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FAQ by Shadows_Heir

Version: .4 | Updated: 05/27/2005

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(I'm terrible at ASCII art...)

Version Information

.01 - 2/18/05 - Reorganization of guide.  Basic skeletal structure laid out.
.02 - 3/7/05 - "Skeletal".  I wish.  Format finished.
.03 - 3/8/05 - Made slight adjustments to some things.  Began long wait.
.04 - 3/22/05 - More slight adjustments.  I think I'll send this off to GrooveSim and see
                what he thinks of it.
.05 - 3/26/05 - WEC's!  Update to weapons section.
.06 - 3/30/05 - Finally got a code.  Updated the vehicles as a result.
.07 - 4/11/05 - And then there was... DEMO!  Controls updated.
.08 - 4/12/05 - I had a chance and took it.  Minor updates, copyright written.
.09 - 4/18/05 - Multiplayer hands on!  Weapons updated.  Second sending to Groove.


(9)Map Editor


Hey everyone.  Welcome to my first FAQ.  I decided to do it on Pariah for a
number of reasons, mainly since I've been following Pariah since I heard
about it since June 2004 and also because its so damn cool.  As its my first FAQ
bear with me, I'll try to get everything in.  If I miss something feel
free to email me, I'll credit you in the proper place.  If you think my
FAQ is bad or could use something I'll take suggestions, as long as there
reasonable.  So with that out of the way, lets get to the FAQ.


Earth, in the late 22nd century became so overrun with humanity that its
resources were taxed far beyond capacity.  Soon there were too many people for
Earth to support and resources became even scarcer.  Compounding the situation,
extreme shortages of all kinds existed all over the world, food, lumber, metals,
even oxygen.

Many of the larger more wealthy nations saw colonization of different world to
be their salvation and the new space race was on with the goal of mass
colonization of the fertile, lush planets discovered in the Alpha Centauri system
nearby.  The migration of the wealthy from Earth resulted in an even more rapid
deterioration of our planet.  A century and a half later, Earth was a n abandoned
shell of a planet, scavenged and ravaged.

As mankind explores new solar systems and colonizes new worlds and as space travel
becomes more economical, it becomes more logical to completely remove the most
hardend criminals to an off world centralized site.  Earth became the logical
location to build the facilities to house these criminals.  Earth, being the center
of humanities exploration was central to all colonies, yet isolated enough to
provide to provide an excellent location for a prison planet.

The year is now 2520 and the Earth Prison Facility has 7 large prison installations
located along the west coast of the North American continent.  The facilities have
been running for 114 years, but all is not perfect.  There have been a surprising
number of breakouts and in general, the escapees have not made it off planet, but
have created a great deal of trouble for the authorities on planet.  Raids and
skirmishes occur frequently between escapees and guards.  The bureaucracy in charge
of the prisoners are under funded and have not deemed the situation as high enough
risk to warrent more resources to clean up the problem.

The most notorious of the facilites lies in the desert wasteland of Northern
California.  San Quentin Correctional Facility, North of waht used to be San
Francisco.  The prisoners call it "The Anvil".


Your not going to get very far without it.  Heres the basic controls and a
few useful manuvers.


Left Trigger - Pull out Bone Saw
Right Trigger - Fire Weapon
[X] - Reload/Interact
[Y] - Weapon Selection Wheel
[A] - Jump
[B] - Dash
White - Healing Tool
Black - objective
D-Pad - Scroll Through Weapons
Right Analog Stick - Freelock/Aim
Left Analog Stick - Move; climp up/down ladders
Right Analog Button - Zoom In
Left Analog Button - (Hold) Crouch
Back Button - Nothing
Start - Bring up Main Menu


You'll meet a lot of people in Pariah.  Most of them don't like you, and since
they want you dead your more than happy to return the favor.  The important
ones are listed here.

