Review by masterchief377

Reviewed: 05/12/05

One half NFSU2, one half GT4, stir and get Forza Motorsport

It looks is if now Microsoft has its new racer. Some people say that it will be an arcade racer; some say that it will be a simulator, some even say that it will be a Need for Speed Underground 2 hybrid. No one has known for sure until now. This is the moment of truth; I will be putting this game on the firing line that we call reviewing. Will it be the long awaited Gran Turismo 4 killer or will it fail as bad as Street racing Syndicate?

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are pretty good. They are at least as good as Gran Turismo 4’s graphics. There is really nothing fancy about the graphics in the game. Microsoft could have done better on the window reflections, even with that little problem the graphics are still standard issue Microsoft style. The only real thing that impressed me was that at no point did the course load its background, people, or track in front of my naked eye. The graphics stayed nice and still.

Sound 9/10
To me, sound is almost the most important factor in any game. This game pulls that off very well by adding real life sounds to every car in the game. The attention to detail in the sound is so good that you can even hear the turbocharger whistling after you get your RPM’s up real high.

Game play 9/10
Like I have said before, this is basically Microsoft’s answer to GT4. The game will keep you up until the late hours of the night; with its massive car collection, near endless race season, and enough parts to shake an intake manifold at, this game should provide at least 50 hours of continuous gameplay.

Multiplayer 8/10
The feature that sets this game apart from GT4 is its online capabilities. This game features the Car Club mode which is kind of like a Klan on any other massive online game, but with cars. The game really doesn’t have that great of multiplayer for you non-Xbox live owners. But its fun enough with the single player as it is.


Goods (+)
+Massive car collection
+Real life parts and upgrades
+Great online play

Bads (-)
-Not real fun offline multiplayer
-Takes real long to unlock the super cars

Rating: 9

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