Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

  1. From Jay FNG Philbrook (12/01/2004; 8KB) 01 Contains 2 saves: #1 Max Stats #2 All Current Upgrade Items & Max Stats.
  2. From Jay FNG Philbrook (12/01/2004; 8KB) 02 Contains 5 Saves at Various Tourney Points. All Have Max Stats. Final Save has 'Bonus Cheats' for Arcade Mode Unlocked.
  3. From Jay FNG Philbrook (12/01/2004; 8KB) 03 Contains 5 Saves. Load any of these 5 saves to start in the Finals for the specified Tournament. Max Stats, Cash, & Cheats Unlocked.
  4. From Maui_Wowie (05/18/2005; 7KB) 16 out of 19 tournies complete. Full cash, and xp. No "bonus cheats" bought. Karni

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