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FAQ by boris17

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/01/2005

Rocky Legends

Written by: Boris17 - Craig Brett
E-mail: craigbrett17@aol.com

Please, put Rocky Legends or similaras a subject if e-mailing with a 
question, contribution or comment. Also bare in mind that this is my first 
FAQ and I might make mistakes and errors. Feel free to correct me but take 
it easy on me, thank you.

Note: I haven't updated in ages for technical reasons which i'll 
explain below.

I. Version History

02/07/2005 Version 1.10
My exams are over! I am a free man!
Ok, here is the update I've been promising for a while.
I've received quite alot of e-mails pointing out bits and bobs,
asking questions and giving advice and suggestions. Thank you all.
I've answered quite alot of you by e-mail because I've been busy with my 
exams so i've been unable to give an update to the guide. But here it is.
This might well be my last update to the guide. I believe we've
covered alot of ground folks, maybe it's time for me to move on to
write other game guides. Added to that that I haven't played Rocky 
Legends for a very long time because of the arrival of Metal Gear 
Solid 3 and Tekken 5. I may well have forgotten some of your
suggestions by the time i've found time to update the guide.
If your suggestion isn't mentioned in any way at all (make 
doubly sure), then remind me. But otherwise I can't forsee any more updates.
Added in my own overview of the game.
Gave Super Punches it's own section under FAQ because I get asked 
alot about how to do them.
Completed the training section to the best of my ability.

31/03/2005 Version 1.05:
FINALLY, Boris17 is using gamefaqs, again!
After some trouble with my account after an update to the way we login on
gamefaqs, which resulted in my account being temporarily lost, i'm
back and now able to update... sort of. I have received numerous e-mails
from readers and i'm flattered that anyone would want to read my work,
but I have sort of lost some of the e-mails over time as my account was ill.
Now that I'm back up and running it might take me a while to get them all back.
Haven't updated anything this version other than explaining my absence.

BIG THANK YOU TO Philz20 on Message board Help for helping fix 
my account

13/12/2004 Version 1.05:
Added in some more training tips thanks to those who contributed
them and a few of my own. I will be slow with updates because I 
am spending more and more time doing things with friends and stuff.
This is when I'll depend on your contributions the most, but I don't
expect many over the festive season. 

28/11/2004 Version 1.03:
Minor update: Just added in skipping tactics

26/11/2004 Version 1.02:
Added in another bit on training for Speed Bag
Included in two new questions in FAQ from e-mails I got
Made some other minor changes, nothing special

25/11/2004 Version 1.01:
Started some strategies for trainings. Anymore will be gladly welcomed.
Added neoseeker.com and cheatplanet.com to permitted sites list.

23/11/2004 Version 1.0:
My guide has been accepted by GameFAQs, after some
problems with the line margins being too long. If anyone has any 
helpful tips to help me with these problems, please tell me.
Added cheat code central to my sites I have accepted to use my FAQ.

14/11/2004 Version 0.6:
Finished most of the FAQ! Still some sections to add and I'm now sending this
to gamefaqs. Most of this is done, but contributions will ALWAYS be welcome.

13/11/2004 Version 0.5:
Started this FAQ. Added in initial sections and put in alot of basic info for
the game. Feel free to help me by e-mailing me and offering any
tips/suggestions or pointing out any errors.

Table of contents

I. Version History
II. Legal stuff
III. Introduction
a. My personal intro
b. My overview of the game.
c. The rules of boxing
IV. Basic Controls
V. Useful Combos
VI. Training 
a. Punch Mitts
b. Chin-ups
c. Speed bag
d. Skipping
e. Squat push
f. Sit-ups
g. Sparring
h. Heavy bag
i. Chicken chase *
VII. Career tips
VIII. The shop
a. The shop?
b. How to get money
c. Extras
a. Frequently asked questions
b. Super punches
X. Contact Info
XI. Thanks

 * = Under construction

II. Legal stuff

This FAQ is copyright 2004 Craig Brett. No unauthorised reproductions may be
made, if you do want your site to host this FAQ, please notify me and I'll most
likely accept. Otherwise, this FAQ can only be found at the following places:
- www.gamefaqs.com
- www.cheatcc.com
- www.neoseeker.com
- www.cheatplanet.com

If anyone finds a copy of this guide on any other site that isn't listed in
this section, please e-mail me immediately. I am the legal owner of this guide
and can legally ask from it's removal from any site which violates copyright
laws and doesn't ask me for permission. Thank you and on to the important parts
of the guide.

