• Get all Upgrades

    To get all upgrades go to the pause screen, select controller and press...

    (note: this is not like invincibility, once you put it on it will stay on.)

    Gets you all upgradesUP, Left, Down, Right, Back, Start, Y, X, A, B

    Contributed By: xboxlover361.

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  • Invincibility

    Start a game and go to the pause screen, select controller, and press...

    (note: it will only last one level until u will have to press it again.)

    invincibilitydown, A, up, Y, Back, Start, right, X, left, B

    Contributed By: xboxlover361.

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  • Unlock Everything

    Choose "Option" from the main menu, then press:

    Unlock EverythingUp, Down ,Up, Down ,Back, Start, Back, Start, Y, A, Y, A, X, X, B

    Contributed By: shadowcore76.

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  • Pendulum Mode

    Beat the game once, and you'll unlock the Pendulum mode. In this mode, you can replay any chapter you like, with any character you like; Including some hidden ones: Broly, Bardock, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.

    Contributed By: German Dragon.

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Easter Eggs

  • Do a Warp Kamehameha

    You must have teleport, and Special Move. Next, Lock on to a character. Start the Special move, and Charge it. Before it fires, Use teleport. You will end up behind your target. Release to Fire your Warp Kamehameha.

    Contributed By: Reason316.

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  • Easy super sayian 2 power up for teen gohan

    You need teleport for this to work. When you are fighting Cell in the final stage of Sagas, when you need to be Super Sayian 2 bet Cell until you have the amount of energy to go Super Sayian then hurt him by pressing YYYY then he should be knocked away. You will have more SS2 energy. Next lock on him when he is on the ground then teleport and press YYYY when he is up. Do this over and over again until you have your SS2 bar full then transform.

    Contributed By: Diallo593.

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