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Reviewed: 03/06/06

Warning : This isn't Gran Turismo

I just want to say before I continue my review that I will not be comparing Forza Motorsport to the Gran Turismo(well I'll try not to). Its not fair on either game. They are both different games. Anyway, onto my review. Forza Motorsport. Forza was hyped up to be an Xbox beater of Sony's Gran Turismo by Microsoft. It was supposed to be a car simulation game where you can buy and improve many aspects of your car including bodykits and your engine. Kinda a like a car collector game where you get to drive many cars you have dreamed of driving and experience it from your living room. But how good is it?

Good question(duh). Lets start off with single player. The main part of the single player game is the career mode which can be played online or offline. We begin with a small amount of money to buy a reasonably priced car and race it for money to buy more cars or to continue to invest in your own cars. There are many many tournaments in the game which get increasingly difficult as you progress. Certain tournaments require certain cars and those certain cars sometimes have to have certain engine requirements. Its all fun though. You really get the feeling sometimes that your looking after your own pride and joy. Even by just changing the oil in the car, the sense of ownership is achieved very well. The game doesn't really have an ending though. You may finish all of your career challenges but it doesn't end there. You can play in time trials and there is an arcade mode too. So its not too bad for the non Xbox Live gaming community.

So how do the cars drive you ask? Pretty good says I. Forza Motorsport is pretty unique in that it has a driving aid with you. Essentially these are green lines on the road to follow and they turn red when you get close to the corner, making it very easy for beginners as this is car simulation game not burnout. The driving aid can be turned off though for the hardcore driver. The amount of cars in the game doesn't live up to other games in the genre like GT4(im sorry) but it does get rid of the crappy cars that nobody ever drives. The majority of cars are fast, all cars are based on their speed and performance and then put into an appropriate class from E-A and than classes R and S for the special cars. All cars handle very realistically and are unique. No one car handle like any other car in the game. Thats what you want from a game.

Customisation is a huge part in the game, along with upgrading your engine, the game creators have given us the opportunity to customise the exterior as well which includes Front and Back Bumpers, side skirts etc etc. You can also design your own decals to make Ferrari Enzo different to your mates. The customisation is great but do not expect a lot of choice like NFS:Underground. Racing is what the game is all about.

The graphics in the game are pretty damn too. Im going to compare this to GT4(sorry again). The car models are not as realistic looking as GT4 and neither are the tracks. A bit disappointing considering that GT4 is made on the less powerful console. Still though, no complaints from me. The sound is very impressive. The sound of each car has been recorded for the game and you really can hear the difference. Even the sound of your car hitting the gravel sounds amazing. The music however is a different story altogether. Its all really bad rock music. Luckily enough, we are giving the choice of playing are own music from our hard drive.

Xbox Live you say? Brilliant fun. Its divided into two modes. Career or well just a normal race against your mates in a lobby. The career mode is great fun and a great way of earning cash in the early days of your career. You can also go into a specially designed lobby and buy or sell cars with people. The problem with the online career mode and buying and selling your cars is that this opens up a lot of cheating. Earning money has never been easier because you always get to a stage in the game when you don't need to race for 2 grand in an online race when you could do one race in Single player and earn 250,000 credits. This allows people to lose on purpose to let their mate win to earn cash. There's a lot of this going on so the career mode online is not as fun as it seems. Other than that, playing on Xbox Live is fun with Forza, its always fun racing people and talking car stuff. Im always comparing my Ferrari F355 to somebody else's. Good fun!

So anyway my overall verdict is that Forza Motorsport is a very enjoyable car simulation game, certainly better in many ways to Gran Turismo 4 and in other areas doesn't do so well. But I am really impressed with Microsoft has done to this game. Anyway , Im off. If your looking either for a good racing game or GT4 beater, playing Forza is a great place to start. Highly recommended.

Overall : 8/10

Rating: 8

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