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Versus Mode FAQ by knuckles_sonic8

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/22/2008

Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
Versus Mode FAQ
Version 1.2
Created by: knuckles_sonic8 


Table of Contents:

1. Disclaimer
2. FAQ Information
3. Game Information
4. Version History
5. Half and Half World
6. Ancient Ruins
7. Cage of Ice
8. Sky Castle
9. Tom Tom HQ
10. Time Factory
11. Time Controls
12. Space Controls
13. Tanks
14. Orbs 
15. Results
16. Credit Shop
17. Final Results
18. Thank You


1. Disclaimer

I give permission to GameFAQS and PwnGuide to use my FAQ on their site. 
No other site, nor individual person, may use my FAQ in its entirety, 
or part of it, by ripping off, copying and pasting, selling, rewriting,
redistributing or in any way shape or form duplicating or taking part 
of this FAQ without documented permission from me. To violate any of 
the above is a serious crime and you will be dealt with by the law. 

2. FAQ Information

This is an FAQ created by me to help all you Blinx 2 fans by aiding you 
to succeed in the VS Mode the game provides. As the action is quite 
intense in this mode, have some fun and enjoy my guide!


3. Game Information

Title: Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space
Platform: Xbox
My Rating: 9.0/10
Number of Players: 1-4 Simultaneous


4. Version History

Version 1.0 – Has all levels, Space and Time controls, and other 
information listed in the guide. There is still room in the guide for 
improvement in some of the sections, however, most are complete.

Version 1.1 - Added names of all attainable awards in the mode under
the Final Results section. Also added rewards for attaining such
rewards. As well, in the Results section, the interpretation of
each pictoral symbol has been listed.

Version 1.2 - Minor changes. Rating changed.


5. Half and Half World

Welcome to Half and Half World, the first stage in VS Mode. Enjoy the 
scenery for you won't see it anywhere else. Here's a bit of information 
on the level and if it's worth battling on:

-Quite spacious
-Nice scenery
-Areas for hiding from opponents
-Seashore area

-Not 100% "Tank-Proof"
-Drowning possibility if you move too far out in the Sea Area


Size - 8/10
Hiding Proof - 7/10
Tank Proof - 6/10
Design - 7/10
Overall - 7/10


6. Ancient Ruins

Welcome to the Ancient Ruins, the second stage in VS Mode. Enjoy this 
4-Player built level as the area is filled with traps and a wide-open 
area for you to explore and have some fun!

-Wide-open area
-Ruins are destroyable!
-Great for surprise attacks



Size - 10/10
Hiding Proof - 8/10
Tank Proof - 10/10
Design - 8/10
Overall - 9/10


7. Cage of Ice

Welcome to the Cage of Ice, the third stage in VS Mode. Enjoy this 
massive stage with many shortcuts and hidden areas for you to hide 
from your opponents or inflict surprise attacks upon them!

-Wide-open area
-Many hidden areas

-Floating ice blocks at top of level can be hard to get to
-Opponents can hide the whole battle, causing a bit of frustration
-Tanks can't get up to higher areas; can only stay on lower level
-Takes quite a while to get to hidden areas


Size - 10/10
Hiding Proof - 10/10
Tank Proof - 7/10
Design - 9/10
Overall - 8/10


8. Sky Castle

Welcome to the Sky Castle, the fourth stage in VS Mode. Enjoy this 
level as much as possible (although it is quite hard) for you may 
have a little trouble finding your opponents right off the bat. Be 
careful where you step, though!

-Hard to find opponents

-Definitely NOT the place for tanks; can easily fall off
-Hard to find opponents
-Most of the time, you'll fall off the level after being hit once by 
a weapon


Size - 7/10
Hiding Proof - 5/10
Tank Proof - 2/10
Design - 5/10
Overall - 4/10


9. Tom Tom HQ

Welcome to the Tom Tom HQ, the fifth stage in VS Mode. Enjoy this 
spacious level with numerous areas for you to hone in on your battling 
skills. Watch your backs, though, for there is plenty of room and areas 
for surprise attacks!

-Wide-open space
-Lots of areas
-Great for surprise attacks

-Tank can't get to higher areas


Size - 9/10
Hiding Proof - 8/10
Tank Proof - 7/10
Design - 8/10
Overall - 8/10


10. Time Factory

Welcome to the Time Factory, the sixth and final stage in VS Mode. 
Enjoy this stage for as soon as you land, you'll already engage in 
battles! Watch your backs constantly for this cramped arena will have 
you battling and defending from attacks constantly.

