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    From main menu, select Options, then select Cheats

    Bunny earsgetheadl
    chrome bodyhaveyouseenthisboy
    flaming headtrythisathome
    No damageontheroad
    Pumpkin Headsgetheadk
    skull headgetheadn
    snowman headgetheadm
    Special move Agrodfens
    Special move RoarRjnr
    Special move Zoneallin
    Unlock all citiesroadtrip
    Yelloew Smilegetheadj

    Contributed By: DUBTuner and kingpimp05.

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  • Unlockable

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1949 Chevrolet FleetlineBad Boyz Tournament
    1957 Chevrolet Bel AirStage Tournament
    1968 Chevrolet CorvetteAmerican Royalty Car Club Fifteen Races
    2002 Nissan SkylineUnbeatable Street Racers Thirteen Races
    2004 Ducati SS1000Hotlanta Tournament
    68 corvettewin all the muscle cars of america races
    American Royalty Car Club Challenges youDefeat Carlos
    Atlanta Police CarThirty-Eight Street Races
    Big Playas Challenge youDefeating Dre
    Cadillac CienCity Tournament
    Cadillac Escalade extwin the second san diego tournament
    Cadillac Escalade EXT "DUB EditionDUB Tournament
    Cadillac Escalade ext dub edition + $10,000win hotlanta tournament in atlanta
    Cadillac SixteenGet 100% Completion
    Cadillac Sixteen100 Percent Completion
    Chopper of America Bike Club Challenges youDefeating Phil
    Chrysler 300C "DUB Edition"Balboa Park Tournament
    Chrysler 300c dub editionwin balboa park tournament in san diego
    Chrysler ME Four-TwelveBy Invitation Only Race 16
    Class A VehiclesFifty-Four Street Races
    Class B VehiclesTwenty-Six Street Races
    Class C Vehicles UnlockedTwelve Street Races
    Color Shift PaintTwenty-One Street Races
    Cuevito (Chopper)Beat Phil in San Diego
    Detroit Police CarFifty-Nine Street Races
    El Diablo Rigidbeat vanessa three times in career mode
    Flag VinylsFind 12 hidden R* Collectables
    Flag VinylsRockstar Logo's (San Diego)
    Four-TwelveComplete all 16 Exotic Races
    G55 Amgwin all the truck races
    Graphix VinylsThirty-Eight Street Races
    Hotmatch CuevitoDefeating Phil
    Hotmatch Cuevito MotorcycleWin all of Phil's 4 races in career mode.
    Hotmatch SkullyChopper of America Bike Club Fifteen Races
    Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12ROriginal Riders Fourteen Races
    Lamborghini MurcielagoU.S. Championship Series (Kioshi) Race 14
    Lambougini MercialagoComplete U.S. Champs Series (After Beating Detroit)
    Level 1 Performance Parts for Class A VehiclesFifty-Seven Street Races
    Level 1 Performance Parts for Class B VehiclesThirty-Eight Street Races
    Level 1 Performance Parts for Class C VehiclesSeventeen Street Races
    Level 2 Performance Parts for Class A VehiclesU.S. Championship Series (Kioshi) Race 13
    Level 2 Performance Parts for Class C VehiclesThirty Street Races
    Level 2 Performance Parts for Class D VehiclesSixteen Street Races
    Level 2 Performance Upgrades for Class B VehiclesFifty-Two Street Races
    Level 3 Performance Tires for Class B VehiclesFifty-Five Street Races
    Level 3 Performance Tires for Class C VehiclesFourty-Two Street Races
    Level 3 Performance Tires for Class D VehiclesTwenty-One Street Races
    Lexus IS300Complete San Diego "City Tournament"
    Lexus IS300City Tournament
    Luxury Rollers Car Club Challenges youDefeat Bishop
    Mercedes Benz CL55 AMGLuxury Rollers Car Club Fourteen
    Mercedes-Benz CIENBeat the second tournament in Detroit
    Mercedes-Benz G55 AMGBig Playas Fifteen Races
    Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG "DUB Edition"DUB Tournament