(3.1) Jack Mason

In short, you.  Jack Mason is an ex-military doctor who was discharged for a
variety of reasons, mostly insubordination and failure to follow orders.  As
such he has been demoted to work far beneath him, but since he's so burned
out he could really care less.  At the start of the game, he is ordered to
pick up a prisoner off the high security prison planet Earth.  All goes
according to plan until the actual liftoff, at which point his ship is shot
down.  Never one to take things lying down, he grabs a gun and sets off to
find a way off the planet with his "prisoner" before the bio-containment
system activates and "cleanses" the planet via nuclear detonation.

Manual - Jack is a doctor for the Transgenic Control Commission (T.C.C.).  Through
a series of demotions Jack's once brillient career now has him doing
routine transportsof parients/prisoners for the numerous military-run
prison complexes around the solar system.

(3.2) Karina

The prisoner in question.  Little is known about her origins.  She was placed
in a bio-weapon experiment of some sort and was the sole survivor of the t149
varient.  The researcher in charge of the project thought it was her
chromosomes.  Wanted dead by a lot of people because the virus she carries could
be spread and the potential infection vector is unacceptable.

Manual - Karina is the subject of Jack's latest prisoner relocation assignment.
Mysteriously, her transfer orders lack the usual backround information.  All Jack
knows is that she is reported to have a transgenic virus and his task is to transport
her off earth to a medical facility.  She has been held in the infamous prison known
as "The Anvil" for a number of years.

(3.3) Stockton

The apparent director of the project that Karina was a part of.  He inherited
it from his father, and is determined to see it through to the end.  Jack reports to
him before he is shot down.  Determined to end the infection before it can spread,
and has no reservations about deploying his guards to kill Jack and Karina.

Manual - Stockton is the warden of the military prison known as "The Anvil".  Jack
reports directly to him during the mission.

(3.4) Flight Officer Nathen Stubbs

A hotshot pilot.  A member of the MSA, he is transferred to Earth after
graduation.  Flies CAP runs while waiting for better work.  Unfortunatly, his
aim isn't as good as his piloting skills.

Manual - Stubbs is the pilot for Jack's medical transport.


Your not going to get far without them.  There are 7 weapons in the game,
and almost all of be upgraded 3 times using Weapon Energy Cores, which are aquired
from enemies.  The more upgrades you get, the more effective the gun, which means
you can upgrade you favorites easily, but be warned, the higher levels cost a LOT
and you could be spending them on your med device...

(4.1) Bulldog

Your everyday machine gun.  High rate of fire, low accuracy, carried by enemy
grunts, etc.  Its nothing special, but you have to start somewhere, and for a
basic weapon you'll find yourself falling back to it quite a bit.

Manual - The trusty assualt rifle (nicknamed: "The Bulldog") is standard issue for
combat situations in 2520.  The weapon fires high velocity rounds and is
equipped with a zoom mode for more distant targets.  Recoil makes burst firing the
most tactically efficient method to employ it.  It can also be equipped with armor
piercing rounds for greater damage to targets.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 160
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Minimal
Usefulness - 4/10

1st Upgrade

Fire Accelerator

WEC Cost - 1

Increases the rate of fire.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 160
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Minimal
Usefulness - 5/10

2nd Upgrade

Recoil Stabilizer
WEC Cost - 2

Decreases recoil, basically an accuracy booster.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 160
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Minimal
Usefulness - 6/10

3rd Upgrade

Armor Piercing
WEC Cost - 3

Somewhat deceptive name, this gives it a massive damage boost.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 160
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 7/10

(4.2) Fragrifle

Read: Shotgun.  This is used for everything you think it would be, close range
combat and general grunt killer.  Higher levels really give this thing a punch.

Manual - The frag rifle produces intense killing power at close range, though due to
the spread of the shot, its efficiency rapidly trails off at medium to long range.

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - 24
Reload Speed - Slow
Range - Close
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 5/10

1st Upgrade

Servo Reloader

WEC Cost - 1

Effect - Decreases reload time, which is a godsend for this gun.  Get it ASAP.

