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FAQ/Walkthrough by dbzshinj_basic

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/26/05

CSI Crime scene Investigation Walkthrough
CSI: Crime Scene Investigator
Written by: Jeremy B
Date 5/26/05
Version 1.1
Table of Contents
1. General Hints
2. The Scoring System
3. Full Details on CSI Tools
4. Crimes list
5. Controls
6. Hints/Tips/Tricks
7. Walkthroughs
1. General Hints

Probably the most important thing you can do at any crime scene is wave your
cursor over EVERY SQUARE INCH as you move around to make sure you haven't
missed anything. Try just about any test on any object you get to see if it
reacts. And then take it with you. Just about everything you find is a clue
somehow, and if you don't have the correct object in your hands when you talk
to a victim, the matching question will not appear.

Other than that, try testing, searching, and microscoping every item in the
lab. A lot of times it won't be obvious that to examine an object you have to
use the computer, for example. Give it a try. You don't lose points for being

2. The Scoring System

For each mission in CSI, you get 5 statistics:

* Evidence Collection
* Hints Used
* Case Total
* Ranking
* Extras

The first three are percentages and keep track of how much of the game-world
you figured out. Did you find all the bits of evidence lying around? Did you
have to use any hints in order to progress? Did you fully solve the case? Try
to play each level with NO hints and finding every last little clue.

Ranking is just a "title" that you earn for how well you do.

You earn extras for how well you do on each level. They are character and
location sketches done by the artists, just a fun tidbit.

3. Full Details on CSI Tools

CSI gives you a good selection of tools to detect evidence, and then tools to
collect it properly. You don't want to damage evidence so it can't be used
later on!

Detection Tools
These tools help you find evidence or examine it for clues to the crime.

Magnifying scope - for getting a close look at items in a crime scene
Ninhydrin - making fingerprints easier to see
Fingerprint brush poweder - clings to fingerprint oils to give them shape
UV light - helps to see details on an object
Sniffer - investigate gasses or fumes
Luminol - makes blood luminesce, or "light up"
IR Camera - detects heat signatures, showing warm objects up clearly.

Collection Tools
These tools help you gather up evidence in a safe way, so that the evidence can
properly be evaluated back at the home office.

Swab - a cotton swab, great for taking cheek samples for DNA analysis
Gloves - use them to pick up objects so you don't get fingerprints on the
Tweezers - yank out a suspect's hair for comparisons against other hairs you
Casting Plaster - good for casting tracks you find
Mikrosil - mold a wound to keep a permanent record of its exact shape
Adhesive lifting tape - good for those tiny items that are otherwise hard to get
Electrostatic dust print lifter - A good way to bring prints home for comparison

4. Crimes list

Inn & Out, Light My Fire, Garvey's Beat, Chatting with Franklin, More fun than
a barrel of corpses, Leda's Swan Song: Leda's Little Game

5. Controls (default setup)

Left Thumbstick        Moves Cursor
Right Thumbstick     Rotate Panorama
L Trigger                   Evidence Menu
R Trigger                   Location Menu
Y Button                     Help Menu
X Button                    Switch/Cycle
A Button                    Action/Accept/Select
B Button                    Cancel/Back/Skip
Black                         Tools/Backspace
White                         Case File/Defaults/Space
D-Pad                       Highlight Menu Item

6. Tips/Tricks/Hints
*Always ask your CSI partner for help, they can be useful by giving you
information on what to do next

7. WalkThroughs

Inn and Out: Starting at the Crime Scene

A lot of this first mission is a quite reasonable tutorial that helps you learn
how the game works, how the menus work and so on in a very "natural" sort of
way. You are a new intern, working for Gil Grissom. Just as you start your
conversation, a call comes in about a homicide, and you're off.

You learn about your main toolbars - locations, tools, and evidence. Locations
lets you get to places to visit. Note that new places will appear there as you
track down vital clues. There will always be the three CSI locations on there -
the lab, the police station and the morgue.

OK, click on the hotel. POOF you're in the hotel room with a dead woman tied to
the bed and Bert Susten, the hotel manager. You learn that when you wave your
mouse around, it turns green when it's over something you can investigate.
Don't try to go out of order here and investigate other things. The tutorial
will end soon enough. For now, do what he's telling you to do.

