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Guide and Walkthrough by CChang

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/10/2002

By Charlie Chang (metalslugger@hotmail.com)

Table of Contents

I. Revision History
II. Introduction
III. Gameplay
IV. Walkthrough
V. Credits

I.  Revision History

-added proper names to vehicles/weapons(thanks to Thanos rulzs for the link)
-added to walkthrough, mostly secrets
-revised introduction

-first version
-gameplay started
-walkthrough complete

II.  Introduction

Metal Slug 4 is the newest game in the popular series, and it has something for
all fans of side-scrolling arcade shoot-em ups.  It is a pretty fun addition to
the Metal Slug franchise, so make sure you bring lots of tokens to your arcade.

Your job is to save the world from the cyber-terrorist organization known as
the “Amadeus”.  Old mainstays Tarma and Eri work towards a vaccine to “Amadeus”
viral weapon “White Baby”, a virus designed to infiltrate and destroy
government and military computer systems.  You select from the remaining four
members to stop the physical unit of “Amadeus”.

III.  Gameplay

Gameplay is similar to previous installments of Metal Slug, with a couple of
minor changes.  The biggest changes in the series are the addition of the “D”
button and the “Metalish System”, which I will describe in detail later.

There are two new characters to choose from in addition to Marco and Fio:
Trevor and Nadia.

The controls used are typical NeoGeo fare.  That is, you use the directional
pad to move, along with four buttons to shoot/jump/kill.

A is used for shooting.
B is used for jumping.
C is used for throwing grenades.
D is used to jump out of a vehicle and have it self destruct.  It replaces the
A+B button combo in earlier Metal Slug games.

You can also hijack enemy vehicles now.  Here is a list of new vehicles:

Forklift:  It’s basic function is to lift you upwards when you hit the jump

Bradley:  Extremely powerful rocket launcher.  Use its rockets for quick
destruction of heavy enemies.

3 Ton Truck:  You ride in the back of this truck as it speeds through enemy
highways.  You are vulnerable to all attacks so be careful.

Walkmachine:  This is a four-legged machine, and like the 3 Ton truck, you are
vulnerable to all attacks.  It has it’s own built in machine gun.

Metal crow:  Another powerful tank, this one can launch guided missiles.

Bike:  You ride in this bike as a passenger.  Unfortunately you are vulnerable
to all attacks.

There is now a “Metalish System”.  When you pick up a color coded emblem, a
timer bar will appear at the top of the screen.  The number of enemies you kill
during this time will net you bonus points(marked as badges).  If you complete
a level with badges intact, you will gain additional bonus points.  Here is a
breakdown of emblem colors:

Green = 30 seconds
White = 15 seconds
Blue = 10 seconds
Red = 8 seconds


’2H’ = Double Machine Gun
’H’ = Heavy Machine Gun
‘C’ = Enemy Chaser
‘I’ = Iron Lizard
‘F’ = Flame Shot
‘R’ = Rocket Launcher
‘S’ = Shotgun
‘L’ = Laser
‘D’ = Drop Shot

IV.  Walkthrough


A helicopter will drop you off and you begin the mission.  Head towards the
right and destroy the taxi for a ‘2H’.  Destroy the jeep and save the
prisoner(1) for a blue emblem.

Destroy the enemies descending on you and be careful not to destroy the truck
on the right.  Jump onto the truck and shoot upwards to collect a gem.

Now head right again and you will see a prisoner(2) descending on a board.  The
trick to reach the prisoner is to use the car below him.  Shoot the car from
above and it will propel you into the air when it explodes.  Save the prisoner
and pick up a ‘H’ along with some bombs.

Go right, destroy the helicopter and some vehicles to find another ‘H’.  Head
forward and destroy the tank for a ‘R’.  You will now have a choice of
routes(thanks Thanos rulzs for pointing this out)!  Crouch and walk downwards
for the lower route.

--Upper Route

Destroy the first taxi you see for another ‘H’.  Save the second taxi you see
so you can boost onto the board to collect some bombs.  I suggest killing the
goon on the board before you try jumping up.  Pick up the blue emblem.

Save the prisoner(3) for a ‘H’.  You will eventually reach a motorcycle.  A
prisoner tags along for the ride.

Destroy the first truck for a ‘H’.  An old friend will stop by to help from
Metal Slug 3!  (Note, if you take too long or if his truck takes too many hits,
he will leave.)

Destroy the truck for a couple of ‘R’s.  Grab the white emblem here.  Four
helicopters will attack you, kill the red one and the rest will explode.  
Destroy another truck for a ‘R’.  Proceed to boss.

