Additional ArtTed Anderson
Additional ArtPatrick Blank
Additional ArtSam Arguez Jr.
Additional ArtSam Kite
Additional ArtRyan Lee
Additional ArtJoshua Leichliter
Additional ArtTomer Litvin
Additional ArtJimmy Lomax
Additional ArtJonathon Nascone
Additional ArtJoshua Noble
Additional ArtHung Pham
Additional ArtEmilio Santoyo
Additional ArtJohn Schratz
Additional ArtJordan Walker
Additional Level DesignEric Berger
Additional Level DesignJonathan Day
Additional Level DesignBrian Hess
Additional Level DesignPat Hook
Additional Level DesignCarl Kam
Additional ProgrammingBrian Burleson
Additional ProgrammingNicholas Chinnici
Additional ProgrammingRyan Conlon
Additional ProgrammingDerrick Levy
Additional ProgrammingMathew Prichard
Additional ProgrammingDaniel Walsh
AI ProgrammingSean Velasquez
Animation & Motion CaptureJosh Rearick
Art & 3D ModelingStephen Bahl
Art & 3D ModelingJennifer Burris
Art & 3D ModelingShannon Dees
Art & 3D ModelingJoseph Espinoza
Art & 3D ModelingEli Luna
Art & 3D ModelingMike Neumann
Art & 3D ModelingLeah Pearl
Art & 3D ModelingNathan Reinhardt
Art DirectorBrian Martel
Assistant ProducerSimon Hurley
Audio Director & ProducerDavid McGarry
Audio EngineerMark Pety
Audio ProgrammingScott Velasquez
Executive ProducerRandy Pitchford
Game & Platform ProgrammingJeff Broome
Game & Platform ProgrammingSean Cavanaugh
Game & Platform ProgrammingPatrick Deupree
Game & Platform ProgrammingShawn Green
Game & Platform ProgrammingNeil Johnson
Game & Platform ProgrammingCharles Kostick
Game & Platform ProgrammingStephen Palmer
Game & Platform ProgrammingSean Reardon
Game & Platform ProgrammingJeff Wofford
Game DesignBrian Martel
Game DesignRandy Pitchford
Graphics ProgrammingSean Cavanaugh
Lead 3D ArtistMatthew VanDolen
Lead AnimatorLandon Montgomery
Lead ArtistJeramy Cooke
Lead Multiplayer DesignerMatthew Armstrong
Lead ProgrammerPatrick Deupree
Lead Single-Player Level DesignerMike Wardwell
Level Design & ScriptingMatthew Armstrong
Level Design & ScriptingPatrick Blank
Level Design & ScriptingErik Doescher
Level Design & ScriptingDorian Gorski
Level Design & ScriptingDaniel Grafstrom
Level Design & ScriptingEzra Hanson-White
Level Design & ScriptingJosh Jeffcoat
Level Design & ScriptingRichard Jessup
Level Design & ScriptingPatrick Krefting
Level Design & ScriptingBen Nitschke
Level Design & ScriptingNathan Overman
Level Design & ScriptingCarl Shedd
Level Design & ScriptingMike Wardwell
Multiplayer ProducerMarc Tardif
Multiplayer ProgrammingSteve Jones
Multiplayer ProgrammingJimmy Sieben
Multiplayer ProgrammingScott Velasquez
Project ManagerJeff Wofford
Storyboards & Historical ResearchErik Doesher
User Interface DesignJeramy Cooke
User Interface DesignCharles Kostick
Voice TalentTroy Baker
Voice TalentJeff Broome
Voice TalentEhren Buttlar
Voice TalentJonathan Erickson
Voice TalentTom Hull
Voice TalentSimon Hurley
Voice TalentRyan Jewell
Voice TalentNeil Johnson
Voice TalentAmit Kapoor
Voice TalentJeff Kribs
Voice TalentJames Loomstein
Voice TalentBrian Martel
Voice TalentAlix McAlpine
Voice TalentDavid McGarry
Voice TalentMikey Neuman
Voice TalentGreg Peterson
Voice TalentMark Petty
Voice TalentRandy Pitchford
Voice TalentGary Rivers
Voice TalentJD Sanders
Voice TalentJoel Watson
Voice TalentSteven Wilson
Voice TalentJeff Worthy
WritersJohn Antal
WritersMike Neumann


Data and credits for this game contributed by VGF, odino, Blueberry Buttface, oliist, and KFHEWUI.

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