The latest version of this FAQ can ALWAYS be found at gamefaqs.com

If you see any spelling mistakes in website names, it's important 
to let me know so I don't get flooded with e-mails reporting illegal copies
 of my guide, thanks.

III. Introduction

A. My personal intro

Welcome to my FAQ for Rocky Legends. This is a game based on the movies
featuring Rocky Balboa, an upcoming talented boxer. If you want a more detailed
review, I have posted a review for this game too so check it out. In this FAQ I
hope to detail the many features of this game as best as I can.

B. My overview of the game

Rocky Legends is a good game, for boxing and Rocky fans alike. It 
features a good mix of boxers and all (so i'm told) from the Rocky
films. There are a few cutscenes which show the purposes and 
achievements of your boxers in Career which is always something to 
work for. You are given some control to how your boxer develops by
taking control of their training regime. You could make Apollo 
Creed a slow hard hitter if you desired. It's up to you. There's
plenty to unlock and work for. Not only that, but nothing quite
beats beating your uncle on 2 player and saving the replay of the
knockdowns! I've still got them! 

However, there are some letdowns for the game. For one thing, the 
different boxers don't have alot of differences between them. They have
stat differences, but that doesn't influence their fighting styles as much as 
it should do. Secondly, the jab doesn't work as affectively as me and quite
a few people would have hoped for. It is used to slow your opponent down...
well... that's the theory. It has alot more uses (so i'm told) and it 
could have been made alot better. I also think the game would've been
great with more cutscenes, taunts and maybe more references to the
films. But other than that, it's a good game.

I don't pretend to be an expert on boxing, but this game is pretty 
accurate. It's a fairly well done game. Unfortunately, a few minor
gripes still remain and it's severely underrated. But a good game 

I have written a full review for this game on gamefaqs (a whole 4
kb of it). It can be found at:

C. The rules of boxing

As you might have guessed, this is a boxing game. Here I will try to detail the
rules of how to box.

A boxing match is where two competitors square off in a fight displaying
controlled aggression. They are only allowed to use their hands to hurt their
opponent and grabbing or "clinching" as it's known is not allowed. The boxers
must wear boxing gloves. The object is to win in one of the following ways.

Knock-out or "KO"
This is achieved by knocking down your opponent hard enough to keep them down
for a count of 10. When a boxer goes down, the referee will start the count. If
the referee reaches 10, the boxer is KO'ed. The count is stopped if the boxer
successfully attempts to stand up and then the fight is continued.

Technical Knock-out or "TKO"
A technical knock-out is scored when a boxer is knocked down three times in one
same round. A round is a set time in which the boxers fight. When the round
time is up then the boxers return to their corner for tips from their manager
and a quick breather. Soon after the next round commenses until the set number
of rounds is up.

Points Decision
After each round a boxer is awarded points dependant on how well they fought.
A maximum of 10 points can be awarded per round. The points for all rounds are
added up at the end if there is no winner by KO or TKO by the time all the
rounds are over. The boxer with the most points is declared the winner.

IV. Basic Controls

D-pad/left analog stick: Moves boxer around the ring
Start: Pauses game to options screen
Select: Taunt opponent
X: Body jab
O: Body Straight
Square: Head jab
Triangle: Head straight
L1: Auto-guard, will block most punches
R1: Use plus X, O, Square or Triangle to perform uppercut
R1+X: Left body uppercut
R1+O: Right body uppercut
R1+Square: Left head uppercut
R1+Triangle: Right head uppercut
Up/Down+X: Left body hook
Up/Down+Square: Left head hook
Up/Down+O: Right body hook
Up/Down+Triangle: Right head hook

Super punches
Super punches are hard hitting punches which can sometimes floor your opponent
in one or cause significant damage. These are performed by tapping R1 and then
pressing either X, O, Square or Triangle dependant on which character you are.
However, they are slow to pull off and if they are blocked or dodged, they
leave you wide open to attack. If you think your opponent is readying for a
super punch, block or duck! If your crowd meter is filled, a 3x super punch is
available. Perform it like a regular super punch except this time, you get
three swings at your opponent. Thwak!

V. Useful combos

In this section I will list some useful combos and when best to use them.