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - 24
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 7/10

2nd Upgrade

Magneto Concentrator

WEC Cost - 2

Effect - Any frag rounds that miss the target and are imbedded within range of
the target are drawn to the concentraror round on contact.

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - 24
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close
Damage - Medium to High
Usefulness - 8/10

3rd Upgrade

Titanium Concentrator

WEC Cost - 3

Effect - These rounds may persist even after killing a target, allowing for multiple

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - 24
Reload Speed - Fast
Range - Close
Damage - High
Usefulness - 8/10

NOTES - After level one, when you miss a target at close range and hit the floor,
walls, or ground, the shot will leave a shard of metal imbedded in the surface.
If you hit your target while they are near the shard, it will fly into them, for
all intents and purposes, its a mine.

(4.3) Grenade Launcher

Exactly what you think it is.  Being explosive its fun to use, and has great
crowd clearing potential.  The higher levels are devestating to watch ^_^

Manual - The grenade launcher packs a hefty explosive charge into a fist sized
projectile, yielding devastating results when launched into a group of hostiles.
The upgraded launcher can us remote detonation projectiles to lay traps for the
unwary adversary.  Additional upgrades allow the grenades to attract debris from
the surrounding area and incorporate it into the weapon's fragmentation effect.

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - NA (All Ammo in Clip)
Reload Speed - NA (No reload)
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 6/10

1st Upgrade

Remote Detonator

WEC Cost - 1

Effect - Adds a remote detonator to the grenades.  When a grenade is fired, it switches
to a detonator.  Fire again to detonate.  Great for indoors when you KNOW someone is
around the corner.  Hold down the trigger to fire multiple grenades and release it to
detonate them all at once.

Clip Size - 8
Reserve Ammo - NA (All Ammo in Clip)
Reload Speed - NA (No reload)
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 8/10

2nd Upgrade

Fragment Attractor

WEC Cost - 2

Effect - When you fire the grenade, it will pick up and attract debris to it.  When it
explodes, the debris goes everywere, adding substantial power to the grenade.

Clip Size - 10
Reserve Ammo - NA (All Ammo in Clip)
Reload Speed - NA (No reload)
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 9/10

3rd Upgrade

Target Leech

WEC Cost - 3

Effect - This makes the grenade stick to a target.  I'm sure you can imagine what that
entails ^.^

Clip Size - 12
Reserve Ammo - NA (All Ammo in Clip)
Reload Speed - NA (No reload)
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 9/10

(4.4) Plasma Rifle

For all intents and purposes, this is a far better Bulldog.  As you might
expect, this causes considerable damage, and at higher levels, the blasts are
so bright you need to wear protective goggles.  This may to limit the weapons use
in night-time maps.

Manual - The plasma rifle is a high energy weapon cabable of inflicting heavy damage
via rapid fire charge particle bursts.  The plasma rifle's upgrades require you to
hold down the trigger to charge the sphere before releasing it.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 150
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 5/10

1st Upgrade

Arc Sphere

WEC Cost - 1

Effect - A charged shot.  Hold down the trigger to charge and release it to fire.  Note
that the ball will zap anyone it travels near it as well.  Note that this will consume
all your remaining ammo in the gun, so only use it when you get low.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 150
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 6/10

2nd Upgrade

Defese Sphere

WEC Cost - 2

Effect - Same as before, except when the ball hits a surface it will stick to it and
zap anyone who comes near it.  Basically its now a turret.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 150
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 6/10

3rd Upgrade

Explosive Sphere

WEC Cost - 3

Effect - Damage increase for the ball, with the added effect of it exploding after
it has expired.

Clip Size - 40
Reserve Ammo - 150
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Close to Mid-range
Damage - Medium
Usefulness - 8/10

(4.5) Rocket Launcher

Another self-explanatory weapon.  Use of it should be fairly obvious, don't use
it in close quarters, do use it to take out vehicles, particuairly tough enemies,
and potential barriers.  At higher levels, it can fire 2 rockets at once, and
then it can fire 4 HOMING rockets at once.  Unreal Tournament anyone?

