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    Online Strategy Guide by MS3FGX

    Version: 0.42 | Updated: 09/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Battlefield Modern Combat: Online Strategy Guide Version 0.42
    Copyright 2006, TJ Nardi (MS3FGX@gmail.com)
    = Contents                                                                     =
    1. Introduction & Overview
         1.1...Modern Combat Background Information
         1.2...Online Multiplayer
         1.3...About This Guide
    2. Conquest
           2.1.1...Flag 1 - MEC Base
           2.1.2...Flag 2 - Supply Depot
           2.1.3...Flag 3 - Edge of Town
           2.1.4...Flag 4 - Mosque
           2.1.5...Flag 5 - Town Hall
           2.1.6...Flag 6 - Anti-Air Base
           2.1.7...Flag 7 - US Base
           2.1.8...Tips for Victory
         2.2...The Black Gold
           2.2.1...Flag 1 - OLIN 1
           2.2.2...Flag 2 - OLIN 2
           2.2.3...Flag 3 - MAR 3
           2.2.4...Flag 4 - MAR 4
           2.2.5...Flag 5 - MAR 5
           2.2.6...Flag 6 - US Base
           2.2.7...Tips for Victory
         2.3...Bridge too Far
           2.3.1...Flag 1 - US Base
           2.3.2...Flag 2 - Western Dock
           2.3.3...Flag 3 - Overpass
           2.3.4...Flag 4 - Eastern Container Area
           2.3.5...Flag 5 - Chinese Base
           2.3.6...Tips for Victory
         2.4...Cold Front
           2.4.1...Flag 1 - Chinese Base
           2.4.2...Flag 2 - Bunker Nest
           2.4.3...Flag 3 - Vault 13
           2.4.4...Flag 4 - Ruins
           2.4.5...Flag 5 - EU Base
           2.4.6...Tips for Victory
           2.5.1...Flag 1 - The Temple
           2.5.2...Flag 2 - Parking Lot
           2.5.3...Flag 3 - Collapsed Tunnel
           2.5.4...Flag 4 - Dead End
           2.5.5...Flag 5 - Office Buildings
           2.5.6...Tips for Victory
         2.6...Deadly Pass
           2.6.1...Flag 1 - MEC Base
           2.6.2...Flag 2 - Northern Bunker
           2.6.3...Flag 3 - The Square
           2.6.4...Flag 4 - Oasis
           2.6.5...Flag 5 - Ruins
           2.6.6...Flag 6 - Market Place
           2.6.7...Flag 7 - US Base
           2.6.8...Tips for Victory
    3. Capture the Flag
    4. Vehicles
         4.1...Light Jeeps
           4.1.1...Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV)
           4.1.2...Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)
           4.1.3...Light Jeep Tactics
         4.2...Heavy Jeeps
           4.2.2...Eagle MTV
           4.2.3...Otokar Akrep
           4.2.4...Heavy Jeep Tactics
         4.3...Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)
           4.3.2...Combat Vehicle 90 (CV 90)
           4.3.5...APC Tactics
         4.4...Anti-Aircraft Vehicles
           4.4.1...M6 Bradley
           4.4.2...ZSU-23-4 Shilka
           4.4.3...Anti-Aircraft Tactics
           4.5.1...M1A2 Abrams
           4.5.2...Leopard 2 A5
           4.5.4...Type 98
           4.5.5...2S25 Tank Destroyer
           4.5.6...Tank Tactics
           4.6.1...Sea Ark Stinger
           4.6.2...Light Patrol Boat
           4.6.3...Boat Tactics
           4.7.1...AH-6J Little Bird
           4.7.2...AH-64 Apache
           4.7.3...AS-665 Tiger
           4.7.4...UH-60 Blackhawk
           4.7.6...Mi-24 HIND
           4.7.7...Helicopter Tactics
    5. Misc
         5.1...Version Information
    = 1. Introduction & Overview                                                   =
    Welcome to my Battlefield Modern Combat Online Strategy Guide. In this guide, I
    aim to give useful information and tactics to those playing online multiplayer.
    This game is easily my favorite console FPS of this generation, and without a
    doubt my top pick for best online game on the PS2.
    I hope you find the following guide useful, and I wish you luck on the
    - 1.1  Modern Combat Background Information                                    -
    Battlefield Modern Combat is a specially designed version of Battlefield 2 for
    the PS2 and XBox. While it retains much of the PC game, it has many tweaks and
    changes that make it better suited to the consoles.
    Some important things have changed in the console translation, as you might
    expect. The console versions are limited to 24 players online, compared to the
    64 in Battlefield 2. Modern Combat lacks any airplanes, though it does have a
    number of helicopters. Because of the fewer players and lack of airplanes, all
    of the maps are new for this game. Modern Combat also has a few less classes
    than it's PC counterpart, and the squad and commander system has been
    completely removed.
    Modern Combat does have the advantage in the single player mode, however. For
    the console version, the developers put a much larger effort into the single
    player than they have for any of the PC games. As a result, there are a number
    of new features in single player that are worth checking out.
    For example, Modern Combat adds the "Hotswap" ability, which allows you to warp
    into the body of any friendly force on the field at a press of a button. It
    also adds a number of challenge modes to keep the player busy.
    It is worth noting that Modern Combat originally started as a multiplayer only
    game, but was delayed by a year to add the single player mode.
    - 1.2  Online Multiplayer                                                      -
    As anyone who played the PC Battlefield games can tell you, the focus of the
    series is entirely on the multiplayer. While the PC games have always included
    a single player mode, they have classically served no purpose other than target
    practice before you sign online.
    Even with the single player advancements for the console version, the online
    multiplayer is still the draw of the game.
    In Modern Combat's online multiplayer, players can chose between playing either
    "Conquest" or "Capture the Flag" mode, on any of 14 maps. At the start of the
    match, the player selects which team he will play on and which class he will
    Between the modes, maps, and classes, there is an almost infinite amount of
    ways to play.
    - 1.2  About This Guide                                                        -
    I have decided to take a break from my more technical Guides, and write about a
    game that I simply enjoy playing.
    My interest in Modern Combat started all the way back in March of 2005, when I
    took part in the public Alpha test for it. Even though the game was in a very
    early form, I immediately recognized it was going to be something special; and
    I honestly had more fun in that test than I did in any online game I played
    before it.
    Even though I am writing this Guide for fun, I am still going about it the same
    way I have with my other works. This Guide is written entirely in Vim, and was
    spell checked with Aspell. I manually maintain an 80 character width with
    carriage returns, and as always, it has been big fun.
    = 2. Conquest                                                                  =
    Conquest is the classic Battlefield multiplayer mode. In this mode, two teams
    face off in an attempt to control as much as the map as possible. Players must
    capture and hold "control points" which are scattered around the map. Score is
    determined by "tickets" which will count down as players are killed, or control
    points are lost. Tickets cannot be regained, but the rate at which the tickets
    deplete can be slowed by holding control points and keeping your team members
    Each control point has it's own advantages and disadvantages, and through this,
    the game brings strategy into the mix. Do you spread your team thin and protect
    every control point on the map, or focus all of your efforts on the ones with
    the most strategic assets?
    A Conquest game is over when the time limit is up or one team runs out of
    tickets, which ever comes first. In the case of the time running out, the team
    with the most tickets at the end of the match is the winner.
    The following section will cover every map in the game, in relation to Conquest
    mode. Each control point will be covered, with a run down of it's assets and a
    general attack and defense strategy. Finally, I will also give some important
    tips for each map.
    - 2.1  Backstab                                                                -
    In Backstab, the US faces the MEC in a battle to capture and hold a small
    village. There are two main capture points in the center of the village, and
    three others clustered around it.
    The unique part of Backstab, and one that often brings complaints, is that the
    MEC has two HIND helicopters, while the US has no air power at all. However,
    there is an anti-air base located very near the main US base, and that is going
    to be a key element in holding off the MEC helicopters. While the MEC forces
    have air superiority, the US does have two M1A2s, the only tanks on the map.
    The HINDs are a threat for a number of reasons. Not only do they have heavy
    weapons that can wreak havoc on the US tanks, they can also carry a number of
    soldiers into the center of the map very quickly, much faster than the US can
    get there.
    That is important in Backstab, because the map is divided into two main areas
    by a river, with the MEC on the South bank, and the US on the North. This river
    runs the width of the map, and can only be crossed by two bridges. One large
    bridge for vehicles, and one smaller bridge for infantry. This river is the
    most important aspect of Backstab, for both the MEC and the US.
    For the MEC, crossing the river and getting troops into the village is vital
    for success. But the US, having their base on the same side of the river as the
    village, need to hold that river against attacking forces. The two bridges act
    as natural choke points, and holding them is critical for the US team to win.
    As you can imagine, the main bridge is going to be the center of a lot of
    combat, so be ready.
    For the US, your best bet is to mine the bridge, and perhaps place one of the
    M1A2s nearby, to damage anything that comes too close.
    To counter this, the MEC on the other hand, should use the HIND helicopters to
    drop forces over the river, and avoid a land based attack over the bridge.
    The US only needs to hold flags 4, 5, and 6 to start draining the MECs tickets,
    so the US team should only be concerned with capturing those points and
    guarding the bridge. 
    The MEC need to prevent this, so there should be constant efforts to drop
    forces behind the US at base 6, to break the ticket drain, and maintain a
    presence on the North side of the river.
    - 2.1.1  Flag 1 - MEC Base                                                     -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Rocket Turret
    Two Mi-24 HINDs
    Two Otokar Akreps
    The MEC Base can't be captured by the US forces, so there is not much sense in
    defending it too much. There is a risk of the US team stealing one of the HIND
    helicopters, but that isn't likely to happen unless the US team is already well
    on their way to winning, otherwise, they will be too busy fighting in the
    The MEC Base and the surrounding mountain area is a good location for snipers,
    as the cover is very dense, and there is a clear line of sight down into the
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The best bet for defending Flag 1 is to mine road leading up to the base, and
    make sure at least one of the snipers in the mountains keeps his eye's on the
    HINDs. If they aren't coming up the road in a vehicle, they will be sneaking up
    the hill towards the helipads.
    Not much force should be allocated to defending Flag 1. The biggest risk is the
    US stealing a HIND from the pad, but they should be in the air most of the time
    anyway. If the US escapes with a HIND, it could seriously impact the battle, so
    don't be afraid to take it down if need be. It is better that it is destroyed
    than the enemy using it against you.
    - 2.1.2  Flag 2 - Supply Depot                                                 -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Machine Gun Emplacement
    BMP-2 (MEC Only)
    The Supply Depot is very close to the MEC Base, and will likely be the first
    point the MEC team captures.
    It is of little strategic importance to the overall battle, as it is too far
    away from the center of the village to use as a spawn point, and too close to
    the MEC Base for the US to easily defend.
    However, it spawns the BMP-2, which can be very effective against infantry in
    the village, assuming you can get it into the village before the US sets up
    defenses on the bridge.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    When capturing Flag 2, your biggest threat is sniper fire. There is very little
    cover, and plenty of good sniper positions surrounding it
    It is a good idea to use a vehicle to capture it. Ideally you would want a
    M1A2, but given the distance from the US Base, you are probably not going to be
    able to get one there easily. You will likely have to settle for a Humvee,
    which will be fine against light arms fire, but keep your eyes open for the
    If you must capture it on foot, make sure you have backup around you, and keep
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The machine gun emplacement can slow down any infantry attacks from the North,
    but more than likely the attackers will have some form of vehicle anyway, so it
    isn't worth using manning emplacement when you could be hitting the oncoming
    vehicles with rocket fire or laser guided missiles instead.
    Placing mines around the flag is a good idea, as the most common attack is to
    come up fast with a vehicle and park it as close to the flag as possible. You
    could also put some C4 down on the flag, though it is more likely that the
    attackers are going to be moving around the flag rather than sitting still, to
    avoid fire.
    The adjacent building provides a few opportunities to stop attackers. It has
    openings facing the North, and also the flag itself, so you can fire down on
    enemies in any situation. The building also holds this point's Ammo and Health
    Crates, so a strong defense can be based out of this building indefinitely.
    - 2.1.3  Flag 3 - Edge of Town                                                 -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Civilian Car
    This point is also likely to be captured by the MEC early on, since it is
    within walking distance of Flag 2. But unlike Flag 2, Flag 3's proximity to the
    center of the village means the US will likely make numerous attempts to
    capture it during the battle, especially if they have already captured points 4
    though 6.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Flag 3 is in an open area, with multiple paths in though the surrounding
    buildings. This makes Flag 3 difficult to capture for an attacker, as there is
    absolutely no cover or "safe" area.
    If you are attacking Flag 3, your best bet is to come up in an armored vehicle,
    perhaps even an M1A2, and hold on the flag while keeping a close eye on your
    surroundings. Attempting to capture Flag 3 by yourself is generally going to
    end badly, so have some backup when you go in.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    If you are defending Flag 3, place mines all around the flag and any path to it
    large enough to permit a vehicle. Firing down on attackers from the buildings
    surrounding the flag is also very effective, especially if you have an engineer
    to hit any heavy vehicles with rocket fire.
    - 2.1.4  Flag 4 - Mosque                                                       -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Humvee (US)
    Otokar Akrep (MEC)
    Flag 4 is almost always the center of the action in Backstab. Both teams should
    send forces into Flag 4 at the very beginning of the match, as holding 4 is a
    serious advantage for both teams.
    The main bridge from the South side of the river comes literally to the front
    door of the Mosque, so it is both an important base to have when defending the
    bridge, and also the first base to fall under attack if the enemy breaches
    those defenses.
    The Mosque has two floors, with the flag out on a balcony on the second floor.
    There are two entrances to the ground floor, one facing the bridge, and another
    on the side facing away from the center of the village.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Flag 4 is without a doubt the hardest capture in the entire map. There is only
    one path up to the flag, which just happens to be a blind corner that leads
    you to the far end of a large open room. Even worse, the Health and Ammo Crates
    are located in this room, so defenders have no need to ever leave.
    Defenders are going to be guarding this path heavily. There will most likely
    be C4 at the opening of the room, so keep your ears open. If you hear C4, hit
    the wall near the opening with a rocket, or throw a grenade in.
    Another common defense is to have infantry on the sides of the opening, so as
    soon as you enter the room, you are directly in their line of fire. This is
    very effective, since by the time you realize an enemy was waiting by the door,
    they are already shooting you in the back.
    You can neutralize anyone waiting by the door with a flash bang tossed into the
    room. This will blind anyone laying in wait, but be careful you don't also
    blind yourself and your teammates.
    Finally, there might be an enemy waiting on the far side of the room laying
    prone with a rocket launcher or machine gun aimed right at the entrance.
    Throwing in a flash bang, grenade, or C4 charge is not going to get him, due to
    his distance from the entrance. Your best bet is to send in an engineer with
    his rocket launcher at the ready facing the far wall. It will be a match of
    reflexes to see who kills who first.
    Rockets and C4 do massive damage, but take a long time to get reloaded. So if
    you can get them to waste their C4 charge or rocket, you will have a window
    of opportunity to rush in and take out the defenders with faster firing
    If it wasn't obvious, don't bother attempting to take Flag 4 alone. You will
    almost certainly get mowed down. Take as many people in as possible, but don't
    all go in at the same time, send in one or two soldiers first to scope out the
    defenses, then have the rest of the team follow. Sending everyone in at once
    can be a big mistake if they have a C4 or rocket waiting for you.
    Once you get through this room, head out to the balcony to find the actual
    flag. It is very important to stay prone when out on the balcony, as snipers
    have a clear shot at anyone standing by the flag. You will want to get behind
    the flagpole, and keep your aim on the doorway you just came out of, as that
    is the only way they can get out to you.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Defending Flag 4 is very easy due to the layout of the building. Simply focus
    all defenses on the entrance to the room on the second floor, and you can't
    Setting up C4 charges at the entrance is a good way to slow down any attackers.
    You should also have a few soldiers prone around the room with various weapons
    aimed at the entrance so you can hit the attackers from multiple angles at
    once. It is also very effective to have a machine gunner kneeling on one or
    both sides of the entrance into the room, to take out attackers as they run
    Finally, if they do manage to get though to the balcony, some C4 charges
    planted on the flagpole and surrounding flag poles will take them out, as
    they have no choice but to kneel or lay behind the flagpole to protect
    themselves from snipers or attackers coming though the door.
    Speaking of snipers, it is a good idea to have at least one keeping his eye on
    the balcony of the Mosque. He will have to be a good shot though, as the window
    of opportunity is very small. An attacker with any sense at all will go prone
    as soon as they get out in the open, so the sniper only has a brief moment as
    the enemy runs out the door facing them to take the shot.
    - 2.1.5  Flag 5 - Town Hall                                                    -
    Initial Control:
    Don't be fooled by the lack of assets or vehicles at Flag 5, the Town Hall can
    be just as important as Flag 4 in the overall battle. It is a critical spawn
    point when trying to capture Flag 4, and is also within walking distance of the
    Command Computer.
    Troops standing on the Town Hall's balcony can also fire at the balcony of Flag
    4, as well as the bridge and the area around Flag 3, while remaining fairly
    well protected from the view of snipers to the South.
    The balcony of the Town Hall has a clear shot at the main road coming from the
    MEC base, so engineers waiting up there could do heavy damage on any vehicles
    coming towards the bridge before they even got close enough to see it.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Coming at the Town Hall straight on is usually suicide, since you can get fired
    on by defenders on the balcony, as well as snipers and forces on the rooftops.
    You are better off trying to sneak up towards the door by coming up to the Town
    Hall buy the small alley on the river side. This will protect you from fire to
    the North, but you are still at risk from snipers to the South, so keep moving.
    While making the approach to the Town Hall, try and toss a few grenades up into
    the second floor and balcony area, either from the front of the building, or
    though the windows in the back.
    There is only one entrance to the Town Hall, so everyone will know where you
    are coming from. A common spot for campers is on the left side of the front 
    door, so you might want to throw a grenade that way before entering, or have
    one person go in first and attack anyone waiting there, while another runs the
    opposite way to get to the second floor.
    Once on the second floor, you will want to first look down the hall to be sure
    nobody is waiting at the far end. You might also want to follow the hall all
    the way down to the end of the second floor, towards the back of the building.
    While doing this makes sure nobody is waiting to pop out while you are standing
    on the flag, it also wastes precious time, so you will have to decide how
    cautious you want to be. You might want to send one person though the hall to
    clear the area, while another dives right on the flag.
    When you get on the flag, you will be out on a balcony much like that of Flag
    4. At least here, there is partial cover from snipers at Flag 2 or the
    mountains, but it would still be foolish to stand out there. You will want to
    dive to a prone position as soon as you get out on the balcony. Throwing a few
    smoke grenades would be a good idea as well.
    As there are two doors out to the balcony, capturing the Town Hall alone can be
    dangerous. You would be wise to have a second person along, so each one of you
    can watch one of the doors. If you are alone, using C4 on the doorways would be
    a good way to protect yourself from anyone that gets too close, as well as
    throwing the occasional grenade into the second floor. Whatever you do, make
    sure to shift your gaze between the two doors, so you don't get attacked from
    behind when you are looking at the other door.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    There is only one way into the Town Hall, so the job of defending it is made
    that much easier.
    Right outside the front door there are vertical pillars, placing C4 charges on
    them and waiting for a group of attackers to approach the front door is a good
    way to weaken their numbers early on in the assault.
    On the inside, you will want to have at least one, possibly two, people waiting
    on the left side of the door. As the ramp up to the second floor is on the
    right side of the door, 90% of the enemies coming in will make a mad dash in
    that direction, and forget to check the left side. A soldier with a rocket
    launcher or machine gun (or one of each) on the left side of the door will be
    presented with an easy shot for those who didn't check their surroundings
    There is a similar opportunity on the second floor, as there is a small recess
    to the left of that doorway as well.
    It is also effective to have some soldiers wait around the bend in the hallway
    on the second floor. Most of the attackers will simply run directly to the 
    balcony door, and not bother to clear the second floor, hiding just out of
    sight and coming up on them as they try to capture the flag is a good way to
    catch them off guard. Toss out a grenade or use a rocket if there is more than
    one person on the flag.
