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Reviewed: 01/24/06

Is this real!?!?!? OMG! I OWN A MERCADES!!!

So, this is my first review...bare with me people.

Anyways, obviously this review is for Forza Motorsport. I'd like to compare it to something, but I can't. I have never played GT4 or any GT game for that matter. So don't complain about my ignorance.

Well, now for the meat of the review. (All scores on a 1-10 line, 1 being crappy)

Graphics: 8.5

I give it an 8.5 because as stunning as the graphics are, the Xbox is more capable of better graphics. Now, don’t get me wrong. The graphics are superb, but not the best of the best. I'm a die-hard MGS fan so I know the difference between bad and good graphics.

The cars reflect light and the background among you. The background is more interactive; you'll always be looking at the background if you’re on a straight path to see the breathtaking backgrounds. The cars are awesome and look pretty damn close to their real life counterparts.

Sound: 9

The cars not only look like cars, but they sound like them too. While I'm not a car junkie, I do know the difference between a fast cars's engine and a slow car's engine.

This game is awesome in sound, but it could have had a better has musical versions of classics...some recognizable (iron man), some not (hell if I know what they are!!!). The game lets you play your custom soundtracks though so you don’t have to deal with the crappy music.

Game play: 11

The game play is awesome. The A.I. isn't stupid. They'll try to make you spin out or put you off the track to make you lose valuable seconds.

The level up system is run off your winnings. You start out with 0 then work your way up to a really high number (somewhere in the millions I'm sure. I'm only on level 10 ._.) The more you level up, the more cars, tracks, and potential winnings unlock. The level up system leaves you with a "one more level then I'll go to bed".... course that was 3 levels ago, but still. It leaves you with an "I got to beat this race and get more money so I can get to this level" feeling.

The upgrade System is set to were your car can go from a slow car to a fast car (well obviously!). They let you change a multitude of things from your suspension all the way to your windows tint!!! Often, you'll upgrade your car just to go back to stock settings for one event.

The car-class system is something I also liked. You can get you car from a D-class (crappy) to an R Class (not crappy). The system is as follows:
D4, D3, D2, D1, C4-1, B4-1, A4-1, S4-1, GT, and P1.

Overall Feeling: 10

A ten, because this game makes you want more of it. It may not have a lot of cars to choose, but the cars they have are awesome (Mustang's, Integra’s, Viper's, 'Vette's, and even cars from the '50's!!!). The sound of the engines, the look of the car, and the feeling you have of owning a Ferrari makes you feel proud to have bought this game.

Should you buy it?


Should you buy GT4 over this?

Honestly, I can't say. I was given this game as a Christmas present, and I've never played GT4. If I buy it, maybe then I'd be able to tell you. My opinion is save enough cash to buy both.

Rating: 10

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