--Lower Route

There will be scientists shooting rifles at you.  If you get hit by one, you
turn into a monkey!  The great thing about being a monkey is that you can hang
from some ceilings, which will make the game a lot easier for some upcoming

You will also see signs on the support beams numbered from 1 to 6 along the
way.  Shoot them for points.  Collect the white emblem and move on.

Destroy the Bradley for a ‘H’ and the crate for a cure if you are still a
monkey.  Destroy the next couple of tanks for a couple of ‘H’.  Save the
hanging prisoners(3 and 4) for a ‘R’ and some bombs.

Shoot the sign with the number 4 on it for some points.  Rumi will also drop
you some points here.  Another set of hanging prisoners(5 and 6) await you for
a cure and a blue emblem.  Destroy the tank for a ‘H’.   Proceed to boss.


Destroy the two windowed soldiers first, and try to avoid/destroy the bouncing
balls that head your way.  Save one prisoner here(4).

Next, destroy the center section of the ship while avoiding a huge missile. 
Soldiers will drop out of the ship during this time but they are easy to evade
and kill.  Save one prisoner here(5).

Finally, destroy the last part of the ship while evading three small missiles
and a machine gun.  You have to time your jumps so you avoid the machine gun. 
There are three prisoners(6,7,and 8) here so take your time if you want to
collect them.

End of Mission


You get dropped off in the team van to start this mission.  Re-enter the van to
pick up some bonus points.  Pick up a white emblem and proceed to free a
prisoner(1) for a ‘H’.

Jump into the Bradley and shoot the top window of the building to find some
bonus points.  Destroy the next building and the woman inside will drop you
some bonus points if you are close enough.

Shoot the crates to receive bombs and ‘R’.  The watchtower above the crates
will drop some bonus points if you shoot at it.  Save the prisoner(2) for a
blue emblem.

Use the slug’s rockets to help you take out the helicopters and tanks that
assault you next.  Save the prisoner(3) for a ‘H’.  Destroy the wall and
another prisoner(4) will drop down.  He’ll drop a blue emblem.  The tanks drop
some bombs.  You need to destroy the door above the wall or else rocket
launcher goons will continue to come out.

Destroy the next gate and head forward.  Pick up the blue emblem and destroy
the tank.  Destroy the helicopter, free the prisoner(5) for a ‘R’.  Stop when
you reach the truck.  Shoot up and above the 3 Ton Truck to find a very nice
bonus.  Jump onto the 3 Ton Truck for the next scene.

Destroy some helicopters for one ‘H’ and one ‘C’.  Pick up bombs, then a white
emblem from the crate.  You’ll soon come across a cave underneath some steps. 
Shoot inside the cave to free a prisoner(6).

Jump inside the metal slug and pick up the ‘I’.  Grab the blue emblem and
release the prisoner(7).  Move forward to pick up one ‘H’ and some gas from the
crate.  Shoot above the beginning of the bridge for bonus points.

Those of you who played MS3 will recognize the boss with the big machine gun. 
This boss has 5 parts stacked on top of each other.  Each layer has a different
type of attack.  I suggest you don’t use the metal slug until the end, it is
very hard to evade in it.  There is a spot you can shoot in between two layers
where you will hit both layers at the same time.  Weapon crates will drop out
of the air so this boss is not too difficult.  Destroy the top-most layer to
defeat the boss.

End of Mission


When you reach the ledge, you have an option of taking the upper route or the
lower route:

-Lower Route

Free the prisoner(1) for a ‘H’.  Destroy the crate for a blue emblem.  There is
a bear here that will help you attack as long as you do not shoot it.  It will
take out many of the abominations so just focus on the left and upper sides;
he’ll finish off the right side.  Free another prisoner(2) for a ‘I’.

The next scene goes upwards, pick up the ‘H’ and move up.  Destroy the tank on
the left for another ‘H’.  The soldier on the right with the machine gun will
drop a white emblem.  The slug on the left drops another ‘H’.  Jump into the
slug on the right.

The prisoner will drop yet another white emblem, and the tankard on the left
will drop a ‘2H’.  The crate contains a blue emblem and the prisoner(3) has
some points for you in the form of a monkey.

When you reach the top, head to the left wall and shoot upwards to receive a
nice bonus gem.  Now head right and pick up the ‘H’.  This will bring you to
the boss.

--Upper Route

Jump down and free the frozen prisoner(1) for an ‘H’.  Proceed into the cavern.
 Shoot the top of the first two stacks of crates for lots of vegetables.  You
should grow after you collect these veggies.

Save the prisoner(2) for some points and collect the ‘C’ and ‘F’ inside the
crate.  Exit the cavern.

