Art DirectorMatthew VanDolen
DirectorBrian Martel
Executive ProducerRandy Pitchford
ProducerMike Wardwell
Voic Talent DirectionJeff Kribs
Voice ActorTroy Baker
Voice ActorLarry Brantley
Voice ActorChad Cline
Voice ActorDavid Dennison
Voice ActorSean Hennigan
Voice ActorJonathan Herzog
Voice ActorRyan Jewel
Voice ActorNeil Johnson
Voice ActorJeff Kribs
Voice ActorRobert McCollum
Voice ActorDavid McGarry
Voice ActorMichael Neuman
Voice ActorJ.D Sanders
Voice ActorJeffrey Schmidt
Voice ActorRic Speigel
Voice ActorJoel Watson
Voice ActorSam Williamson


Data and credits for this game contributed by RecoN1090, odino, and adultnature.

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