    It is also effective to place C4 charges on and around the flag. Since the
    balcony is so small, it is impossible to get completely out of range of a C4
    charge placed on the flagpole, so at the very least, you will weaken anyone
    out there.
    You can also use the machine gun emplacements on the rooftops to the North to
    your advantage, as they have a clear line of fire on the flag, and you can pick
    off anyone out on tight confines of the balcony.
    - 2.1.6  Flag 6 - Anti-Air Base                                                -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Repair Pad
    Two Stinger Turrets
    M6 Bradley (US)
    Otokar Akrep (MEC)
    This control point is located close to the US Base, is one of the first that
    the US will capture.
    While the Anti-Air base is too far away from the village to serve as a good
    spawn point, and there is little view for snipers, it makes up for these by
    spawning the only M6 Bradley on the map, which is an extremely effective tool
    against the attacking HINDs.
    It is important to capture the Anti-Air Base, and actually man it with soldiers
    on the Stinger Turret and M6 Bradley, to protect the skies over the village.
    You have to avoid the temptation to grab the Bradley and use it to attack enemy
    infantry in the village, as that is not where it's real strength is.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The Anti-Air Base is an easy capture, especially early on in the battle. Simply
    come up fast with a light vehicle, and hold on the flag for a bit.
    If you are attempting to recapture it after the enemy has had it, be very
    careful of mines on either side of the flag, and the long grass surrounding it.
    The grass makes enemy mines near impossible to see when driving a vehicle. It
    is better to jump out of your vehicle as you get close to the flag, and let it
    roll over to the flag unmanned. If it doesn't explode, then you can get back
    into it, or just go prone next to it for cover.
    Getting cover here is important, as the enemy will occasionally have a sniper
    in the mountains to the West, which can easily target both infantry standing at
    the flag, and heavy vehicles approaching it for a capture. To defend against
    this, park your vehicle on the West side of the flag, and kneel or go prone
    on it's East side. Throw a few smoke grenades while you are at it, and you
    should make a tough target for any snipers that might be waiting. However,
    there is always the chance that the vehicle could be targeted with a laser
    guided missile, and the resulting explosion will more than likely kill anyone
    on the flag. If it wasn't obvious, convert this flag as fast as possible.
    Also keep a sharp eye on the two trenches on the East and West sides of the
    flag. Enemies can hide down there out of your immediate sight, and fire up at
    you or throw grenades and C4 up on the flag.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The Anti-Air Base is very close to the US Base, so you will likely face an
    attempt to reclaim it quickly. It is important to get some defenses up before
    this happens, or else the US team will just roll right over you in M1A2s, and
    have this flag base in minutes.
    Set up mines all around the flag, and the road coming up from the US Base. More
    often than not though, the US will come up to the Anti-Air Base via the
    shortest possible route, a straight line. While standing at the flag, look
    towards the US Base, about 100 feet away there will be a tree almost directly
    in line with the it. Place mines on the West side of this tree. As the US comes
    up past this tree in their Humvees, they will get taken out before they even
    get within capture range of the flag.
    Placing C4 on the flag, and waiting in the trenches on either side will also
    be effective to take out attackers that come up quick and don't check their
    surroundings. Tossing up some grenades or a flash bang will also give them
    If you have time, getting a sniper up in the mountains to the West is also
    effective, but he won't be able to cover much other than the Anti-Air Base
    itself, so putting somebody there for the whole match would likely be a waste
    of a soldier.
    - 2.1.7  Flag 7 - US Base                                                      -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Repair Pad
    Two M1A2s
    Two Humvees
    Like the MEC Base, the US Base cannot be captured. This is the main spawn point
    for the US's vehicles, so some sabotage or helicopter attacks here can really
    make things difficult for the US team.
    There are air defenses at the US Base, plus you would have to pass the Anti-Air
    Base at Flag 6 to get there, so it probably isn't worth the certain death to
    attack it from the air. You could drop soldiers into the US Base to steal the
    M1A2s, but the tanks have limited use when compared to the HINDs anyway.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    There isn't a huge risk of attack at the US Base, but just to be safe, you
    mine the road into it, to both prevent the MEC from rushing in with light
    vehicles, and to take out the M1A2s if they enemy captures one and tries to
    escape with it.
    The bigger threat with the M1A2s is not the enemy stealing one and getting
    away, but stealing one and staying put. If the enemy manges to steal one, or
    both, of the M1A2s, and camps them at the Repair Pad, they can inflict massive
    damage on the US team, especially if the US team doesn't have anywhere else to
    To defend against this, place mines close to the Repair Pads and M1A2 spawns.
    Make sure they are close enough to take out anyone that doesn't know they are
    there, but not so close that your teammates can't get around them. If the MEC
    does manage to steal the M1A2s, your best offense is a laser guided missile, as
    nothing else will damage them enough to destroy them if they are camping on the
    Repair Pad.
    It is probably a good idea to always have somebody on guard at the US Base, if
    for nothing else than to serve as a lookout while the rest of the team is out
    fighting in the village.
    - 2.1.8  Tips for Victory                                                      -
    It takes skill and cunning to achieve a victory at Backstab for either team.
    Here are some tips for both sides that will help you ensure your team comes out
    on top.
    -  US                                                                  -
    1. Never ignore the Anti-Air Base. Capture it and man it. Don't just use it as
       a spawn and take the Bradley out into the battlefield. Keep a man on each
       Stinger and at least one in the Bradley. With the Anti-Air Base, you can
       protect the entire area North of the river from air attacks, and seriously
       limit the MEC's offensive capability.
    2. When manning the Bradley, stay close to the Repair Pad. You can't expect
       much backup from the rest of the team, as they will have to keep defenses
       up on the front line, so you might get banged up by the occasional attack.
    3. While the Bradley should always be kept out of harm's way, as your team
       gains control of the village and starts holding the bridge, it is usually
       safe to move the Bradley up closer to hit the HINDs before they even cross
       the river. Try positioning the Bradley on the bank of the river to the West
       of the village. This will line you right up with the MEC Base, and give you
       a clean shot at the approaching helicopters. Unfortunately, the sun is right
       there, so you will have to pick out the HINDs as they come at you with the
       sun in your eyes.
    4. Send both Humvees into the village fully manned. One goes to Flag 5, and the
       other to Flag 4. Capturing these two points at the start of the match will
       make the battle a lot easier. By the time your men get their in the Humvees,
       the MEC forces will likely have already dropped in from the HINDs, so expect
       some fire when you make a run for the flags. You should outnumber the MEC
       forces on the two flags, as at least two soldiers would have jumped out of
       the choppers to capture Flags 2 and 3 already. Use this to your advantage.
    5. Unless you are far behind in the ticket count, don't bother attacking the
       bases on the South side of the river. You only need to capture the points on
       the North side of the river to imitate a ticket drain on the MEC, so once
       you have captured Flags 4, 5, and 6, mine the bridge and bring in the M1A2s
       close enough to fire on any vehicles or infantry approaching the South side
       of the bridge. Keep the Anti-Air Base manned and at the ready to stop any
       attacks from the air, and you will be assured victory.
    -  MEC                                                                 -
    1. The HINDs are the best advantage the MEC team has, so make use of them.
       Fully crew both HINDs, and fly them North towards the center of the village,
       and drop as many soldiers as possible on Flags 5 and 4.
    2. Never bail out of a HIND unless you are certain you will be destroyed. The
       HIND is a transport primarily, but just because you have dropped all of your
       passengers doesn't mean you can't take some shots at incoming M1A2s, or
       enemies on the balconies of Flags 4 and 5. Besides, crashing the HIND only
       means it is going to respawn back at the MEC Base, and give the US another
       chance to steal one.
    3. Keep low in the HINDs to avoid anti-air weapons from getting a lock. The
       Anti-Air Base at Flag 6 is behind a line of buildings, and can only get a
       shot at you if you are fairly high up.
    4. You simply cannot allow a stalemate at the river. If you don't get over the
       river and claim at least one base on the North side, a ticket drain will
       start, and you will eventually lose. Do anything possible to get across the
    5. Try dropping soldiers on the North side of the river from the HINDs. Even if
       the US team has the Anti-Air Base manned, you should still be able to get
       your men out of the chopper and on the ground before they get a lock on you.
    6. Swimming across the river, especially on the far East and West sides of the
       village, is also a good way to sneak in and attack them from the sides. Just
       make sure you are not being watched, as you will be a sitting duck if the
       enemy starts to fire on you while you are attempting to swim across.
    7. If you have captured Flag 4, you should immediately direct all fire to Flag
       5. The US team will try and recover Flag 4 by spawning at 5, so if you pound
       it hard enough with missiles and other heavy weapons, you can seriously
       undermine their efforts to recapture Flag 4.
    - 2.2  The Black Gold                                                          -
    Black Gold starts with the MEC held up on an off-shore oil rig, and the US at a
    small air base on the mainland. The US is completely separated from the MEC
    and the control points by a large body of water. Crossing this natural barrier
    and getting US forces on the rig is essential to make any progress. Once the US
    gets on the rig, they will need to start capturing control points, and hold off
    the MEC forces.
    The oil rig is divided into two platforms, OLIN and MAR, which are connected by
    a large elevated walkway. The US needs to secure at least OLIN, but to really
    drive this one home, they need to get on the other side and capture the rest of
    the control points from the MEC. The MEC will put up heavy defenses on MAR to
    make sure this doesn't happen, and that walkway is going to be the first line
    of their defensive strategy.
    However, even though the separation between the two platforms of the rig make
    it easier for the MEC to defend their side; the US has the advantage of 3
    helicopters at their disposal, to the MEC's single HIND. The choppers can be
    used to drop troops, as well as for offensive assaults. Proper use of the US's
    air superiority is going to be a deciding factor in this battle.
    - 2.2.1  Flag 1 - OLIN 1                                                       -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    This is the first control point on OLIN, located on the Northeast corner of the
    It is the closest to the US Base, so will generally be the first one the US
    team captures. OLIN can be accessed from the air, and also the water, as ramps
    below lead up to it.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    You can be stealthy and lead a small team up though the bottom of OLIN, and
    try to capture this point from the water, but it is much faster to just drop in
    on it from the air.
    The flag at OLIN 1 is surrounded by barrels and large shipping containers, so
    cover is not a problem here. Just stay low, throw some smoke grenades, and you
    should be protected for the most part. However, a good sniper on MAR can still
    nail you, don't get too comfortable.
    You should also check to see where the enemy helicopter is when attacking, as
    a helicopter attack means almost certain death.
    There is little the enemy can do to protect OLIN 1 beyond some scattered C4 and
    a skilled sniper, so keep your eyes open and stay low, and you should be
    -  Defending                                                           -
    OLIN 1 is tough to defend, so expect it to come under constant attack.
    Your best bet is to hide a few C4 charges on the flagpole, and around anything
    an attacker might hide behind for cover (the barrels, the two shipping
    containers, etc).
    Keep an eye out for any helicopters approaching, as they could either be on an
    attack run to weaken the defenses, or about to drop soldiers in to make an
    attempt at a capture. Neither is good for you, so get a sniper or engineer to
    take out any helicopters that get close.
    A few soldiers down prone with their weapons aimed at the two ramps up to the
    rooftop should be able to cover most attacks from the surface level, and a
    soldier waiting inside of the building the flag sits on can usually come up
    behind any attackers heading up to the roof undetected.
    - 2.2.2  Flag 2 - OLIN 2                                                       -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    The second control point on OLIN, located on the Southwest corner of the
    OLIN 2 has very good cover, and can serve as a sniper spot, though not an ideal
    one. The open shipping container provides a safe haven from rocket attacks and
    snipers, and is a great vantage point to cover the flag.
    However, the grate floor of OLIN 2 can be shot through, so don't stand still
    for long, as an enemy can shoot you from below without you ever seeing them.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The path up to the flag at OLIN 2 is a very dangerous one. There are plenty of
    places the enemy can ambush you, and you will be in near constant view for any
    snipers on MAR.
    If possible, attack OLIN 2 from the air, by dropping as many soldiers on it as
    possible. If you can't do that, then come in from below on a boat, which will
    at least make it harder for the defenders to see you coming.
    Once you get close to the flag, keep your eyes open. Enemies can be hiding in
    the shipping container, and they will have a perfect shot to take you out when
    you go for the flag. Face the opening of the container as you come at it, and
    if possible throw in a grenade or flash bang before you even get close enough
    for anyone inside to know you are there.
    Enemies can also be hiding on the side of the container, in the grouping of
    crates facing MAR. Be very careful.
    It would be a good idea to call in some air support right before you actually
    try to get on the flag, or at least throw some flash bangs in the area of the
    Also, due to how tight the area around the flag is, a C4 charge placed almost
    anywhere in the vicinity of the flag can take you out. Another good reason to
    send a few grenades into the area before you move in.
    Once you get on the flag, stay low, as snipers high up on MAR can easily see
    down onto the flag. Try to get some cover behind the crates or door of the
    shipping container, but at the same time, keep your attention on the East side
    of the flag, as enemies may rush at you once they realize what is going on.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The first thing you might want to do when setting up defenses for OLIN 2 is to
    have snipers on MAR keep their eye on the flag. You don't want one of your
    snipers just staring at the thing for the entire match, but the occasional
    glance over while he is going about his headshots would help out.
    Beyond that, keeping a soldier hiding in the shipping container is guaranteed
    to take out at least a few of the people who will attempt a capture during the
    map. For the rest, C4 charges around the flag and on crates in the area should
    stop them pretty quick.
    Keep in mind that the floor the flag sits on can be shot through, so if you are
    below the flag and see some attackers coming up, or sitting on the flag, open
    fire on their feet. Most of the time, you will have nearly killed him before he
    even figures out where the fire is coming from.
    - 2.2.3  Flag 3 - MAR 3                                                        -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Mi-24 HIND (MEC)
    MAR 3 is the first control point on MAR, located on it's Eastern side. Above
    this control point is the helipad with the HIND, so it is of high tactical
    importance to the MEC team.
    MAR 3 is also the closest control point to OLIN, and is the first one attackers
    will come to after crossing the walkway. As such, MAR 3 is likely to come under
    frequent attack after the US team has captured OLIN.
    There is very good cover all around MAR 3, plus it has the stairs to the top of
    the helipad right there, which overall makes MAR 3 the best spot for snipers on
    this map. Use this to your advantage if you are holding MAR 3, and fear it if
    you aren't.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The best way to approach MAR 3 is fast.
    Come across the walkway as fast as possible, then make a mad dash for the two
    ramps leading up to the flag at MAR 3. As you make your approach, throw in a
    grenade or flash bang.
    Expect to see a few enemy soldiers milling about when you get on the platform
    with the flag, so be ready to take them out.
    Since MAR 3 is under the helipad tower, you might have a few enemies on the
    catwalks above you, so take a quick glance up the tower before you get too
    comfortable in the area.
    Once you take out anyone who was in the area, dive prone and get on the
    Health Crate next to the flag. It is close enough that you can still get a
    capture while being healed at the same time. Throw a few smoke grenades, and
    the shear amount of objects around the flag should cover you nicely until you
    convert the flag.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    More often that not, attackers are going to approach MAR 3 from the ramps on
    the front of the flag platform. Placing C4 charges on these ramps, and waiting
    for the first wave can do some damage to their forces before they even get near
    the flag. Charges placed on the various crates and objects around the flag
    will also do wonders, as well as a charge placed by the Health Crate, to make
    any campers think twice.
    Use the catwalks above MAR 3 to your advantage as well. Most people don't think
    to look above them, and will just focus on the flag ahead, so a sniper or
    engineer placed above the flag (say, halfway up the helipad tower) can get a
    few kills on some very surprised attackers as they dive on the flag. You can
    also use the height advantage to drop down some flash bangs, to really confuse
    matters below.
    One important thing to remember though, if you are under attack at MAR 3, get
    the HIND out of there. You don't want to lose the flag and the helicopter, so
    get that thing in the air. In fact, it could do a bit of offensive firing on
    the attackers trying to capture the flag while you have it up and about.
    - 2.2.4  Flag 4 - MAR 4                                                        -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    This is the second control point on MAR, located on it's Southwestern side.
    MAR 4, as you might have guessed, is the next in the line of control points for
    attackers coming from OLIN. The building the flag sits on is similar to that of
    Flag 1, so most of the same tactics apply here.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Like Flag 1, MAR 4 is best attacked by air. Strafe it a bit on the approach,
    then drop out a few soldiers to go down and convert the flag. If the coast is
    clear enough, circle the helicopter around a bit, covering the ramps up to the
    roof with the machine gun, to slow down any defenders that might try to get up
    there and take out your teammates.
    Cover on top of MAR 4 is light, and snipers on top of the helipad at Flag 3 can
    easily see you nearly anywhere on the roof, so you are definitely going to want
    to get as low as possible, and throw all the smoke you have. Sending the
    chopper that just dropped you over to the helipad to clear it of any snipers
    would be a very good idea. If you can't get your air support up there, and a
    sniper is trying to take out your group, have everyone keep moving in the smoke
    cloud, and fire up at the helipad. Only a madman would sit still while multiple
    enemies are firing on him and he doesn't have a clear shot, so you might be
    able to force a retreat out of him.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    As with Flag 1, keep a close eye on the skies above. Soldiers dropping in from
    helicopters are a big threat to MAR 4.
    But, you certainly should not ignore the ground routes. There are two ramps to
    get up to the roof of MAR 4, both of which are located on the West side. Have
    your group cover these ramps, from above and below, and you will cut off all
    foot traffic. Place a few C4 charges on the ramps as well, in case some
    attackers manage to make it though the soldiers you have posted at the bottom
    of the ramps.
    If you are holding Flag 3, get some snipers and engineers up on the helipad or
    the catwalks around it to cover the flag itself, it anyone manages to get past
    the ramps, or are dropped in from a chopper.
    - 2.2.5  Flag 5 - MAR 5                                                        -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    You might have been able to guess, but if not, this is the third control point
    on MAR, located on the North side of the platform.
    MAR 5 is the only control point on the rig that has the flag on ground level.
    As you might expect, this puts MAR 5 at great risk to rush attacks. The flag
    does have some cover, however, as it sits between two large shipping
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    MAR 5 is one of the few control points where an approach from the water can
    work to your favor. Dropping your group in from the air also works very well
    due to the open nature of the control point, but however you chose to engage
    it, make sure get your helicopters to lay down some fire before hand, to take
    out any defenders that might have been hiding in the area.
    As the flag is surrounded by taller structures, keep your eyes open for any
    defenders on catwalks or roofs in the area. Not to say you should ignore the
    ground level, as soldiers can be hiding in the shipping container, and pop out
    just when you come up on the flag.
    The flag is very close to the Health and Ammo Crates, so as soon as you get
    close enough, dive right on top of these crates. Then, while facing the flag,
    bounce a few smoke grenades off the shipping container opposite of you. This
    will blanket the entire flag area with smoke, and keep your profile a bit more
    difficult to see for any defenders that might be watching at a distance.
    Just as you rushed in, beware of defenders rushing in, especially if they have
    Flag 4 or 3. As the flag is in a sort of corridor formed by the shipping
    containers, you only have the front and back to watch, so divide your group in
    half and have them cover opposite sides.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Unless close combat is your thing, you might want to keep some distance between
    the flag and yourself. Covering the flag from one of the higher structures
    around it will prove very effective, as you can fire down in between the two
    shipping containers, and leave them nowhere to hide.
    The tight confines of the area between the two containers also means that a C4
    charge or a rocket detonated on either container would take out, or at least
    badly damage, anyone on the flag. Bouncing a grenade off one wall also works
    C4 charges prove very effective on Mar 5, due to the nature of the attacks you
    will be facing. You know everyone is going to rush at the flag and dive between
    it and the Health/Ammo Crates, so putting charges in this area, and hiding out
    of sight a safe distance away can grind the attacker's morale to nothing pretty
    - 2.2.6  Flag 6 - US Base                                                      -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Two Helipads
    Two Stinger Turrets
    AH-6J Little Bird
    Two UH-60 Blackhawks
    Four Sea Ark Stingers
    The US Base is the largest on the map. It spawns the most vehicles, and has
    the best defenses. It also cannot be captured.