Click on the body. You see bruising on the neck. Click on the case file. This
holds information on victims, suspects and reconstructions (the little videos
that show what might have happened). Bert is a suspect, as you can see. You
look for means, motive and opportunity for each, plus you have a miscellaneous
"other" category for general notes. You need to fill the first 3 fields to make
an arrest.

OK, close-up on the neck. This is when you get into the tools for collection
and detection. There is a sub-tab in your tools area for each.

Click on the UV light, and then click on the neck to take a look. When you get
clues, they automatically go into your files. You don't have to keep any notes

OK, now click on the cloth on the left. Use your magnifying scope on it. Up in
the fold of the fabric you see a hair. When you "see it" the game again
automatically lets you know and adds the notes into your files. Now you have to
use your collection tool to get that hair.

Tweezer the hair. Now it appears in your evidence list. You'll need the hair
later to compare against various hairs you take from suspects. The types of
evidence you can have are: trace/prints, documents, and items.

Zoom out and use the gloves to grab the cloth. Nowit's time to talk with the

Inn and Out: Talking with Bert the Manager

OK, when you turn around in the hotel room you see Bert standing there. By
clicking on him you can start a conversation with him. Note if you are a Law
and Order player, this is a MUCH nicer system. You can't "miss questions" and
have to guess which order to ask them in. They present you with 3 questions to
ask. As you ask each one, it simply is removed from the list and you can still
ask the other two.

The questions you ask are:

* What do you know?
She's a showgirl from the strip, pays cash. I don't know her at all.

* Who has access?
I only give a key to the customer and I keep the master key. Nobody else.

* Where was she from?
Her first name was Kylie and her last name changed each time she came in.

Bert gives you the registration card with an address on it. You automatically
take it and it gets added to your files. Not only that, but a new location
appears on your locations menu, for you to go and visit. The name on the card
is Jenny Strickland.

Note that you're told here to ask for a hint. Don't worry, it isn't counted
against your hit penalty!! This is just to show you how the hint system works.
Really, don't ask for hints in the game. Just examine each crime scene
thoroughly and you'll figure out what to do next. Or of course come read the
walkthrough here :) But don't read ahead!! The game is short enough as it is.
The fun in the game is roaming through each area and exploring it.

In any case, your tutorial is now ended, and you're off on your own!

Inn and Out: Finishing Up the Crime Scene

Once the tutorial cuts you loose, you're probably spinning around looking at
everything and waiting for your arrow to turn green :) Here is what you find in
the hotel room:

* Bracelet on the ground behind your partner, on the left of him. It says
"K.Y." on it. Just grab it with your gloves.

* TV to the left of the entry door. Use your fingerprint brush on the keypad
area. Note that you don't need to "collect" the fingerprints once they are
dusted and appear - they'll just show up in your evidence list.

* TV Remote Control on the floor ot the right of the bed. This one has
fingerprints on the volume buttons. Hmmmmm.

* Bathroom sink - go into the bathroom then zoom in on the sink. Use the
Luminol to see the blood there. Use a swab to collect the blood.

That's all that the hotel room will tell you - head on back to the lab!

Inn and Out: Greg and the Lab

I found the lab a little frustrating at first. You just show up there and don't
know how to get him to DO anything. In essence there are three "stations" in
this room. First, the microscope. You can drag hairs over here to look at them,
or to compare two hairs to each other.

Next, the computer. Use this to look up fingerprints, to compare fingerprints
to a rap sheet you have, or to do other research on schedules or people.

Finally, there is Greg. You hand him blood to do testing. Note you can NOT ask
him to compare samples. He will do it by himself when he feels it is
appropriate. So you have to keep going around looking for more blood and when
he has enough of them he'll do his comparison. He'll also investigate other
items you hand to him.

Right now you only have one hair and a few prints. Use the computer for the
print analysis. The TV remote matches the manager's fingerprints. You get his
rap sheet - he has been arrested for assault. Suspicious. There's no match for
the TV set. Note that you can compare the TV set fingerprints against the
manager's rap sheet if you want. They don't match.

Give the blood to Greg for him to analyze - now he needs more to compare it

Time to head to the autopsy room!

Inn and Out: Albert and the Autopsy Room

The Autopsy room is good for a recreation or two :) You find out that - gasp -
the victim was strangled. OK we knew that. You learn that she had skin under
her nails from the struggle, and money stuffed in her mouth. The bruise was
probably caused by a rope/cord. Hmmmm like this one in your hands?

You also learn that she had Hepatitis C. The time of death was around 11:00 -
11:30. There wasn't much blood loss from this sort of a wound. There's nothing
else here.