-Can always find opponents
-Hard for opponents to perform sneak attacks

-Extremely cramped
-Hard for you to perform sneak attacks
-Opponents can always find you
-Nowhere to run or hide!


Size - 5/10
Hiding Proof - 1/10
Tank Proof - 4/10
Design - 3/10
Overall - 3/10


11. Time Controls

Here in VS Mode, Time Controls are used differently than they are in 
Story Mode. Take note of the following advice as it is quite imperative 
that you listen as it will lead you to victory if you are playing as the 
Time Sweepers:

General Information

Be advised that for a Time Control to activate, you must activate it 
yourself using the X Button, as you are probably aware. However, if 
ever you are utilizing one of the Time Controls and you are hit by 
trash or any other weapon by an opponent, the Time Control will 
automatically de-activate so watch your backs an try using them in 
secluded areas so they can last for the full duration.


In Story Mode, you were able to rewind time to protect yourself from 
enemies, to progress in a stage or just to reveal secret shortcuts and 
areas. In Versus Mode, here is the difference. When utilizing this Time 
Control, all your enemies will turn to an infant-like state in which 
they will be unable to double jump, and use weapons, making them 
vulnerable to attacks. Use this Time Control when engaging in a battle 
with an opponent so you can deliver great blows and collect a lot of 
orbs from your opponent's team.


In Story Mode, the Pause Time Control was use to immobilize enemies and 
traps. In Versus Mode, you are able to use this Time Control to 
immobilize any trash, bullets, or bombs fired at you. Whilst they are 
aloft, you can suck them up with your sweeper, and use them right back 
on your opponents! Personally, I would've preferred that all opponents 
be immobilized but that's how they made it.


In Story Mode, Fast-Forward enabled you to travel at double the speed 
and you also acquired invincibility. The same principal is used in 
Versus Mode. There isn't much of a difference but that's not necessarily 
a bad thing.


In Story Mode, you used Slow to make all enemies travel in slow motion. 
Well, in Versus Mode, it's not that much different. All opponents will 
move in slow motion until the Time Control wears off. Be advised, 
though, that once the opponent is hit once, they will start to move 
regularly again so watch out for they'll probably want some revenge. 
You can also use this to make a quick getaway when you know you're low 
on health.


In Story Mode, you may have used Record to duplicate yourself to 
activate switches or to help defeat enemies. In Versus Mode, the idea 
is similar in the sense that your whole team will be recorded and the 
recorded playback of you will be computer controlled and they will 
automatically attack any nearby enemies. Don't use it if you are running 
towards opponents because sometimes, the playbacks tend to not follow 

Time Control Combos

You cannot use Time Control Combos in Versus Mode, unfortunately, even 
if you have the right materials to use it in Story Mode.

Personally, my favorite Time Control is the Slow Time Control as it 
always leads me to victory! Use all the above Time Controls to your 
advantage so you can successfully defeat your opponents in Versus Mode.


12. Space Controls

In VS Mode, Space Controls are used differently than they are in Story 
Mode. Take note of the following advice as it is quite imperative that 
you listen as it will lead you to victory if you are playing as the 
Tom Toms:

General Information

Unfortunately, both the Time Grenades, and the Decoy Time Controls are 
not usable in Versus Mode which is not the greatest idea. Both would've 
been a great inclusion of the arsenal the Tom Toms have to use. Maybe 
they will use them in Versus Mode in Blinx 3? Who knows....?


In Story Mode, this was used to knock Guard Sweepers unconscious. The 
same principle is applied here. Simply aim and fire. Not the greatest 
Space Control by all means (Time Grenades should've taken its place!), 
but try using it when one of your opponents is heading on a straight 
route, or, simply fire them in the center of a stage/an area where most 
of your opponents go. That should get at least one of them.


In Story Mode, you could use this to get by Guard Sweepers and traps...
that is, if you moved quietly. In Versus Mode, you can use this item to 
hide from enemies but it's not the greatest Space Control since you'll 
always be on the move so your opponents will probably notice you anyways 
unless you hide from them and surprise them from behind. I still say the 
Decoy Space Control could've replaced this, but anyway. 

Warp Tunnel

In Story Mode, you could use this Space Control to get from point A to 
point B in a split second. Same principle is applied for this Space 
Control in Versus Mode. Simply used to get away from opponents.

Subspace Dive

In Story Mode, you could use this to go underground in an attempt to by 
pass enemies and traps. In Versus Mode, you can use this to run away 
from a battle but don't forget the periscope still sticks out so it's 
not the greatest of Space Controls for this mode. Also, it's hard to 
use because as you're taking it out of your pocket, or as you're jumping 
into the hole, an opponent could easily use the opportunity to shoot 
things at you since you'd be vulnerable. 