Manual - Your standard, heavy duty, anti-personnel, anti-vehicle rocket launcher.
Designed with one purpose in mind - to obliterate anything in its way.  With WEC
upgrades the rocket launcher is a serious threat on the battlefield.

Clip Size - 1
Reserve Ammo - 4
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid-range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 5/10

1st Upgrade

Heat Seeking

WEC Cost - 1

Effect - Adds a heat seeking effect to your rockets.  Lets you lock onto humans and

Clip Size - 1
Reserve Ammo - 4
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid-range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 7/10

2nd Upgrade

Dual Warhead

WEC Cost - 2

Effect - Lets you lock on and fire on two targets at once.  Uses one rocket.

Clip Size - 1
Reserve Ammo - 4
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid-range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 8/10

3rd Upgrade

Quad Warhead

WEC Cost - 3

Effect - Lets you lock on and fire on up to FOUR targets at once.  Uses one rocket.

Clip Size - 1
Reserve Ammo - 4
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid-range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 9/10

(4.6) Sniper Rifle

Theres always one somewere in every FPS.  This has always been a precision
weapon, and you either love it or hate it.  Either way, you're going to have to
learn to use it.  Typically, this weapon is used to counter-snipe enemy snipers,
take down targets that you really don't want to get close to, thin out resistance,
and generally give you the edge.  Higher levels give you an infared scope for
night sniping, then a "rail gun" effect that lets you shoot through things like

Manual - Once exclusively used by military personnel, this modern sniper rifle has
found its way into the black market and is now commonly found in the armories of
weapons dealers throughout the system.  When upgraded, the scope allows the user to
isolate targets by heat source, making them easier to pick off.

Clip Size - 4
Reserve Ammo - 20
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid to Long range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 7/10

1st Upgrade

Enhanced Vision

WEC Cost - 1

Effect - An thermal scope for night sniping.  Beware, friends and foes have the same
heat signiture, be sure to check your targets when using this.

Clip Size - 4
Reserve Ammo - 20
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid to Long range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 7/10

2nd Upgrade

Expanded clip

WEC Cost - 2

Effect - Expands clip size.

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - 20
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid to Long range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 8/10

3rd Upgrade

Armor Piercing

WEC Cost - 3

Effect - This gives your Sniper the power to punch through things like shields and armor.

Clip Size - 6
Reserve Ammo - 20
Reload Speed - Medium
Range - Mid to Long range
Damage - High
Usefulness - 10/10

(4.7) Titans Fist

This is a BFG without the pesky ammo requirements.  Point, charge, death.

Clip Size - No Clip
Reload Speed - No Reload
Range - Close to Medium range
Damage - Insane
Usefulness - 10/10

(4.8) Bone Saw

A serrated laser saw.  Its awesome.  Its also melee only.  Left trigger pulls it out,
after that Right trigger to swing it.  Fairly effective, no upgrades.

Manual - The bonesaw is a standard tool in any Field Medic kit.  A high energy
oscillating blade allows the operators to amputate limbs or tissue at the molecular
level, for later reattachment at a medical facility.  Used as a weapon, the bonesaw
severs and cauterizes veins and arteries instantly, cutting off the blood supply to
the victims organs.

(4.9) Healing Tool

Its not a weapon, but you'll probably end up using it more then those
anyways.  This is used to heal you, but be warned, any amount over 20 and your
vision blurs.  It can be upgraded 3 times like everything else.

Manual - Advanced diagnostic and repair device that operates at a micro-cellular level
to affect repairs to living tissue.  The contents of each cartridge is injected into
the bloodstream, where nanite repair units travel to the area of injury and apply
corrective micro-surgical repairs.

1st Upgrade

Quick Injector
WEC Cost - 1

Effect - Speeds up the healing process by cutting the injection time by more than half.
Another must-have upgrade.

2nd Upgrade

Health Booster
WEC Cost - 2

Effect - Adds an extra bar to your health.  Get this ASAP to.