Free the prisoner(3) for some fire bombs.  Keep moving forward and you will
destroy a tank that will drop an ‘I’.  Destroy the crate for a ‘C’.
You will see a pile of logs.  Jump onto them and destroy them and you will be
able to ride on one the rest of the way down.  Pick up a ‘F’ and ‘H’ along the
way.  This will bring you to the boss.


There are two(4 and 5) prisoners before the boss arrives.  Get some bombs and a
‘H’ from them.  The boss is a big tank.  It has two forms of attack:
missiles/bombs and a blade that will try to cut you on the ground.  Destroy the
flashing missiles for power-ups.  Solo helicopters will also be shooting at
you.  Just stay back and shoot the tank till it explodes.  I usually destroy
any helicopters that show up, they make it difficult to avoid the blade

End of Mission


All the lamp posts here will drop 6 coins.  Go forward and destroy the
telephone booths for coins.  Pick up a ‘H’.  There is a walkmachine here for
your use.  You are very vulnerable on this, but you can still jump off it for
invincibility.  Destroy the helicopters and save the prisoner(1) for a ‘H’.

Once again you will have a choice of which route to take.  The upper route
deals with zombies, the lower route deals with mummies.

--Lower Route

Shoot the eye of the first sarcophagus to free a prisoner(2).  Grab the ‘H’ and
move forward.  Once again, shoot the sarcophagus to free a prisoner(3). 
Destroy the chests for a potion and a blue emblem.  You will see two more
chests up again, these contain gems.

Free the prisoner(4) by the exit sign.  Shoot at the exit sign for a bonus gem.
 The last mummy here drops a potion.

Shoot the upper left and right sides to find two gems in the next scene.  Lots
of weaponry will drop here as you fight hordes of mummies.  Collect the ‘stone’
for a cool type of bomb.

The chest on the right contains fire bombs.  The chest on the left contains a
‘H’.  Jump to the right to save a prisoner(5).  Shoot the hole here to find
prisoners(6 and 7) and some bonus points.

Shoot down the next prisoners(8 and 9).  Proceed to boss.

--Upper Route

Destroy the blue vending machine for some coins.  A soda can will fall to the
floor and you can move it by shooting it.  Save the prisoner(2) and grab the
‘H’.  Shoot above the prisoner to find another prisoner(3).

Destroy the van on the left and proceed forward to the hut.  Shoot upwards
inside the hut for some bonus points.  Shoot upwards at the telephone pole next
to the hut to find two hidden prisoners(4 and 5).  Enter next scene.

Shoot up to find a blue emblem.  Shoot the chest for a ‘F’.  Shoot the lamps to
the left and right of the next chest for some gems.  The chest contains a blue

Free the prisoner(6) hanging on the rope.  Shoot above the exit to free
prisoners(7,8,and 0).  Destroy the door to find the boss.


The boss is a big robot with a big claw.  Take out the claw first.  The claw
will attempt to smash you and it will shoot out later beams.  When the claw is
on the ground it will try to electrocute you if you are close.

After the claw is destroyed take out the new gun that replaces it.  This one
will drop bombs towards you.  When this one is destroyed a missile launcher
will appear at your right.  It will shoot large missiles at you slowly.  Balls
of fluid will also drop from the sky.  If one of these balls hits you, you will
turn into a zombie.  I usually turn into a zombie at this point and unleash the
zombie bomb attack.  It finishes the boss off in two to three shots.

End of Mission


This level is full of sword-throwing pirates.  In the first room save the
hanging prisoner(1) for a ‘H’.  Destroy the steel door to proceed.  Shoot the
crate for a blue emblem.  Save the prisoner(2) and shoot down the crates in
your way.

The crate on the left will contain a ‘R’.  The crate on the right contains a
blue emblem.  Destroy the tanks and move forward.  You will find a lever that
opens a manhole in the floor.  You get to choose your route at this point.  The
lower route is a shortcut.

--Lower Route

You will find yourself on an open elevator.  A tank on the right side will drop
a ‘H’.  You will also find a ‘G’ here.  Shoot the upper left when you near the
top to find a prisoner(3).

--Upper Route

Destroy the crate to collect a blue emblem.  Save the three hanging
prisoners(3,4,and 5).  You will find two different vehicles here.  The first is
the forklift.  The other is a Bradley.  Use the Bradley and free the hanging
prisoner(6) for a ‘H’.  Free another hanging prisoner(7).  Pick up the blue
emblem.  Shoot upwards where you see some workers running to find another
prisoner(8).  Shoot the middle of the crates before the exit to find some fish.
 Destroy exit to move forward.

Here you’ll find some boats from Metal Slug 1.  Destroy the first for a ‘H’. 
The second has a ‘R’ and the crate above it has bombs.

