Review by ww3676

Reviewed: 03/08/07

Like Pokemon, but with cars!

Gotta catch em all should be this games motto! While the single player game is a little repetitive, the overall amount of game play modes, vehicles, and options are robust enough to warrant giving Forza a chance. It exceeds other simulation games such as Gran Turismo, and creates the best overall sim racing game currently available (well, until Forza 2 comes out).


In a word- stunning. Realistic car models, beautiful tracks, wonderful lighting effects (even day-to-night effects), and best of all, the frame rate never hitches up (not that I've noticed) in the single player mode.


To me, the sounds in the game are spot on in terms of engine noise, tires squealing, etc. In this type of genre, the sound is only noticeable when it's inaccurate or wonky, and it handles what little effects it needs to with ease.

As for the music... well, it stinks. But you can input your own custom soundtrack, which alleviates the problem quite nicely.


Here is where the game really shines. The cars handle realistically, and there are a ton of tuning options (plus plenty of cars to pick from as well). There are not as many cars as a Gran Turismo game, nor can you tune them in quite as much detail, but it is very close, plus you have the ability to customize the paint and decals on your car in a way that GT cannot do, which makes up for it. Plus, the cars they do have are all unique, not like in GT where you have 20 Nissan Skylines- the same car just with a different exterior color and a little different specs.

Another big step up is the computer AI, which is not brilliant, is FAR better than the average racing game. They don't just race in the same line every lap through, basically ignoring your presence, instead they draft you, attempt passes, and attempt to cut off your passing lanes! They are not perfect and will occasionally ram into you (which always hurts you more than it hurts them, the gameplay is designed to discourage you ramming the CPU, so you are always penalized more in terms of loss of speed).

The single player game can be a little repetitive, in that all you do is race cars, collect money which unlocks more cars and more races; rinse, lather, repeat. It will take you maybe 40+hours to complete all of the single player races, but don't expect anything in the way of a story or anything like that.

But fortunately there is a robust online mode which actually features car clubs and the like, that helps to keep things fresh.

Overall- 9/10

If you have a wicked car fetish, or just love realistic racing sims, this is the game to beat. This game does somewhat copy the Gran Turismo formula, but they improve upon every aspect of it, that I believe it takes the racing sim crown from GT... at least for now. Hopefully SECA is playing this game right no, and is taking good notes.

Rating: 9

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