3rd Upgrade

Adrenal Increase
WEC Cost - 3

Effect - As well as adding another health box, it increases the time you can sprint.
Flag runners dream.  This isn't actually as critical as the other to, but you can
get it early if you want.


Vehicles have recently become a staple of FPS games, and Pariah is no execption.
As you might expect from the people who brought you Unreal Tournaments Onslaught,
these pack all the punch you could want.  Some are single seaters, others aren't.

(5.1) Vehicle Controls -

Left Trigger - Nothing
Right Trigger - Fire Weapon
[X] - Enter/Exit Vehicle
[Y] - Nothing
[A] - Accelerate
[B] - Hand Break
White - Reverse
Black - objective
D-Pad - Nothing
Right Analog Stick - Steer
Left Analog Stick - Accelerate (Foreward)/Reverse (Back)
Back Button - Select Voice Channel (Xbox LIVE)
Start - Bring up Main Menu

(5.2) Turret/Gunner Controls

Left Trigger - Fire Machine Gun
Right Trigger - Fire Rockets
[X] - Enter/Exit Vehicle
[Y] - Nothing
[A] - Nothing
[B] - Nothing
White - Nothing
Black - Objective
D-Pad - Nothing
Right Analog Stick - Steer
Left Analog Stick - Accelerate (Foreward)/Reverse (Back)
Back Button (Xbox LIVE)
Start - Bring up Main Menu

(5.2) Wasp

Armament - Single forward mounted machine gun
Speed - Very fast
Armor - Light
Seats - One

Notes - A modified ATV with a fair armament.  Driver is exposed but speed
compenstates.  A hit and run vehicle with several apparent uses.

Manual - Single man, 3 wheeled trike with mounted gatling gun.  Used by Scavangers;
these vehicles have been build up from parts of old or stolen equipment.  Fast and agile;
used many times by the Scavangers for quick raids on prions to free more of their own.

(5.3) Bogie

Armament - Dual mounted machine guns (Driver), swivel mounted rockets (Passanger)
Speed - Moderatly fast
Armor - Medium
Seats - Two

Notes - 2 man attack vehicle.  The driver gets a foreward-fixed machine gun, the gunner
a dual rocket system.  Medium armor.  Powerful but not overly so.

Manual - Two-man All Terrain Vehicle.  The driver can shoot the front mounted machine
guns directly in front while the passanger cna control the vehicles rocket launcher or
machine gun in a full 360 degrees.  Made from similar parts as the Wasp, the Bogie is
larger and has some storage capacity.  It is the most prized vehicle of the Scavangers
for its power and manuverability.

(5.4) Dart

Armament - Dual forward mounted plasma cannons
Speed - Very fast
Armor - Light
Seats - One

Notes - Single man attack vehicle.  Better then the Wasp.  But has massive aiming issues.

Manual - Single man hover vehicle with dual mounted plasma cannons.  This quick
vehicle is used by the prison guards on patrol or for fast ground transfer between

(5.5) Dozer

Armament - Twin Heavy Cannons
Speed - Slow
Armor - Heavy
Seats - Four

Notes - I hate this thing.  Its got armor that can take all of the pitter patter of
raindrops and its weapons suck.  I was promised heavy las-cannons.  I got actual cannons.
As in the kind that fire large iron balls.  That were removed from the military's
arsenal around the time they started making iron-sided ships.  Sure, the balls explode,
but the mere fact that they exist is bad enough.  That you need a fair knowladge of
ballistics and not a little luck to actually hit something is a traversity.  And that they
have the balls to pit you in one against Darts that can very well take you apart in about,
say, 5 seconds of sustained fire, is a part that will cause you to throw down your
controller in rage and call on every deity you know to curse whoever came up with the idea
of showing twin las-cannons in the trailer and delivering "old iron-sides" cannons

Manual - This large, tank like vehicle is slow but very well armored and can
transport a number of people.  When fully loaded and everyone useing their
weapons, it's a moving fortress.