Next you’ll find a hanging prisoner(9) that will drop a blue emblem.  Rumi will
be approaching you from the left.  Shoot above her to find a prisoner(10). 
This will get you Thunder Cloud.

Continue upwards and you’ll find some more hanging prisoners(11 and 12) along
the way.  Shoot the sunbathing guards up top to receive some coins.


Shoot the gated window above the doorway to find some fruit.  Pick up a ‘H’
from a tank.  You will find some hanging prisoners(13 and 14).  Make sure you
shoot them from the side and let them come to you.  Otherwise, they might fall
off to the side.  The one on the right is the fireball prisoner.  He’ll run
around with you and throw fireballs at enemies.

Destroy the helicopters to move forward.  The crate contains a ‘H’.  The red
helicopter will drop a blue emblem.  Two more prisoners(15 and 16) await you at
the end.  Proceed to boss.

This boss is a submarine.  The submarine will submerge every now and then and
launch big missiles upwards.  There is also a missile shooting soldier on the
right.  Per usual, the glowing missiles drop weaponry.  Soldiers will also
attack you.  The big ship in the back will launch missiles at you occasionally.
 The easiest way to defeat this boss is to jump onto it and shoot it from the
right side.

End of Mission


You are lowered into a pit from a helicopter.  Pick up a ‘H’ from a crate on
the left side.  Destroy the tank for some bombs.  Choose between ‘R’, ‘H’, ‘C’,
‘D’, and ‘S’ because they all drop here.

Use the lever device to drop the ‘H’.  Watch out for the laser blasting balls. 
Save the prisoner(1) and proceed to next scene.

Collect the ‘F’ and shoot the circular machine in the background on top of the
crates for bonus points.  Destroy the tank for a ‘R’.  Enter next scene.

Save the hanging prisoner(2).  Here is another chance for you to turn into a
monkey via the mad scientist.

When you reach the area where you are surrounded by two tankards, shoot to the
left of the video screen and the right of the screen to get some bonus points. 
A prisoner(3) is hiding in the center screen.  Also pick up ‘F’ and ‘R’.

If you are still in monkey form, you won’t be able to use the levers to bring
down some bombs and ‘H’.  Free the next prisoners(4,5,and 6) for some bombs and

Pick up the ‘L’, destroy the tanks, and proceed to the next scene.

Use the lever to drop a metal slug.  Destroy the tank at the bottom of the ramp
for a blue emblem.  The tank further down will drop a ‘H’.  Free the
prisoners(7 and 8) and also the C.E.O. for some ammunition.

Here you’ll face the first boss.  It is the muscle-bound machine-gunner from
earlier.  His basic attacks are throwing grenades and shooting you with his
machine gun.  If you get too close he will whip you with his ammo belt.  Just
shoot him from a distance, he is pretty straight forward.  When he is destroyed
he will be reborn Terminator style: half robot/half human.  He is a bit quicker
now but in all other aspects he is the same.  When he dies, pick up his machine
gun and step into the elevator.

The final boss is one big series of robotic machines.  The first machine will
approach you from the right.  It will shoot small missiles at you.  Small
projectiles will also drop from the sky.  If you get too close, its claw will
try to grab you.  It also shoots rings that you have to jump through to avoid. 
The boss is fairly simple if you stay in close range.

When the first machine destructs, a similar one will approach you from the
left.  This one also has a claw, but it shoots out bullets instead of missiles.
 It will launch out a series of satellites that will attack from above.  These
will drop ammunition when destroyed.  A razor saw will also try to cut you.

The final machine has a series of attacks which are all easily avoided.  The
first is a series of reflecting beams, avoid these while shooting the center of
the machine.  Two smaller robots will appear on both sides of you and emit
their own blasts.  A row of lights will appear and they will shoot laser beams
first towards the floor, then at a forty-five degree angle towards you. 
Finally, a column of laser beams will descend upon you from the walls.  Jump to
avoid the beams at the proper times.

When the boss is finally destroyed, you have to play one final scene.  The
place is exploding and you need to stay ahead of the explosion and reach the
awaiting van.  Destroy the crates for coins.  Shoot above the crates for misc.
points.  The last crate has two prisoners(thanks Thanos rulzs).  If you fail,
you will get a cut scene different than the one if you finish the game
properly.  I won’t spoil the scenes for you.

End of Mission

V.  Credits

I want to thank SNK for making another great game, this time with the help of
Korean company MEGA Enterprises.

Also thanks to scan` at SHGL for the massive token hookups.

Finally, a big thanks to all the Metal Slug FAQ writers, particularly Gon Liu
for his great MS3 FAQ which inspired me to write this FAQ.

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