Review by Bigunns

Reviewed: 06/29/05

One of the best driving games ever made.

This game will seriously take up huge chunks of your day, especially when you get into the endurance races, and races last half an hour and up.

Graphics 10/10

What's all this nonsense about fps and reflections? This game is beautiful in every way. The car models are perfect, and they reflect the surrounding environment real time. The game runs at a solid 30fps and never drops. The environments are beautiful. The trees look realistic, the roads are perfectly textured and also look realistic, and the cars are big and shiny. The cars take damage, parts fall off and the paint gets all scratched up. Everything is just beautiful, and it couldn't have been done better. Nothing but love for the graphics department. Perfect score!

Sound 10/10

The sound in Forza is simply amazing. Every single car has it's own engine sound, and they change when you put on new exhaust or swap engines. It's unreal how much work was put into the sounds of the cars. I really can't say anything else about it, it's just perfect. Everything is completely real to life in the sounds department. The soundtrack is kinda blah, but you have custom soundtracks, so everything is awesome. Perfect score!

Controls 10/10

Nothing wrong with the controls, pretty much like every other driver on Xbox. Right trigger accelerates, left trigger brakes. Left analog steers, right analog controls the camera. ABXY buttons shift gears, e-brake, reverse, basic stuff. Hurray for everything!

Gameplay 10/10

Being a driving simulator, the driving is incredibly fun. You can take off the assists to make it more realistic. The AI is great. Your opponents will play rough if you get in their way, and they very rarely crash. It's kinda easy at first, but once you get way up there in levels, you'll notice it won't really matter how much money you put into your car, because your opponents are just freakin nuts. You can "pimp your rides" with body kits and rims and custom paintjobs too. In career mode, you make money, and increase your level to unlock cars and higher races.

Overall 10/10

This is probably the best driving game I’ve ever played. It’s like super fun to the extreme. Buy it, don’t bother renting it.

Rating: 10

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