Read - This large, slow moving target is a nice way to commit suicide in heated matches.
If you can get anyone else to come with you, they'll gladly commend you for getting them
killed quicker then they could blink.

Well it wouldn't be an FPS if there wasn't someone to shoot.  There are 3 factions in the
game, the Guards, the Scavangers, and the *When I know*.  All of them want you or Karina
dead and have considerable firepower, so you better learn how to beat them.

(6.1) The Military Alliance Security

Basically these are the guards of the prisons.  You won't run into them for a while,
which is good because they can all dish out the pain quite easily.

Types - Grunt, Rocketeer, Riot Guard, Drone

Type 1 - Grunt

Armament - Plasma Rifle, Grenade Launcher
Armor - Helmeted
Appears in -
Difficulty - Fairly Easy
Notes - You will see these guys _everywere_ after you first encounter them.  They can
be hard in groups but they aren't anything to worry about alone.

Type 2 - Rocketeer

Armament - Rocket Launcher
Armor - Full body suit, helmet
Appears in -
Difficulty - Medium
Notes - These bastards will hit you with rockets from just about everywere.  They also
tend to charge you, so take them out first when you see them.

Type 3 - Riot Guard

Armament - Bulldog
Armor - Full body suit, helmet, Riot Shield
Appears in -
Difficulty - Medium
Notes - These aren't people you'll want to reckon with.  Their shields can take just
about anything short of a charged up plasma ball or a rocket.  They are also quite adept
with the Bulldog they have so try to take them out fast.

Type 4 - Drone

Armament - Single Laser
Armor - Light
Appears in -
Difficulty - Medium to Hard
Notes - I loathe these.  Their laser hits hard and their hard to hit.  Your best bet is a
fully upgraded Bulldog.  Take them out first if you see them.

(6.2) The Scavangers

Scavangers are escaped prisoners that live off of the wasteland Earth has become.
They all seem to wear blue goggles and hooded cloaks.  They designed and built the
Fragrifle.  For unexplained reasons, there has recently been a lot of Scavanger
activity, and they are becoming increasingly aggressive.

Types - Grunt

Type 1 - Grunt

Arament - Bulldog
Armor - None
Appears in - Crash Site
Difficulty - Easy
Notes - Not a real threat, they appear early on and disappear by Hot Pursuit.

(6.3) The Mercenaries

Prisoners who manage to escape usually join a mercenary clan.  These clans roam Earth
prowling for trouble and profiting from skirmishes, dirty deals and rough trading.  They
frequently make use of abandoned buildings as strongholds.

Types - Grunt, Corporal

Type 1 - Grunt

Arament - Bulldog/Fragrifle/Grenade Launcher
Armor - Normal
Appears in -
Difficulty - Easy
Notes - You'll see them everywere after Reservoir.  They have a tendancy to go in groups
and will carry a variety of weapons.  However they aren't really profiecent with them so
their threat level isn't to high.

Type 2 - Corporal

Armament - Bulldog/Fragrifle/Grenade Launcher
Armor - Full Body Suit, Helmet
Appears in -
Difficulty - Medium
Notes - These are a step up from standard grunts but still aren't really a threat.

(6.4) Shroud

Only encountered in the last level, Shroud are a fearsome force.  They use a laser weapon
that hits hard and are heavily armored.  There are two types, the Soldier and Assassin.

Type 1 - Soldier

Armament - Laser Rifle
Armor - Heavy Full Body Suit
Appears in -
Difficulty - Hard
Notes - These guys would give you hell if you had to fight them on even terms.  But since
the whole time you fight them you have the Titans Fist, they're reduced to a mere hard.
Theres no real stats I can give you for them, as the Titans Fist doesn't distingush
between Dead and Living, if you hit them with it, they will die.  Simple as that.