You do get some skin from under the nails to give to Greg. He tests it and it
doesn't match what was in the sink. Hmmmmm. Time to go check out that address
from the motel registration.

Inn and Out: Jenny Strickland's Apartment

Jenny won't let you in, and really the only reason you're here is to show her
the bracelet. She recognizes it as belonging to Karen Yardstrom, her friend
from High School. Even if you come back later, she doesn't say anything else.
Ah well.

Head on in to Cop Land!

Inn and Out: Chatting with the Cops

Your final "main" location - Jim Brass in the Detective's office. This is where
you go when you want to question suspects and get more details on them.

First, Karen Yardstraum, i.e. Kylie. You get her address, at the Hamilton
Apartments. A new location appears. You learn that Kylie was only in one chorus
line show, and it shut down a few weeks ago. There's nothing else.

It's sort of frustrating that you can't talk to him about the other people on
the case yet, but you have to go in order in many ways in this game. The game
wants you to go investigate the apartments. Don't worry, soon you'll be able to
come back here and start questioning suspects.

The fun begins! It seems Bert wasn't telling the whole truth before. Ask him
about his criminal history (which you got by running his prints from the TV
remote through the system). He says that was a long time ago and now he's
strictly legit. Ask him about his voice on the answering machine. He admits
that it was him but that he wouldn't beat up a girl and kill her just for $300.

Ask him about cuts and scratches. He says sure, he gets them all the time. So
now ask him for a DNA sample. Use the swab to get his DNA. Then use the
tweezers to yank out his hair. They have great commentary when you are doing
these things :)

Back in the lab, give the DNA to Greg. It turns out this is the blood you found
in the bathroom! Check this hair against the one you found in the cloth. Nope,
it wasn't him. Someone else was there apparently.

When you go and re-harass Bert, he gives you a little video about how he had to
fix a broken mirror in that room and then used the remote to watch TV. That's
the end of his story.

Inn and Out: Interrogating Devon

Devon is the guy whose name shows up on Kylie's schedule, on her PC in her
apartment. Run the schedule through your lab computer to get Devon's rap sheet.
Turns out he's got one. Compare it to the prints from the TV and sure enough,
there seems to be a match! Go into cop-land and talk to him.

When you first mention Kylie he's upset to learn that she's dead. Who would
kill such a sweet kid? He last saw her 2 weeks ago. Sure, he has some cuts.

Get a DNA and hair sample from him, just like you did with Bert. Head back to
the lab with them. The DNA sample matches the material under Kylie's nails. And
the hair matches the one you found in the bed.

Now when you chat with Devon, ask him about that Hep C. You go through a story
about how he found out he'd been "killed" by her, and that he wanted to kill
her in return.

Light My Fire: Checking Out the House

Your first real mission on your own! You have Sara with you as you head out to
the home of Jason Gray. Turns out Jason is a homeowner that has a home office.
He was out running and when he came back, he found his home office was on fire.
He put it out with a fire extinguisher but his computer has been toasted.

First, investigate the scene. By the desk you see glass. Zoom in and grab it
with your gloves. Near the glass you also see a wood shard. Flouresce it and
you're told Greg will like this one. Grab it with your gloves too.

Look up at the picture and "sniff" above it. You get some good fumes there.

The desk phone has a redial button. When you hit it, you get a "Yeah, leave a
message" gruff guy's voice. You can't print the phone or anything.

The paper on the left of the phone should be sprayed with nihydrin to get
prints. There's glass left of the window - you can only look at it to see that
glass fell on the floor here, meaning the window was probably broken from

Now out to the porch. Under the window you see glass - hmmmm, so maybe the
glass was broken from inside? Tweeze some to get it. Also there's a kneeprint
here - make a cast of it.

Back inside. Look behind the desk (you have to click to the left of it). You
find a lighter beneath the desk and also some rags. Hmmmmm. Take both!

Light My Fire: Talking to Jason

Jason is not very helpful. What was he doing? Out running, came back, saw the
fire. What was destroyed? His computer, files, and research.

Who probably did it? James Ritchie! His rival in Aviation Design. Apparently
James is also someone with a checkered past. Iiiiinteresting. Where is this
James Ritchie? He has several offices, who knows which one he is at.

If you have the lighter he'll recognize it and say it's a momento of his that
he misplaced. I only talked to him about it after I had the lab check it out

So on to the lab!