For these combos, I will use my own code to recognise different punches so that
the combos are easier to understand:
HJ - Head jab (square)
HS - Head straight (triangle)
BJ (no, not that) - Body jab (x)
BS (no, not that either) - Body straight (O)
LBH - Left body hook (down/up+x)
LHH - Left head hook (down/up+square)
RBH - Right body hook (down/up+o)
RHH - Right head hook (down/up+triangle)
LBU - Left body uppercut (R1+x)
LHU - Left head uppercut (R1+square)
RBU - Right body uppercut (R1+O)
RHU - Right head uppercut (R1+triangle)

A simple jab combo to the head, useful to get in some quick hits and maybe
leave opponent open for other attacks. Helps daise opponents sometimes.

A jab combo to the body, useful for tagging moving opponents and slow them down
by knocking the air out of them. Helps to daise opponents.

A high and low jab combo. This is useful for hitting the head to cause a small
amount of damage and then landing a couple of body shots to slow and wind your
opponent. This is also good for helping daise your opponent.

Pretty much the same as above, but in reverse.

A high hitting jab combo which is good for scoring some slight damage and
knocking your opponent back.

A powerful but not too slow hook combo. This is good for causing damage but is
slightly harder to pull off and requires slightly more timing than the basic
jab combos. Good for tagging moving opponents too with it's range despite it's
slower speed.

A decent hook combo for scoring damage but it is pretty hard to pull off, but
with practice can be done. As with all hook combos, it's pretty slow but
quicker and less damaging than uppercuts.

A powerful uppercut combo which is useful despite it's slow speed. Uppercut
combos require more timing than regular combos but score some damage.

The most damaging uppercut combo I know of and the last two hits are in quick
succession. The last two also score good damage as they're aimed at the head.

VI. Training tips

This section needs help from you guys. If you know anything useful, please 
let me know.

Training is done in a 60 second session with which you have to complete your

A. Punch Mitts

The point of this exercise is to improve your controlled aggression to improve 
the strength behind your punches. This is achieved by following your trainer's
instructions on what punches to perform. Performing them too long after they 
are called is not counted. Doing the wrong punch will make you lose points. 
You get a healthy bonus for perfect hits during the whole session and the 
amount of punches landed correctly.

The trainer will begin with straights and jabs. These are easy to get the 
hang of. A good strategy is to remember what the last punch was. If the last
punch was a head jab, if the next punch begins with "head", perform a Head
Straight or vice versa and the same for the body. This improves your speed
slightly and has worked for me. This only works for the last punch so it
depends heavily on what punches are called for it's affectiveness.

You'll then move on to Hooks whilst still doing occasional jabs and straights.
The above strategy works similarly. If the last punch was a Left Head hook, 
anything beginning with "left" will be a Left Body Hook next. 

Now we move up a level and it's likely you'll only have around 15 seconds left
on the clock. This time, it's uppercuts and all the stuff from before. The 
last punch strategy isn't as affective in this last part because their are 
Left Head Hooks and Left Head Uppercuts and all the rest. You can't guarantee
whether it'll be the same type of punch. You can try this but you could lose
that perfect streak you've been on all session.

B. Chin-ups

The object of this exercise is to improve your arm strength by 
performing chin-ups. This is done by tapping X and O alternately
until your marker passes over the TOP guidline. Then to stop 
pressing to get your marker as close to the top guidline as possible
and then let it fall to the bottom guidline and then press Square as
close to the bottom guideline as possible. 

*This strategy is thanks to Henry Choy*

When you begin a chin-up press the buttons (alternating of course) 
as fast as possible. Slow down as you get closer to the higher white line. 
After you are on it or past it stop pressing the buttons and press square 
as the line falls down. Immediately after pressing square, begin to 
tap the circle and x buttons again (make sure you don't wait 
till it's all the way down again). This will cause Clubber to start 
a new chin-up quickly. Five or six bonus chin-ups will usually indicate 
that you're on youre way to +10 (if you don't mess up the rest).

C. Speed Bag

The object of this exercise is to hit the bag as quickly and as many times as 
possible increasing your speed along the way. At the bottom of your screen you
have a metre which shows your speed and some markers. The way to do this 
exercise is to press the required button fast enough to move the last line
further up the metre therefore increasing your speed. Pressing the buttons will
move your marker up the bar as fast as you press buttons, the faster you press 
buttons, the faster it moves up. To move the furthest right line up the 
meter, keep your marker just before the line but in it's section of the metre.
Going too fast will mean you miss punches and your speed will gradually 
decrease costing you time and punches. Going too slow will mean your speed
will also gradually decrease. There will be several different commands 
ordered by your trainer:

Rights: You automatically start with these. Press O
Lefts: Press X
Doubles: Press X and O alternately
One-Twoes: Definately the hardest. Press X twice and
then O twice whilst the symbol is showed under the speed metre. You might not
always manage two whilst the symbol is shown. 