Type 2 - Assassin

Armament - Twin Swords
Armor - Cloaking
Appears in - Final Boss Fight
Difficulty - Hard
Notes - These are some hard hitters.  Not because of their damage, which is insignificant
since you can heal pretty much indefinatly, but because you can only kill them when their
not cloaked.  Even if you see them and shoot, if they are cloaked, it does nothing.  The
best way to deal with these ******* (their all female) is to charge the Titans Fist and
run toward one of them while they aren't charging the boss.  When they uncloak to attack,
hit them.  They will die.

NOTE - I promised myself I would at least finish this before the first edition was done,
but then I realized that no one had problems with the levels anyway.  So ... yea.  I'll
get around to it.  Tell then, I'll just put in the hard parts.  Which are the boss fights
and that forsaken Dozer business.  As I have already explained the bosses, if they can
be referred to as such without offending the term, I will explain the Dozer thing here.

Get in the Dozer.


Repeat about four times.

Realize its hopeless in the damn thing.

Whip out your sniper and harry the Darts, switch to Rockets as they come closer and blast
the bejeezus out of them.

Realize you don't have enough Rockets for all the Darts.




Get back in the Dozer.

Crawl its pittery ass over to a cornor and camp the Darts.

Sooner or later, give or take about five deaths before you master the ballistics of the
thing, you'll win.

There you go.  Thats exactly how I did it.  I am proud to report that no controllers were
harmed in the making of that walkthrough, though a plate containing breakfast had to be
disposed of after the seventh death.


(7.1) Stockton

At the end of (7.17) you will encounter the raving warden of the Anvil.  He'll go on and
on about stuff and then proceed to attack you with his Titan's Fist.  This fight isn't so
much hard as it is obscure; the game never really gives you a clear hint on how to beat
him.  So lets start with his attacks, of which he has a whopping two.

First attack - He'll fire a blue beam across the room from right to left.  This attack
is pathetic, as you will always see it coming and can simpley duck under it and continue
pounding him.

Second attack - He'll use the real shot of the Titans Fist and fire a large shot with
splash damage at you.  This is the attack you don't want to reckon with, as you can never
tell if he's standing there innocently or standing there plotting your imminent demise.
Also, the attack itself hurts to the tune of around 3 health boxes.  Like it or not, your
probably going to get hit by it at least once.

So how do you kill him?  Well every time you knock his health down to about a forth or
less, he'll run up to one of the eight generators around the room and proceed to gain it
all back again.  However, when he's running for the generator, all the other ones will
lose their sheilds.  At this time you should whip out your Bulldog and fire into the
central red part of the generator.  It doesn't take long to kill one and you might get two
or three in if you've thrown Stockton for a loop.  After he charges up they'll get their
shield back, which causes you to repeat the process.  After all eight are down just kill

Also, note that knocking Stockton around is as easy as whipping out a level 3 Grenade
Launcher and shooting him once.  This will make him cry and yell you were lucky and how
he will beat you and how the virus is like Viagra to him etc etc etc.  If you do it right
you won't even need to pick up an ammo pack.

(7.2) Shroud Assassin

At the end of the last mission you will encounter this coward.  She sits in her happy
little bubble up in the vortex of energy and sics her pet protages' on you.  She's also
someone who likes to talk about how she will kick your ass seven ways to Sunday while not
doing a damn thing to stop you.  So lets get down to the attacks, in which she has poor
old Stockton beat by maxing out at three.

First attack - She charges her force field and lets it implode, doing damage to everything
in the room if your not behind a pillar.  If you are then nothing happens.

Second Attack - After you kill off everyone else she'll start firing energy beams at you.
Again, the magic pillar will stop these to.

Third Attack - This isn't really an attack but her assassins will periodically stop and
heal her whenever she feels she needs to regain whatever amount of health you've shot out
of her.  This attack gets very annoying as the assassins are invincible while doing it.

So how to kill her.  Its quite easy.  First take care of all the other assassins (About
eight in two groups of four, see the section on Shroud enemeies to learn how to best
dispose of them) so she can't heal.  This will also shut her up, which is a welcome
respite from the trash talking she's been doing up until this point.  Then charge the
Titans Fist to its maximum and let her have it.  After hammering her for a bit she'll
start the energy beams business and you'll have to watch out.  Note that its going to
take quite a few shots to kill her so keep running around to the handy healing pillars
to get ammo.


