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Weapon Energy Core Locations by diskdocx

Version: Final | Updated: 06/05/2005

Pariah - Weapon Energy Core FAQ

Here is a brief FAQ on the Weapon Energy Core (WEC) locations. I am writing 
this as I go, and will update periodically. I will not be accepting submissions
for WEC locations unless specifically requested. Feedback/clarification may be 
requested in the Xbox message board.


v0.25 May 29/05
Walkthrough started - levels 1-5 
v0.33 June 1/05
Added levels 6-10, reformatted guide
v0.99 June 4/05
Added levels 11-18, added missing core from level 1

41 Total cores are revealed in this guide. There are 3 on every level except 5,
which has no cores, and the final 3 levels which also have no cores. Level 13 
has only 2 cores which I can find. Intuitively, one would expect 3, to make 42
total cores allowing every weapon to be fully upgraded. The final core is 
certainly not on level 13, so either the programmers goofed, they intended to 
only have 41 (which doesn't seem logical), or some level actually has 4 cores.
Apparently the official strategy guide only mentions 41 cores (I haven't 
checked this, but it was posted in the forums), so probably it is a goof. 
However, some people claim to have all weapons fully upgraded, meaning they 
must have 42 cores.

If you know of a core which I have missed, please let me know and I will update
the FAQ and give you credit of course. Otherwise, the FAQ is now complete, 
unless there are any major corrections needed. 

Hope it helps.


Copyright 2005 Chris Williams.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may appear ONLY on GameFAQs. If you find it on any other site, it is

Level 1 Crash Site: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - Just after the first cutscene when you meet Karina. Clear the 
initial wave of enemies, and go as far to the right as you can. You come to a 
rock wall, and you can see a gap between the rocks. Follow this to an opening 
where the first core is located.

[Core 2] - Missed this the first time through. In plain sight on the right hand
side of the tower where you go to deactivate the turret and open the fence 

[Core 3] - Near the end of the level. Just before entering the tunnel, continue
straight to find an area overlooking the path you took up from the gate. Core 
is on the right hand side near the ledge, hidden in a small crack covered by a 

Level 2 Forest: Available Cores 3 

[Core 1] - Straight ahead, in the wreckage of the ship just after the level 
starts. You have to go through the ship to progress, so you can't miss this 
one ;)

[Core 2] - After you open the fence to cross the bridge, you come to a small 
tower where 2-3 guards shoot at you. The core is under the platform of this 

[Core 3] - Near the end of the level. Clear the last tower of guards, then back
track before activating the green pad. Go back to the ground and around to the
left hand side to find a path (basically beside the green pad, but on the 
ground). There is a platform overlooking the area where you came up to core 2.
Core 3 is on this platform. 

Level 3 Reservoir: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - After activating the first gondola, you travel across to a platform
where 2-3 guards fire at you. The core is on the end of the platform you reach.

[Core 2] - As you carry on away from the first gondola, you come to a bridge 
which spawns a bunch of enemies. The core is in the building they come from. 
You progress through this building to reach the second gondola.

[Core 3] - When you get on the second gondola, it travels for a bit before the 
path gets blocked by a gate. You get off the gondola to open the gate, fighting
a bunch of enemies en route. The final core is under the platform where the 
gondola stops. You can see a ladder down from the left as soon as you exit the
gondola (there are a bunch of enemies shooting at you, so you may miss the 
ladder initially). After opening the gate you go back to the gondola and you 
should be able to see the core as you walk back - it is in the far left corner 
as you approach the gondola.

Level 4 Escape From Reservoir: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - You start this level with a cutscene, overlooking a group of enemies
conversing. You have to work your way around and down to the ground level. 
Clear the area completely of guards before getting into the buggy. The core is 
located in a gap found on the ground level right next to where you began the 
level. You can see the entrance if you look down and to the left when the level
begins. If you go to the group of crates where the initial enemies are gathered
and turn to look back at the ledge where you started, you should see the buggy 
on the left of the screen and the gap on the right.

[Core 2] - After getting in the buggy and busting out of the compound, you will
follow a path until progress is blocked by a gate protected by guards. You will
have to clear the guards and enter a building on the right to open the gate. 
Take the stairs up to reach a green pad which opens the gate. The core is found
just after the pad, in the building.

[Core 3] - As you progress down the path you will reach an area where your path
is blocked by a large tree, and a bridge overlooks the area. Guards fire down 
from the bridge, and you have to make your way across the bridge to progress. 
If you look down the path, through the tree before going up to the bridge, you
can see the core on the left hand side (but can't access it yet). Cross the 
bridge to reach another gate and building which needs to be cleared to find a 
green pad which opens the gate and ends the level. Before pressing the pad, go 
back to the tree, (you should now be on the other side) and the core can be 
found behind a few crates.