    New Car RimsFour Street Races
    New Car RimsSeven Street Races
    New Car RimsFourty-One Street Races
    New Car RimsThirty-Eight Street Races
    New Car RimsFifty-Nine Street Races
    New Car RimsFifty-Six Street Races
    New Car RimsFifty Street Races
    New Chopper RimsDefeating Naomi
    New Chopper RimsDefeating Spider
    New Chopper VinylsChopper of America Bike Club Twelve Races
    New Flame VinylsSeven Street Races
    New Luxury Sedan ExhaustsLuxury Rollers Car Club One Race
    New Luxury Sedan Front BumpersLuxury Rollers Car Club Five Races
    New Luxury Sedan Rear BumpersLuxury Rollers Car Club Nine Races
    New Luxury Sedan Side UpgradesLuxury Rollers Car Club Seven Races
    New Luxury Sedan SpoilersLuxury Rollers Car Club Eleven Races
    New Manufacturer VinylsFour Street Races
    New Muscle Car Exhausts UnlockedAmerican Royalty Car Club One Race
    New Muscle Car Front BumpersAmerican Royalty Car Club Seven Races
    New Muscle Car HoodsAmerican Royalty Car Club Thirteen Races
    New Muscle Car Rear BumpersAmerican Royalty Car Club Eleven Races
    New Muscle Car Side UpgradesAmerican Royalty Car Club Nine Races
    New Muscle Car Spoilers UnlockedAmerican Royalty Car Club Five Races
    New Rider OutfitsChopper of America Bike Club One Race
    New Rider OutfitsChopper of America Bike Club Eight Races
    New RidersRockstar Logo's (Detroit)
    New RimsTwenty-Four Street Races
    New Sport Bike RimsDefeating Vito
    New Sport Bike VinylsDefeating Kioshi
    New SUV/Truck ExhaustsBig Playas One Race
    New SUV/Truck Front BumpersBig Playas Five Races
    New SUV/Truck Front GrillsBig Playas Twelve Races
    New SUV/Truck HoodsBig Playas Ten Races
    New SUV/Truck Rear BumpersBig Playas Seven Races
    New SUV/Truck Rear UpgradesBig Playas Eleven Races
    New SUV/Truck Side UpgradesBig Playas Six Races
    New SUV/Truck TaillightsBig Playas Two Races
    New Tuner ExhaustsUnbeatable Street Racers One Race
    New Tuner Front BumpersUnbeatable Street Racers Six Races
    New Tuner HoodsUnbeatable Street Racers Nine Races
    New Tuner Rear BumpersUnbeatable Street Racers Eight Races
    New Tuner Side SkirtsUnbeatable Street Racers Seven Races
    New Tuner SpoilersUnbeatable Street Racers Ten Races
    New Tuner TaillightsUnbeatable Street Racers Two Races
    Ninja ZX 12Rwin all the sport bike races
    Nissan Skylinebeat all 13 tuner race tournaments
    Pearlescent PaintSeventeen Street Races
    Police MotorcycleOriginal Riders Fourteen Races
    R* License PlatesFind 24 hidden R* Collectables
    Race Starters as RidersFind 36 hidden R* Collectables
    Rider KioshiDefeating Kioshi
    Rider NaomiDefeating Naomi
    Rider SpiderDefeating Spider
    Rider VitoDefeating Vito
    Rockstar License PlatesRockstar Logo's (Atlanta)
    San Diego Police CarSeventeen Street Races
    Skullybeat all the races for the Choppers of America Bike club
    Special Move Agro (Luxury Sedans)Luxury Rollers Car Club Three Races
    Special Move Agro (SUV/Trucks)Big Playas Three Races
    Special Move Roar (Choppers)Chopper of America Bike Club Three Races
    Special Move Roar (Muscle Cars)American Royalty Car Club Three Races
    Special Move Zone (Exotics)By Invitation Only Race 3
    Special Move Zone (For Tuners)Unbeatable Street Racers Three Races
    Special Move Zone (Luxury Sport Coupes)Luxury Rollers Car Club Three Races
    Special Move Zone (Sport Bikes)Original Riders Three Races
    Splash VinylsFourty-Four Street Races
    Tribal VinylsTwenty-Four Street Races
    Unbeatable Street Racers Challenge youDefeat Vanessa
    Wild VinylsTwenty-Nine Street Races

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