Review by jasongm

Reviewed: 05/13/05

Forza Motorsport has converted this arcade style gamer into a Sim addict!

Forza Motorsport is the only game that caught my interest when I first flipped through my manual for Halo 2 back in December, I saw promos in the manual promoting up & coming games for 2005 & saw Forza Motorsport! The promo in the manual stated it was Xbox's firs customizable driving simulator, with damage physics, realistic graphics & tuning options. Plus the fact it was going to be Live enabled got my attention!

But first lets go right into the before "How Foza Motorsport caught my attention" scenario:

I bought a sim racer a few years ago & it was "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, Let me just say, it was not the game I liked. GT3 was just to boring & long to accomplish, also the fact there was no online play, no damage physics, & no exterior customizations was a real let down (except adding color to your new vehicle, that was it!).

The license games in GT3 was also to long & repetitive & quickly bored me to death & it ended up getting "Put Away" with my older PS1/PS2 titles I no longer play with.

I eventually moved on & discovered arcade style racers that caught my attention like the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit & Underground series. Then came Burnout 3 with its totally cool arcade style speeds & crashes! The Online play was just so incredible! Burnout 3 actually helped make new online friends & relationships with at least 20 other gamers. I love that game to death & will continue to play that game until a sequel comes out (Burnout 4: Revenge is the next one).

I've been reading more & more on Forza Motorsport over the course of its development stages, the more I read about it, the more excited I became of that prospect . The previews, images, and videos kept me on my toes until the day it arrived via U.P.S!

I Pre-Ordered the game 1 month earlier & let me just say, after I opened the package & popped the game into my Crystal Xbox, a screen showing what the term Simulator means appear, then the intro video, & then the addictiveness kicked in.... Seriously!

Today (as of this writing), I'm at Level 12, got some really great rides, a few pimped out cars (I love my Sponge Bob Square Pants creation!), & a whole lot of friends to Buy/Sell & Race with! The graphics in the game are simply beautifull & stunningly realistic!

Seriously this game is just plain addictive, This has a Level based system (Like in an RPG game), You can earn Money (Credits in game) both Online & Offline careers! Damage effects can be set on Cosmetic or Simulated.

The only let down is the sound track, thankfully this game can use the Custom sound track feature (Listen to Guns & Roses while on the famous Laguna Seca track!), This game will last you for a long time (Until Forza Motorsport 2 comes out for the 360).

So there you have it! From a gamer that dislikes GT3 but loves arcade racers, Forza Motorsport, I believe, reinvents the Simulator aspect in racing games. The creators of Gran Turismo now have some serious competition & so far Forza takes the cake!

I Love Sim racing once again, & I thank the developers at Microsoft Gaming Studios for that, Well done guys!

Graphics 10/10
Sound effects 10/10
Game play 10/10
Multi-player 10/10
Soundtrack 7/10

Final Score: 10/10

Rating: 10

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