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  1. How do you defeat the glitch in human cargo?

    User Info: halodude77

    halodude77 - 10 years ago

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  1. Ok there is a glitch on the game for the Tommy dude but all you have to do is keep pushing the button to push tommy and the throw button simultaniously eventually he will fall off good luck.

    User Info: gamewinner0000

    gamewinner0000 - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. -------------------
    Human Cargo

    I. Unable to push Tommy off of the cargo crate when prompted to.

    This glitch is usually only reported by XBox players, though a few PS2
    reports have shown up to my knowledge. When in the grapple with Tommy atop the
    cargo crate you will eventually be prompted to press a button to throw him off,
    but nothing will happen. Often times the "<Button>: Throw" prompt will stay on
    screen even if you are not near the edge. As far as I am aware this problem is
    present no matter what you do in the XBox version; I have yet to hear from
    anyone who did not find this particular section impossible on the first try.

    No official cause, though this is often cited as evidence of the "wrong
    build released for XBox" theory.

    NOTE: Enabling the Unlimited Endurance cheat makes it much easier to
    keep Tommy at the edge of the crate as you try to push him off. To enable it,
    go to the Compstat screen, (under City Map) hold the R and L buttons, then
    press B, X, A, X, A, B. If you have entered the code correctly you should see
    the text just above the legend say "Unlimited Endurance".

    1) Make sure your fighting style is set to "Brawling". I can't be
    certain that this matters, but the only times I've managed to succeed were
    when my fighting style was set to brawling. For those of you who lost track of
    which fighting icon is which, it's the one showing the guy in a basic
    fistfight stance.

    2) Make sure you don't have any hand held weapons on you, ideally
    before you get on the crate. The sledgehammer is an awesome weapon, but
    something about having it on you seems to screw the game up. If you're in the
    middle of the grapple and you still have it on you just switch between it and
    the fighting styles until you drop it.

    3) Hit A or X (depending on which one will push Tommy) and B at the
    same time rapidly when you get to the edge. Call it a bit of directed button
    mashing if you want. This is the only way I can seem to beat Tommy, but it
    works. Just push him towards the edge like the game tells you, then when you
    get him to the edge set the controller on the floor, put your index finger on
    A (or X) and your middle on B and push 'em at the same time repeatedly. You'll
    want to press them fairly quickly, but not so fast that you'll get tired from
    doing it for a minute or so straight; somewhere around every quarter-second.
    (Count "one-one-thou-sand two-one-thou-sand" to get quarter-second intervals)
    For me it took maybe 10 seconds of this button mashing for Tommy to fall off
    the edge of the crate the first time. You can also accomplish the same thing if
    you happen to be using a controller with "turbo" buttons.

    4) If you don't get anything in the first few seconds, it may help to
    periodically pause the game, then unpause it and immediately go back to button
    mashing. I find that if I can't push Tommy off within the first several seconds
    then somewhere between 5 and 20 pause/unpauses seems to get him to fall off.

    User Info: Lil_Ace

    Lil_Ace - 10 years ago 1   0

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