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Reviewed: 09/09/05

Possibly better then Gran turismo

Introduction- It's been a while since my last review. I decided I have to do another and today it's going to be on Forza Motorsport for XBox. This will be my 15th review. Please read my review about this racing simulation game for the XBox.

Gameplay- If you have played Gran Turismo on playstation, then you sort of know what to expect here. It is of course a totally different game. Forza has plenty of different courses. Some that are nice and short, others that are long and fun. Some courses in Forza are also in Gran Turismo 4. There are about 5 or so courses that are the same. Other then that the 30+ courses are all different. Like GT4, Forza also has lots of drivable cars. Forza has over 200 cars and although its not as many as GT4, there are still many vehicles to drive. This also includes cars not found in GT4. One make of cars are the Ferrari's. There are many different Ferrari models in the game. They're fast and fun to drive. It was a letdown that they weren't in GT4. If you are looking for Ferrari's then Forza is for you. Most of the cars are the newer models, mostly ranging from the 1980's up to the present day. There are some classics to be found but there aren't really that many. This game is definitely awesome. There are just so many cars to drive. You've got lots of slow cars, fast cars, everything is here. A lot of cars handle like their real life counterparts. Some cars stick to the road well. Others like to turn and drift and spin out like crazy. The gameplay definitely gets a well deserved 10.

Graphics- They look so awesome. The courses look nice and smooth. Most cars look like their real life counterparts. This game definitely shows you what the XBox is capable of. A well earned 10.

Features- Theres plenty of features to keep you entertained. First off is the basic arcade mode. You pick a car and an available course and race. As you beat each series of races you unlock the next series. Completing series unlocks more vehicles for use in arcade mode. Next is a career mode. This is where you will most likely be spending the most time. You can go buy cars. There are plenty of cars to buy, all with varying prices. Some models of course cost more whereas some cost less. Also, some cars aren't yet available to buy. These ones you either earn as a prize in a tournament, or earn the ability to buy it by reaching certain levels. Speaking of tournaments, there are tons of them. Each one has different restrictions. These determine what cars can enter the race, and what ones can't. They may be region specific cars, having a certain amount of horsepower, and other things. You can't enter just any race from the start. You have to start off with the easier default races. As you earn money and experience your rank increases. When it increases you usually get a discount on items in the upgrade car section. Every 5 levels you earn a car and also may earn the ability to enter higher level races. You can also purchase upgrades for your vehicles. They range from engine, exhaust, tires, suspension and more. Each upgrade increases a different attribute, wheter it is acceleration, top speed, brake, cornering or rarity. The better the upgrade, the more it costs, but the more benefits it gives you. Also, buying upgrades will increase the rank of your vehicle. The rank of vehicle ranges from D4 (worse) to S1 (best). Certain cars, such as the race cars, get different ranks. The rank doesn't do anything in career mode. However, in arcade mode it does effect something. The better the rank of car, the better and more skilled the computer opponents are. It will take a while to get all the cars unlocked and fully upgrade but you will have a fun time doing so. Cars in the game can and will take damage. If you keep crashing into things, your car shows signs of damage. It also will affect your handling. Luckily there are pit stops located near the start lines. It will take time, sometimes up to a minute, to repair a fully damaged car. You may fall behind the group a lot. This may make it hard to catch up and you may even need to restart. Now some race tournaments may be too hard for you. There is something to fix that. You can opt to use the drivatar feature. This is much like B-Spec mode of GT4. The computer will drive your car for you. There are differences between this and GT4. First, the computer handles differently depending on how you train it. The better you drive, the better the computer drives. Basically, it drives like you. If you have lots of accidents, then chances are so will the computer. If you drive fine, so will the drivatar. Second, everytime the drivatar finishes a race for you, it takes 75% of the prize money. This is bad for those saving up money for a big purchase. Also the difficulty in the game is adjustable. You can put the settings all to the easiest options, but you won't win very much money. By default the settings are all on medium. You earn an average amount of money from each race. You can of course change the 10 different options to the hardest setting. This makes the game very difficult, but if you win you will get double the money. You can also have 2 player splitscreen races. One good thing about Forza- online play. You can play Forza online against the world. It's a great thing. Perhaps one reason why Forza just may be better then Gran Turismo 4. Unfortunately, I don't have XBox live so I can't comment on the online aspects of the game. The features get a great big 10.

Story- It doesn't really have one. There are some racing games that have a story. I guess in a way it kind of does. Before starting each tournament you are given a brief description of it, plus the prize car. I kind of view it as a little story. Now I won't go and give story a perfect 10 or anything. Still, in a way the story is decent. I'll go with a so-so 7.

Sound and Music- Forza has plenty of preprogrammed music in the background. Most of it appears to be instrumental stuff. Some of it can get you excited about the current race. I particularly didn't like the background music much. One great thing is that it supports custom soundtracks. That is an awesome feature that I really like. I have plenty of songs on my XBox. I always listen to this while racing. Some are suited for the races, while others arent. Anyways, the background music isn't that good. The sounds are awesome though. All of the cars sound different when they are revving up, speeding down the road, slamming on the brakes, and all that fun stuff. I give the sound and music an 9.

Replay- There are tons of great reasons to keep playing. Even after beating all the tournaments you won't have the most money. You'll definitely want to keep racing over and over to earn those cars you don't have yet. You'll also want to save up money yo upgrade your car, and customize it with some decals. If career mode gets boring, play arcade. If you have XBox Live, go play online. Theres just so much to do in Forza. If you like racing games then you will definitely be playing this over again. A 10 for replay.

Buy or Rent?- A big definite buy. This game is just so awesome and fun to play. Lots of beautiful looking courses to drive and race on. You have a nice big selection of cars. Mostly new cars, but there are some classics in there. Online play. If you like racing games, you'll definitely want Forza in your collection. If you don't have it yet, then you should definitely go out and get it. Even if you don't like driving games, you should at least try Forza Motorsport. It really is an awesome game.

Overall- An awesome game indeed. The XBox version of Gran Turismo. Which is better? I can't say. That's just too hard to decide. There are tons of features in Forza. There are so many things to do. Tons of reasons to keep playing over and over. If your a car enthusiast, you should definitely get Forza Motorsport. Everything about the game is great.

The final scores-
Gameplay- 10
Graphics- 10
Features- 10
Story- 7
Sound and Music- 9
Replay- 10
Overall- 9

Rating: 9

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