    It is only fair though, considering the advantage the MEC has by being out in
    the middle of the ocean.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    It can't be captured, but it is a rare match where the MEC doesn't try to
    attack the US Base.
    After all, the helicopters are the main method of transport to the oil rig, and
    if the MEC manage to take out one, or even both, of the transport choppers with
    the HIND, they will buy themselves considerable time to get across to OLIN and
    start converting the control points.
    To protect yourself, keep the Stinger Turrets manned while helicopters are
    leaving the US Base. Also, have the Little Bird escort the Blackhawks at all
    While it is a rather insane tactic, the enemy might make a stealth approach to
    the US Base by boat, in an effort to sabotage or steal the helicopters. This is
    not going to happen too often, but all the same, always keep a few soldiers on
    the ground whenever the helicopters are on the pads. They can cover their
    teammates and the helicopters as they are loaded up, and then they can jump in
    right before take off.
    - 2.2.7  Tips for Victory                                                      -
    With a good team, Black Gold is a tough, but enjoyable map. You will really
    want to have good helicopter crews for this map, on both sides. Control points
    tend to change hands rapidly in the heat of battle, so keep an eye on your
    surroundings, and the situation at hand.
    -  US                                                                  -
    1. Protect the helicopters at all costs, especially the Blackhawks. Losing a
       fully crewed Blackhawk not only costs you a lot of time, but it can really
       hinder the morale of the team.
    2. While the Blackhawks aren't defenseless, they should not have to face the
       HIND when in route to the rig. If the HIND is attacking the Blackhawks, the
       much faster and agile Little Bird should be sent in to take care of it, and
       the Blackhawk pilots should just focus on performing evasive maneuvers
       while still maintaining a heading towards the rig. A good Little Bird pilot
       can literally fly circles around the HIND, so make sure you have a good man
       in the pilot seat.
    3. Once you have captured OLIN, the battle will begin to cross over to MAR and
       start converting some flags. The MEC will fight you heavily to stop this,
       and it is not uncommon to see a stalemate on the walkway between the
       platforms. If this happens, trying to cross it on foot is almost certainly
       suicide. But if you really want to, throw in smoke grenades to obscure your
       group from the enemy, and stop once and awhile to take cover behind the
       boxes and objects scattered on the walkway. If you are nimble enough, you
       can get on top of the walkway by jumping of the platform at Flag 2. You will
       be a lot more visible this way, but you might just catch defenders on the
       walkway off guard, and buy yourself an opportunity to get the first shot.
    4. Attacks across the walkway on foot are dangerous, and they will expect an
       air attack. If you feel daring, drop down under OLIN and grab one of the
       boats and cross over to MAR below all the action. You can come up to the top
       of MAR from ramps located below it, and if you are sneaky enough, can get in
       right behind the enemy, who will generally be focused on the walkway.
    5. Never leave any helicopters behind at the US Base, they will likely get
       stolen and used against you. Even if the Blackhawks don't have anyone to
       transport, they can still be used for offensive attacks against the enemy.
    6. If you are flying around and see the HIND spawn on the helipad, either blow
       it up, or let one of the soldiers onboard jump out and grab it. Whatever you
       like, as long as they don't get it up and use it against you. While you are
       up there, feel free to use their helipad to repair your own craft.
    -  MEC                                                                 -
    1. The first thing you should do is get a two man crew in the HIND, and meet
       the approaching US aircraft over the water. Try to get as high as possible
       and shoot down at them. Target the Blackhawks first, even though the Little
       Bird is more likely to take you out. If you manage to splash one of the
       Blackhawks, you have just saved your team a lot of trouble, but going after
       the Little Bird is just going to waste time as the Blackhawks make their
       troop drops over OLIN.
    2. The US will almost always go in to capture OLIN first, and ignore MAR. You
       should send a considerable amount of your forces to OLIN to attempt to start
       converting flags before the US team arrives, and hold off any US effort to
       get on the rig. The longer you can keep them off the rig, the better, as the
       US will have their tickets drained until they get control points on it.
    3. While running over the walkway to get to OLIN, throw a few C4 charges on the
       ground and any objects you pass. They might come in handy soon.
    4. Don't get too discouraged if your team is pushed back onto MAR, and the US
       gets OLIN. This happens in almost every match, so it isn't really a big
       deal. What you don't want to do is start making desperate attempts at
       getting back on OLIN. For the time being, focus everything you have got on
       keeping MAR.
    5. While most of the team should be holding their ground on MAR, if you can
       spare a few soldiers, a stealth mission over to OLIN 1 in a boat can often
       catch the US team by surprise. Most of the US team will be spawning at
       OLIN 2, to try and get as close to MAR as possible, so you might just catch
       them with their pants down.
    6. Snipers are hugely effective when defending MAR against attacks from OLIN.
       Make good use of the high ground and cover afforded by the helipad and
       various catwalks surrounding the area.
    - 2.3  Bridge too Far                                                          -
    Bridge too Far puts the US against the Chinese in a battle to hold a port
    facility. This is a fairly small map, with only 3 control points available to
    capture. It is a true test of skill between the two teams, as both the assets
    available and the control points are in near perfect symmetry.
    The map consists of two main bases, connected by a long stretch of highway
    between them. At the center of this highway is one of the control points, with
    two other control points to the Southwest and Southeast of it.
    With the close arrangement of the control points, and the system of roads,
    Bridge too Far is well suited for tank combat, and is actually one of the more
    vehicle-centric maps in the game.
    While infantry is certainly not to be ignored, it will take proper use of your
    team's vehicles to really come though in Bridge too Far.
    - 2.3.1  Flag 1 - US Base                                                      -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Stinger Turret
    Repair Pad
    AH-64 Apache
    Two M1A2s
    Three Humvees
    The US Base is on the far West side of the map, almost directly opposite the
    Chinese Base on the East.
    There are multiple routes out of the base, including a rail bridge, a broken
    bridge which can be jumped, and the main highway.
    While the US Base cannot be captured, the amount of vehicles that spawn there,
    and it's close proximity to other control points mean it will almost certainly
    be attacked during the match, likely multiple times.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    You will want to mine all of the roads into the base, but this can be tricky,
    as the last thing you want to do is trap your own forces inside the base with
    misplaced mines. Make sure to put any mines in the probable path of any
    incoming vehicles, but placed so that a driver that knows they are there can
    steer around them.
    This is not really a problem on the rail bridge or the highway, but can be
    tough on the broken bridge, since anyone attempting to jump that bridge will
    have to get going pretty fast coming out of the base, likely too fast to see
    the mine markers in time. It is probably best to only lightly mine the broken
    bridge, if at all.
    Helicopter attacks against the base are a way of life on Bridge too Far, so
    make sure you make a run for that Stinger if you hear an incoming helicopter.
    You should have the Stinger manned regardless when your team is first
    mobilizing, but it is probably overkill to keep a man on the Stinger for much
    longer than that if there is no apparent threat.
    Rarely does a Bridge too Far battle end without the enemy stealing a M1A2 or two
    and using it against spawning US forces. They also have an aggravating habit of
    then parking the stolen tank on the helipad or Repair Pad, and thus rendering
    themselves near invincible. If this happens, get to cover, and have a sniper
    target it. Nothing else is going to do much good.
    - 2.3.2  Flag 2 - Western Dock                                                 -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Grenade Launcher
    Repair Pad
    This is the closest control point to the US Base, and the US team will have
    this captured in only a minute or two at the start of the match.
    The Repair Pad, Health/Ammo Crates, and distance from the US Base make the
    Western Dock a very nice control point for the US team, and they will have a
    tendency to fight harder to keep it during the battle than they will for other
    control points on the map.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The East side of the flag is almost certainly going to be heavily mined, so
    don't go in there with a vehicle unless you can destroy the mines on your
    approach. You should approach the flag from the South side of the shipping
    container that is in front of it, as the mounted Grenade Launcher can't hit you
    You can also try to get in from the South entrance of the garage next to the
    flag. This will get you a nice shot right at the flag for a rush attack, and is
    usually not well defended. The enemy won't place mines at both doors to the
    garage, as it would keep them from using the Humvee that spawns there or the
    Repair Pad.
    If you are attacking from the US Base, jumping over the bridge in a vehicle
    will get you killed 9 times out of 10, as the first thing the Chinese will do
    when they capture it is cover the opposite side of the bridge with mines.
    You are much better off taking the rail bridge, which is usually not mined, or
    at least, not mined as heavily as the broken bridge. It's tight, but you can
    get an M1A2 or Humvee over the rail bridge, and sneak right up behind them.
    After you get over the rail bridge, taking a left and heading towards the
    broken bridge is going to be expected, and this area is likely going to be
    mined in preparation of such an attempt. Instead, take a right after coming off
    the rail bridge, carefully maneuver your vehicle around the shipping containers
    and you will be able to come up on the South side of the garage, ready to take
    advantage of that generally poorly defended entrance.
    Keep in mind though, that getting the M1A2 though the garage opening and into
    the flag area can be tough, and if you don't come at the garage door at the
    right angle, you can get stuck. This is a very embarrassing and vulnerable way
    for the enemy to discover your presence, and one in which I have unfortunately
    found myself a few times.
    If you came in a Humvee, that is much easier to get though the garage and onto
    the flag, but beware of a Humvee spawned and sitting in the garage. Running
    into the back of this vehicle at full speed as you come into the garage isn't
    going to help anyone.
    It is better to just fire the M1A2's cannon though the garage at the flag,
    while some infantry go ahead for the capture.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The Western Docks are best defended by mines surrounding the area, and the flag
    It is very easy to block all vehicle access from the East with only a few mines
    placed on either side of the shipping container. Similarly, if you are
    defending against a US attack, mining the broken bridge will almost guarantee
    you plenty of vehicle kills.
    If you dare to get that close to the US Base, drop a few mines in the center of
    the rail bridge. The color and surface of the bridge makes it near impossible
    for the enemy to see these mines in time.
    Placing mines at these points will completely cut off the Western Dock from
    vehicles, leaving only infantry and helicopter attacks a risk.
    There isn't much you can do about helicopter attacks beyond hope your snipers
    or friendly helicopter protect you.
    But infantry attacks can be slowed with the mounted Grenade Launcher on the
    North side of the shipping container. However, it can only reach the Northeast
    quadrant outside of the flag, so you will need to have a few soldiers by the
    flag to protect against anyone else coming in.
    Ideally you should have some C4 on the doors to the garage to block any
    infantry or light vehicles from trying to get though, but if not, at least keep
    an eye on the area.
    Placing some mines in the area around the South door that are far enough away
    from the opening to allow you to get the Humvee out, but close enough to be in
    the path of a vehicle approaching from the rail bridge can help, but mines are
    highly visible in the sand surrounding the Western Dock, and can't always be
    trusted, especially if the attacker is making a slow approach in the first
    - 2.3.3  Flag 3 - Overpass                                                     -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Two Machine Gun Emplacements
    The Overpass is just what it sounds like, the overpass of the highway that
    connects the US and Chinese Bases. The flag here is in the exact center of the
    map, and both teams are going to rush at it full speed with their tanks and
    light vehicles. You don't want to hang out at the Overpass too long without a
    vehicle, or good defenses.
    There are two Machine Gun Emplacements, one facing each base, so no matter
    which team holds it, they can have a mounted machine gun facing right at their
    attackers. Another example of the almost perfect symmetry of this map.
    While not technically part of this control point, the Command Computer is
    located just North of the Overpass, within easy reach of any infantry spawning
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The first threat when attacking the Overpass from the surface is the Machine
    Gun Emplacements. A good gunner can take out a light vehicle before it even
    gets close to the flag, so you will want to either come at the flag in an
    armored vehicle, or take evasive action while approaching in a light vehicle.
    Rather than coming straight at the flag from the highway, it is a lot safer
    to come up one of the four onramps that surround the flag. The two South ramps
    face both Flags 2 and 4, so if you have already captured one of those, take the
    vehicle that spawns at either of those control points and come up the ramps 
    fast. This will not give the gunner in the emplacement a chance to fire at you
    for long, and should allow you to rush in.
    Of course, rushing in is likely just going to get you killed, since mines are
    very effective on the Overpass, and will be used heavily. In fact, you may get
    killed by a mine on the ramp before you even get up to the flag. A smart enemy
    will deploy mines on the road even at a considerable distance from the flag, as
    the majority of the vehicle traffic is going to go over the same predictable
    Rockets, grenades, tank fire, and helicopter fire are all effective to clear
    mines away from the area surrounding the Overpass, and you should blanket the
    area with as much of it as possible to make sure you have neutralized all the
    mines before you head in there with a vehicle.
    Snipers are a very big threat on Bridge too Far, so trying to take the flag on
    foot is probably not going to end well. If you have cleared all the mines, get
    on the flag in a vehicle, ideally a tank, and just wait it out. Watch out for
    the noise of a laser designator, and if you hear it, bail out and run for
    cover. Getting behind the overturned truck should protect you from the missile
    Finally, one of the best ways to capture the Overpass, if perhaps the most
    risky, is by air. Sure, you could drop some soldiers on the flag, and let them
    run around it getting hammered by sniper fire. But if you have a good pilot, it
    is much better to take the helicopter in low next to the flag, and hover as
    close as possible to it. If he has a steady hand, he can capture the flag
    without anyone having to step foot on ground.
    If you attempt to capture it from a helicopter, you are going to want to make
    sure the enemy helicopter is not around (perhaps attempt the capture after you
    have downed him), as getting attacked from above as you hover over the flag
    will almost certainly be the end of your piloting career. You will also want
    to keep an eye out for tanks, as hovering right over the road puts you within
    the elevation range of the main cannon. It will only take one well placed
    cannon shell to take you out, so try to avoid that.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The long straight roads, combined with the Machine Gun Emplacements and tall
    buildings surrounding it give the defender plenty of options on how he wants to
    protect this flag.
    Mines scattered in the road and on the onramps will take care of a good deal of
    the incoming attacks, and keeping the machine guns manned will help with the
    infantry and light vehicles.
    Snipers and engineers on the roofs of surrounding buildings can also take out
    incoming helicopters and tanks.
    There isn't a whole lot to defending the Overpass, the only difficulty comes
    from keeping all these defenses maintained and properly used when under fire
    from multiple tanks and perhaps even a helicopter or two.
    - 2.3.4  Flag 4 - Eastern Container Area                                       -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Repair Pad
    Two Machine Gun Emplacements
    Humvee (US)
    FAV (Chinese)
    This is the counterpart to Flag 2, and is located directly opposite from it, on
    the East side of the map.
    As with Flag 2, this control point is located very close to the main base, so
    the Chinese will likely have this captured quickly.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    This flag here can be captured from a helicopter like at Flag 3, but given the
    amount of buildings and structures that surround it, you are much more likely
    to get your rotor stuck on something and blow yourself up.
    It would be better to come at the flag using a tank or light vehicle, making
    sure to avoid any land mines setup on the West side of the control point. You
    will be coming head-on into the Machine Gun Emplacements, but in practice, they
    are rarely manned.
    The L shaped garage next to of the flag has two openings, one facing West, the
    other facing North. The North opening is generally mined, but the West opening
    holds the Repair Pad, and like at Flag 2, the enemy is going to be leery about
    setting up too many mines in this area. For the most part, they will only place
    one or two mines on the West side of this opening, and leave the East side open
    so they can pull in their vehicle for repairs. It should be easy enough to
    disable the defenses on the Eastern opening, and rush in though it.
    Snipers on the buildings surrounding the area can pose a problem, but there
    isn't really anything you can do about that considering how high they will be.
    Most of the time you won't even be able to see them.
    Once you get close to the flag, you have two options for holding it. If you are
    in a vehicle, especially a tank, you are probably better off parking it close
    to the flag and keeping your eyes open for approaching defenders. You should
    have a gunner for this, to keep infantry back. A good sniper can hit the driver
    of a light vehicle, so try to keep the vehicle moving slightly, to make
    a harder target. You might also want to throw some smoke around the vehicle to
    obscure the windows. If you are in a tank, then the only thing you need to
    worry about is a laser designator.
    If you came in on foot, dive behind the sandbags to the West of the flag. This
    will cover you from light arms fire, and it will keep you out of sight from
    passing vehicles, which might confuse your pursuers long enough to let you
    capture the flag. Snipers from above are still a threat, but you can only hope
    for the best and throw some smoke around you.
    No matter how you approach or attempt to capture the flag, the helicopter is
    always a possible threat. If you have an engineer in your group, have him take
    a few shots at the helicopter if it attempts an attack. If you are in a
    vehicle, make use of the mounted machine gun on it and open fire. While it
    doesn't do massive damage to a helicopter, the rate at which it hits the craft
    is likely to make the pilot nervous, and either make a mistake, or give up the
    attack all together.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    There are multiple paths into the flag at the Eastern Container Area, so
    defending it is a bit harder than at the other control points.
    Effectively planting mines is going to prove very important when trying to hold
    back the enemy. As Bridge too Far is a primarily vehicle-based map, infantry
    attacks are not nearly as common as vehicle attacks. You will see a lot of
    rushes with light vehicles, and the occasional tank will saunter up.
    The rule here is put down as many mines as possible in all of the openings to
    the flag area. There is only one vehicle that spawns at this control point, so
    you don't have to worry about blocking in your teammates like you would at the
    main base.
    In fact, even if you mine every ground path into the Container Area, you can
    still get the spawned vehicle out. If you are daring enough, get up some speed
    and take the vehicle up the ramp that leads to the rooftop of the building to
    the West of the flag. If you get it going at just the right speed, your vehicle
    will crest over the wall at the end of the ramp, and come down on the dock
    behind the building. Too slow, and you will hit the wall, too fast, and you
    will go swimming.
    If you can pull it off, the enemy will never expect it coming, and you can get
    out of the base and come in right around behind the attackers before they even
    know what hit them.
    When not doing your best "Dukes of Hazard" imitation over this building, you
    will find it has a nice vantage point of the flag below, and will allow you to
    fire down on attackers, even if they have gone prone behind the sand bags of
    the Machine Gun Emplacement.
    You could also place a few C4 charges behind the sand bags, and wait for an
    attacker to hide behind them. By the time they hear the beeping, they will
    already be nose to nose with the detonator.
    Essentially, watch the area behind the Machine Gun Emplacement very closely, as
    it is a very common, and very effective, hiding spot for the enemy when trying
    to capture the flag.
    Speaking of that, you might want to man the Machine Gun Emplacement, but again,
    pure infantry attacks are not too common here. Though you could use it against
    incoming light vehicles if you aren't completely confident in your mines.
    - 2.3.5  Flag 5 - Chinese Base                                                 -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Stinger Turret
    Repair Pad
    Two FAVs
    Two Type 98s
    This is the Chinese counterpart of the US Base to the East.
    The Chinese Base is nearly identical strategically to the US Base. They both
    have the same assets, comparable vehicles, and are both within a river jump of
    a neutral control point at the start of the match. The only real difference is
    that the US Base has 3 ground routes out, while the Chinese Base only has 2.
    Like the US Base, vehicles can leave the Chinese Base via the main highway, and
    a broken bridge. But there is no counterpart to the rail bridge at the US Base.
    However, it is possible for infantry to cross the river via catwalks on
    buildings to the South of the base. These connect up to buildings behind Flag 4
    and make for a stealthy approach. Be careful though, as this catwalk is one of
    the view structures in Modern Combat that can actually be destroyed with
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    While the deficit of ground routes over the river is a disadvantage when trying
    to get out of the Chinese Base, it does have it's advantages when trying to
    defend it.
    As the catwalks can only be crossed via infantry, and only light vehicles can
    jump the broken bridge, this leaves the main highway as the only means to bring
    tanks into the Chinese Base. The way the Chinese Base is laid out, you could
    start firing on an enemy tank almost as soon as they cross the bridge, while it
    is still fairly far away.
    To protect against light vehicles, mine the broken bridge, but keep in mind
    this will limit your ability to quickly move the FAVs across the river if you
    need to.