Beaten the campaign have we?  Well then it's time to head online.  Multiplayer
for Pariah is robust and fun as all hell.  This section will cover the changes from
single-player, the different Modes of play, and general tips for each.

(8.1) Changes from Single-Player

A few things have changed from the campaign of Pariah.  All of them are listed here.

You gain WEC's by killing other people.  Note that you will not get one WEC per kill,
its more like one for every 3-4 kills.  Also note that you need to go and pick it up
before someone else beats you to it.  Yes its annoying, but on the plus side snipers
can't camp anymore.

There are 1-16 players for Xbox Live, and 2 per Xbox for system link.

Vehicles are somewhat useful.  By that they are also deathtraps.  Avoid.

(8.2) Modes

All of the types of MP games are standby's of the FPS genre are present here. They are:

Deathmatch - (1-16 Players) We all know what this is.  Get to work ;)
Team Deathmatch (1-16 Players) - Self-Explanitory
Capture the Flag (1-16 Players) - When Kill-the-other-guy affairs are just to simplistic
Siege (1-16 Players) - The Pariah version of Unreals famous Assault mode.  One team
                       attacks, one defends.
Frontline Assault (1-16 Players) - The Pariah version of Onslaught.  For those who are
                                   adept at missing awesomeness, there are two teams.
                                   Both of them have a base.  From that base, they have
                                   to capture control points.
(8.3) Tips for Deathmatch

Pick a loadout that lets you do maximum damage.  Most will go with Destroyer or anything
with a Sniper Rifle.  Note that Lightweight is very good for just about everything and
tends to get me on top faster then the others can blink.

(8.4) Tips for Team Deathmatch

Pretty much the same.  Sans Destroyer.  Everyone seems to have a forsaken SR in this
so expect to be shot from afar quite a bit.  The bright side is that everyone tends to
suck at sniping.

If there are _any_ vehicles, take them.  Just to make sure the other team doesn't have

(8.5) Tips for Capture the Flag

Keep someone with the Rocket/SR loadout at base and rush the other teams base with
everyone else.  This tends to end in big fights in the middle so if you can win that your
ok.  The RL/SR guy can usually handle just about everything.

(8.6) Tips for Siege

Beware.  Most of these are A. Custom Maps and B. Poorly Designed.  The siege point can
typically be shot from just about everywere and the few that don't have spawn glitches.
Well, some don't.  Those are very good.  And rare.  So unless your on the spindizzy
server, watch your back.

(8.7) Tips for Frontline Assault

*As the situation calls for it*


Tips on how to use it, what to do.

(9.1) What the hell is this?

The map editor is a feature that is fairly new to the Xbox console.  With it you can
craft your own levels and store them for other players to download.  Prove their worth
in the arena or have them shot to pieces by better efforts, its one of Pariah's best
features.  Its fairly simple to use and this section is mainly for tips on how to build
the best maps.

(9.X) Names

I'm not sure where I'm going to put this but for the first editon of this thing right
here will work.  If your going to put your map online, give it a decent name.  Or failing
that, give it a name that isn't like _every_other_one_.  Like Death Crater or anything
that has any remote connections to the substance that is both red and oxygen carrying.
Spindizzy is awesome but seriously, five maps in row that went like this:

Bloody Shores
Blood Rituals
Bloody Crater
Bloody Forest
Blood Rites

is way to much hemoglobin.  I'm not saying these maps aren't GOOD, they are, thats why
there there, but forsaken it, PLEASE THINK ABOUT A NAME!


Me, for taking the time to type all this.

GrooveSim, for his amazing pre-release FAQ that kept the newbies informed and for
reviewing the early parts of my guide.

Want to contribute?  Send me an e-mail at shadowsheir@hotmail.com


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