How do I beat darth traya?

  1. I dont know how to beat darth traya?

    User Info: faulknerbobby

    faulknerbobby - 13 years ago
  2. How do i beat darth traya?

    User Info: faulknerbobby

    faulknerbobby - 13 years ago
  3. I have 700 hp.

    User Info: faulknerbobby

    faulknerbobby - 13 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. She isn't too difficult. It's those damn lightsabers at the end that are the problem.

    For Traya, use Master Speed (if possible, or Force Enlightment if you have it), your best stimulants, and your strongest energy shield. If you have the combat feat Master Flurry, that goes very well with Master Speed. Don't bother using offensive Force powers, unless you have Force Crush, because she'll almost always resit them. If your shield goes out or your health is low and you're out of items to heal (which you most likely won't be) run away from combat and use Heal if you can.

    Once you're done with Kreia, you'll be facing the lightsabers. You'll want to divide and conquer. Run away and try to have only one chasing after you and destroy it using the same methods as how you defeated Kreia, and do the same with the rest. You could also lure them all completely away from Traya and finish her off without touching the lightsabers and she won't even fight back this time. You can either kill her or destroy the lightsabers, but either one will end the game.

    In the future, remember that Master Speed + Master Flurry = FTW

    User Info: Will_1231

    Will_1231 - 13 years ago 6   1

Other Answers

  1. Force lightning works well. Also if you are about to die just open the menu and heal urself with medpacs

    User Info: Bl4d3Gunn3r

    Bl4d3Gunn3r - 13 years ago 2   2

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