Review by BlindFever9

Reviewed: 10/11/04

Rally racing at its best? Not really, but still fun.

Colin McRae Rally 2005 is the latest installment to the already huge Colin McRae game series. This game is only available on the Xbox console in the USA but if you are living in Europe you are fortunate enough to get its on the PS2 and Xbox. If you try to import yourself a copy from overseas don't because its in PAL system and our Playstation 2 units are set to work in NTSC here in America.

Graphics: The graphics of this game on the Xbox shine. They are brilliant and it pleases the eye. The environments have great depth and are filled with extradonary scenery. Of course you will find yourself bracing through forest and open fields, but the amount of time that has been put into creating the textures defiantly proofs to be amazing. Every little details have been worked in. Cars get covered with mud, dust and snow while racing through different tracks. Car damage is quite good, as the cars can take a beating but the body will show it. Parts will fall off after repeated hard hits. Shadows are well organized as well. Two things bother me with the graphics. One is the fact that they used "cardboard" audiences. Kinds of feels as if no time was put into creating some 3D people to accommodate the rich environment. Second, the victory podium video feels stale and dull. You find yourself sitting in a car and shadows surround you with cheers.

Sound: Sound effects are very good. Each car has it's own distinct sound. The engine and exhaust are very nicely worked out in the game. Going through tunnels has its one affect as well as you slam your car into an obstacle. There is no soundtrack for this game only intro and menu theme. But that’s not a problem for the Xbox users.

Gameplay: This game is pretty straight forward. You can Start your own career, or play the Championship and play as Colin McRae and get to the top. In the Career mode you will race various tracks that, as mentioned earlier, are quite enormous and fun. There is a nice selection of cars that should keep you busy for a good time. Only negative comment that has to be made about this game is that these cars do not feel free while driving them. Its really hard to make a 360 turn and it becomes annoying after a while. Also when airborne, the vehicle does not act natural while going over hills and big jumps. Other than that the game is pretty good.

Rent it or buy it.

Rent it, unless you are a die hard CMR fan. The game gets boring after a day or two. You will find yourself doing the same thing over and over. But its a solid game in its class.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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