Level 5 Hot Pursuit: Available Cores 0

Level 6 Communication Tower: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] -  When you start this level you are on a bluff overlooking a valley.
You have no choice but to decend a path into the valley, which will trigger an
alarm. To deactivate the alarm, you have to go up into a building, and the core
is just beside the alarm pad, along with a sniper rifle. Pretty hard to miss 
this one.

[Core 2] - This one is a bit tricky, and I missed it first time through. It is 
basically on the opposite side of the wall from Core 1 (there is actually a 
door in the building, and it is on the other side of it, but the door doesn't 
open). To access this core, you have to decend back into the valley, and go 
towards the bigger building (com tower). Don't enter the tower, but turn back 
to face the alarm building. You should be able to make your way back up to 
reach the rear of this building, and find the core along it's back wall.

[Core 3] - Another pretty easy one. You have to gain entrance to the Com tower 
by pressing a switch on a computer on the left hand most platform outside the 
building. There are a bunch of crates located near this switch and the core is 
behind them.

Level 7 Generator Room: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - Another well hidden core. After descending the ladder down into the 
basement area you will be attacked by guards coming from a glassed in room. You
progress through the room to access an elevator down to the generators. The 
core is actually under this room. To access it, you have to follow the hall to 
small room near the ladder, which appear to be a dead-end. If you look between 
two boxes, you will see a small open area, with a grate beside it. Crouch to go
into the vent, and follow it to a ladder. Descend the ladder to reach another 
vent, which leads to an open area beneath the glass room. The core is in plain 

[Core 2] - Once you go down the elevator to the generator room, and clear the 
enemies you can go straight down the hall on the lower level, back towards the 
elevator. The core is at the end of this hall, basically right below the 
elevator (you can see the elevator floor if you look up).

[Core 3] - From the same place where you got to core 2. Once you reach the 
lower level, with the generators surrounding you, it triggers release of a 
bunch more guards on the upper level. After activating the generators and going
back up to get back to the elevator, you should see an opened door to your 
right. It leads to a small room (dead-end) with the third core.

Level 8 Cross Roads: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - Again you start this level on a cliff overlooking a valley which you
progress through. You should see towers on your right and left. After 
traversing the valley, you can walk up to a platform in the base of the right 
hand tower, and pick up the core.

[Core 2] - As you progress, you reach a base surrounded by a fence, with only 
one opening. The core is in the back right-hand corner of the fenced in area.

[Core 3] - Another well hidden one. Once you enter the base, you will progress 
to a room divided by a ditch-like structure, with a suspended platform from 
which guards shoot at you. The core is hidden under a ledge at the side of the 
ditch, closest to where you enter the room. You have to crouch to reach it. 
Descend into the ditch and walk along the side to see it.

Level 9 Train: Available Cores 3

*Note - This level takes place on a train, with 2 types of cars; Flatbed Cars 
and Box Cars*

[Core 1] - Found on top of a crate in the first Box Car you enter after 
starting the level. Can't miss this one ;)

[Core 2] - Found under the second Flatbed Car. There are small vent shafts 
running perpendicular across the undercarriage of all the Flatbed cars. Access 
them from the walkway running along either side.

[Core 3] - On the roof of the very next Box Car after core 2. In the middle of 
the far edge of the roof. Also pretty hard to miss.

Level 10 Path To Anvil: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - You start the level in the wreckage of the train. To progress you 
have to make your way through the wreckage. Towards the end you will see the 
core overhead on a piece of debris.

[Core 2] - After exiting the wreckage you start to make your way down a long 
hill. On the left hand side there is an opening to a bunker. Hit the green 
button to pop the top and descend the bunker ladder. It appears to be a dead 
end, but if you search the wall opposite the computers you will see a vent 
opening. Crawl through to reach the another room with a bunch of ammo packs and
the second core.

[Core 3] - Keep going downhill past the first turret with the automatic gun. 
There is a branch point with another turret to the left and a bunch of debris 
on fire to the right. Your path is blocked by a bunch of gas bombs. You can 
actually crawl through the firey debris to reach another bunker. Open as before
and descend, this time setting off an alarm which opens a door and sends in 
guards. Kill them and go through the door to lead to another room with, you 
guessed it, a vent! This vent has a branching path - right leads to a new room 
with ammo packs and a door leading back to the ladder room. Left is a dead end,
but the core is at the end.

Level 11 Anvil Courtyard: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - Right in front of your eyes as you start the level. Tell me you 
didn't miss this one ;)

[Core 2] - Shortly after acquiring core 1 you come to the first of several 
courtyard battles. As you enter this area, there will be guards shooting at 
overhead drones (which, by the way, seem most vulnerable to the upgraded 
Bulldog with armor piercing rounds). Anyway, clear this area, and you will find
the core in the bottom corner - either access it from the ground, or jump over 
the railing right in front of you from where you first entered the courtyard.