Light My Fire: Fun at the Lab

You've got a bunch of things for lab examination!

burnt piece - seems to have been torched with lighter fluid. Neat because you
happen to have:
lighter - yup was full of lighter fluid
colored glass - a wine glass probably
rags - Ecuador or Guatemala cotton fiber with jet fuel on it
fumes - a fuel accelerant
window shard - shows the outside of the window was going away (i.e. window
broken from inside)
cast - kneeprint, not too helpful except to say someone knelt outside

Use the computer on the fingerprint from the paper on the desk to see it is
James Ritchie's. His rap sheet says he has done insurance fraud in the past.
And he of course is who was named as a suspect! Interesting.

If you hop over to the cops, you learn that James Ritchie has his HQ downtown
and you get a new location to go chat with him.

Light My Fire: Talking with James Ritchie

James Ritchie has a much nicer office than our arson victim did!! You ask him
how well he knew Jason. He says Gray wasn't really a "competitor" because he
was so awful at what he did. Gray's customers were fleeing to James without any
help on James' part.

How about Gray's friends? James says they are drug dealers. Ask about James'
criminal records - the charges were dropped. Ask about the prints - he says
they traded tons of documents in the past and it could have been any of those.

Threatened? "Barely on my radar", he says in fact that Gray begged him to buy
him out a few weeks ago because he needed the money.

Where were you? I was on Chicago flight 157.

Ask Ritchie if he has an airplane. Nope! He likes to sail. But Gray has a
license and a plane.

Check with the cops and sure enough, he was on that flight, got in at 12:12.
Ask them about the airplane too. Gray hasa Lear jet that he keeps at Henderson
Airport. Now you get a new location to visit.

Light My Fire: Henderson Airport

OK, you're roaming around Gray's airport hangar. Turn left. On the shelf of
boxes, there's a box with a big label on the left. Look at the label - Gray
bought fuel from Ecuador. Glove-grab the label.

On the desk you find out Gray was in serious trouble with his business. Grab
that too.

The lockers are locked. But near the plane i sa barrel with rags. Grab those
with the gloves.

Nothing else here!

Light My Fire: Lab Stop and then Gray

A wuick stop at the lab shows you the rag is the same rare Ecuadorian material
and of course the fuel from Ecuador and the letter about his trouble means you
should have the cops bring in Gray for questioning.

Glass outside window - don't know.
wine? South American - fine local wine.
access jet fuel? Yup keep in back shed.
rag in hanger? Have bunch of them.
Falling behind in contract? so what.

Then a small bit of "bad cop" and he cracks. Yes he burned it all. Everything's
in the shed. It was all him. You're suspicous but now you can go check out the

Light My Fire: The Shed

First, cast the shoeprint impression outside the shed door. Also dust the
handle for fingerprints. Now you can go in.

Swab the top of the gas can to see what's in it. Up on the shelf are Ecuadorian
bottles of wine - grab one with the gloves. There's a nail below the shelf with
a thread on it - grab that too.

Back at the lab - the gas can held the same jet fuel. The nail held the same

Separate out the prints. One set is Gray's, and the other belongs to a new guy
- Stan Ginns, a drug dealer. Interesting!

The shoe prints are a size 11 1/2. Who could those belong to?

Light My Fire: Talking to Stan Ginns

Stan claims he's a "business acquaintance" of Jason's and refuses to elaborate.
When you ask where he was, he says he was "around the neighborhood." Ask him
about his shoes. He waers an 11 1/2 - a perfect match for those prints you
found by the shed.

That's all he says for now. Time to talk to Jason again.

Light My Fire: Back with Jason

Ask Jason about this Stan dude. He says Stan lives in the neighborhood.

Point out the prints were in the shed. Now Jason says maybe Stan borrowed his

A bit more pressure and Jason admits that Stan was his supplier for his drug
habit. That Stan was partying at Jason's place and that Jason had enough. He
fired Stan. Stan threw a fit and burned the house.

One more talk with Stan coming up!

Light My Fire: Give us the Plan, Stan

Ask Stan what he thinks about arson. He claims he doesn't like it.

Ask him if he visited Gray. He says he might have walked by.

A bit more pressure and Stan leaps up and confesses to torching the house
because Gray picked on his friends. Isn't that special! Case closed.

Garvey's Beat: At the Crime Scene

Officer James Garvey was killed. Nick Stokes is with you. It's a cop killer
mission, so it's high profile.

