Review by Dork_Vader

Reviewed: 05/10/05

Great First Outing, but Don't Believe the Hype Completely.

Graphics: 8/10

They pushed the engine too hard, on a 1/10 scale of realism, Forza sits around 11, it's too shiny, too perfect, too hard to fool the eye into thinking it's real...awesome looking game nonetheless, but it succeeds better as a Fun/Simcade Racer, than a Driving Simulation.

Control: 7/10

I had to give it a low score here, simply because it is just too ridiculously easy to slide the cars around, if the game wasn't claiming to be a simulator, then the fun factor would easily pick the control score up to a 9/10, but for realism, it fails, you cannot drift a stock Honda Civic perfectly around a hairpin by yanking the E-brake in real life...though it looks like a lot of fun.

Sound: 8/10

Car sounds seemed to suffer a phenomenon that GT3 did, in that the big muscley V-8's come across as though there is a Kazoo in their tailpipes. I've heard several of the Ferrari's in game, and none of them quite gave me the same chills down my spine that hearing those same cars did in real life, custom soundtrack function totally rocks though.

Gameplay: 10/10

This looks like an absolute blast to just delve into, easy to get into, but with depths that the hardcore will enjoy. The modification aspect is a nice touch, but some of the options are very cheesy, though you can make some very nice, clean looking cars still. Online play is a big boost, but good luck digging through all the morons online to find the good gamers.

Replayability: 9/10

Most will find it very easy and relaxing to just jump in, time and time again, and begin screaming around tracks against their friends online. The enthusiasts might be disappointed at some of the inaccurate details in the game, some engine sounds, certain real life tracks (The Nurburgring being the most standout example), and the lack of a "Real" handling/damage engine. The other 90% of gamers though, won't notice or miss those things, and will enjoy the game for a long time, no doubt.

Overall: 8.2/10

A great game, with some very nice features, that shows significant promise for future installments, and should finally help the Gran Turismo series go through a Revolution, instead of the gradual Evolution it's been going through. Definitely a good day for gamers, having so many great racing games to choose from.

Rating: 8

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