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Reviewed: 01/31/06

A really fun and cheap third person shooter.

I saw the ads for Raze's Hell and thought it would be a great laugh. Picked it up for $10 during a sale (it's a $20 budget title...) and I don't regret any of those pennies I spent on the game. One of the hardest games I've played in awhile and it's good all around...

Raze lives a peaceful yet ugly life. He really is ugly. The Princess of the Kewletts' wants Raze's land and hates everything ugly, because she and her people are super cute. Now raze needs to rise up and bring great pain and ugliness to the Kewletts'. It's a simple story and yet it's able to have plot twists. The best thing about raze though is the humor. The game just oozes with humor.

This is the first game I have ever played where the cut scene graphics are worse than the in game graphics. I found that a bit odd... The levels are kind of bland but they are large, full of enemies, lots of things to blow up ect. Plus, the levels get much better near the end and more imaginative. The cut scenes are rather grainy. Oh, character models are nice. raze look really nice in his ball form and the Kewletts' are kind of dumb looking but still cute in a weird way. They look a lot like square robots or something.

The sound in this game is good. Music fits the levels and the mood of the game. Kind of funny because some of the music is very chipper and would seem out of place in any other shooting game. The voice acting is very tongue-in-cheek and goes well with the game. It's actually pretty good. Sound effects are decent. Things go boom, guns fire but the best sound effect is the major weapon of the Kewletts'. It's a machine gun but it winds up and sounds just like a jack-n-the-box. Good times there...

I tend to have trouble using the Xbox controller. Oddly, I find the control in this game to be easy as pie. Y uses picked up items like the bombs or whatever they are called. R trigger fires your weapon. The d-pad switched between the four, each direction is a different weapon. B turns you into a ball. L trigger is melee. Very easy to get the hang of and I had no problems with the control.

The game play is actually really good in Raze's Hell considering it's a bargain release title. Raze is a third person shooter. Meaning, the camera lingers behind Raze. The basic idea of each of the twenty levels is go from point A and get to point B. It's not all that easy though... Levels are huge, multiple paths and tons of enemies. Levels look good enough but there are a few glitches that cause you to fall to your death or worse yet get stuck in digital limbo. Only had that happen to me once.

There is a good variety in enemies and they have different guns and weapons. Later in the game you'll notice weapons that make it so you can't aim and some enemies have the world’s worst weapon. A paintball type gun. What makes this bad you might ask? Each shot that hits leaves a bright colorful smear on your screen making it hard to see. It leaves after a while but the shots come fast and you get times where it is hard to see. What's really interesting is you will need to find each enemy has a weakness when the armor enemies come about. Some weapons work better than others.

I'm not sure how many different weapons there are but Raze can have four at a time, plus his melee attacks. Some weapons are like a machine gun, a shotgun and you get the idea. There are some odder ones like a guided bird looking thing that explodes for massive group damage, it works well on choppers. You get ammo either from boxes or from plant life. See, Raze doesn't have a gun... He sucks things up in his mouth and shoots them out. Thus you need to suck ammo up by pushing in the left analog stick.

Now, I'm not the best at shooters but this game killed me many times. Heck, I will admit I was playing on Easy and the game beat me every which way at times. You will need to learn stealth to do fast kills. Enemies can appear anywhere and they like to group up. The AI is rather smart. I had enemies flipping out of the way of my shots ect. Even though you think you might be able to just run and gun your way that isn't how this game works. Some stages require you to kill all enemies in an area to open a gate or to blow up a generator to rescue someone that can knock down a tower so you can cross a river. A lot of thought went into some of the stuff that you need to do.

It's a budget title so it can't have a lot to offer in replay right? WRONG! The game has co-op play which makes the game a smidge bit easier. But there is more.... Try multiplayer with your normal modes but also soccer! Now take it all online with LIVE support. Nice package indeed. I was really surprised by how much this game had to offer.

It's funny that this game has so much content to it yet some of the more mainstream titles give you less bang for your buck. Raze was a delight to play. The humor, the challenge. It all went hand in hand and kept me busy for a few days. It's fairly long. 8 hours or so but I had trouble putting it down. One of the better Xbox titles that I’ve gotten the chance to play. Maybe it isn't for everyone but it's at the price of a rental so it's worth checking into if it sounds interesting to you at all.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 8/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay Value - 9/10

Final Score - 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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