    Even so, it is very common for the enemy to jump the broken bridge in a Humvee,
    turn right and run along the docks for a bit, then come out behind the helipad.
    From there, they may attempt to steal or sabotage some vehicles, or just get
    cheap spawn kills.
    So you should not only mine the bridge itself, but plant a few around the docks
    to the South, and in the area behind the helipad and tank spawns.
    Occasionally there might be a helicopter attack, so have soldiers ahead give a
    warning when a chopper is seen heading West towards the base. Then get a man
    on the Stinger, and be ready for him. Snipers on top of the buildings and the
    large oil tanks Northeast of Flag 3 should also be able to target any incoming
    aircraft well before it gets within firing range of the base.
    Finally, if you are really paranoid, you can set C4 charges on the catwalk to
    the South of the base, and blow it up if you think the enemy might try to sneak
    over it.
    - 2.3.6  Tips for Victory                                                      -
    Since both teams have nearly identical assets available, there aren't really
    team-specific tips for this map. Instead, here is some general advice that will
    help either team.
    1. Good snipers are very effective on Bridge too Far because of the large open
       area and variety of high perches to fire from. Good sniper positions include
       the large oil tanks to the North, the tall buildings on the East and West
       sides of the main island, and the large crane to the South. You can get on
       top of the oil tanks on foot, but to get to the higher positions like the
       buildings or cranes, you will need to get dropped there by helicopter.
    2. If you are a sniper that wants to get on a high perch like the crane or
       tall buildings, ask your teammates to drop you there. Don't take the chopper
       yourself and just bail out over your destination. This is a pointless waste
       of a helicopter, and really pisses off the rest of the team. That chopper
       could do a lot more damage than a single sniper, if it was used properly.
    3. The broken bridges are a great way to quickly get over the rivers, but are
       also easily mined to destroy anything that crosses. Every time you approach
       to make a jump, keep in mind that the other side might be a death trap.
       Before you make the jump, consider what is on the other side. Is the control
       point beyond it currently, or was it recently, held by the enemy? If so, you
       might want to rethink your approach.
    4. Because of the lack of overhead cover in most areas of this map, artillery
       strikes are highly effective. Make sure you get to the Command Computer
       before the enemy does, as you don't want to be on the receiving end of a
       strike. The team that holds the Overpass will have the upper-hand when it
       comes to getting to the Command Computer, so consider that when deciding
       which control points to go after.
    - 2.4  Cold Front                                                              -
    Cold Front has the Chinese fighting to take over a large European Union
    installation in a cold, mountainous area. The Chinese are severely outnumbered
    in terms of control points, so they need to fight as hard as possible to
    convert some points as soon as possible.
    The EU team has the advantage in terms of defensive capability in the match.
    Most of the control points on Cold Front are on high ground, and are surrounded
    by various natural or man-made obstacles, making the approach very dangerous
    for approaching enemy vehicles.
    Not only that, but the only road out of the Chinese Base passes right under a
    heavily fortified enemy installation, complete with mounted weapons that have
    a clear shot at the entire area.
    However, the Chinese have the only helicopter in the map, which can deliver
    their forces deep into the map faster than the EU can get there in their
    ground vehicles. By targeting the weakest defended control point with the
    helicopter, the Chinese can establish a presence within enemy territory, and
    spread out from there.
    - 2.4.1  Flag 1 - Chinese Base                                                 -
    Initial Control:
    Ammo Crate
    Repair Pad
    Two Type 98s
    The Chinese don't have a whole lot to work with in this match. Granted they get
    the only helicopter in the entire map, but that is pretty much the only thing
    they have going for them. The two Type 98s are powerful, but not exactly ideal
    for the mountainous terrain they need to be able to navigate.
    The road out of the Chinese Base is a real gauntlet run, with most of the EU
    forces targeting it at the start of the match. There is a frozen river which
    you can take instead of the main road, which leads North, deep into the middle
    of the EU's territory. This is a nice, but very obvious, path out of the base;
    so watch out for any traps the enemy might setup on it.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The only tangible advantage that the Chinese team has is their WZ-9 helicopter,
    and the enemy knows this. That is why it is critically important to protect the
    WZ-9 from enemy sabotage.
    A rush attack to steal, or at least damage, the WZ-9 is the most likely attack
    on this base, so be prepared for it. Try to throw down some smoke when you and
    your teammates are boarding the chopper, to make it harder for any snipers
    hiding in the forest to take you out.
    Placing a few mines at the entrance to the base is a good idea to keep out any
    vehicles that might take a direct route in to get a quick shot at the chopper,
    but such an attack is not likely to happen until later on in the match.
    Your best defense is a good offense, so make keep a close eye on the tree line
    around the base, to be sure no infantry is trying to sneak in.
    Perhaps the best thing to do though, is to simply get the chopper loaded and in
    the air as fast as possible. Don't leave the WZ-9 sitting there, get it out of
    the base as soon as it spawns, to make it less of a target for ground forces.
    - 2.4.2  Flag 2 - Bunker Nest                                                  -
    Initial Control:
    Five Health Crates
    Five Ammo Crates
    Five Machine Guns
    Two Grenade Launchers
    Stinger Turret
    M6 Bradley (EU)
    BMD-3 (Chinese)
    They don't get much heavier defended than the Bunker Nest. Between it's natural
    high-ground and rough surrounding terrain, to the massive amount of mounted
    weapons surrounding it, there is no easy ground route in.
    The various bunkers in the area also give good cover when attempting to attack
    with a helicopter or artillery strike.
    Overall, the Bunker Nest lives up to it's name, and is one of the most
    difficult to attack control points you will ever encounter.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    There are few good ways to actually attack and capture the Bunker Nest. In fact
    it could be argued that you are better off just letting the enemy have it, and
    capture all the other points to make up for it.
    But let's assume that you are a glutton for punishment, and want to attempt an
    attack on the Bunker Nest. What would be the best method?
    Well, given the sheer amount of mounted weapons the Bunker Nest has, and the
    rough terrain that surrounds it, it is more likely that all of the enemies will
    simultaneously decide to pop off for a snack than you making a successful
    direct attack with infantry or light vehicles. A tank would provide more cover
    if you were attempting a ground assault, but considering how slow the progress
    will be navigating the approach with a tank, the chances are good you will get
    picked off by a rocket or laser guided missile before you even get close.
    Another problem with ground vehicle attacks is that the flag itself is located
    in such an area that it isn't possible to pull up along side it with a vehicle
    to capture it. Well, you can get the vehicle there, but you aren't going to be
    getting it back out, much less move it, so it isn't a terribly wise attempt.
    So attacking with a ground vehicle is all but suicide, what else is there?
    Well, statistically speaking, given the ratio of ground to air weapons, a
    helicopter attack is the safest vehicle assault you can make. "Safe" might not
    be the best term, but you have a better chance of actually doing something
    constructive when going in with a helicopter than a light vehicle.
    Let us assume that the defenders have manned both the Stinger turret and the
    Bradley. Destruction of your helicopter is almost assured in this situation,
    but likely not before you can drop off your passengers and bail out yourself.
    Rockets from the ground are the more pertinent threat, so try to keep moving.
    Drop everyone right on top the flag, and hold onto it for dear life.
    Finally, there are breaks in the tree line surrounding the Bunker Nest to the
    North and East. Trying to get vehicles though these breaks would be a waste of
    time, but if you can get enough infantry to rush though at once, you have a
    good shot at catching the defenders off guard, and making an attempt at the
    You may have a shot at causing a distraction at one side of the Bunker Nest,
    and then attacking from another side. For instance, making a vehicle attack
    from the South will draw most of the defenders to that side, and might just
    give you an opening to come in from the North with infantry and/or the WZ-9.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Defending the Bunker Nest is about the easiest task you can have to take on in
    this match.
    First and foremost, keep all of the mounted weapons (or at least the ones
    facing the enemy installations) manned, including the Stinger Turret. Also man
    the Bradley/BMD and keep it within the base.
    If you see any light vehicles or infantry coming up from the Chinese Base or
    surrounding area, open fire and take them out before they even get in range of
    attacking you.
    A rush attack with the helicopter is one of the most dangerous situations that
    you may face at the Bunker Nest, so keep a sharp eye out for the WZ-9. Taking
    it out with the Stinger Turret is likely going to take longer than it will for
    the pilot to drop his passengers on the flag. Have snipers outside the base try
    to take it out with their laser designators before it even gets close.
    When it does get to the base, it is likely going to be coming in low, so you
    might have a good chance of nailing it with a rocket launcher if you have a
    good aim. If you can knock it out with the first shot from the rocket launcher,
    you might be able foil their attempt at getting infantry on the flag.
    Be prepared for any infantry assaults coming from the hill to the North, or the
    road to the East. Speaking of the road to the East, place a few mines on it, 
    just in case any of the enemy is suicidal enough to take a vehicle up it.
    Most importantly, keep the based defended evenly. Place soldiers on all sides,
    even if there is no apparent threat at the moment. A surprise attack can pop up
    at any time, and if you aren't prepared for it, the enemy can roll right over
    your defenses.
    - 2.4.3  Flag 3 - Vault 13                                                     -
    Initial Control:
    Four Health Crates
    Four Ammo Crates
    Six Mounted Machine Guns
    M6 Bradley (EU)
    BMD-3 (Chinese)
    While Vault 13 has a decent amount of bunkers and mounted weapons, it has a
    large road that goes right past the flag, running North to South. This makes
    Vault 13 very open to vehicle attacks.
    Vault 13 also lacks a Stinger Turret, which means the Bradley has to stay
    behind as air defense. Though this isn't such a bad thing, as the view from
    Vault 13 covers most of the map, and the Bradley should be able to lock on to
    the enemy helicopter at a considerable distance pretty easily.
    This control point is important due to the fact that the Command Computer is
    held within the main bunker of the compound. The team holding this control
    point has essentially exclusive access to the artillery strike.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    None of the mounted guns at Vault 13 can really get a good shot at vehicles or
    infantry coming up the North-South road. This opens up Vault 13 to convoy style
    vehicle attacks.
    Obviously, you are going to want to watch out for mines, as they are generally
    pretty heavy on this road. The enemy knows full well how vulnerable they are
    if this road is left open.
    You may find taking the Northern end of the road safer, as it is in a more
    secluded area than the Southern side, which is in clear view of Flag 2. Though
    the biggest threat comes from the small outpost just outside of the South end
    of the road. This contains a Repair Pad, as well as Ammo and Health Crates. A
    small team of soldiers, along with a tank, positioned here can completely block
    off the South end of the road.
    Helicopter attacks on Vault 13 are effective, as long as the enemy didn't keep
    the Bradley there. If the Bradley is stationed at Vault 13, then it's missiles
    will have locked onto you long before you get close enough to drop any of your
    crew. Or if not the missiles, then the 25mm cannon certainly will have you.
    It is also possible to sneak a team of soldiers up the East side of the area.
    Infantry coming up this hill can rush in and grab the vehicles that spawn right
    on the edge of the hill, and then proceed to use them against the defenders,
    while moving them forward to convert the flag. Not exactly sporting, but gets
    the job done.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Mines, Mines, Mines.
    That is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind when
    defending Vault 13. The North-South road is a massive liability, and it needs
    to be completely blocked off from the enemy.
    Position a tank and a small group of solders at the outpost to the South of
    Vault 13, to stop any enemies from coming up the South side of the road. Then
    focus your attention on the North side, to keep an eye out for approaching
    Keep the Bradley here at Vault 13, both to defend it against air attacks, and
    to cover the air over Flag 2.
    Infantry attacks are common, so keep soldiers in the lookout bunkers, and have
    them man the mounted Machine Guns in them. They should be able to spot any
    advancing infantry, and with any luck, take them out with Machine Gun fire
    before they get close enough to do any damage.
    - 2.4.4  Flag 4 - Ruins                                                        -
    Initial Control:
    Four Health Crates
    Three Ammo Crates
    Two Mounted Machine Guns
    Stinger Turret
    Repair Pad
    M6 Bradley (EU)
    Leopard 2 A5 (EU)
    FAV (Chinese)
    The Ruins are the remains of a bombed out town situated in the middle between
    Flags 3 and 5. All of the destroyed buildings can be entered and used as cover,
    and some even hold mounted Machine Guns
    Infantry assaults are a big threat here, due to all the blown out buildings
    that can be used for cover or hiding. The Ruins are well defended against air
    attacks thanks to the Stinger Turret, and yet another M6 Bradley.
    There is a road going though the Ruins, running East to West, which will need
    to be mined to hold out the enemy. The frozen river leading up from the Chinese
    Base also runs though the Ruins, going North to South. This should be mined as
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    If approaching in a ground vehicle, you can either get to the Ruins via the
    frozen river, or the East-West road that runs through the town. The road will
    almost certainly be mined, but you might just get lucky and have a clear path
    on the frozen river. At the very least, mines show up better on the ice than
    they do on the road, so even if they do mine it, you have a better chance of
    avoiding the mines or bailing out before the vehicle hits them.
    Once inside the town, it is usually a good idea to ditch the vehicle, and go in
    on foot. Using the buildings to hide in, and give you cover if you encounter
    the enemy. You can come up right behind the flag from an alleyway to the
    Southwest of it.
    The Ruins are going to be host to plenty of close combat battles, so you might
    want to go in as an engineer, and use the shotgun to make short work of any
    enemies you catch with their guard down.
    Once you get on the flag, you will want to watch out, as there is a building
    directly across the street from it which has a mounted Machine Gun on it's
    second floor. This gun may be manned as part of their defenses, and if it isn't
    when you first get there, it's likely a defender is going to jump on it when
    they figure out what is going on.
    Throw some smoke to cover you and your teammates, and go for cover behind the
    vehicles that spawn next to the flag. Just watch out that they don't blow up
    the vehicle, and take you along with it.
    While avoiding fire from the buildings around you, keep a sharp eye on the
    bridge high overhead on the East side of the flag. Snipers can position
    themselves up there and get a clean shot at almost any area in the map, the top
    of your head included.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The first thing you will want to do is mine the East-West road, and the frozen
    river. This will keep out most of the vehicles.
    After you have done that, you will want to put soldiers on the mounted Machine
    Guns, and the Stinger Turret. This will defend against both infantry attacks
    on the flag, and a helicopter troop drop.
    Protecting the center of the town is good, but you probably will want to extend
    a perimeter around the town as well. Get a few soldiers on the outskirts of
    town, possibly in a light vehicle, and throw a few mines in the trees
    surrounding the town itself.
    The buildings give the enemy plenty of places to hide away as they make their
    approach, and often you will find the flag is being converted before you even
    realize the enemy is there.
    It would be a good idea to always keep at least 2 soldiers on the flag, so that
    the enemy can't sneak up on it. You should also place some C4 on the base of
    the flag and surrounding area, so you will have an insurance policy if the
    enemy does manage to get though and take up positions on the flag.
    - 2.4.5  Flag 5 - EU Base                                                      -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Repair Pad
    Eagle MTV
    Two Leopard 2 A5s
    Considering the heavy defenses at the other control points, it is pretty ironic
    how little the EU Base really has. There are no mounted weapons, and no
    anti-aircraft defenses. The only thing this Base has going for it are the two
    tanks, and the Repair Pad.
    The tanks are of limited use on this map. Granted the close proximity of the EU
    Base to Flag 4 means you can roll the tanks right in to attempt to take back
    the control point if the Chinese grab it; but other than that, the wild
    terrain and the prolific mines make the tanks more of a liability the farther
    they stray from the Base.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The threat of attack on the EU Base is pretty low. The only time you might see
    a serious attack here is if the enemy has captured every other control point,
    and pushed your team all the way back to your main base. If this has happened,
    you might as well just go get a sandwich, since there is nothing I can tell you
    to recover from that situation. Unless of course, the opposing team also
    decided this was a good time to get a sandwich, in which case you might have a
    At any rate, if you were to be attacked here, the helicopter is the most likely
    way the enemy would approach. The EU Base has no established anti-aircraft
    defenses by itself, so you might want to bring one of the Bradley's over and
    park it in the center of the base. With the clear line of sight in the front of
    the base, you would be able to target the helicopter pretty far out, and
    perhaps even take it down before it gets close enough to do anything about it.
    Placing mines on the road leading out of the base is probably not going to do
    a whole lot other than give your teammates a hard time when they try to get the
    tanks out of there. Still, there is always the chance that the enemy might try
    a rush attack in light vehicle, and come right up the road into the base. In
    which case, a mine or two might prevent that.
    On the other hand, if the enemy is thinking, they would drive the vehicle right
    up the hills on either side of the road, and avoid any possible mines you have
    setup on the road. Teach them what they get for thinking, and place mines on
    the hills as well.
    If the enemy does make it in, either via the helicopter, sneaking up on foot,
    or rushing in with a vehicle, they are almost certainly going to try and steal
    the tanks. The best way to prevent this is to simply not leave the tanks laying
    around, and always have them out and in use.
    - 2.4.6  Tips for Victory                                                      -
    Cold Front can be a tough one for the Chinese, so it is important to use every
    possible advantage.
    At the same time, while the EU team is sitting pretty at the start of the
    battle, a good Chinese team can quickly roll over their defenses if they don't
    watch what they are doing.
    -  EU                                                                  -
    1. Air defense is important at essentially every control point on the map. To
       address this, you are given a number of Bradley's. Make good use of them,
       place them at vantage points where they can cover at least one control point
       (in some places, you can cover two control points at the same time), and
       keep them hidden from enemy fire. Don't wait for the helicopter to attack
       either. As soon as you see it, wherever it is, try and take it down.
    2. While the EU team doesn't get a helicopter, they certainly get enough
       weapons to use against it. You have enough Bradley's (assuming you have the
       control points where they spawn) to cover the entire map evenly. Make sure
       to space out the Bradley's so there is no "safe" area where the enemy can
       fly to when being targeted.
    3. Obviously, when the match starts, you will be drawing tickets from the
       Chinese team. All you really have to do to win on Cold Front is just to hold
       the majority of the control points. There is no reason to do anything other
       than defense unless you are trying to recapture a control point. Even then,
       some control points just aren't worth fighting too hard for.
    4. Don't spawn kill the Chinese team at their base. Just because the EU team
       starts with all the control points, doesn't mean you have to pound the enemy
       so hard they can't make it out of their own base. It is just plain unfair.
       The EU team already has enough of an advantage without bringing cheap
       tactics into it.
    -  China                                                               -
    1. The helicopter is the most important asset the Chinese have, so make use of
       it. Specifically, use it to drop soldiers on the enemies control points, and
       take the occasional shot at some enemy emplacements. Don't waste too much
       time firing on the enemy though, the more important thing is to keep
       dropping troops where they are needed.
    2. The EU team has plenty of anti-aircraft weaponry, and your helicopter is the
       only target there is on the map. To avoid it, stay as low as possible, and
       always keep moving. Do your best to keep the helicopter in one piece for as
       long as possible.
    3. The only way to get snipers on top of bridge next to Flag 4 is by dropping
       them from the helicopter. Get a sniper or two up here at early on in the
       match, and they can do a lot of damage. They have a clear shot at nearly the
       entire map, which will prove useful in both defense and offense.
    4. Make sure to take out the Bradley's when you see them. Snipers can both spot
       them and their crews at a distance, and then lock onto them with a laser
       guided missile.
    5. The frozen river running though the middle of the map is an excellent way to
       get troops and vehicles around, without having to face the brunt of the
       enemies weapons. Since the road out of the Chinese Base goes right under the
       mounted weapons at Flag 2, jumping onto the frozen river as soon as you get
       out of the Base can save you from getting pummelled before you can even get
       a shot at the enemy.
    6. Above all else, you need to start converting control points to stop the
       ticket drain as soon as possible. Your best chance is to load up the chopper
       and fly to the control point that looks to be the worst defended. Get it,
       and hold it. After that, you can work on capturing the next one.
    - 2.5  Dammage                                                                 -
    Dammage puts China and the United States against each other in a battle to
    conquer this flooded city. This is a "Double Assault" map, which means that
    every single control point can be captured. If you don't keep up the defense,
    the enemy can push you right out of the battlefield.
