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Reviewed: 06/17/05

Finally, Ferrari and Porsche in a decent sim

Forza Motorsport raises the bar in racing games, never before has a racing game had such a detailed level of customization and game options such as Forza.

You start of with only around 20,000 cr to buy your first car. Cars vary in price depending in which region you buy them, for example a Ferrari in Europe is more common than a Ferrari in Asia, so its a bit cheaper.

Don't think this is a slow paced racer that forces you to endure hours of driving small European hatchbacks before you get to the more powerful cars. Within 2-3 hours i had a Ferrari 360 and a Porsche 911 GT3 in my garage, with plenty of spare change to improve my cars performance.


The graphics in this game are stunning. The draw distance is very good and I have experienced no pop ups at all. The car models must be the best and most detailed models in any racing game ever, with each car able to take the most devastating and realistic damage i have ever seen, however the only problem here is sometimes there is a delay of about a second when you hit a wall and then the damage is applied to your car, but it only happens once or twice and is not a big deal. You can race with 8 cars on a track, with no slowdown at all. All the tracks look stunning, especially the Nurburgring which is so much more "alive" than it appears in other racing games.

Changing the way your car looks is another amazing feature this game has, you can put any design on any of the cars, have them painted any colours that you wish, and on some of the cars you can change the bumpers hoods and sideskirts, and add rollcages.

Graphics gets 10/10


First of all i play with a controller, so if you play with a wheel, certain options are probably different.

The gameplay in Forza is very realistic, and because of that it can be very tricky and hard at times. However this is not much of a problem as the creators of Forza have put in a racing line which can be used on any track, and it is really useful in helping you find the right way to take corners and what speed is best to stay on the track. By using this feature though you are deducted some of your race winnings, so if you know the tracks, turn it off. Collision detection is very good and it is easy to send an opponent flying off the track, but be careful, the more damage your car takes the more difficult it becomes to drive. There is a cosmetic damage option in the game but this also decreases your winnings.

Gameplay gets 9/10


The worst part of the game (as with most racing games) is the music you get as standard, but you can listen to your own tracks so its not so bad.

The cars sound almost exactly like they do in real life, The sound of the Enzo's V12 bombing down the Nurburgring straight at 200 mph is really amazing. Each car sounds unique and putting racing modifications on your car really does change the way the car sounds. When you hit an object at high speed you can hear the metal crunching, glass smashing and tyres screeching and it really works well to produce the most realistic sounds in a racing game.

Sound gets 8/10 (Would have been 10 if it came with a decent soundtrack)


There are tons of options in this game, due to the immense tuning and customization. The career mode is huge, there are hundreds of races to unlock along the way and there are at least 50 levels in the game which you reach by winning more and more credits. Online mode is also another feature which will make you want to come back for more.

Replayability gets 9/10


If you are a racing fan and you love cars and customization, then its a must buy. If you play arcade games like the Need For Speed Series, or are new to racing games, you will probably still enjoy this game, but a rental is always the safest way to go.

I hope this review is helpful to all that read it,

Enjoy the game!

Rating: 9

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