Void Trap

In Story Mode, you could use this to get rid of annoying Sweepers by 
letting them fall into this trap, In Versus Mode, you can utilize this 
Space Control to eliminate an opponent instantly (in other words, 
they'll be KO'ed). The second best Space Control in Versus Mode in my 

Black Hole

Used in Story Mode to suck the life out of Guard Sweepers, in Versus 
Mode, you can utilize this item to suck the life out of multiple 
opponents within a set range! The best Space Control in Versus Mode in 
my opinion. Just be careful because with computer teammates, they may 
hit opponents before the effect is complete, and the Black Hole will no 
longer have a grip on them. Be sure to either use this when you're solo 
or use it from afar so you can sit and watch without having your 
computer teammates interfere.

Space Bubble

In Story Mode, you could use this Space Control to trap Guard Sweepers 
for a limited time. The similar principle is used in Versus Mode. Trap 
opponents in this bubble and they won't be able to escape for a while. 
That's your chance to start firing attacks at them. Using a Satellite 
or a Heavy Tub after using this Space Control will prove to be 
effective, indeed. The third best Space Control for Versus Mode, in my 


13. Tanks

In order to use Tanks, you must, first of all, complete World 3 in the 
Tom Tom missions. Secondly, to use it in battle, you must, first select 
your team, and then go to Settings. Then, select Tank Selection, choose 
one of the three tanks in your garage, then press the B Button to go 
back and your Tank will be selected! Using tanks is quite easy but 
there are some things you should keep in mind:

(1) Health

After all HP of a tank has depleted, the tank will explode and the tank 
driver will fly out of it slightly harmed. 

To decrease a tanks HP, continuously perform direct attacks upon it 
(like shooting trash and other weapons like Fireworks).


14. Orbs 

The key point to versus Mode is to defeat your opponents, right? Wrong! 
As you defeat your opponents, orbs will appear where they were 
eliminated. You will recieve colored Orbs depending on the team the 
opponent was on. The colors can range from Red, to Yellow, to Blue, 
to Green. Stronger opponents will give off more Orbs than a weaker one 
(for instance, an opponent with 100 Maximum HP versus an opponent with 
30 Maximum HP). Also, tanks can also give you Orbs once they totally 
destroyed! These can give you a big advantage if you destroy them 
successfully. Simply put, don't leave your spot after you defeat an 
enemy for Orbs will appear in that same area right after. Also, if you 
happen to die collecting Orbs, quickly run back to the area you 
eliminate done of your opponents for the orbs will still be there. 
But, don't take too long for the Orbs will disappear after about a 
minute or so.


15. Results

After finishing a battle, the results screen will appear. You receive 
credits depending on your progress in Versus Mode. I haven't quite 
figured this out yet for there are many things that are shown. Shown 
on the results screen are the names of all your opponents, and beside 
each one, symbols are shown. I have determined what each of the
symbols mean since Version 1.0. The Skulls signify the number of
Deaths you had (how many times you lost ALL your health). The small
stars represent the number of kills you made (how many opposing team
members did you eliminate). The Big Stars represent the number of
Assists you make (in a kill against an opponent; if two or more
people share in depleting an opponent's health). 


16. Credit Shop

The Credit Shop is accessible at the end of every battle right after 
the Results Screen. Do not overlook this part for here can be found 
many weapons and items you can use in the next battle against your 
opponents. Spend your credits wisely and if you are about to enter 
into the final round, be sure to use ALL of your credits on different 
things so they don't go to waste.


17. Final Results

There are two final results screens after the Final Round is complete.

The first screen shows an Award Ceremony whereby various teammates and 
teams will receive awards.

The second screen shows the Final Results whereby the final winning 
team will be standing atop a raised platform, cheering. This will show 
how much Gold each team has received at the end and how many total 
points each team received which lead them to their various positions. 

The attainable awards on the first screen are:
*** Shot King (Awarded to the team member who has the most kills.)
*** Iron Wall (Awarded to team member with the lease amount of deaths.)
*** Assist King (Awarded to team member who provided most assists.)
*** King of Heroic Deaths (Awarded to the team member who died the most.)

Recieving an award will provide you with 5 Extra Points and
50 Bonus Gold. Be sure to try your best to attain as much awards as 
possible (as it is impossible to gain all in one battle).


18. Thank You

Thanks to the following people who, in some way or another, helped in 
the making of this guide:

-My fingers, for typing it
-Microsoft, for making such an extraordinary game and series
-YOU, for reading it

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you liked it as much as I did 
creating it!


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