    The map is divided laterally by a large river, completely separating the North
    and South portions, save for a single bridge to the West. There are a number of
    small boats however, which can move infantry across the divide a bit more
    covertly than driving over the bridge.
    All of the control points are on the same road, which forms a large semicircle.
    This, combined with the lack of any helicopters, makes enemy movement patterns
    very predictable. Accordingly, mines and ambushes are almost assured in many
    areas of the map.
    Aside from the main road, most of the level is flooded. In the streets there is
    only a foot or so water, which means you can still drive a vehicle through most
    of it. It also means that the small boats scattered around can take to the
    flooded roads as well. This is the only time you are going to see boats and
    Humvees going head to head, or where you can take out a boat with mines. In
    fact, mines will prove to be very effective here, as they are extremely hard
    for the enemy to spot under the water.
    The lack of overhead cover makes this a good map for artillery strikes, but
    they don't make it easy to call one. The Command Computer is on a sunken cargo
    ship in the middle of the river. You will need to take a boat to get to it, or
    attempt to swim.
    Since this is a Double Assault map; a good defense is just as, if not more,
    important than taking the offensive. After you convert a flag, it is important
    to leave a small defensive force behind, or else the enemy will have it back
    in a few minutes.
    You will only need 3 control points to initiate a ticket drain on the opposing
    team. With the natural division of this map, it is possible to capture all of
    the Northern control points, and then just cut off traffic across the bridge
    and make sure no boats get across the river. On the other hand, you could just
    attempt to knock the other team right off the map.
    - 2.5.1  Flag 1 - The Temple                                                   -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Two Ammo Crates
    Grenade Launcher
    Machine Gun
    Two Humvees (US)
    M1A2 (US)
    Two FAVs (China)
    BMD-3 (China)
    This control point starts under Chinese control, and is very important to their
    team, as it spawns a considerable amount of vehicles.
    The Temple offers considerable defenses, both in it's natural design, and it's
    mounted weapons. While the mounted weapons don't actually face the flag, they
    can cover the North and East approaches, which should slow down advancing
    The Temple is situated as such that it lets the team holding it completely
    cover the bridge, the only land route over the river. For this reason alone, it
    is worth fighting to keep this area under your control.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The defenders are likely to have manned the mounted weapons, as well as place
    cover on the ramp leading up to the top level on the North face of the Temple.
    Your best way in is to sneak in from the hill to the South. You will need to
    get up there without being seen by the defenders of course, but if there is
    some commotion up by the bridge, or they are focused straight ahead, you should
    be able to slip in without too much trouble. If your group holds tight to the
    Southern most wall across from the bridge, you can get far enough away that
    the defenders at the Temple probably won't even notice your approach. There is
    a closed off tunnel and overturned tractor trailer directly opposite the bridge
    which provides good cover, and an excellent staging area to launch the sneak
    attack from.
    Once you are in, move slowly up the West side of the structure. This will let
    you get in behind anyone who might be prone covering the North ramp, as well
    as the soldiers manning the mounted weapons. Toss in a smoke grenade or flash
    bang to startle them, and take these guys out all in a quick strike. Then have
    your whole group take up positions on the flag for the conversion.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The design of the Temple allows you to block off the most obvious access routes
    very effectively.
    Place soldiers on the mounted weapons to cover the approach routes towards the
    compound. You will also want to cover the ramp on the North face with a soldier
    or two, and a few well placed C4 charges.
    Placing C4 charges on the flag and the surrounding area is also a very good
    idea. After placing them, you can hide somewhere (perhaps the small hut facing
    the ramp), and detonate them once the enemy is trying to convert it.
    The Southern area is a big hole in your defenses. Granted the soldiers on the
    mounted weapons can cover most of the Eastern approach to the compound, it is
    still possible for a small team to sneak in on foot behind the Temple. Your
    best defense against this is simply to have a few soldiers patrol the rear of
    the Temple once and awhile, so that anyone trying to sneak in won't have the
    element of surprise for very long.
    - 2.5.2  Flag 2 - Parking Lot                                                  -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Humvee (US)
    FAV (China)
    BMD-3 (China)
    The Parking Lot is an interesting structure. It has two floors, with the flag
    up on the top level. Vehicles can access the top level via a ramp, though it
    will almost always be mined if the Chinese are holding it, since their vehicles
    spawn on the bottom levels. If the US has this control point though, their
    vehicle spawns on the top, so mines on the ramp are not always possible.
    The bottom floor is a small and dark, and can play host to some nasty surprise
    attacks, especially since there is a stairway on the South side that comes up
    from street level. The Health and Ammo crates are also located on the lower
    The high mountain that borders the Parking Lot on the West side is a favorite
    spot for snipers, which can do massive damage, both defensively and
    offensively, so keep a close eye on this area, no matter what your business is
    at the Parking Lot.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    There are a number of ways you can approach the Parking Lot, and each has it's
    own risks and merits.
    The fastest way in is to rush towards it in a light vehicle, drive up the ramp
    on the West side, and park the vehicle right next to the flag. If you have a
    few teammates in the vehicle with you, you can have this control point captured
    in mere seconds.
    However, you are more than likely going to hit a land mine before you even get
    up to the top level. Mines are common on the road leading up to the Parking
    Lot, on the ramp, and even around the flag. The only time you might be able to
    pull off such an attack is right after the enemy has captured it, which means
    they might not have had time to setup defenses, or right after an artillery
    strike. You could always have infantry go in and clear the mines, but if they
    did that, they might as well just get themselves on the flag, and save some
    So, combining an artillery strike with a rush attack in a vehicle is one good
    way in, but that is going to involve some good timing, and having both a
    vehicle and the artillery strike at the ready. Sounds too complicated.
    You are probably going to have a lot better luck coming in on foot. You will
    avoid the prolific mines, plus you can keep a low profile until right before
    the attack, to get the crucial element of surprise.
    There are a few ways to come at the Parking Lot on foot. First, you could just
    waltz right up the road, up the ramp, and onto the flag. This would work well
    if the enemy is asleep, or all dead, but any other time this is probably just
    going to get you killed. You also run the risk of walking right into the line
    of fire of the BMD-3 if the Chinese are the defenders.
    You could instead make your way up the mountain to the West. This is a good
    way in, since you have a bird's eye view of the situation, and you will be able
    to watch the enemy's movement and determine the opportune moment to strike. You
    could also leave a sniper or two up on the top after you go down to convert the
    flag, so they can provide you with cover.
    Finally, one of the best ways in by foot is the stairway leading up from the
    street on the South side of the Lot. You can have a bunch of your teammates
    rendezvous down on the street, out of the enemy's sight, and then all rush
    up to the top level and make a dash for the flag.
    No matter how you get onto the top level, you are going to be at risk when you
    are converting the flag, because of how open the area is.
    To protect yourself, jump into the dumpster next to the flag, and move all the
    way to the back of it, towards the corner facing the flag pole. Then kneel down
    or go prone inside of it, facing the opening you jumped in through. This will
    allow you to convert the flag while remaining completely hidden from the enemy.
    Make sure the coast is clear when you jump in or out of the dumpster. You
    don't want to tip the enemy off to your hiding spot.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The Parking Lot is a tough one to defend, because the flag area is wide open,
    and there a multitude of ways to get to the upper level from almost every
    direction. You will need to address each attack vector to achieve a good
    defense here.
    First of all, you will want to mine the road leading up to the Parking Lot, as
    well as the ramp going to the upper level. A few mines around the flag itself
    aren't a bad idea either. Ideally, you would want your line of mines to start
    all the way at the end of the road, where it leads down to the water. This way,
    the vehicle gets destroyed far outside of the base, so no survivors from the
    blast can make a dash for the flag. This also saves you from having to
    constantly drop mines, since the advancing enemy is going to hit them all in
    series, giving you a few kills before you have to go back out there and drop a
    new line. Similarly, this will also protect you better from a convoy style
    attack then a few mines right outside the Lot would.
    Once you feel the area is pretty secure from vehicle attacks, you will want to
    move you attention over to the eventual infantry attack. A few will likely try
    a frontal assault up the ramp at some point during the battle, but the stairs
    to the South provide the enemy with the best chance at success, so that is
    where the more dangerous attacks will be coming from.
    You could plant some C4 on various levels of of the stairway, and hope that you
    will manage to catch the attackers at the right moment to detonate, but that
    is probably never going to happen under realistic conditions. You would have a
    better chance planting the C4 at the top of the stairs and the surrounding
    area. When the attackers come up the stairs, they are likely going to stop at
    the top for a few seconds to survey the area or go prone to shoot at the
    defenders. This is the perfect time to catch them with the C4. You might even
    take out the whole group in one blast.
    However, to think you will be able to stop every attack before they even set
    foot on the upper level would be optimistic to the point of foolishness, so
    you will need to setup some defenses for the flag itself. Since there is very
    little cover around the flag, planting a few C4 charges within the capture
    radius is almost guaranteed to take out the attacking force. You will also want
    to place a C4 charge or two inside of the dumpster next to the flag, to take
    out any clever enemy that took up a position inside of it.
    - 2.5.3  Flag 3 - Collapsed Tunnel                                             -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Pickup Truck
    Humvee (US)
    FAV (China)
    The Collapsed Tunnel offers essentially nothing in and of itself to the team
    that holds it. The vehicles it spawns are not terribly useful, there are no
    mounted weapons there, and it has no natural features to protect it from
    What it does have however, is location. It is centrally located between Flags
    2 and 4, making it a great point of departure for attacks against those
    control points. It is also the closest you can spawn to the Command Computer
    sitting off-shore.
    Another indirect advantage of holding the Collapsed Tunnel is the Repair Pad
    tucked away at to the East, on the dead-end street. This is the only Repair Pad
    on the entire map, and while you don't need to have the Collapsed Tunnel in
    your team's possession to use it, it will certainly make things easier if you
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The only serious threat when attacking the Collapsed Tunnel are the mines that
    will almost certainly be littered around every road leading up to it. Since the
    defenders have nothing else in their favor, they are going to be relying
    heavily on these mines to hold back the brunt of the attacking forces.
    I would go so far as to say that attempting to approach the Collapsed Tunnel in
    a vehicle while it is being held by a competent team, is just a waste of a good
    vehicle. You may have a shot if they just recently captured it, but if the
    enemy has been holding that positions for a respectable amount of time, there
    are probably dozens of mines in every direction.
    Your best way in is on foot. But approaching on the West road is going to give
    the defenders plenty of time to fire on you with small arms, or the occasional
    rocket. You are better off taking a lower key approach.
    Try coming at the Collapsed Tunnel from the flooded street level to the West.
    There isn't enough room between the shipping containers scattered around to
    bring a vehicle through, but there is enough space for a decent group of
    soldiers to get around all of the obstacles. Once through the clutter on the
    street level, you will end up on a collapsed overpass which leads up to the
    control point. If you take this incline, you can get much closer to the flag
    before the enemy gets a visual on you than you could if you come at them on
    level ground.
    Now, you can get a vehicle though the flooded street to the East of the
    collapsed overpass, but that also means the enemy might mine this passage.
    Besides, the only realistic way to get a vehicle on this side of the Collapsed
    Tunnel while it is captured is if your team is already holding Flag 4, in which
    case it would be better off to simply launch a infantry assault from Flag 4 in
    the first place.
    Once you actually get to the flag area, you are going to want to use some
    explosives to neutralize any defenders that are hiding inside of the
    outcropping. Throw in some grenades or fire a rocket at the side wall next to
    the flag. Tossing in some smoke or a flash bang would also be a good idea.
    When you try to convert it, there are two good ways to go about it. First, you
    can go prone under the large piece of the wall that has fallen down to the East
    side of the flag. There is just enough room to crawl in here and get close
    enough to the flag to start converting it. You are easily spotted by infantry
    coming up the collapsed overpass in front of you, however.
    The second way to convert the flag is to simply go prone in the dark corner of
    the outcropping, right on the Health Crate. This will give you good cover from
    infantry coming at you from the front, and give you a little health boost if
    they do manage to land a shot on you.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The Collapsed Tunnel has nothing to offer the defender. Instead, it gives the
    attackers plenty of routes in, and nice open shots at anyone who might be in
    there defending it.
    You need to cut off the land routes in by scattering mines across the roads
    that face any control points the enemy holds. Put the mines in a zig-zag
    pattern, so that vehicles coming down the road can't simply turn out of the way
    of them. Considering how narrow the roads can be, this will completely cut off
    all traffic.
    After that, you are going to want to place some soldiers with machine guns
    inside the sand bag emplacement that surrounds the flag area. By keeping the
    soldiers farther in, they are protected from rocket fire at the sand bags, and
    will be very difficult to hit with small arms if they are down prone. It will
    also give the attackers a nasty surprise when they jump over those sand bags
    and attempt to get down on the flag.
    Gratuitous use of C4 charges will also prove highly effective in the close
    quarters environment here. If any attackers make it inside your perimeter, you
    can blow them right back out again.
    - 2.5.4  Flag 4 - Dead End                                                     -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Two Ammo Crates
    Machine Gun
    Sea Ark Stinger
    Humvee (US)
    LAV-300 (US)
    FAV (China)
    The Dead End is...well, it's the dead end of the main road that runs though the
    This control point is accessible both from the main road and the river. You
    can also get to it through the ruble that is in the flooded street to the West
    of the flag.
    The flag is right in the open here, so defenses are a problem. Plus, it is far
    away from the action, so you are going to find that nobody wants to hang around
    here for two long. Because of this, expect this control point to change hands
    pretty often during the match.
    However, if the US holds this control point, they will get another LAV-300 to
    add to their arsenal. For this reason alone, the US will tend to be holding
    this area whenever possible, and it will likely be the first flag they convert
    at the start of the match.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    The best way to approach the Dead End is by the water. You run too high of a
    risk of getting killed by taking the main road, especially if you aren't
    holding all the control points along the way.
    Ideally, you would use the LAV-300, which can ride right up onto the flag and
    use it's weapons to clear out and defenders in the area. Of course, the
    battlefield has a tendency to be less than ideal most of the time, so you might
    have to make do with a light boat.
    On the bright side, if you come into the area on a boat and jump out, you don't
    run the risk of getting killed by a mine hidden under the water like you do in
    the LAV-300.
    In either event, watch for defenders on the upper levels of the office building
    on the North side of the flag. You will also want to check the Eastern wall of
    the flag area, as soldiers can hide behind the objects scattered around there,
    and pop up when you go for the flag.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Defending the Dead End is a lot easier if you hold the control points on the
    North of the river, or at the very least, Flag 3.
    But even if you don't, you can still setup a decent defensive line with mines
    and proper positioning of infantry.
    The most obvious area to place mines is the road leading in from the North. You
    will want to place mines across the road, both at the end that leads into the
    flag area, and up around the bend, where the road is narrowed by the destroyed
    You will also want to scatter some mines in the flooded street around the flag
    and towards the river's edge, which should protect you from ground vehicles,
    as well as boats.
    Once you have your mines placed, you will want to take up defensive positions
    around the area.
    There is a single mounted Machine Gun at this control point, which is located
    on the upper floors of a office building looking over the flag area, and the
    road. To get up to it, use the ramp located on the Western side of the
    building. This vantage point will allow you to not only sound the alarm when
    the enemy is approaching, but also fire down on them before they even get close
    to the flag.
    If you are looking for some up close and personal combat, the sand bags and
    assorted objects that are laying around to the East of the flag provide good
    cover for infantry. You might not want to be sitting there if the LAV-300 is
    attacking, but if you are facing a light vehicle or infantry, you can pop out
    and do a lot of damage.
    - 2.5.5  Flag 5 - Office Buildings                                             -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Two Ammo Crates
    Machine Gun
    Grenade Launcher
    Sea Ark Stinger (US)
    Humvee (US)
    LAV-300 (US)
    FAV (China)
    This is easily the best control point on the entire map. It spawns the most
    versatile array of vehicles, and offers the best defensive layout.
    The flag is located in the center of a group of 4 buildings. You can get to the
    flag from alleyways to the East, North, and West. The alleyways are not large
    enough to easily fit a vehicle, so you will have to move around on foot once
    inside. There are also two mounted weapons, which can be used both offensively
    and defensively against enemy boats and land vehicles moving around the area.
    You will find that this control point is generally not captured during the
    match, unless the US team is very unorganized or outnumbered. This is due to a
    number of factors. One is the previously mentioned defensive layout, and
    another is the fact that few vehicles spawn here when it is under Chinese
    control. From a armament standpoint, the Chinese have a lot more to gain by
    staying at Flag 1 and holding it down than attempting a daring raid on this
    Before attacking the Office Buildings, you should really analyze your current
    situation and determine if it is worth your time and effort to attempt to
    capture it. In many cases, the best course of action might be to let the enemy
    hold this area, and just worry about defending your existing territories.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    If your enemy is prepared, expect a fierce battle to capture the Office
    If you are coming in on a boat, you are likely going to face more problems then
    if you had moved in by land. The enemy is going to be able to see you
    approaching from far out, and is going to be prepared by the time you get
    close. Not only that, but the time it takes you to beach the boat and get out
    is the perfect opportunity for the enemy to wail on you with their mounted
    weapons and rockets.
    As such, you might find it better to sneak in on foot. The enemy is going to
    be covering the bridge to the West with their mounted weapons, as well as the
    infantry that will be spawning in the area.To sneak in, you should hug the
    South-most wall of the map, and come at the Office Buildings from behind.
    You will find a footbridge here that connects the two islands together. If you
    start your approach from the other side of the small river to the West of the
    control point, the enemy likely won't see you coming. Once you get behind the
    buildings, you can fan out and approach the flag though the alleys.
    Once inside, you are going to want to move cautiously, there are quite a few
    areas where the enemy could be camping. You should throw some smoke or flash
    bangs into the center area around the flag to try and disorient the defenders.
    While you are at it, might as well throw in a grenade as well, a dead defender
    tends to be better than a disoriented one.
    While on the subject of grenades, the tight alleys in this area make explosives
    highly effective. This is a problem for you, since if you are leading in a
    tightly knit group of soldiers, and the enemy sets off an explosive in the
    alleyway, there is a good chance everyone is going to get killed.
    To avoid this, your best option would be to have one or two soldiers go into
    each one of the different alleyways, and all move towards the center together.
    With your forces spread out evenly in every direction, the enemy simply can't
    engage you all at once, and is going to falter on their defense.
    Have everyone keep firing on the flag area, to neutralize any of the defenders.
    Keep a close eye on the sandbags near the flag, as well as the outcropping to
    the West of the flag, as these are favorite hiding spots for defenders.
    Once you have the area clear, get everyone onto the flag, and throw some smoke.
    Your biggest threat here is the enemy spawning and making a quick attack with
    an explosive and taking out your whole group. A well placed rocket from the
    Northern alley can end your attempt in an instant.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    This is one of those control points that is almost too easy to defend. Unless
    you really slack off here, you should have no problems keeping the average
    assault out.
    The first thing you are going to want to utilize are the mounted weapons. These
    will give you a good shot at the main routes into the area, those being the
    river and the bridge to the West. Keep both of these weapons manned while the
    control point is under attack, to keep back the more aggressive attackers.
    On the other hand, the mounted weapons will do little good against an attacking
    force that isn't rushing in with a big loud vehicle. It is quite easy to sneak
    into the Office Buildings if the defending force is not careful.
    Because of this, you will want to have a few soldiers on patrol around the
    area, paying especially close attention to the Southwest corner of the island.
    There is a footbridge here that attackers will often use as a covert way into
    the area. Placing C4 on the bridge and positioning snipers on the hills in
    front of it should slow down any forces that may try to cross.
    You certainly don't want to neglect the inside of the cluster of buildings when
    it comes to defenses. Placing C4 inside of the tight alleyways will prove very
    effective at taking out advancing forces.
    However, C4 isn't going to be enough on it's own, especially if there are
    multiple waves of attackers (which might happen if this is the last control
    point you are holding). You will want to place a few soldiers inside the center
    of the buildings, surrounding the flag. If they arm themselves with rocket
    launchers, machine guns, and grenades, they should be able to put up a strong
    defense, hopefully strong enough to hold the enemy back until the team respawns
    outside of the buildings.