You learn that James stopped to help a motorist when he was shot. Look at the
chest - he was beaten over the head, then finished off with 2 shots to the
chest. There are no exit wounds. You can't do anything with the chest. Now look
at the head - cast the wound.

You find a gun - dust it for prints, then grab it with gloves. There's a blood
stain on the left near the body - swab it. Also on the left is an iron bar. Use
your magnifyer on the bar to see some threads. Tweezer the threads, then take
the bar with the gloves.

OK, now look in the cop car. There's an ID on the center console - it's for
Jefferey Deschamps, a 72 yr old cop? Grab it with your gloves. Now Luminol and
then swab the stain on the seat. Use gloves on the paper sheet on the
passenger's seat.

Garvey's Beat: At the Morgue

Cause of Death: he was hit with the bar, and was alive after that. Then he was
shot twice.

Gunshot: in the chest, short range. Both bullets are still in him.

Time of death: 3-4 hrs ago

Head trauma: caused by the iron rod

Tire iron: yes

Garvey's Beat: At the Lab

OK, you've already got a ton of evidence to analyze! Neato.

bullets - 44 cal 35 yr old
tire iron - Garvey's blood
gun - Garvey's, not fired recently
paper - Tropicana Ave Car on roadside needs asst
ID - forgery
car seat - blood - "pig blood"
thread - cotton
pavement stain - more pig blood

print search on gun - were Garvey's.

search on ID - a copy that was killed exact same way 35 years ago. In that one,
gun was found under car.

Hmmmm, I didn't see a gun under the car, did you? Head back to the crime scene
and sure enough, there it is. Grab it with the gloves and bring it back to the

It matches up, this is the murder weapon. Right at this point, you're told to
go use the computer to watch a chat room. You see a quick sequence:
What's exciting?
Sutherland - cop killing. Aiboy went to see.
That was you?
Sutherland - drive out for yourself and see. It may remind you of another
famous case.

This is crimechat.com. The cops say this is owned by Jack Riley, who lives near
the scene of the crime. Time to go talk with Jack Riley.

Garvey's Beat: Jack Riley's House

First, Jack won't let you in. So you interrogate him at his doorstep.

know about killing? As much as you, thanks to Sutherland.
Sutherland? know nothing, no real names.
Track Sutherland? unique IP address. No warrant, no IP address.
Look apt? no warrant, no entry.
Own a 44? You know I do, stolen few months back. 35 friends at the party.

Chat with your cop friends and sure enough you get your hands on the warrant.
Now you get to Enter the Home.

computer: sutherland 14:28. His photo shows the gun.
coke can: fingerprint it. can't take it.
look at bulletin board: nothing to do "he's a fan"
books on desk: book by Sutherland, famous dead guy.

If you try to talk to Jack, he won't talk. Head back to the lab. The prints on
the can are too incomplete. OK, head to the cops. You learn the IP address is
at the UNLV where they teach criminal justice. And oh look, James Riley
graduated from the UNLV Criminal Justice course 10 years ago.

Time to head to the lab!

Garvey's Beat: A Visit to UNLV

At UNLV you meet Professor Franklin. He specializes in "Theory Reconstruction".
First, fingerprint the soda can and then chat with Franklin.

which computer? this one.
who used? John Laskin was on it.
What research? unsolved crimes
Where find him? Lives on campus
Who has access to lab? Criminal Justice students, grad only
What access do you have? I have keys to lab and building 24 hrs
Jefferey Deschamps? My first big success, I wrote the book on it.

In the lab, you learn that there are no matches on the can print fingerprints -
and that they don't match the other can's prints. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Talk to the cop about John Laskin, and he agrees to bring in John for

Garvey's Beat: Chatting with John Laskin

John Laskin thinks it's really cool that you're talking to him.

changed clothes recently? no
thread sample? sure.
- grab the thread with your tweezers
crime chat? Yes people BSing
where were you? monitoring a midterm
focus of research? study of CSI on long term cases
Deschamps - yup 30 years.

And he adds, this is fun!

OK, back to the lab with your thread!

Garvey's Beat: The Lab and a Chat

OK, back to the lab. Test the thread - the fiber matches, not the color. The
First was older. OK, so it was an older school sweater ...

You hear of the guy on the chat. You run to UNV but you miss him.

There's a sweater on the chair - use magnify on the flakes. Now use lifting
tape to grab a flake. Then take the sweater with your gloves.

