Review by fox_die_555

Reviewed: 06/06/05

Forza Motorsport, the first "Jaw dropping" racing sim

Sim racing is something the X-Box has been missing in its library of games, so Microsoft releases Forza Motorsport to fill in this huge gap and boy does the phrase better late than never come to mind.

Graphics 10/10

Not many games on the market make my jaw drop in amazement, but Forza Motorsport is so realistic you have to stop to remind yourself it is a game! The FMV at the beginning of any game is superior to the in-game graphics, so when the FMV for Forza Motorsport came on I was a bit sceptical, but upon entering the first race my jaw hit the floor and kept going. the graphics are superb, not many games reflect every light and shadow on your car's paint and windshield, from trees to buildings the lighting effects are out of this world. The game has colour, it is bright, but not OTT. The menu down to earth, but not tedious or boring

Sound 9/10

With Dolby 5.1 Surround the simulation experience is stepped up a gear. Your Audi TT sounds like the real thing, as does the Nissan Skyline and any other car you care to mention, each one has a realistic and unique sound. your tires sound as good as the real thing. The repetitive and dull soundtrack is what causes drag on the score, but with the superior power of the X-Box you can play your custom soundtracks, and change track and volume with the D-Pad!

Controls 10/10

Perfect... No need for a cumbersome wheel, the buttons are as on any other racer, R is accell, L is brake, A does the E-Brake, and X and B Shifts gears down and up respectively.

Gameplay 11/10

With all the tuning, upgrades, the endless endurance races and the online play you will never run out of things to keep you amused in this game. It does EXACTLY what is says on the box, it simulates real life, and does it in a way that is so pleasing and rewarding you may never leave the comfort of your armchair again. You can watch a replay of your race, and all the telemetry of your car, plus you can do the same for any other car on the track. This is the first game I know where the AI DOESN'T cheat! If the mountain of upgrades are too much for a non-mechanic then the help text on every menu will help, and even enhance your experience

Fun Factor 10/10

nothing is particularly hard or frustrating, but it is challenging. Cars and money are easy to come by, the race is smooth and no menus are too long or repetitive.

Value for Money 10/10

20 Hours for a veteran, 40+ for most people first time round, not including the unlimited online play. Even if this bores you there is the arcade mode, try using a different home region (not that it will make a lot of difference) or time attack any course with any car. If you fancy a leisurely drive in the country then there is also free run.

overall 10/10

Nothing to complain about this game, and I can find a problem with Any game given the opportunity. It don't matter if you have live, or even if you are new to racers, this is a must own game. in my humble opinion GT has been tipped to the post by this supercharged racer. It has the looks, the style, but it also has the torque to get the job done. Well done Microsoft Game Studios!

Rating: 10

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