    - 2.5.6  Tips for Victory                                                      -
    Dammage, being a "Double Assault" map, is naturally pretty chaotic. You need to
    really keep an eye on the situation as a whole if you are going to succeed
    here, as it is easy for the battle to get away from you.
    -  US                                                                  -
    1. The first thing the US team should do at the start of the match is take the
       LAV-300 and capture Flag 4 by coming at it from the water. You will be able
       to get here much faster than the enemy, and establish a presence on the
       North side of the river. In addition, you could also try taking the Sea Ark
       Stinger towards the Northern end of the bridge, and attempt to capture Flag
       2. But keep in mind that the enemy will probably be in that area by the time
       you get there.
    2. The LAV-300 is easily the greatest advantage the US team has on this map. It
       can go anywhere, and it's weapons and armor make it devastating against an
       enemy that will primarily be using light vehicles or be on foot. In light of
       this, when deciding which control points to defend the most heavily, you
       should fight to keep the two spawn points for the LAV's, namely, Flags 5
       and 4.
    3. You initial control point, Flag 5, is excellent in terms of defensive assets
       as well as available vehicles. Because of this, you should always have a
       defensive presence there, as not to let it slip into enemy hands. If the
       decision comes up to either return to Flag 1 to defend it or capture one
       of the control points to the North, you will almost always be better off
       diverting your forces to defense.
    4. If you manage to capture Flag 1, you will get access to an M1A2. Many
       players will use this as justification to constantly attempt to capture it,
       despite the generally heavy defenses. However, it is important to remember
       that the US team can easily get access to the two LAV-300s, which while
       lacking the firepower of the M1A2, prove highly effective thanks to their
       flexibility. It simply isn't worth the effort to try and capture Flag 1 just
       for the M1A2 alone.
    5. You only need 3 control points under your team's control to start the ticket
       drain on the Chinese team. This is very important to remember, since it is
       much easier to capture and hold the smaller control points on the North side
       of the river than try and wrestle control of Flag 1 from the Chinese. Let
       them keep Flag 1, and just focus on capturing the territories to the North.
    6. To that end, you could try a diversionary maneuver; in which you would send
       some light forces to Flag 1, which will cause the enemy to ramp up defenses
       there. This may allow you a bit more freedom to convert the territories to
       the North. If you move fast enough, you could have Flags 4 and 3 captured
       before the enemy even realizes that they are being toyed with.
    -  China                                                               -
    1. Much like the US team, the China's initial control point is worth holding on
       to. It doesn't offer quite as much as Flag 5, but it is a good source of
       vehicles, and is an excellent vantage point to guard the only land route to
       the Northern side of the map. The team that holds Flag 1 essentially has
       control of the bridge, so you are going to want to hold it.
    2. At the start of the match, the US has the clear advantage in terms of naval
       craft. They will be able to make it to Flag 4 faster than your team is going
       to be able to get there. Because of this, you will want to rush across the
       bridge and capture Flag 2 at the very least. You want to stablish a presence
       on that side of the map, so the US team doesn't roll right over the area.
       Of course, you need to also maintain defenses to the South, both to hold
       Flag 1 and to secure the bridge.
    3. The high speed offered by the FAV, and the Chinese's teams proximity to the
       road mean that you should be able to get a fully loaded FAV onto Flag 3
       before the US arrives (while their LAV-3000 let's them cross the river
       directly, it is slow over ground).
    4. As you have initial control of the bridge, use this opportunity to place
       mines down it's length. Once you cross over and capture Flag 2, you will
       also want to place some mines across the flooded street leading to the East.
       This will help hold back the US team, which by this time is going to be
       holding Flag 4 at the very least, and will have two LAV-300s.
    5. Capturing Flag 2 will give you access to a second BMD-3. While it can't take
       to the water like the US LAV-300, it can at least match it on land. Because
       of how common mines are on Dammage, and due to all the flooded areas and
       ruble, moving the BMD-3s around is often unwise. They will serve you much
       better in defensive capacities. You could place one outside of Flags 2 and 3
       for example. You could also place one on either end of the bridge, which
       combined with mines, would make it neigh impassable for the enemy. This
       would be highly effective if you have control of the Northern areas, as the
       only remaining threat would be from the water.
    7. In their rush to move on to the Northern parts of the map, you might just
       find that the US team will foolishly leave Flag 5 unguarded at the very
       start of the match. It could be risky, but it might be worth it to put
       together a small group of soldiers to attempt a sneak attack on Flag 5
       within the first 2 or 3 minutes of the battle. If you manage to capture Flag
       5 while the US team is still in-route to the other control points, you can
       almost assure a victory.
    8. While stealing is often a waste of resources, Dammage is one map where it
       might just be worth your time to sneak in and steal one of the US's
       LAV-300s. Forget about trying to get the one at Flag 1, you are almost
       certainly going to get killed in the attempt. But the chances of you
       snatching the one that spawns at Flag 4 are pretty good. You can hide in the
       ruble to the West of the flag, or up in the office building by the flag, and
       rush in as soon as it respawns. While getting a hold of a LAV-300 and using
       it properly could tip the whole battle in your favor, you shouldn't spend
       too much time hanging around Flag 4 waiting for it to pop up. Don't forget
       that you are laying in wait outside of an enemy control point; as soon as
       the LAV-300 spawns, your first concern should be to convert that flag, then
       make your escape in it.
    - 2.6  Deadly Pass                                                             -
    Deadly Pass puts the United States against the MEC in a battle to secure a
    large town. The town is surrounded by desert and mountainous terrain which will
    play host to fierce battles between mechanized units. Both teams are also
    equipped with helicopters, which will prove valuable both as offensive weapons
    and for quickly moving infantry.
    High in the mountains to the North and South of the town, there are bunkers
    which will provide some additional assets. The bunker to the North provides a
    good vantage point to fire down into the town, and the Southern bunker holds
    the map's Command Computer.
    At the start of the match, both teams will rush forward with their helicopters
    and light vehicles. In this race, the MEC team has the slight advantage, as the
    HIND is a transport helicopter while the US only has the Apache. Of course, if
    the Apache can manage to take down the HIND before it drops it's soldiers...
    Once inside the town, both sides are going to fight to capture and control as
    many Flags as possible. In this map, defense is really key. Once your team has
    captured a control point, you need to hold onto it. If you don't setup defenses
    on them, they will fall back into enemy hands within minutes, which will really
    take away your team's momentum in the battle.
    While the majority of the combat will take place inside of the town, there will
    be some battles to be fought outside of it as well. The bunker to the North is
    a control point, which obviously you will want to hold if you intend on causing
    a ticket drain on the enemy. The bunker to the South contains the Control
    Computer. Artillery strikes can be devastating on this map, as so many units
    will be crammed inside of the city walls. Of course, that also means you may
    run a high chance of killing some of your teammates in the blast.
    - 2.6.1  Flag 1 - MEC Base                                                     -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Two Ammo Crates
    Otokar Akrep
    ZSU-23-4 Shilka
    Two 2S25s
    Mi-24 HIND
    The MEC Base is located on the extreme East of the map. It is so far away from
    the action, that leaving without a vehicle is essentially inconceivable. You
    will want to make sure that vehicles are completely manned before leaving the
    This is especially true for the HIND, which can drop soldiers into the heart of
    the town very quickly. This will prove to be a considerable advantage, as the
    US team lacks a transport helicopter to do the same.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Since the vehicles for each team are pretty well matched to each other, and the
    base is just so far away, theft is very unlikely.
    The only thing the enemy might try to swipe would be the Shilka, which can be
    devastating on infantry. They might also make an attempt to get the HIND, which
    would increase their mobility on the map, but you should have that in the air
    most of the time anyway, making theft almost impossible.
    Still, run a line of mines down the main road leading into the base. It is not
    very likely that the enemy is going to come down there in the course of a
    standard (and fair) battle, but you might as well have them there just in case.
    In truth, the only serious threat of attack comes from the Apache. For this
    reason, you should have the Shilka near the base whenever possible. Or at least
    have it located far ahead, so it can fire on the Apache if it tries to make it
    back to the base.
    A ruthless enemy might launch an attack on the base with the Apache as soon as
    the match starts, hoping to prevent your team from capturing any territories in
    the town and pinning you down. Given the amount of vehicles and infantry that
    would be spawning at the base, if this scenario were to occur, it is very
    unlikely that a single Apache could hold the entire team down. While a good
    pilot would certainly be able to make things much harder, you should be able to
    counter it with rockets or laser guided missiles (in the event it has destroyed
    your vehicles).
    - 2.6.2  Flag 2 - Northern Bunker                                              -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    Two Machine Guns
    Two Grenade Launchers
    DPV (US)
    Otokar Akrep (MEC)
    This control point is located high in the mountains to the North of the town.
    It is accessed by two narrow roads that extend down the mountain to the East
    and West. This means that forces can get there from either side of the map
    fairly quickly. Accordingly, it has a tendency to change hands pretty often,
    especially when the majority of the teams will be fighting in the city below.
    While the Northern Bunker doesn't have much to offer in terms of vehicles, it
    does offer a number of mounted weapons that just so happen to be pointed right
    at the town below. The Machine Guns are not really effective at this range, so
    they are better suited to defending the area from enemy forces advancing up the
    mountain. The Grenade Launchers however, can be fired at such a trajectory that
    they will fall inside of the city walls. Naturally, you have no control over
    where exactly these grenades will fall, however. You should only attack in this
    manner when you are sure their are no friendly forces in the approximate impact
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Despite it's simple appearance, the Northern Bunker can be tricky to capture
    successfully. Still, as long as you know the enemy is likely to be defending
    the area, you can capture this control point pretty quickly.
    The first obstacle in your way will be the mines. The roads leading up to the
    bunker are very narrow, which makes them perfect for laying mines. Generally
    speaking, you will see more mines on the East side of the bunker than you will
    on the West. With that in mind, you should be able to safely take a light
    vehicle up the West side of the mountain, and get right into the flag area.
    If you need to approach from the East, you should forget taking a vehicle on
    the road. Instead, drive up the Northern face of the mountain, and jump out
    when you get close. Then you can proceed in on foot.
    No matter which way you approach, you should cover the open windows in the
    bunker with some fire. Ideally, you would want to hit it with rockets or toss
    in some flash bangs or grenades. Even if nobody is manning the mounted weapons,
    there is still a good chance somebody is inside the bunker.
    Alternately, you can approach the flag from above by taking a light vehicle
    up on top of the mountain. You will need to start your approach down at the
    foot of the mountain, then drive up the mountain going parallel and above the
    road. When you reach the peak, you will see an area with some trees. From here,
    you can drive your vehicle off and land directly on top of the flag. You can
    also jump out of your vehicle at the trees, and fire down on the defenders
    before dropping down yourself. You should determine the best course of action
    based on the perceived defenses.
    While we are on the subject of attacking from on high, you could have the
    helicopter drop you onto the bunker as well. This is very effective at getting
    a soldier inside, but you could get a lot more soldiers on the flag by jumping
    a DPV or Otokar Akrep off the ridge. Of course, if you have some skilled
    soldiers, it might not matter that their numbers are low.
    Once you are down on the flag, regardless of how you got there, you will want
    to stay on your toes. Enemies could be hiding inside of the bunker, which gives
    them the upper hand in any firefight that might take place. Especially with the
    opening that looks down on the flag's West side. If you are under fire from a
    defender shooting though that opening, your best bet is to throw in a grenade,
    and get down low against the wall. This will either blow them to bits, or cause
    them to leave the bunker. Either way, your situation is better than before.
    Even if you don't see anyone in the area, you should go prone down in the bush
    that is in the corner by the flag. Throw a few smoke grenades around you, and
    you should be pretty well hidden until the flag is converted.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The narrow roads leading up to the Northern Bunker make for excellent natural
    defenses. Simply mine both of these roads, and you will dramatically cut down
    on the amount of enemies that actually make it to the flag.
    Of course, the occasional enemy will realize that driving up the roads is not
    working, and will approach on foot or otherwise make it in without hitting the
    To defend against enemies that approach up the Northern face of the mountain
    use the mounted Machine Guns or the Grenade Launchers. This should make short
    work of anyone on foot, though you are going to want to watch out for return
    You will also want to place some C4 around the flag itself to protect against
    attackers that manage to get through your front lines. This will come in handy
    especially against attackers that drive a vehicle up the mountain and land it
    on top of the flag. The best place to plant the C4 would be on the ground, up
    against the walls surrounding the flag. Planting a charge under the bush in the
    corner is a great way to hide it.
    Of course, you need to be around to hit the detonator, which leads us into the
    most important aspect of holding the Northern Bunker. You should always have
    at least one person inside the bunker to guard it. Given the hiding spots
    inside of the bunker, and the cover it offers those who are inside of it, even
    a single person can do a decent job of defense here. At the very least, he can
    alert the rest of the team to an impending attack.
    - 2.6.3  Flag 3 - The Square                                                   -
    Initial Control:
    Two Health Crates
    Two Ammo Crates
    Machine Gun
    The flag here is in the very heart of the city. There are numerous buildings
    and hiding spots surrounding the flag, making this control point easy to defend
    and a nightmare to capture.
    This control point is critical to the overall battle. Whoever holds this area
    has the clear advantage in any battle within the town. From the Square,
    infantry can move out and launch attacks on the smaller and more difficult to
    defend control points surrounding it. Because of this, both teams are going to
    focus on this control point at the start of the match. It will also play host
    to some fierce battles throughout the entire match, as both teams try to claim
    it for themselves.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    I feel sorry for you, I do.
    It would have been a lot better if you managed to grab this control point at
    the start of the match, and just held onto it. Now you are going to have one
    hell of a time getting it back, assuming the defenders are at least halfway
    Have you considered just capturing and holding all the other control points,
    and initiating a ticket drain?
    Well, if you really want to try and capture the Square, then you might as well
    come up with a good plan of attack. The worse possible thing you could do would
    be to have everyone run in and try to do their own thing. You are destined to
    fail without organization here.
    First of all, let's cover the viable ways into the area. Most of the openings
    in the walls surrounding the Square are located on the Western side. There are
    ways through at the Northwest and Southwest corners, as well as one in the
    direct center of the Western wall.
    Coming in from the center of the Western wall is going to be very visible to
    the defenders, and you are likely to take a lot of fire. The Northeastern path
    provides good coverage from enemy fire, but watch out for the barbed wire that
    is strung across it, it does hurt. The Southwestern opening is perhaps the most
    covert way in, as the approach to it leads you though some back alleys rather
    than though the heart of the town, however, the opening itself is directly
    in-line with the mounted Machine Gun, which can obviously be a problem.
    Moving on to the other side; there is a small alleyway that leads into the
    Square on the Southeast corner, which will drop you very close to the flag.
    There is also a low wall that can be jumped on the Northeastern corner,
    directly facing the flag; making it a good entry point for a flag rush.
    In addition, in the extreme Southeastern corner of the town itself, you will
    see a half destroyed building. If you enter the ruble of the building, you will
    see there is a doorway inside. This will lead you inside of one of the
    buildings that face the center of the Square. From this building, you can exit
    on the ground level and head for the flag, or you can go up the ramp to the
    second floor, which will give you a good vantage point to attack any defenders
    while your teammates attempt to convert the flag.
    While you can't get a ground vehicle inside of the Square, dropping troops in
    from a helicopter will be very effective. Not only will you be able to drop
    the troops safely inside the perimeter, but you can also lay down some covering
    fire before and during their attack.
    In fact, no matter how the troops get into the Square, having the helicopter
    around for support fire is going to be very helpful. It will prove especially
    useful when the defenders start firing down on the attackers from the balconies
    surrounding the Square. It's much easier to fire on these from above in a
    helicopter than trying to use small arms fire from ground level. You can also
    fire on the opening to the Southern building, which can pin down any enemies
    that were hiding or spawned inside.
    OK, so let's assume you have managed to get inside and most of your group is
    still alive, what now?
    Well, with all the nooks and crannies here, and the balconies, there is a very
    good chance that you are going to get fired on, even if you don't actually see
    any defenders at the moment.
    There are a number of favorite hiding spots as you move into the Square, which
    you are going to want to systematically check as you progress towards the flag.
    The first places you want to look are the balconies on the top of the buildings
    on the North and South, paying special attention to the Northern balcony, as
    this is home of the mounted Machine Gun. Snipers like to pop up on the Southern
    balcony as well.
    Next, you will want to check the lower floor of the Southern building. Enemies
    can peek out from between the large pillars here, and hide in the corners of
    the opening. Of course, there could be an enemy inside the building itself.
    Tossing a grenade or flash bang into this area is always a good idea as you
    move into the Square.
    Finally, there is a area directly to the North of the flag, right next to the
    low wall, which is a perfect hiding spot for a soldier down prone with his
    weapon aimed at the flag base. It is a small dark alcove with a number of
    pillars in front of it. You should fire a rocket into this area, or throw a
    grenade in, even if you don't think there is anyone inside. It is very hard to
    see somebody hiding here as you run up, and it is better safe then dead.
    You will always want to keep this area in mind, because it is easily the most
    dangerous hiding spot in the Square. A clever defender will wait here until
    you and your teammates go prone down on the flag, and then open fire with a
    rocket. If you are entering the Square by jumping over the low wall, make sure
    to turn around and face this alcove as you move past, otherwise you might just
    find yourself getting shot in the back with no way to defend yourself.
    If you managed to get in safely, take out any defenders that where hiding in
    the area, and got to the flag; all you have to do now is survive. I hope you
    have brought a few friends with you, because you want to convert this one as
    fast as possible. In the meantime, throw down some smoke, get low, and try to
    keep moving. Keep a sharp eye on the entrances to the Square that are closest
    to the flag, as many a defender have made a last minute save by rushing in
    through one of these entrances and opening fire on the base of the flag with an
    Finally, keep your ears open for the sound of an approaching helicopter, as it
    can end your assault in a single shot. This is another reason it is a very good
    idea to have your team's helicopter above you if it is at all possible.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    There really isn't much to say here. All you have to do is hide somewhere and
    shoot as the enemy funnels in though the predictable entrances.
    The best way to handle defense is to predict where the enemy will be coming
    from. If they have captured Flags 5 and 6, then they were probably going to be
    coming from the Western openings, if they have Flag 4, then they will be coming
    from the Southwest alley and ground floor of the Southern building. The enemies
    entrance is not too hard to predict, so you should be able to focus all of your
    fire on the most likely vectors for attack.
    The mounted Machine Gun is quite effective to defend most of the entrances, as
    well as the flag, though it takes time to sweep around to the different
    targets. You are better off holding the Machine Gun on the entrances most
    likely to see some action, and let the infantry handle the others.
    Placing C4 at the various entrances, as well as the base of the flag itself,
    should come in handy. Though with the number of entrances, you are going to
    want to have a few people handling the job of planting the charges and waiting
    to detonate them at the right moment.
    Make use of the ample hiding spots that present themselves to you here in the
    Square. The balconies are a great place to fire down on attackers from, and
    waiting inside the Southern building to pop out when an enemy enters the Square
    should work nicely.
    Wherever you are hiding, you can make your attack more effective by first
    throwing a flash bang towards the advancing enemies. This should completely
    disorient them long enough for you to rip them to shreds. Just make sure you
    are far enough away that you don't blind yourself, or your teammates. That is
    always an embarrassing way to go.
    Last, but certainly not least, you would do well to keep your helicopter close
    by the Square, so it can be called in when you find yourself under attack. Not
    only can it decimate infantry trying to make it into the Square, it can also
    attack and hopefully destroy the enemy helicopter that may be accompanying the
    infantry assault below.
    - 2.6.4  Flag 4 - Oasis                                                        -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    The Oasis doesn't really offer anything material...at all. There are no
    vehicles here, no mounted weapons, there isn't even a Repair Pad (even though
    it would make sense in such an open area).
    The only thing you stand to gain by capturing the Oasis is a spawn point that
    is close to the town, while still remaining outside of it's walls, and thus
    just a bit safer to spawn at. This control point also lines you up for the
    fastest route into Flag 3, which is very important if you are staging a large
    attack on it.