Back to the lab. The sweater fiber matches the tire iron. On the dandruff
flakes, you need a comparison.

Head to the cops. Ask for Jack Riley's DNA. Go to his house and swab him.
Unfortunately, the lab says it's not a match.

Back to the cops again. How about John? He was indeed supervising the exam and
has an alibi.

OK, how about Franklin? Yes, that's a go.

Garvey's Beat: Chatting with Franklin

It's time to talk more seriously with Franklin.

Where were you? In office, nobody came by.
Garvey kiling? In news, phone ringing off hook.
grab his DNA sample. Take it back to the lab - it matches the dandruff. Aha!!

Arrest Franklin and bring him in.

your sweater? yes

Now the rambling starts. Turns out this guy is a big insane.

He did the early research. It was a true classic. He's a great expert on the
"perfect crime"

Now for a typo :) "Why was a fiber from YOU sweater found at the crime scene?"

Now he thinks he's Edwin Sutherland.
Tell us about Garvey
you see a video
how did he so intimately know the original crime

Can we speak to Franklin again?
You're my ghost. He killed the cop. Help me.

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Tracking Down the Crime Scene

You start out with Warrick Brown. Apparently a crackpot called and left a
threatening message - all you know is that it originated somewhere in the Vegas
phone grid.

The message rambles and goes, "who will help you now?"

You play on the computer. Really you just click on various parts of the audio

middle - elephant
end - casino noises

Now you search on casinos with elephant acts. Lo an behold - it's the Monaco!

More fun than a barrel of corpses: At the Casino

OK, when you get to the casino, you see an elephant in a cage and a trainer.

Cast the tracks on the ground to the right of Warrick. You can examine the
elephant but find nothing. He's just an elephant.

There's a barrel that has been moved in the corner - you can't open it without
a warrant. Wave your heat sensor over it out of curiosity. There's a body in
there!! That was sort of spooky :) Now you can open it up.

look at the mouth - there are chips in the mouth.
Use gloves to grab the chips
hips - stained, use adhesive tape it
also grass on legs

Now talk to the trainer.

any cars? dinner hour ago
barrel? owned by casino
suspicious ? everyone. but nothing out of the ordinary

Head back to the morgue!

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Visiting the Morgue

You don't have much to say at the Morgue.

cause - anaphalectic shock, maybe a bee sting?
allergic to? hay fever
time? recent 6 hours

OK, now over to the lab with your few clues.

dirt - plant soil
stain - sap from a red oak
pollen - exotic mix of spanish bayonet, tiger aloe
tire cast - SUV / pickup

Still not too much. OK, go talk to the cops.

who? Her father is Carlo Benedetti, she's his daughter Sophia. He owns the
Monico and more
when missing? last night
warrant for home? She lived with her parents, no.
Flora? pollen not in Nevada. Desert demonstration gardens.

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Desert Demonstration Gardens

OK, you're at the lovely Desert demonstration gardens. There's a Greenskeeper
to chat with! He says he saw a woman like her in this area. Time to get

door - locked (VERY FRUSTRATING) :) :)
ground on right - use dust tool on treads
rock on left - tweeze the dust
look at grass - it's flat, but you can't touch it.

The trash can is really annoying. What you have to do is magnify the center of
the tissue paper. Then you tweeze the hair, then glove-grab the paper. Why
can't you just take the whole bin back?? Do you innately know the rest aren't

Head back to the lab!

Finally, a clue!! You can now go to the gardens.

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Back at the Lab

OK, you're back in the lab.

dirt - cactus soil matches pants
tissue - used, white powder traces, Maxamine
hair - doesn't have vic's sample yet
tire print - L160 pickup 70% match together

Head on over to the Morgue.

cancer? no
maxamine? she had uber histamines, garden stroll could have killed her
dna? yup

Return to the lab again. Sure enough, the victim's DNA matches the tissue.
However, it doesn't match the hair, though. Whose hair is it?

Your theory is that the killer, who dropped a hair into the tissue, gave her
the tissue laced with Maxamine to kill her

You need to talk to the cops first.

trials for maxamine? no, around the country elsewhere
pharmacists? Just one.

Poof you have a new location - a Pharmacy with Leda Callisto in it!

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Maxamine at the Pharmacy

Sophia here? Check, no could be over-counter customer.
Maxamine? Don't know. Yup! One order, filled picked up.
By who? Dr. Edward Wilkinson.
Last seen? Not a while. Downtown office.

