level. All you do is snipe bad guys. A car circles around the 
perimeter of the plaza in front you. Lay into the car with the Sniper Rifle; it
takes about ten shots on 00 Agent. Yup, that's it.

| BONUS 04 Airport - Disable 40 enemies without armor |
BOND FOCUS!! Shoot every grenade hanging from a Russian's belt you see! Shoot 
every rocket on a Russian's soldier you see! Survive 40 enemies without picking
up the armor (check the corners (; !! ) to achieve this final Bond Moment. 00 
Agent. Don't be a *****. Tha's right, I went there!

V. How this guide was created

I simply played From Russia with Love on the GameCube a handful of times - 
repeating some levels more than others - until I felt I had mastered every Bond
Moment. It only took a few days to write this FAQ. Needless to say, I am very 
proud (Awww). I drank a lot more...soda than I should have :X  Hah!

VI. Conclusion & Contact

Well, that's about it, old man. I hope this guide was able to help you. I 
certainly learned a lot about this game by writing this guide. The more I 
played From Russia with Love, the more I liked it! But having conquered 
everything (except that stupid Plaza level...I gave up), I've grown bored with 
it. Look for it on eBay ;) Only joking! It already sold.

If you see any mistakes - anything at all - feel free to email me. I would love
to hear some feedback or even an alternate strategy (though a lot of these are
pretty black & white). Include the game and guide in the subject. Here ya go:

KrisKringle3000@aol.com   --------> I had to change my email, long story....

Thank you for putting up with my cheesy jokes, charming sarcasm, and the 
occasional insult (my deepest apologies...) Hope we meet again! <--I'm a liar.


VII. Legal Jargon

This guide/document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright. Should I find this on any other website, I will 
take IMMEDIATE legal action. My lawyers are just a phone call away :) Gamefaqs
(www.gamefaqs.com) is the ONLY website/publication that can use this guide.

Version 1.0 - Sometime in 2011. Probably Winter.                   O.G.
Version 1.1 - 9/25/15 Minor changes. deleted spaces Changed some words/phrasing
Version 1.1.1 - Two hours later: Slight format change. LegalJ T.OfC. Hopsmack!!

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