    Unfortunately, the open area here makes it a prime target for snipers. Snipers
    can fire down on you from the mountains to the South (including the bunker
    there), and even from the upper levels of the buildings surrounding Flag 3. As
    such, it would be wise not to hang out at the Oasis too long, and instead just
    use it as a departure point for areas of more importance.
    The Oasis is nearly impossible to effectively defend completely, and very easy
    to capture, so don't get to upset when you lose this control point, as it is
    likely to change hands many times during the match.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    You only have a few things to worry about when attacking the Oasis.
    Snipers and land mines are the most likely to get you killed, though a well
    placed C4 charge certainly isn't out of the question.
    If you are approaching the Oasis from a vehicle, you definitely shouldn't come
    at it from the dirt road. It is almost certainly going to be mined. You should
    approach from the East, over the hill, or from the South, coming down the
    A great way onto the flag is to take a light vehicle and approach the flag at
    full speed from the West. If you get going fast enough, you can hit the small
    hill that is behind the Health and Ammo crates and jump right onto the flag. If
    you get the speed down right, you will land right next to it, and can have
    it converted in seconds with a full vehicle.
    Which brings us to the most common defense at the Oasis, land mines at the very
    base of the flag. Since the area is so open, defenders will often not bother
    trying to cover all the ways in with mines. Instead, they will simply place
    them all around the flag, which will take out anyone who moves a vehicle into
    the conversion radius, no matter how they approached. These mines also double
    as anti-infantry weapons, if the defenders fire at one of them while you are
    standing on the flag.
    Because of this, you should fire an explosive at them before you get close. You
    want to clear them all out before you stop on the flag, in a vehicle or on
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Here at the Oasis, the only thing you can really do is lay mines around as much
    of the area that you think vehicles might come through. You certainly want them
    on the dirt road, you will also want to put them on the tops of the hills to
    both the East and West, as the enemy loves to jump them with light vehicles.
    Most importantly, place the mines around the flag itself. This way, no matter
    how the vehicle got in there, they will be destroyed once they stop on the
    If you combine the mines on the flag with a C4 charge, then you have a defense
    system that can stop anything in it's tracks. Having the added C4 is good for
    two reasons; you can now take out infantry with the resulting blast and you can
    also manually detonate the mines if the enemy vehicle manages to be just far
    enough away from the mines not to trigger them (this happens infuriatingly
    You should also have at least one sniper in the surrounding area keep an eye on
    the situation. A well hidden sniper can nullify any infantry threat, in the
    event that the explosives on the flag were not available.
    Snipers in the mountains to the South of the Oasis should have a clear shot
    down at anyone on the flag, though their view of the rest of the map is not
    going to be too good. Because of this, if holding the Oasis is of a higher
    priority than usual (for instance, if you are behind in tickets and control
    points), you should put one sniper on the mountain doing nothing but defense
    for the flag. Any other time, you should just have one of the snipers out in
    the field run his scope over the area every so often.
    - 2.6.5  Flag 5 - Ruins                                                        -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    The Ruins are pretty much exactly what they sound like; the foundation of a
    destroyed building, surrounded by slightly less destroyed buildings. Inside of
    what is left of the most damaged building is the flag.
    The tight confines of this area make it difficult to get a vehicle in close
    enough to be of any use, and also means explosives are going to be the weapon
    of choice for any defenders.
    Bombed out buildings surrounding the flag give decent cover for those defending
    the area; but for the most part, defending the Ruins is like defending sand.
    The only way to really defend the Ruins is to keep killing everyone who gets
    within 100 feet, there really isn't much you can do to setup a line of defenses
    like you can at some of the other control points.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Capturing the Ruins is pretty much just running blindly into a firefight. There
    is really no way to tell what the enemy has in store for you, and even if you
    could see what their defenses were like, there isn't a whole lot you could do
    about it anyway.
    The only thing you can do is thrown in some flash bangs, smoke, and grenades
    ahead of you and your teammates. This should stir things up a bit, and give
    you a window of opportunity to rush in.
    You are going to want to stay aware of any enemies camping in the area. You are
    likely to find one in the building facing the North side of the flag, as well
    as inside of the foundation itself. Defenders love to go prone behind the
    opening where the flag is, so you should make sure the foundation is clear
    before you settle in for the conversion. In fact, you can convert the flag from
    behind the low broken wall to the South of the flag base. This is good because
    it keeps you out of sight, but your visibility is very low, so it is easy to
    get killed there.
    Alternately, it is possible to get a vehicle into the capture radius of the
    flag if you come at it Eastern side. This let's you come in quick and start the
    conversion immediately, but while the vehicle is stuck in there, your mobility
    is very low. It is extremely easy for an enemy to just walk up and place a C4
    charge on your vehicle as you spin your tires trying to get moving again. Also,
    since there is really only one way to get a vehicle onto the flag, it is easy
    to place a landmine in the exact path you would need to take to get in there,
    so your chances of survival aren't too hot in any event.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    Defense of the Ruins consists mainly of shooting the enemy until they are dead.
    While other control points are so designed so that there can be a clear method
    of defense, the Ruins are pretty much just a few busted up buildings sitting
    next to each other.
    The best you can do is place C4 charges inside of the foundation and around the
    flag, then have you and your teammates hide in the ruble surrounding the area.
    You can then simply detonate the C4 and fire out at the defenders from the
    decent cover offered by the ruble. Grenades and rockets are very effective in
    the tight confines of the foundation, as are smoke and flash bangs. Though be
    sure you aren't so close as to hit yourself with any of them.
    The upper levels of the bombed out buildings don't really offer a good view of
    the flag itself, but they can be useful to snipers shooting at enemies that
    are approaching from a distance.
    You should also place a few mines around too, just for the passing vehicle or
    person that attempts to capture the flag from a vehicle. One mine in both arms
    of the L shaped area between the foundation and the surrounding buildings
    should insure nobody gets close enough in a vehicle to do any damage; and a few
    going from the archway to the Southwest and up the dirt road leading to the
    Northeast should catch any enemy vehicles that pass through.
    - 2.6.6  Flag 6 - Market Place                                                 -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    The Market Place is pretty much exactly like Flag 5, except it is a bit more
    open, specifically in terms of vehicle access. You can drive a vehicle of any
    size right up to the flag here, and a good pilot could even bring a helicopter
    down in the open area in front of it.
    Therefore, the Market Place is harder to defend effectively, as the open area
    gives you no cover at all. There are a few nooks and crannies you can hide in,
    as well as some of the rooftops, but for the most part, defending the Market
    Place is going to involve one on one shooting matches with the enemy. Or maybe
    the enemy's tank...which is bad.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    It's best to come up on the Market Place fast. Since the area is so wide open,
    you are going to be visible for quite awhile before you arrive; so the longer
    it takes your group to get within attacking range, the longer the enemy has to
    There are two ways to do this effectively. You could either drop in from the
    helicopter, or come in though the South archway with a light vehicle. Now, the
    problem with the South archway is that it will almost certainly be mined, so
    unless you have some infantry go ahead and detonate them a second or so before
    you rush in, you are taking a very big risk.
    Even if you make it through the archway, expect mines to run all the way up to
    the base of the flag itself.
    Now, if you want to have a little more force, you could also come in with a
    tank, using the main cannon and ideally the machine gun to clear the mines as
    you approach. With no cover inside of the Market Place, the enemy can do little
    to defend themselves against a round from a tank cannon, so clearing the
    infantry should not be a problem at all. Laser guides missiles could be your
    downfall, however.
    If you really want to come in on foot, then the best way to do so would be to
    come in from the North, hugging the Eastern wall until you get inside of the
    actual courtyard. This will make you less visible to any defenders that have
    taken up positions near the flag, buying a few more seconds before they open
    fire on you.
    Once you are inside the courtyard itself, there are two ways to go about the
    conversion. You could sit on the flag out in the open, and just hope you
    convert the thing before you are killed (which is really your only choice if
    you came in with a vehicle), or you could go about it the slightly safer way.
    If you head North a bit from the flag, near the Health and Ammo Crates, you
    will see a door. Going through this door will lead you up to a small balcony
    that overlooks the flag itself. If you go prone here, you will be inside the
    capture radius of the flag. This offers you more cover than just laying on the
    ground would, plus the enemy won't think to look there when they run towards
    the flag trying to stop it's conversion.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    As I mentioned before, the Market Place is completely accessible by vehicles of
    any size; so unless you want to choke on a 120mm shell, you are going to want
    to setup a line of mines at both the North and South passages into the
    courtyard. Not only that, you should run a line of mines between both openings,
    running clear through the center of the courtyard. Also make sure you drop a
    few around the flag base.
    You will also want some soldiers to take up positions around the courtyard, so
    they can fire on any attacking infantry. There are a few very nice spots here
    that you should make use of.
    The walkway on top of the South archway not only offers a great view of the
    courtyard and the Northern approach from Flag 5, it also doubles as a lookout
    tower to spot approaching vehicles.
    To the North, you can have a soldier or two go prone behind the Health and Ammo
    Crates. This is a very shadowy area, so it is hard to get a bead on the soldier
    laying down there to return fire. This position is very effective against
    enemies that are attacking from Flag 5, as they probably won't think to look
    behind them once they enter the courtyard. As soon as they run past you, open
    fire on them for massive damage.
    Finally, you can have a few soldiers ducking behind the long row of tables on
    the East side of the courtyard. When they pop up it can catch the attackers
    momentarily off guard, giving your soldiers a split second advantage.
    You should place C4 on the base of the flag, as well as the balcony above it.
    This will allow you to take out anyone converting the flag, no matter where
    they are standing.
    - 2.6.7  Flag 7 - US Base                                                      -
    Initial Control:
    Health Crate
    Ammo Crate
    M6 Bradley
    Two M1A2s
    AH-64 Apache
    The US Base is essentially identical to it's MEC counterpart; both in terms
    of geographical location relative to the rest of the map, and vehicles.
    Just as the MEC Base, the US Base cannot be captured. But it is still important
    to have defenses here to protect your team's vehicles. Members of your team
    will always be spawning here, so that they can man the vehicles when the
    appear, so they will need to be protected from attack we well.
    -  Capturing                                                           -
    Not applicable.
    -  Defending                                                           -
    The trick here is to be able to defend the base and the surrounding area
    without putting your own teammates and vehicles at risk.
    That means mines can only be used sparingly here, just a few on the main road
    leading in. Make sure that space out enough that your own vehicles will be able
    to maneuver though them safely.
    C4 is almost out of the question here, as there is almost no way to place it
    without putting your team in risk and have it remain effective.
    You will want to have some soldiers on hand as a last line of defense for
    vehicle theft. In the event that one of the vehicles is stolen, they will need
    to act quickly and destroy it. If the enemy escapes with an M1A2 or the Apache,
    it could heavily impact your chances for victory. Even worse, they could turn
    the vehicles directly around on you and start destroying the other vehicles and
    attacking your infantry.
    Laser guided missiles are the most effective at quickly destroying the stolen
    vehicles, though rockets and mines can also be very helpful, assuming the
    soldiers using them are skilled enough to deploy them effectively.
    - 2.6.8  Tips for Victory                                                      -
    With as much going on in Deadly Pass, you will want to play this one as coolly
    as possible. You want to get a hold of control points early, and focus on
    defense, rather than trying to rip control point's from the enemies hands.
    Obviously it won't be possible to get the first capture on every control point,
    but each team has their own subtle advantages that will grant you just a bit
    more breathing room if they are taken advantage of.
    -  US                                                                  -
    1. The DPV is the fastest ground vehicle on the map, so make use of that to get
       your soldiers to a distant control point to establish a front line. You
       should take the DPV to Flag 4 before you do anything else. You will be able
       to convert this quickly before the enemy reaches it, though holding it might
       prove a bit difficult considering the wave of enemies that will be on their
       way. Alternately, you could take the DPV and capture Flag 2, which would be
       much safer, though not as strategically advantageous.
    2. While the Apache is going to prove invaluable in this battle, the enemy's
       HIND is more useful in terms of troop transport. Don't bother trying to use
       the Apache to drop soldiers, it is more effective to keep the Gunner in his
       seat than having him jump out. In fact, one of the most effective things you
       can do with that Gunner is take out the HIND itself, if you manage to take
       it out when it is carrying a full crew, not only will you rack up the
       points, but you will do a great service to the team by stopping that attack
       force before it touches down.
    3. The M1A2 is the only true tank on the map, giving the US team the advantage
       in any ground skirmishes. Use this to your benefit whenever you see enemy
       ground forces. They might not realize it, but their armor is simply not
       enough to protect them from the M1A2.
    4. You should move the Bradley up towards the town, but there is no reason to
       actually bring it inside. Keeping it outside of the town walls will help
       protect you from attack while still giving you a clear shot at any aircraft
       above the control points inside.An excellent position is near the South
       Bunker. This puts it far enough away from the town not to be visible, and
       gives you an excellent view.
    -  MEC                                                                 -
    1. The MEC has a key advantage with the HIND. While the US has their own
       helicopter, it cannot carry as many soldiers as the HIND. Exploit this by
       dropping a full load of soldiers into the center of the town as fast as
       possible. The speed of the HIND in combination with it's crew capacity will
       let you get a decent force on areas of importance such as Flag 3 before the
       US team will be able to.
    2. The US team has the clear advantage on the ground, thanks to their M1A2s.
       Your 2S25s can damage them from a distance, but will be torn apart in direct
       combat. Because of this, the MEC team should make heavy use of mines at any
       control point they hold, or really, any area they can get access to. Since
       you can't directly fight the M1A2s, maybe you can get lucky and blow a few
       of them up with your mines.
    3. While the Shilka is designed as a anti-aircraft weapon, it is very effective
       against infantry, and can even put a hurting on a tank if you hit it's weak
       spot. You certainly shouldn't neglect it's anti-air capability, since the
       enemy can do some serious damage with a good pilot; but don't be afraid to
       take the Shilka into areas like Flags 6 an 5, where it can get in there and
       really knock down the enemy's numbers.
    = 3. Capture the Flag                                                          =
    I will be honest, I have only played around 3 CTF matches in the entire time I
    have owned Modern Combat.
    Still, I do intend on covering this mode eventually, after I have finished the
    Conquest section, and spent some more time playing CTF online.
    = 4. Vehicles                                                                  =
    Vehicles are part of the heart and soul of the Battlefield series. The very
    concept of the series has been to fuse first person shooting with vehicular
    It is no surprise then, that much of the combat and tactics in the game revolve
    around vehicles, and the teams ability (or inability) to properly utilize them.
    Too many people online just jump into a Humvee and take off by themselves, or
    take a helicopter, just to bail out over the control point they wanted to
    reach. These players don't realize that by wasting a vehicle like that, they
    can seriously change the dynamics of the battle.
    In this section, I am going to list every vehicle in the multiplayer component
    of Modern Combat. I will give the vital statistics for each one, as well as a
    brief description of the vehicle itself. Then for each vehicle class, I will
    list some important tips to remember while using those types of vehicles on the
    - 4.1  Light Jeeps                                                             -
    Light Jeeps have minimal armor, and provide little cover for the driver and
    passengers inside. Their strength comes from their high speed and ability to
    travel off-road.
    These vehicles should be used to move around the map quickly and out of the way
    of larger vehicles and battles. Taking one of these into a well defended area
    can be suicide if you aren't careful, and a bit lucky.
    - 4.1.1  Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV)                                           -
    United States
    Two Gunners
    MK19 Grenade Launcher
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The DPV is very fast, and very agile. It is designed for off-road use, and can
    handle large jumps and wild terrain.
    The first gunner uses the front-mounted MK19 Grenade Launcher. This weapon
    fires explosive grenades that do decent damage. The range and firing rate of
    the MK19 is considerable, and it can be used to damage infantry and light
    vehicles as the DPV itself approaches, clearing the path ahead.
    The second gunner uses the M2 Machine Gun mounted on the top of the vehicle.
    This is effective against infantry, but lacks the punch to really damage
    armored vehicles.
    An important note about the DPV, it's weapons can only be rotated 180 degrees
    in front of the vehicle. This means the gunners cannot hit targets behind or at
    right angles to the DPV. The driver needs to be constantly aware of this
    limitation, and make sure he keeps the vehicle facing the targets the gunners
    are trying to hit.
    - 4.1.2  Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)                                             -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    Two Gunners
    Type 87 Grenade Launcher
    W85 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The FAV is very similar to the DPV, but a bit stockier.
    Both vehicles are armed with nearly identical weapons. The only major
    difference between the two vehicles is that the top mounted Machine Gun on the
    FAV can rotate 360 degrees around the vehicle, rather than the limited rotation
    of the DPV's Machine Gun.
    - 4.1.3  Light Jeep Tactics                                                    -
    1. Keep these vehicles off the main roads whenever possible. This will help you
       avoid mines and larger vehicles.
    2. Attaching a few C4 charges to the front of a Light Jeep, then running it
       into a group of soldiers or another vehicle and detonating it can be a
       devastating attack. It can also be a nice insurance policy if an enemy
       steals your vehicle. Keep in mind however, that if the C4 charges stuck on
       your vehicle get hit by a bullet or are otherwise damaged, they will go off
       and kill you and your passengers. Always embarrassing.
    - 4.2  Heavy Jeeps                                                             -
    The Heavy Jeeps are a bit larger and slower than the Light Jeeps, because of
    their heavier armor. Not only do they have better armor, but they also provide
    more cover to the soldiers inside.
    While they don't have enough armor to survive a tank shell, they can take a few
    hits from some of the larger weapons and keep rolling. Still, don't get
    careless just because it has a little more armor then the Light Jeeps, keep on
    the move.
    - 4.2.1  Humvee                                                                -
    United States
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The Humvee is known throughout the world as the premier military truck. It's
    fast, strong, and versatile.
    Like in the real world, the Humvee in Modern Combat is an excellent vehicle in
    almost any situation. It is fast and maneuverable, and holds more soldiers than
    any other vehicle in it's class.
    It is also the only Heavy Jeep that has a passenger position. The player riding
    as the passenger can use any of his weapons or equipment that he could while
    moving on foot. This seemingly minor feature puts the Humvee way ahead of any
    of the other Heavy Jeeps in terms of versatility.
    - 4.2.2  Eagle MTV                                                             -
    European Union
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The Eagle MTV is almost identical to the Humvee, with the only difference
    being the lack of a third position. This takes away a lot of what makes the
    Humvee so flexible, and puts the Eagle at a serious disadvantage to it.
    Even so, the Eagle is a good vehicle, and works well in light offensive and
    defensive roles.
    - 4.2.3  Otokar Akrep                                                          -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    Kord 12.7mm Machine Gun
    Similar to the Eagle MTV, though smaller. The reduced size makes it a bit more
    maneuverable, but overall, there isn't anything that really makes it stand out.
    - 4.2.4  Heavy Jeep Tactics                                                    -
    1. The size of the Heavy Jeeps make them good for running over infantry, and
       the armor means that their frantic small arms fire at you will do nothing
       more than make you laugh like a mad man.
    2. The passenger position in the Humvee opens up a world of strategic
       possibilities. For example, try having an engineer back there with his blow
       torch out, and you can repair the Humvee without even having to slow down.
       Or have him drop mines while you are driving down the street. This not only
       makes for very rapid deployment of mines on roadways, but also has the added
       benefit of giving the driver assistance points when the mines take out an
    3. All the Heavy Jeeps feature a top mounted Machine Gun with 360 degree
       rotation and considerable elevation. They make for decent anti-air weapons,
       though if you have the option, you should go with a dedicated anti-air
       weapon instead.
    4. While sticking C4 charges to the front of the vehicle and detonating when
       close to the target will work on the Heavy Jeeps, you are better off doing
       it with just the Light Jeeps. The Heavy Jeeps tend to be more useful than
       the Light Jeeps, and blowing them up is usually just a waste of a vehicle.
       Besides, the Heavy Jeeps are not as fast or as maneuverable as the Light
       Jeeps, which can make it harder to get close enough to the target to blow
       the charges while not killing yourself in the process.