This is possibly my favourite training as it just involves button mashing.

D. Skipping

The point of this exercise is to jump over a moving skipping rope as many times
as you can to improve your stamina and your staying power. You can achieve 
this by pressing the required button as it passes in the marker as the symbols 
goes along in a conveyerbelt fashion and moves into the target marker. You 
must be pressing this button when it is in the marker to successfully skip.
If you fail to successfully skip, you'll stumble and lose points. Defaultly, 
you'll start with only X's to skip. This is normal skipping and won't score you
any extra points or speed but is the easiest to do. However, when you press and 
hold L1, you'll enter combo mode and be given some more complicated commands.

Whilst in combo mode, the pattern will change from not just only X's, but 
you'll be given a range of buttons to press, sometimes one right after the 
other. These score you some points! These are harder but increase both your 
points but the speed of the rope as well making it slightly more difficult.
You will stumble most in combo mode but you can't get a decent score without
it. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled and if it all gets too fast for
you, release L1 and switch back to normal mode and slow your speed and avoid
stumbling as it's not worth losing points.

In all honesty, I don't like skipping much, i'm not good at it and have never
got more than a "NOT BAD" in it. If anyone knows any better tips, please 
submit them.

*Another strategy submitted by Henry Choy*
If you want to get +10 you need to hold down L1 the entire time. Also, when 
trying to time when to press the button, ignore the circles that are spinning
around. They're more of a distraction than anything else. You're only allowed 
one mistake if you want to get +10.

E. Squat Push

The object of this exercise is to move your legs in the machine 
performing squats as quickly as possible on the way. This is to improve leg
strength and your stamina.

As far as I can gather, hold either L1 or R1 to move left or right
 hand bar respectively. Once the moving line passes on the marker, release the 
button and	 begin on the other one. This supposedly increases the speed,
but i've never done that well in Squat Push.

F. Sit-ups

The object of this exercise is to perform as many situps as possible in the
time. Alot of points are also scored from performing "IN THE ZONE!" twists.
The aim of this is to improve your endurance and DETERMINATION. 

You must tap X and O to make your bar fill up on the bottom left of the screen.
Tapping more quickly will increase the speed the bar fills up. There are 
markers at different positions on the bar which each indicate different 
speeds of situps or "IN THE ZONE!" points. About 3/4 of the way up the 
way up the bar is the "IN THE ZONE!" point. If the bar is full up to this point
then your boxer will begin to perform twists whilst sitting up. These give
you some points! But on the downside your stamina bar (above situp bar) will 
begin to decrease. If this hits empty your boxer will collapse and you'll not
only have to work up the bar again, but you'll also lose points. If you
are low on stamina, slow down your tapping until you are not "IN THE ZONE!"
and the further down the bar you go and the slower your situps, the quicker 
your stamina bar refills but you get less situps done. If that bar hits 
empty if you haven't started pressing the buttons at a reasonable speed
again, you'll also collapse. 

A good strategy is to either work at the top end of the just situps points on 
the bar before the "IN THE ZONE!" point and you'll perform fast situps 
without using up too much stamina. When you feel you've done a few, 
venture "IN THE ZONE!" and do some twists. Keep in the lower end of this 
for two reasons. One is that you'll lose stamina more slowly this way and 
another is that if you need to recover then the bar has less far to drop and
you are less likely to collapse. 

Overall, I think this exercise can be difficult but nothing that can't be 
worked at. Just keep trying and you'll get the hang of it.

G. Sparring

In this exercise, your boxer practices both offensive and defensive techniques.
This increases your determination stat, but i'm not actually sure how.

First you'll begin on the attack. Your opponent will be on the defensive. He'll
be moving around and blocking, making it a little hard to tag him. On the right
hand side of the screen will be a box displaying a combo of button presses. 
Successfully hit your opponent with this combo fully to score points. Some may
be hard, but just keep trying. Hit as many as you can.