[Core 3] - About one third of the way through the level you enter the first of 
several underground areas. Immediately after entering the structure, you should
see the core behind a vent grate in front of you. Access in through the open 
vent in the wall found on the opposite hallway.

Level 12 Inside The Anvil

[Core 1] - A bit complicated to find. This level is all inside what appears to 
be a jail-like compound. When you first start the level you enter a room with 
several platforms. Drones are overhead, and guards are fighting each other. 
Once the area is clear, get your bearings. You entered on level 1. The exit is 
on level 2, and there is another, seemingly inaccessable level 3 above you. In 
actual fact, you can drop to the ground below level 1, and you will see a vent 
in the back left corner. Crouch into it and follow to a ladder which takes you 
to level 3. You can open one of the doors on level 3, to access a tunnel 
connecting to a platform overlooking the room you will ultimately progress to 
via the exit on level 2. The core is on this platform (and another grand battle
is taking place in this room).

[Core 2] - From the room where core 1 was found, you will find a ladder on the 
left hand side near the exit. If you ascend this ladder, you will see core 2 
behind a vent grate (but you can't access it from here). From this position you
can reach a platform overlooking the next area, and yet another major battle. 
I would suggest clearing this area, and descend to the ground level. In the 
back left corner is an office area, with a vent opening. This leads to a ladder
which takes you up to the area where the core is.

[Core 3] - Should be visible overhead on a platform which you can see as you 
leave the office after collecting core 2. Again, not immediately available. 
Progress through this large area to the next smaller room, where you should 
find a few guards fighting and 2 open vents; one opposite and one beside the 
door where you entered. The vent opposite leads to a couple of needed ammo 
packs, and the one beside should lead to a ladder, which takes you up to a 
branching corridor. To the right are more guards fighting, and to the left is 
the platform with the core.

Level 13 Drop Ship: Available Cores 2

[Core 1] - After defending your drop ship from missiles and eliminating the 
guns, you board the other drop ship. Make your way up the first few levels to 
an elevator taking you to the crew quarter area. Initially there are 4 
corridors open - 2 go upstairs to locked doors, and the other 2 lead to the 
front of the ship. Going forward triggers an onslaught of enemies, and when you
reach the room at the front the doors close and block you from going back. You 
can go upstairs on either side to reach the corridors that were previously 
blocked. Core 1 is in the corridor on one side.

[Core 2] - And core 2 is in the corridor on the other side :)

Level 14 Desert Thunder: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - This level starts off in a crash site and you progress down a hilly 
path to a large structure and a fenced gate. Just before reaching the structure
you pass underneath a rock archway. The first core is on top of this rock arch.

[Core 2] - Located on the main level of the structure you reach just after 
getting core 1. Relative to your position as you go beneath the arch, it is in 
the far left corner of the screen.

[Core 3] - As you progress in this level, you will reach a structure defended 
by 2 automatic turrets, which have to be disabled. You find a building with the
controls to the turrets located up a hill to the right of the large structure. 
The core is on the roof of this building, accessible via a ramp located to the 
right of the door to the building.

Level 15 Rush To The Dam: Available Cores 3

[Core 1] - As you make your way into the large area surrounding the dam 
building, you should see a small stairway bridge leading to your right, and a 
large fence straight ahead. Ultimately you go around this fence via a path to 
your left. Before doing so, go over the little bridge to reach an enclosed 
area, with a guard with a rocket launcher above you. If you search around, you 
see a small grassy area near the fence, and the core is in this area.

[Core 2] - Go around the fence, and continue down the roadway. You will 
eventually come to a building on your right, with a ladder going underground. 
Before going underground, you get the core by searching the farthest left 
corner of the open roadway area. The core is basically right under the spot 
where you will eventually end the level at.

[Core 3] - After getting core 2 go underground and then up a series of ladders 
to reach the scaffolding overhead. (From the point where you emerge, you should
have a good vantage point for the whole roadway area. If you have troubles with
cores 1 or 2, you should be able to get your bearings from here. Look down, and
you see the door via which you entered the area to your right. Core 1 is 
basically straight ahead, and the building with the underground tunnel is 
slightly to your left. Core 2 is way off in the distance to your left. You will
be going towards it as you follow the overhead scaffold - but remember, it is 
on the ground). Anyway, core 3 is on the scaffold near where you come up. It is 
at the end of a dead end branch of the scaffold, to the left of the direction 
that the enemies will be attacking from.

Level 16 Last Run: Available Cores 0

Level 17 Stockton's Last Stand: Available Cores 0

Level 18 Shroud Revealed: Available Cores 0

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