    - 4.3  Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs)                                       -
    These vehicles have thick armor and powerful cannons. Some also feature guided
    missile launchers.
    While their offensive and defensive capabilities are great, the APCs in Modern
    Combat are a bit of an enigma. 
    In the real world, and armored personnel carrier does just that, carries troops
    into the combat zone while protecting them with heavy armor and powerful
    In Modern Combat, they got the weapons and armor right, but the APCs actually
    hold less soldiers than a Light Jeep! As such, they are almost useless for the
    task they are named for. The best you can do is drop off the soldier in your
    gun turret.
    - 4.3.1  LAV-300                                                               -
    United States
    90mm Auto-Cannon
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The LAV's weapons are well suited for attacking infantry and light vehicles.
    It's 90mm Cannon is devastating against Light and Heavy Jeeps (even the
    occasional tank), and the 12.7mm Machine Gun works well against any infantry
    that might approach.
    Unlike the other APCs, the LAV-300 is a wheeled vehicle, rather than having
    treads. This gives it higher speed and better maneuverability, on road and off.
    But the best feature of the LAV, and one that is unique to any vehicle in the
    entire game, is that it is completely amphibious.
    You can take the LAV right into any body of water, and it will be just as
    effective as a weapons platform. You can use this ability to sneak into enemy
    territory, or take a shortcut though the water when all other vehicles have
    to take a land route.
    However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind when using
    the LAV in the water. The LAV is much slower in the water than it is on land,
    and it's maneuverability is also much worse. Also, while the LAV can jump into
    the water nearly anywhere, you will have to find a suitable ramp to get back
    up dry land. So before you dive into any body of water, be sure you know there
    is a way out.
    - 4.3.2  Combat Vehicle 90 (CV 90)                                             -
    European Union
    40mm Auto-Cannon
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The CV 90 is similar to the LAV-300, though there are a few major differences.
    It's main Cannon doesn't pack the punch of the LAV's, though it is still strong
    enough to make short work of Light and Heavy Jeeps. Also, the CV 90 is
    obviously not amphibious like the LAV-300.
    - 4.3.3  BMD-3                                                                 -
    30mm Auto-Cannon
    Anti-Tank Missile
    While the main Cannon on the BMD-3 is not too powerful, it makes up for it with
    it's Anti-Tank missile.
    However, without a Machine Gun, the BMD-3 is not very good against infantry,
    and is best suited to attacking other vehicles.
    - 4.3.4  BMP-2                                                                 -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    30mm Auto-Cannon
    Anti-Tank Missile
    The BMP-2 is almost a clone of the BMD-3.
    While it has a 30mm Cannon like that of the BMD-3, the Cannon on the BMP-2 has
    a very high rate of fire, which can make up for it's relatively low power.
    - 4.3.5  APC Tactics                                                           -
    1. Despite their name, the APCs are useless for actual troop transport. You are
       much better of using a Light Jeep, a Humvee, or a helicopter.
    2. Always have a Gunner when using an APC. The Machine Gun is very effective
       against infantry, and the Anti-Tank missile obviously can come in handy.
    3. The armor on the APCs is weaker on the back and sides than in the front, so
       keep this in mind when positioning yourself in combat.
    - 4.4  Anti-Aircraft Vehicles                                                  -
    These vehicles are designed to attack helicopters, but can also be effective
    against infantry and other vehicles.
    The armor on the AA vehicles is not much more than that of the APCs, so try not
    to get into any close combat with them. They are also quite slow, as slow as
    some tanks, in fact.
    There are only two AA vehicles in the game, but they are actually wildly
    different from each other.
    - 4.4.1  M6 Bradley                                                            -
    United States
    European Union
    25mm Auto-Cannon
    Stinger Missile
    The Bradley uses it's Stinger Missile as it's primary anti-air weapon, and has
    the 25mm Cannon to defend against light vehicles and infantry.
    While the Bradley does have a Cannon in addition to it's anti-air weapon, it
    is unwise to use the Bradley as an offensive ground weapon. It should only be
    used as an anti-aircraft weapon.
    Never go anywhere in the Bradley without a gunner. When not under attack from
    ground forces, the driver can use the Cannon against low flying aircraft, in
    addition to the gunner using the Stinger. This can prove very useful, as it
    takes awhile for the Stinger to lock on, which can be a serious problem if
    there are multiple helicopters or the helicopter attempts to attack the
    - 4.4.2  ZSU-23-4 Shilka                                                       -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    Quad 23mm Auto-Cannons
    The Shilka is the ultimate anti-aircraft weapon. It's Quad Cannon can tear a
    helicopter to shreds in literally seconds. It is also completely controlled by
    the driver, making it more efficient than other vehicles, which generally need
    a gunner to really perform to their potential.
    The Quad Cannon is also very effective against ground targets, especially
    light vehicles and infantry. Even the occasional tank can fall to the Shilka.
    While the slow nature of the Stinger Missile on the Bradley necessitates being
    stationary and basically waiting for an aircraft to fly by, the insane rate of
    fire of the Shilka makes it an effective weapon against almost any target, even
    when on the move.
    As such, if there aren't any aircraft in the area, feel free to take the Shilka
    into close combat.
    - 4.4.3  Anti-Aircraft Tactics                                                 -
    1. Due to their moderate armor, slow speed, and the nature of their weapons, AA
       vehicles should be placed at a strategic location, and kept there unless
       there is good reason to move them. Usually, the higher the better, though
       this will also make you more visible to the enemy if they try to attack you.
    2. Placing AA vehicles on or near a Repair Pad is a good way to protect them
       incase they are attacked, but if you have them stationed in a remote
       location, having an engineer on hand will work as well.
    - 4.5  Tanks                                                                   -
    Tanks are the most feared vehicles on the battlefield. While a helicopter could
    be just as deadly as a tank, there is just something about the imposing nature
    of a tank that puts fear into the enemy when it is approaching.
    They might not have much in the speed department, but their armor and weapons
    more than make up for it. Between the main cannon and the top mounted machine
    gun, anything on the battlefield is fair game. A good tank gunner can even
    knock a helicopter out of the sky with a single well placed shell.
    Tanks are only vulnerable to heavy weapons, such as mines and rockets. C4 is
    also effective, but good luck getting it on them.
    All of the tanks in the game are fairly similar, so there isn't much to say
    about each one in particular. The important concept here is, no matter which
    tank you are in, you can be sure you are in one of the most dangerous vehicles
    on the map.
    - 4.5.1  M1A2 Abrams                                                           -
    United States
    120mm Cannon
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    The pride of the US Army, the Abrams main battle tank is one of the most
    advanced military vehicles on Earth.
    While it's Modern Combat incarnation lacks essentially everything that makes
    the Abrams so powerful in the real world, it is still one of the best tanks in
    the game.
    - 4.5.2  Leopard 2 A5                                                          -
    European Union
    120mm Cannon
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    Essentially, this is a clone of the Abrams for use by the EU. Not much to say
    - 4.5.3  T-90                                                                  -
    European Union
    125mm Cannon
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    This tank is very similar to the Leopard, but has a more powerful main cannon,
    in addition to being slightly larger.
    - 4.5.4  Type 98                                                               -
    125mm Cannon
    W85 12.7mm Machine Gun
    A clone of the T-90.
    - 4.5.5  2S25 Tank Destroyer                                                   -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    125mm Cannon
    This is the only tank that is considerably different from the rest.
    The 2S25 is smaller and faster than the rest of the tanks, and is the only tank
    that can only hold one crew member. Despite it's small size, it it armed with
    the same powerful 125mm Cannon found on the T-90 and Type 98. This gives it the
    power of the largest tanks, but with more mobility.
    However, it is not as well armored as the larger tanks, and isn't going to do
    well in a direct fight with one of them. The 2S25 is designed to out-maneuver
    the larger tank it is firing on, not face it head on.
    - 4.5.6  Tank Tactics                                                          -
    1. The cannon barrel on the tank can actually kill infantry if they are struck
       with it. Remember this anytime you are behind the wheel of a tank, because
       it can both help and hurt you. For example, you can swing the turret around
       to take out any enemy infantry that might run up to the tank (say, to place
       a C4 charge on it), but on the other hand, you can easily kill a friendly
       engineer that was repairing your tank as you swing the turret around to fire
       on a distant vehicle.
    2. I love Modern Combat, but man, some of the vehicle physics are really bad.
       Perhaps none worse than those of the tank. It is very easy to get your tank
       helplessly stuck on something as small as a barrel. You have to avoid the
       natural inclination to just roll over everything you see in the tank. More
       often than not, you will find your tank high and dry on top of the object,
       with no choice but to abandon it.
    3. Don't ask me why, but you can't hear the alarm that warns you of a missile
       lock-on when using the external camera view on the tank. Unless you are
       playing with the first person camera, there is no way to tell when the enemy
       is locking-on.
    4. Like the APCs, the armor on the tank is the strongest on the front, which
       leaves the rear and sides as weak spots. Keep this in mind when engaging
       the enemy.
    5. The tank is scary. Just the sight of an approaching tank is enough to get
       the enemy in a panic. Use this effect for a bit of psychological warfare.
       For example, if you want to make a diversion (perhaps to make a sneak run at
       the flag), send a few tanks in on the opposite side of the enemy control
       point. Nearly every soldier there is going to focus completely on the
       approaching tanks, and will let their guard down on everything else.
    6. It certainly isn't fair, but one of the most damaging things you can do with
       the tank is to just park it on a Repair Pad, and start firing. In this
       situation, conventional weapons can't destroy you. The only way you can be
       destroyed is with a laser guided missile, an artillery strike, or getting
       hit by multiple rockets at the same time. You can be taken out with a land
       mine, but to do that, the enemy would obviously have to walk up on foot,
       place the mine, then shoot it with a weapon to detonate it (since you aren't
       moving). It shouldn't be too hard to take them out before they manage to do
       all that.
    - 4.6  Boats                                                                   -
    I can't say a whole lot about the boats. They are good to move you around, but
    the chances of you doing any real damage from inside one are very slim.
    Equally slim are your chances of surviving if the enemy decides to start firing
    on you when you are inside of one. So let's keep it moving, shall we?
    - 4.6.1  Sea Ark Stinger                                                       -
    United States
    Two Gunners
    MK19 Grenade Launcher
    M2 12.7mm Machine Gun
    This is the DPV of the water. Well armed and fast, but lacking the armor to go
    up against anything other than infantry.
    - 4.6.2  Light Patrol Boat                                                     -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    Two Gunners
    Type 87 Grenade Launcher
    W85 12.7mm Machine Gun
    This is simply the MEC version of the Sea Ark.
    - 4.6.3  Boat Tactics                                                          -
    1. Boats offer about as much protection as just walking around. The only thing
       they have going for them is their high rate of speed and maneuverability.
       Use this to your advantage to protect yourself. Always keep moving, and
       don't move in a straight line.
    2. If it is bigger than you, don't fire on it in a boat. The only thing you
       can damage in a boat is infantry, and other boats.
    3. You can use the Grenade Launcher to fire on enemy positions on land. Just
       come up close to the shore, and arch the grenades into the enemy. You will
       be an easy target for snipers, however.
    4. If you see infantry swimming in the water, you can try to run them over and
       get a quick kill. But watch out, since that person in the water might be an
       engineer, and there is no way to avoid his rocket if you are coming right at
    - 4.7  Helicopters                                                             -
    I love the helicopters. Probably my favorite class of vehicles in the entire
    Unfortunately, they are more often than not misused. People who don't know how
    to fly take them before the experienced pilots can get in, they takeoff without
    a gunner, camp at the spawn point, or perhaps worst of all, take the helicopter
    just to jump out at a sniper position.
    If you can get a good pilot on the helicopter, you instantly will make your
    chances of success much higher. If you waste your helicopter however, defeat is
    - 4.7.1  AH-6J Little Bird                                                     -
    United States
    70mm FFAR Rockets
    Dual M134 7.62mm Mini-Guns
    The Little Bird is possibly one of the most devastating weapons in the game.
    It's amazing speed and maneuverability allow it to literally fly circles around
    the enemy in the hands of a good pilot.
    It's armor is very light however, and the Little Bird could even be taken down
    by small arms fire, if you aren't careful. In fact, due to the large glass
    cockpit on the Little Bird, it is pretty easy to shoot the pilot right out of
    the thing, even without a sniper rifle.
    The Mini-Guns on the Little Bird are not always easy to use effectively, the
    gunner has a limited range of motion, and with the high speed of the craft, you
    are usually past the target by the time he can get a bead on them. If you want
    to hit anything with the Mini-Guns, you will need to hover, which can be
    suicide with the weak defenses it has.
    If you want to really do damage with the Little Bird, stick to the rockets.
    They don't have a lot of punch to them, but the rate of fire is more than
    enough to make up for that. You are also given a healthy amount of them (200),
    so don't be shy on the trigger.
    I really love the Little Bird. I remember once during the Alpha test, I got 70
    kills in it on Special Op. If you know how to handle her, you will be
    unstoppable once you get in the pilot's seat.
    - 4.7.2  AH-64 Apache                                                          -
    United States
    70mm FFAR Rockets
    33mm Auto-Cannon
    This is one of the most recognizable aircraft in the world. Rightly so, as it
    is one of the most powerful helicopters out there, both in the real world, and
    in Modern Combat.
    Imagine a slower and beefier Little Bird, and you will get the idea of the
    Apache. It doesn't have the speed and dexterity of the Little Bird, but it's
    armor is a welcome change from the sheet-metal the Little Bird must be made of.
    The chin-mounted Auto-Cannon is very powerful against both infantry and
    vehicles. It has a bit of splash damage, which makes it particularly effective
    against moving infantry. However, it's range of motion is limited in that it
    can only rotate 180 degrees to the front of the craft and points downwards.
    - 4.7.3  AS-665 Tiger                                                          -
    European Union
    70mm FFAR Rockets
    AA-AG Missiles
    To each his own, but personally, I think the Tiger is one of the least useful
    vehicles in the game.
    Rather than be armed with a fast-firing machine gun, the Tiger's secondary
    weapon is a laser guided missile, not unlike the laser designator used by the
    sniper class. The supposed advantage of this weapon is the ability to lock on
    and destroy heavy vehicles in a single shot.
    However, in practice, you will be lucky to stay alive long enough for your
    gunner to lock on to the target. The slow lock on time of the weapon, combined
    with it's limited movement, means you will have to sit relatively still for a
    period of time that can only be considered foolish before it can fire.
    It makes a lot more sense to just attack the thing with the 77mm Rockets
    (which, for the record, are fairly powerful) directly. Considering the time it
    would take to use the AA-AG, you will often find this is a faster method of
    taking out the target, not to mention you can do it on your own terms, instead
    of siting still.
    - 4.7.4  UH-60 Blackhawk                                                       -
    United States
    Two Gunners
    Two Passengers
    70mm FFAR Rockets
    Two 7.62mm Mini-Guns
    This vehicle has been immortalized in multiple films and video games. This is
    the primary transport helicopter used by the US military. It combines troop
    transport with considerable offensive weapons to create a multipurpose vehicle
    that is good in almost any situation.
    Like it's real-life counterpart, Modern Combat's Blackhawk is primarily a
    transport craft. It can quickly carry 4 people (not counting the pilot) into
    the battlefield, while at the same time giving cover fire with it's Mini-Guns
    and FFAR rockets.
    The Blackhawk has decent armor, but it's no tank. You will want to avoid
    direct fire whenever possible.
    Unfortunately, this might not always be easy, as the Blackhawk is not a very
    agile craft. Speed isn't a problem, but evasive maneuvers can be hard to
    execute, especially in the heat of the moment.
    - 4.7.5  WZ-9                                                                  -
    Two Gunners
    Two Passengers
    70mm FFAR Rockets
    Two 7.62 Mini-Guns
    The WZ-9 is the Chinese answer to the Blackhawk. It has all the same strengths
    and weaknesses as it's US counterpart.
    - 4.7.6  Mi-24 HIND                                                            -
    Middle Eastern Coalition
    Two Passengers
    70mm FFAR Rockets
    30mm Auto-Cannon
    Unlike the BlackHawk and the WZ-9, the HIND can only hold 1 gunner, which takes
    it's total troop capacity down to 3. While one person might not seem like a
    lot, it is a considerable disadvantage when compared to the otherwise very
    similar helicopters in this category.
    As if the lower capacity wasn't enough, the HIND is also the most lumbering of
    the helicopters. It is slow to turn, to ascend, slow to do anything, basically.
    Even it's weapons are slow. While it's FFAR Rockets are powerful, they have a
    low rate of fire, which just compounds the lack of a second gunner. Speaking of
    the gunner, he has the same cannon configuration as in the Apache, so try to
    keep pointed directly at anything you want him to fire on.
    Overall, the HIND is the worst of the large helicopters. I assure you, you
    won't be shooting down any F-16's here.
    - 4.7.7  Helicopter Tactics                                                    -
    1. Never, ever, EVER, waste the helicopter. That is the single most common
       problem you are going to run into online, people who just waste the chopper.
       I have seen some really stupid things out there while playing online. I can
       understand when an unexperienced pilot takes it up and doesn't do well, of
       course he didn't do well, he is just learning. We all had to learn at some
       point. But what I really can't stand is when somebody takes the helicopter,
       just to bail out over the building they wanted to snipe from. A good pilot
       could take that chopper and get double the points, and do more for the team,
       than that sniper ever will. Please, please, don't waste the helicopter, it
       is an important asset to the team.
    2. Never takeoff without a gunner. In fact, never take off without a full crew.
       Even if the gunner never hits a thing (this is pretty likely), they can
       still bail out over a control point, or join in to help teammates in a
       battle below. You can even drop snipers off where they wanted to go. It's a
       lot better than if they did it themselves.
    3. The gunner positions in almost all of the helicopters offer poor mobility,
       making hitting even a large target fairly difficult. Do your best to keep
       flying straight and level so they can lead the target. Also make sure to
       keep your gunners correctly oriented with the target, since they don't have
       a lot of rotation at their disposal to track it while you move around.
    4. If you are good, you can convert many of the control points in the game from
       inside the helicopter. Just bring it in to a hover as close as possible to
       the flag pole, and keep it there. If you have a fully loaded helicopter,
       especially if it is one of the larger ones, you can convert a flag this way
       very quickly.
    5. Missiles and rockets are a constant threat in any helicopter. To avoid the
       heat seeking missiles, you will want to fly low and fast. On the other hand,
       to avoid rockets, you will want to go high and attack from a distance. You
       will have to chose the best method depending on the battle conditions as you
       perceive them.
    6. The passengers in the larger helicopters can use their Kit weapons, so try
       different combinations to see what is the most effective. For example, you
       could have two snipers using their rifles and laser designators out of the
       side doors in the Blackhawk. Or two engineers with their blowtorches, to
       repair the helicopter without having to stop.
    7. If the enemy is attempting a missile lock on, take evasive action. Start
       moving erratically, and get low. Try to get behind some cover, which will
       make it harder to maintain lock.
    8. When a missile has been fired at you, it can be avoided. Using very sharp
       turns, rapid changes in altitude, and flying close to buildings can all
       shake a missile off of your tail.
    9. Finally, there is a trick you can use while flying the helicopter to perform
       some advanced evasive maneuvers. While you are flying, switch over to the
       gunner's position for a few seconds. The rotors should stop, and the craft
       will begin to fall. Once you switch back to the pilot position, the rotors
       will start again, and the craft should snap back into flight quickly. You
       can combine this snap effect with changes in pitch and roll to do some wild
       moves such as barrel rolls and loops. Practice this on a empty server or
       offline though, as you are likely going to crash a number of times, and the
       rest of the team probably isn't going to appreciate that.
    = 5. Misc.                                                                     =
    - 5.1  Version Information                                                     -
    Covers Vehicles
    Covers the following Conquest maps:
    Black Gold
    Bridge too Far
    Cold Front
    Deadly Pass
    - 5.2  Credits                                                                 -
    Thanks to:
    EA, for somehow letting a good game sneak out
    SECA, for selecting me to take part in the Alpha test
    David and Max, for fighting by my side (sometimes, anyway)
    Everyone I don't hate.
    # EOF

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