After 20 seconds of that, it's your turn to defend. You have a lit green circle
in which you must defend from. You cannot go outside the circle or you'll lose 
points. Either block or dodge incoming blows from your opponent. The less
times you get hit, the more points you'll be walking away with. Sometimes it's
hard to make it to the circle plainly because your opponent won't let you. I
suggest using the shove move (select+L1 I think) to stop your opponent's
onslaught temporarily. Don't just keep shoving though, or you'll be docked

After 20 seconds, you get the chance to get your revenge. It's your turn to 
attack. Basically it's the same as before. You'll be in your last 20 secs,
so make them count.

H. Heavy Bag

In this exercise, you must punch a heavy bag and perform combos on it. This
increases your movement stat, but it also teaches you some useful combos which 
you might want to test on your next opponent.

At first, you'll be shown a box with 3 different combos in it. Performing
each combo will score you some points, but performing all combos in the box
is mega points! Try to get as many combo-boxes done as possible.
After a certain amount of time (possibly 5 or 10 seconds) the box 
will change to a new set of combos. If you haven't completed all combos, 
too bad.

If you score quite a few combo-boxes, they will now contain 4 combos!
These are harder as you can imagine but yield more points. If you reach this 
stage, your on for a high score.

However, it's not quite that simple. You'll be standing in a green area or 
"zone" when you start. After a while, the zone might decide to move itself.
Damn! Basically this will require your boxer to move into the zone again 
with the direction buttons to continue scoring points. This is very 
annoying when you've nearly finished a combo-box and time's running out.

This isn't a bad exercise and is quite useful.

I. Chicken Chase

This, in my opinion, is a pointless training exercise. Basically you have to 
grab a load of chickens running around. 

I'm very glad this isn't an exercise to improve a stat in Career.
VII. Career tips

Here I will help you in your quest to become the world heavyweight champ with
whichever boxer you chose from the four. A fun way to do it is to give each
boxer the stats that best portray them, unless you're aiming for 100% on each
stat. Here are the stats and what they do:

Strength - This affects how hard your punches hit and whether they are easy to
block or not. Higher strength means you'll be hurting your opponent alot
quicker and easier.

Speed - This is your punch speed and affects how quickly your hits connect.
This might allow you to land a super punch right at the beginning of the round
if your speed is higher than your opponent's and your opponent is stupid enough
to walk into it. Higher speed means more punches landed in the same amount of

Stamina - This affects how quickly your health bar refills. Once your bar is
empty, you are knocked down. This does not affect how much it goes down after
each time you are hit, but how quickly it recovers. Your health bar will always
slowly recover when your boxer is not being attacked.

Determination - This affects how quickly you can get up after being knocked
down. When you are knocked down, the ref begins the count. To get up you must
rapidly tap X to fill the metre at the bottom of your screen. When it fills,
you get up. Determination increases how much you can fill the metre by each
time you press X. Every time you are knocked down again, the harder the metre
is to fill.

Movement - How well your boxer moves around the ring. Higher movement means
moving quicker out of harms way or moving in to attack.

Each boxer has 5 training types and each one affects different stats, except
Chicken Chase which is just for fun and can't be accessed in Career.
To understand what I'm trying to say, here's a brief description of how what I
suggested will affect each boxer.

Rocky Balboa - Good stamina, determination and power. Movement and speed aren't
as important.
Apollo Creed - High speed and movement to dance around your opponent and some
stamina too.
Clubber Lang - A hard hitter needs some POWER! Speed and stamina as well.
Ivan Drago - A super fit all rounder, stamina is a MUST. Power and speed,
determination and lastly movement.

So, this would bring your careering superstar closer to their film
counterparts, but bare in mind this is just for fun.

I recommend you fight each fight on your way up the ladder as each fight you get
an opportunity to train and the more opportunities to train, the higher your
stats go. Once you're relatively happy with your stats, you can start missing
fights with easy opponents unless you want the money or they have a 2-3 month

The schedual displayed next to each boxer in the rankings shows how many months
between each fight. Each month gives you one training session (I know it's not
realistic). Try not to skip 3 month schedual fights as they give you a good
opportunity to improve stats. Towards the top end of the ladder you can skip
less fights and in the top 3 you can't skip any at all.

Do NOT lose three times, or it's game over!

Good luck, champ!

VIII. The shop

A. The shop?

The "shop" option in your main menu allows you to buy unlockable items such as
boxers, attires, film trailors (wee-hee!) and fight venues. You buy things here
with your acquired money. Each item has a price and usually the better items
have a higher price than the crappy ones. Use your money if you have a lot to
get the important items first and then get all the crappy ones.

B. How to get money

Money is earned by doing several things.