Yup, you guessed it, time to head downtown.

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Doctor's Office, Dr. Wilkinson

Interesting, Dr. Wilkinson isn't very chatty.

Victim? Yes he knew her, she was his patient.
Maxamine? No, I'm a GP not an oncologist. (where was the "Dammit Spock!" :) )
Own truck? L160, month old.
Anyone else have keys? Two sets. My wife has one set. Other set is missing.
Where's the truck? Garage at home. Took firewood to ranch.
Where were you? Grocery shopping with wife. She's at home, go talk to her.

Are your legs getting tired yet? Yup, it's off to a new location.

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Doctor's Home and Garage

OK, first the fun in talking with Mrs. Wilkinson.

truck here? in garage. "You Don't need a warrant." We don't? Sheesh, and we
wasted all that time on other episodes! :)

discuss patients? No, not ethical
Sophia Benedetti? "little tramp" trying to sleep with hsuband. (Ah, and I'm
sure he resisted ...)
husband? Grocery shopping. Wonderful husband and physician and reputation.

Yup, hop into the garage now. I wonder what we'll find? Oh look, it's a pickup
truck! It's a L-160 4.6 liter V8

tires - tape them
back - receipt for firewood, grab with gloves
wood chips - grab
dirt - swab it

Back to the lab. You find out:

dirt - red oak sap, matches the body
wood - firewood
tracks - all season match garden tracks

Now to the cops:

he called for firewood 3 days ago
He's been calling the pharmacy several times a day

Time to go chat with the Pharmacy Chick!

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Back at the Pharmacy

Funny, Leda Callisto seems to have been less than honest the last time you
spoke with her. Does she do any better this time?

affair? no. Was having one with him last week, though. He was afraid of his
wife. (She was sleeping with him when the truck key vanished). Jeez, so he was
sleeping with Sophia AND with this pharmacy chick??

Maxamine order? he picked it up. (Suuuuuuure he did)

Last see truck? outside hostpital last week, it was dented hauling firwood
(sorry that was 3 days ago, guess you saw it since then!)

dna sample? swab it.

sure enough, back at the lab, it appears Leda's DNA matches the hair in the
tissue. Leda gave the fatal Maxamine to Sophia. Wonder why? Jealousy?

On to Dr. Wilkinson and his wife!

More fun than a barrel of corpses: Dr. Wilkinson and his Wife

First, you talk with the good Doctor who has been a little "busy" with
extracurricular activities.

Affair with Sophia? He broke it off. Ah. So he WAS sleeping with Sophia, Leda
and his wife.
Sap in truck? There was a body in my truck? It must be a frame-up.
Relationship with Leda? I have a roving eye. (I don't think it was his EYE that
was roving).
DNA? yes, but it didn't match anything.

OK, now the loving wife. Or was that angry wife?

last drive the truck? never. It's a stick shift.
Leda? nope, is she another one of his chippies? (guess she isn't a blind woman)
DNA? yes.

Her DNA doesn't say anything either. Guess it's time to chat with Leda!

You bring in Leda and present her with the facts.

The DNA matches.
She had access to the truck
She had the tissue and movtive
She had a grudge against the triple-timing doctor.
She forged the order, and put the Maximine on the tissue
While she did so, her hair fell on it.
She gave the tissues to Sophia, then followed her to the park.

Leda's Swan Song: Leda's Little Game

It turns out you haven't heard from Grissom since he went to the garden. And
now Leda is making strange comments. Chat with the cops a bit:

Leda - no priors.
Prints - yes. she burned off her fingerprints with acid
Leda said anything - cute hints

Not good! Head out to the garden

Leda's Swan Song: At the Garden

I was convinced he was in the shed and very frustrated that I couldn't get in
to it. Don't worry, he is NOT in the shed and you just can't get in there.

Catherine is now with you. There's also a garden guy here.

new evidence? I didn't call. not 1/2 hr
activity? quiet
Grissom? hard to see in the dark
anything else? no

OK, now the investigations.

pigeons - rolly bug. tweeze it
print northeast of the pigeons - cast it
lightpole left of pigeons - magnify it, see the paint chip. tweeze chip
tire prints left of pole - cast them

OK, back to Leda and her house for more clues.

Leda's Swan Song: Leda and her House

OK, it's time to chat again with Leda in her holding cell.

