• Cheat Menu

    Cheat MenuPress and hold L, then B, then R in that order, then let go of them starting with B, then R, then L

    Contributed By: Perfect Cody.

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  • Misc. Passwords

    Enter in the cheat menu

    Buildings are Indestructible812304
    Energy doesn't regenerate122574
    Get 100,000 Points (one time use)532459
    Get 150,000 Points (one time use)667596
    Get 200,000 Points (one time use)750330
    Health Regenerates536117
    Master code246518
    Player 1 deals 4x damage259565
    Player 1 has Infinite Energy819342
    Player 1 is Invisible531470
    Player 1 is Invulnerable338592
    Player 2 deals 4x damage927281
    Player 2 has Infinite Energy324511
    Player 2 is Invisible118699
    Player 2 is Invulnerable259333
    Player 3 deals 4x damage500494
    Player 3 has Infinite Energy651417
    Player 3 is Invisible507215
    Player 3 is Invulnerable953598
    Player 4 deals 4x damage988551
    Player 4 has Infinite Energy456719
    Player 4 is Invisible198690
    Player 4 is Invulnerable485542
    Unlock All Cities659996
    Unlock All Monsters525955
    Unlock Challenges975013
    Unlock Gallery 1294206
    Unlock Gallery 2409014

    Contributed By: Cyber Raptor, paultaylor206, and nado.

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  • Unlockable monsters in Godzilla: Save the Earth

    In order to unlock certain monsters, you must acquire a certain amount of points. With monsters, they come in "packs" of four, and packs cost points. You automatically obtain one monster for free from a bought back, but the other three you must unlock individually with more points.
    Packs are divided into three different sections, being color-coded Question Marks (?): a Green ? Pack, a Yellow ? Pack, and a Red ? Pack.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BaragonCost: 30,000 points (Yellow ? Pack)
    DestoroyahCost: 30,000 points (Green ? Pack)
    Green ? PackCost: 60,000 points (automatically unlocks King Ghidorah)
    Jet JaguarCost: 30,000 points (Red ? Pack)
    King GhidorahAutomatically unlocked upon purchasing Green ? Pack
    Mecha-King GhidorahCost: 30,000 points (Yellow ? Pack)
    Mechagodzilla 2Cost: 20,000 points (Green ? Pack)
    Mechagodzilla 3Automatically unlocked upon purchasing Red ? Pack
    MegaguirusCost: 30,000 points (Green ? Pack)
    MOGUERA 2Cost: 30,000 points (Red ? Pack)
    Mothra (Larvae, Adult)Cost: 30,000 points (Yellow ? Pack)
    OrgaAutomatically unlocked upon purchasing Yellow ? Pack
    Red ? PackCost: 60,000 points (automatically unlocks Mechagodzilla 3)
    Space GodzillaCost: 30,000 points (Red ? Pack)
    Yellow ? PackCost: 60,000 points (automatically unlocks Orga)

    Contributed By: BowserGuy.

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  • True Ending

    Beat the "fake" final boss on Hard Mode with any monster other than Space Godzilla in order to fight the final boss. Beat the final boss to see the true ending.

    Contributed By: Cyber Raptor.

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