1. In career fights you earn money depending on how well you boxed. A long,
well fought fight will earn you a lot of money. It also depends on the venue

2. Completing Knockout tournament matches also earns you money the same way as
in 1.

3. The survival mode earns you money depending on how many KOs you got before
being KO'ed yourself. It also depends on how long you lasted and this + KOs
gives an average which determines your final total of money.

C. Extras

Boxer Bios
You can view stats on all the boxers you already have and unlock. 
Press X on a boxer to here the trainers comments on them which can be
very useful, especially if you're about to fight them.

This gives you information on each of the venues that you have available. Gives
details about movie appearances or relevance to the characters's stories.

This is where you can view the trailors of the Rocky movies. Helps you to 
understand where this game came from.

View many records to achieve or what you've achieved. Know what it takes to
become a champion amongst champions!

When in an exhibition match, you can press Square during a knock down replay to
store them for the end of the match. At the end of the match, you can view your
chosen replays. If you want to remember this match forever, then you can save
them and view them whenever in this menu. If you don't, you can discard them.

View the credits


a. Frequently Asked Questions

Please e-mail me with any questions about this game or answers to any questions

Q: How do you do super punches?
A: Tap the R1 button and after tap one of the face (X, O, Square or Triangle)
buttons depending on boxer. Thump! Read section below.

Q: I bought Rocky 1983 in the shop in the miscellaneous section, but i cant
choose him as a boxer...what wrong?
A: To choose a different costume for a boxer at the boxer select screen, press 
square and then press up or down. For Rocky and Apollo you can choose 
different versions of them from different years by pressing left or right.
Note: This only works in Exhibition mode

Q: i still don't really know how to do the super
punches?i keep pressing r1 + square or triangle for rocky's super
punch it didn't work.

B. Super Punches

Because of the numerous e-mails I get asking about how to do Super punches, I'm 
giving it it's own section. I'll explain how to do them as best as I can. I 
won't be able to help you with Super Punches beyond what I tell you in this 
section. If you still find yourself unable to pull them off, try EVERYTHING in
this section. If that doesn't work, try getting a friend who knows how to do
them to physically show you on a control pad. It's a skill with your fingers, 
not something that can be easily put into words.

* Make sure you first TAP R1, then about a milli-second later the face button.
* Try experimenting with the amount of delay between R1 and the face button.
* Practice is the best place to learn. It's hard to tell if you've done 
it right while your skull's being beaten on. 
* Make sure you're not holding R1, or you'll just perform an uppercut.
* Even the best of us don't pull it off 100% of the time. Don't despair.

Once you've learned them:
* Don't perform Super Punches too often, or you'll just be making yourself an 
easy target and very predictable.
*Be careful with your timing with a Super Punch, if it misses or is blocked,
you're in for it. It's like saying to your opponent "Hey! I'm open! Hit me!".
* It's more affective to wait until your 3x Super Punch is charged up. Even if
your first shot is blocked, there's a chance that the other 2 will make it 
under your opponents guard. 

That's about all I can say really. Good luck.

X. Contact info

If you want to contact me, please e-mail me at:

Things I want:
- Questions that aren't answered in this FAQ and I'll add them to the FAQ
- Comments on my guide that are either positive or negative as long as they are
- Suggestions or corrections for the guide on anything. Unless I have
contradictory word from others, I will take note and use your information
- Requests for my FAQ to be used on your gaming site
- Tips for future FAQ writing
- Alternative strategies for things already here
- Girls asking me out or anything like that

Please don't contact me with:
- ****ing virus's!
- Pointless hatemail
- Criticisms but no solutions
- Spam!
- Unreadable e-mails
- Death threats

XI. Thanks

I would like to thank:

CJayC and the GameFAQs team - For accepting my guide and having such a great 
site. I wouldn't even have done this without them.
Dave and the Cheat Code Central team - For showing an interest and asking
for my permission. I appreciate this because I was nervous about  this guide 
not being very good.
Any others who requested my FAQ - for helping my self-confidence to write
more FAQs. Thanks alot
Henry Choy - For submitting some great training tips. Thanks alot and
anymore would be appreciated for anything I haven't got yet.
Philz20 for pointing me in the direction to fix my account and allowing 
me to continue writing.
Anyone who contacted me asking questions - For helping building up the
FAQ section and letting me know that at least someone is reading my
My mum, dad and stepmum for being proud of me and therefore
encouraging me to keep writing.
You - For reading this FAQ

Copyright Craig Brett 2004
All products and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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