Review by wschampnny

Reviewed: 03/15/06

Even better than GT!!!!

First of all I must say this game is incredible its a simulator racing game with real cars with visual and performance upgrades.

Great Graphics cars look amazingly real. the skid marks from your turns stay put through out the entire race. When you damage your car (hitting other cars, being hit, hitting walls, etc) you get realistic looking dents parts or your car removed and paint scratched off.

SOUND 10/10
Every single car has its own unique sound to it deeper sounds for the more powerful cars. Also the cars sound just like cars in real life

I don't really like the sound track but I love how its always playing even through loading screens. But the sound track is no problem if you like rock or have your own custom sound track so it doesn't really matter what the soundtrack is.

The controls fit right in. Perfect for the controller, with the typical R to accelerate and L to stop or reverse.

Probably the best feature to hit the racing games a suggestion line where on the track it tells you when to slow down continue or start accelerating or when to hit the brake. This is a great simulator racing game with leveling up your skills unlocking discounts, cars, and more race courses. The game has 6 ways to race in the championship series with every event being a tournament with point awarded for what ever place you receive. Amateur series which each series is just filled with single races with more competition than the rookie series which is the same as amateur with less comp. There is also the famous endurance races requiring you to pit and play for 1-3 hours. And finally there is the point to point series which is just an area with out laps. But one thing that Im incredibly happy this game doesn't have is licences that GT has.

Best racing game on the market for any system I'm waiting for the sequel.

Definitely buy this game if you like simulator racing games but don't bother if you want a game like burnout, where you can turn at 200 mph

Rating: 10

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