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Reviewed: 05/10/05

Forza beats ALL competition by 10 car lengths.....

Sim racing is something the Xbox has been missing in its library of games, so Microsoft releases Forza Motorsports to fill in this huge gap and boy does the phrase better late than never come to mind.

Graphics 9/10-

The graphics in Forza are beautifully done. Everything is very colorful, but not to colorful where it would be bad. The cars are identical to there real life counterparts. The world you race in is also gorgeously done. No racing game on the market has better looking tracks than Forza motorsports. And if you have a HDTV your in for a good treat, becouse this game is on the cutting edge of make gaming look exactly like reality. The menus are well done, easy to read and understand. The only thing that keeps this category from getting a perfect 10 is that it is only 30 FPS, and it could still be better.

Sound 9/10-

The sounds in Forza can only be appreciated with 5.1 dolby surround sound. With the surround sound cranked you wont find a better and more realisticly sounding racer on the market today. The sounds of the big V-8's to the turbo charged Eclipse sound just as they should. The screeching tires as you take a corner is right on. Even if you dont have surround sound and you listen through your TV, its still pretty darn good. The soundtrack that comes with the game is what keeps it from getting a perfect 10 becouse it is pretty limited and repetitive. But behold one reason we all have Xbox's is for custom soundtracks which this game fully supports. The custom soundtracks play in the race, menu screens, even the loading screens, and you can switch soundtracks with just a easy push of the button..

Controls- 10/10

The controls from Forza is exactly how controls should be made with a racer. The xbox controller is used perfectly, with the R trigger for the gas, L trigger for the brake. X is reverse. The pressure sensitive buttons make it so you dont HAVE to have a wheel to post huge times like in other sim racing games on the market.

Online Play- 10/10

This is where the game shines. While you play offline, xbox live is always on. And when your doing your career races you can look and see the top lap times, and after your done with a race you can see where exactly your lap places. Theres nothing like racing in your career mode offline and making a top 100 lap out of thousands and thousands of lapped times recorded. To really get into it, hop in the online play section and you can challenge up to 8 people in a race. This game uses the ELO ranking system created by chess players to determine your ranking. Numerous other games use this feature to which is great. You start out with 1200 points, if you beat someone with a higher ranking, you get more points than you would if you beat someone with a lower score from you and vice versa if you lose. You can also create car clubs, and your car club can challenge other car clubs to competition to be the best car club online. Also you can download car setups to use from people you did the fastest laps. And you can watch the replays of some of the top laps that people run to see there skills work, and how they raced the track. The online feature alone is enough to grant Forza King of all Racers.

Fun Factor- 10/10

This is probly the biggest reason Forza has gotten rave reviews and everyone who plays it loves it. It is a good sim racer, not a arcade racer by any means. But the fun factor in this game is amazing. Once you start playing you cant stop. Its not overly hard to get money, or to get new cars. Along with career mode and online play, There is no racer on the market that is more fun than Forza Motorsports to play.

Gameplay- 10/10

The reality factor in this game is amazing. While your racing at 100 MPH if you get your tires of the track, your not going to be able to just steer the car right back on the track easy. This along with many other features make the realistic factor even with even the most realsitic racer you can buy. You have 3 difficulty levels you can use as well as a whole lot off assists. Depending how you have all these set determines ho wmuch money you will make in the race to use to buy more cars. And there is a RPG factor in it to. You gain levels as you gain money in the game. As you gain a level you will unlock something. Either it be a discount on a car upgrade to a new car for you to ride. The car upgrades are also just completely sweet. Its not as in depth as NFS but still holds its own and gives you plenty of options to trick your car out good. To be honest no racer has the gameplay Forxa delivers.

Overall- 10/10

Forza hits on all cylinders, it is definately a must buy for every single Xbox owner no matter if you have Live or not. If you want intense realistic action with the best career mode in a race. And a gaming experiance with a fun factor that cannot be matched by anyone...The go to your local store and pick up Forza Motorsports. You will not be disapointed.

Rating: 10

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