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Reviewed: 12/30/05

If Gangs are truely like this, why cant elderly people beat them with their canes?

For some reason, developers have put in their mind, that they fully understand the brutal and dangerous minds and doings of gangsters. Not only is that not true, it is a very sad notion of them. 50 Cent Bulletproof, was a good example of how develops just don’t get it. It was an awesome game, and fun to play, but let’s face it, a lot of things in it were un-realistic. Def Jam: FFNY is a very good example of the right way to go. And Crime Life, Gang Wars, is just a very bad and horrifying showcase of gangs. If a gangster, were to meet whoever made this game on the streets, I would not be surprised if they would attack him.

To start off, fighting has to be one of the most button mashing horrors I have ever seen. Fighting is all just a bunch of hitting. I have never heard of gangs, that just carry around bats and swords where they go. I mean, not adding guns does tone the violence down a lot, but in a game about gang life I WANT VIOLENCE! Fighting is simple pressing the A and X button constantly, and hoping to hit something. You will get out numbered a lot, and you will have to run away, and fight them one at a time, while your fellow gang mates get the hell beat out of them. Weapons are probably the only thing that made fighting not so bad. If you have a weapon, like a sword or a baseball bat, you are sitting pretty far in a fight against maybe two or three people. But when you get surrounded by ten dudes at once, that bat is starting to look a little cheap right then.

And if it’s not the constant horrible fighting buttons, it’s the constant running around that will get you bored and turned off. And since the main guy, Tre, runs like he has a large rash going around his crack, it’s not the most enjoyable experience. It tied to hard to feel like Grand Theft Auto, and it failed miserably. The missions you are sent to go on, are either long and boring, or short and exhausting. Everything from taking money to clients, without losing it on the way, to roughing up millionaire apartment building owners, they really did feel just like a sidetrack to the main plot.

Which brings me to the story. Like I said before, you are Tre, an up incoming gang member of the Outlawz gang. The boss Big Dog, used to run the city of Grand Central City, but after the nasty Gang Wars, a rival gang, Headhunterz have taken almost complete control of the city, and it’s up to you to try and get it back. The game starts you off in a fight with the Outlawz toughest fighter, if you win you get to talk to Big Dog, if you lose you are branded a punk for life. So after you win, you talk with Big Dog, and you act uninterested, he gets pissed, so he won’t let you join till you prove yourself. Now you must do a lot of pointless missions to get a rep. As you progress through the game, you will lead other gang members around with you; you’ll start with your cousin Darryl, and gradually work up. But Tre is too much of a weird looking, rash butt, wimp to make me get into the story to much.

The characters all sound weird to put it out there. It was like they got the same guy, to do all the voices, just in different accents. You can hardly understand anybody some of them time, and when you could, it sound like they were talking out their nose. The music, I thought was pretty good, if you like rap stuff. A few songs were like, really out there for this game, and I didn’t like that, and the selection of songs was very short.

If the game play and the boring story don’t turn you away fast, then the graphics most certainly will. The opening cut scene looks great. I thought that the game would be really good from watching it, and from seeing the front cover graphics. They were worse than Grand Theft Auto graphics. Now, Grand Theft Auto, isn’t made to have awesome graphics, I know that, but at least the environments look great, and the characters actually move and open their mouths while talking. This game does none of that. The characters are horribly colored, and look like big globs than anything. The environments look alright, but they weren’t in as much detail as other games. Plus the camera really destroys the environment’s full potential. And all of the characters made sudden jerky movements during cut scenes.

Crime Life: Gang Wars, is best to be forgotten. It had a lot of potential, but fell straight on it’s face hard. With horrible gameplay and camera issues, a boring story line, and graphics that were drawn by five year olds, Gang Wars is probably one of the worst games I have played in a while. It deserves a rent, if there is absolutely nothing else in the store, even though it would be wise to hold on to your money.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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