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Reviewed: 01/27/21 | Updated: 03/22/21

Incredibly difficult Granturismo clone

The main reason why I didn't give this game a higher rating, despite the beautiful graphics and music, it's the gameplay. This game is so accurate, it's actually unplayable. Facing the truth, this game is nothing but a Granturismo clone, with an overly obsessed fixation about the "simulation" factor.

It's all just too blunt, serious and stiffy, any facilitation doesn't actually affect the engine and CPU cars' behaviour is one of the most unfair I've ever experienced in driving games. Many often, they will just hit the rear of the player's car almost criminally, without any sense of responsibility as if they were intentially programmed to interphere with the player's patience. It's very usual to see a competitor trying to make the player go off-road, hitting the other cars irresponsibly or just follow a certain path blindly... all of which is not very classy or fair at all. Sportiveness or responsible driving isn't the moral message of this game for sure.

Maybe the developers wanted to make this game compete on a higher level than Granturismo, but it's a failed mission because of the extreme grade of aggressivity and, at the same time, required concentration the gameplay requires. It's just not easy at all, with really unbalanced difficulty that pleases the beginner only for a few races, but requires almost professional skills after the first achievements of the career mode. The player is not motivated to challenge other cars, to tune cars to get better perfomance or just to advance in the career progress, since most races are won by a mix of luck and basically the key to win is to get first and just leave any other behind before they, inevitably, push you off-road.

In fact, CPU cars drive too perfectly even at the lowest difficulty and they very rarely fail or give a chance to the player. This can be interpreted as a solid coding criteria, but also as a lack of realism as human beings are supposed to fail once in a while. If it really was a simulation game, it should have simulated human behaviour of CPU drivers as well.

The soundtrack makes it even worse, it sounds good at the beginning but in the long run it becomes just irritating, distracting from the focus the game requires and inducting a rageous sense of defeat or excessive aggressivity. All tracks are hardcore, with no variations or calmer tones.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Forza Motorsport (EU, 05/13/05)

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