Leda? "mislay someone?"
why doing? You'd be out of a job if I told you.
what do with Grissom? not kill ... yet ...
Why kill Sophia? Wouldn't spoil your story.

Jeez, she's a help! Head out to her house.

book on bookcase to right - Greek mythology, bury loved ones with coin in mouth
swab the grease on glass to the right of the book
bottle under tv - grab with gloves
table between chairs - casino chips - grab with gloves
left couch - prepaid phone. dust - prints no good. grab with gloves

under pictures on left of doorway - burned paper and keys.
- Use nihidrin on newspaper and glove it.
- Glove the keys.
- Be sure to get the note from Champagne hotel there too.

On top of shelves on left - photo album
- take photo with adhesive- her honeymoon picture
- use nihidrin on prints on inside left cover

Leda's Swan Song: A Lab Visit

Lots of goodies for the lab to investigate!

smaller key - 10072
larger key - truck, i.e. the doctor's truck
cell phone - memory cleared
liquid - chloroform

insect - blow fly larvae, human eater eradicated in 50s
newspaper frag - do a lexis search
greasy stain - special antidote for acid burns

paint scraping - common truck color
search footprint - size 10 and brand of your boss
tire cast - suvs

newspaper article - sophia benadetti, possession of narcotics
note - suicide note writte on Champagne hotel paper

Funny, you've heard fo the Champagne Hotel before! Time to talk to Leda and the
cops again.

Leda's Swan Song: Leda and the Cops

Head back to the holding cell. Ask Leda a few questions:

know kylie yardstrum? no
chlorophorm grissom? cound't get to HIM.

Not much help. Back to the cops:

warrant truck? yes.

Back to the doctor's house. Talk to the doctor.

last few hours? yelled at by wife.
where truck? in garage.

Yup, into the garage. The truck is missing!

Leda taken? yes

OK, back to the cops. They put out an APB on the truck. They also do research
and discover that Leda's maiden name was Murphy. You ask them to look for other
Murphies but they refuse.

However, since the suicide note was from the Champagne hotel, you get access to
some old clues from the previous crimes:

* ligature from the first tie-up in the motel
* prints on medicine bottle from that case
* chips in sophia's mouth
* money in kylie's mouth

Back to the lab!

Leda's Swan Song: Lab and a Hotel

OK, first at the lab. You:

* match prints on medicine with album prints.
* test ligature - matches cream on hands.
* chips in Sophia's mouth match the chips in Leda's apartment

Head on to the hotel room. Chat with the manager.

anyone else in room? only kylie
Typo Alert! "did Kylie always TRY USE a particular room?" yes same room
Anyting else? no

But there IS. GO look at the window. Then go out and look at the sill. Swab the
sample there!

Back at the lab, Greg says it's the same Aloe Vera mix from the apartment.

OK you know for sure that Leda gave the medicine to Kylie ... she touched the
ligature ... she was on the windowsill! But why?

Go back Kylie's apartment and look at that schedule again of her "appointments".

Aha - a familiar name - Bernard Murphy! That must be Leda's father!

Leda's Swan Song: Chat with the Cops

Ask the cops about Leda's father, Bernard Murphy. Apparently he worked in the
crime lab before!

You get Bernard's file. He was dismissed for breaking evidence procedures. It
was regarding a raid at Sophia Benadetti home - that narcotics raid!

Gil Grissom was called to testify at disciplinary meeting. Aha!

where is Bernard? He committed suicide last week. More and more interesting.

Go talk with Leda about all of this.

Leda's Swan Song: Another Talk with Leda

"did you murder Kylie Yardstrum becuase your father killed himself over her?"

She says the tramp (Kylie) abused him. Dad though he had a girlfriend, but she
was using him.

talk about father - Bernard Murphy - no.

Why fired? incompetence of place - Dad was brilliant. Benedetti had his finest
tamper with evidence. But did Grissom look into it? No!

Leda's Swan Song: Tracking Down the Truck

Talk to the Cops - The APB tracked down the truck! They have a match for the
truck in a self storage facility.

Grissom in Murphy's dismissal? He said thought Murphy was innocent, but his
information was buried.

Locker for key 10072? Unit 417.

Head over to the U-Keep storage

* use key to get in.
* Hear grissom in the room
* get pipe from by green trash bin, grab with gloves
* get barrel at end of hall with gloves.

You pry the door open. Flesh eaters are all over him. Now you free Devon Rogers.

End of the game!!

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