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    FAQ/Move List by Mortortex

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 01/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ||                              VERSION: 1.03                                ||
    ||                   ORIGINALLY SUBMITTED: SEPTEMBER 11, 2006                ||
    ||                       LAST UPDATED: JANUARY 19, 2007                      ||
    After completing my Deadly Alliance Faq I decided to make one for deception. 
    This is basically the same format as the DA one, but more info because this 
    game has alot more kontent and modes of play. Got the program back for ASCII 
    art and thought one of Onaga would be nice, but I hope I can find a better 
    one some day. Sorry no Konquest mode in this, I am still convinced that 
    if you follow the games instructions you can make it out with no help. 
    I listed where to find all the keys in Konquest in the Krypt section and 
    that is all the help I think anyone needs on that subject or will look for in 
    the first place. All for now, enjoy...
    Table of Contents:
                      Version History 
                      Move Lists
                      Chess Konbat
                      Puzzle Kombat
                      The Krypt
    Searching - Put first 3 letters in characters name in caps plus either m for 
    Moves, b for Bios or s for Story. Example: Scorpion SCOb SCOm SCOs. 
    ctrl+f to search.
    ||                           VERSION HISTORY                                 ||
    Version: 1.00--September 11, 2006 - Original Version
    Version: 1.01--October 3, 2006 - Fixed location of Liu Kang's alt. costume
    Version: 1.02--October 5, 2006 - Fixed more mistakes in The Krypt
    Version: 1.03--January 19, 2007 - Added 1up.com and Honestgamer.com to allowed
                                      sites list
    ||                            INTRODUCTION                                   ||
    2 years after Deadly Alliance we are introduced to the second game on this 
    generation of systems. Deception features a bunch of new characters like 
    Kobra and Darrius, ones from DA like Bo' Rai Cho and Li Mei and even old 
    favourites like Sub-Zero and Scorpion, but what would a game be without them 
    anyways? Another cool feature are deathtraps. Hitting your opponent into them 
    wins the round in an instance. Konquest, Puzzle Kombat and Chess Kombat are 
    other modes to play in and are vary fun, they take Mortal Kombat to places it 
    hasen't been and delivers once heck of a game.
    ||                                BASICS                                     ||
    Changing Fighting Styles:
    There are two fighting styles and one weapon for each character in the game. 
    Pressing the corresponding button for changing style will switch to the next 
    one. You can even do this mid-battle. It's a vary cool feature.
    Performing a combo is linking moves together for added damage. There are a 
    whole set of pre-made combos for each character's three fighting styles, go 
    try them out and become the master of massive damage.
    Almost every area has a deathtrap in Deception. Knock your opponent into it 
    and instantly win the round. Not the match the round. I list all the 
    Deathtraps in the areas section near the bottom. They are cruel and usually 
    send your opponent into a million bloody pieces or squish them into nothing.
    Hara Kiri:
    Performing a Hara Kiri lets you kill yourself before your opponent has the 
    chance to perform a Fatality. So in an essence you kill yourself.
    Big badass finisher moves. They range from decapitations to disembowelment to 
    ripping limb anfer limb off. Ya...Sweet!
    Level-Specific Weapons:
    Some levels have weapons that both players can use. They range on what they 
    do and give you the edge if you manage to pick one up. 
    ||                                BIOS                                       ||
    ||Ashrah (ASHb)||
    Origin - Netherrealm
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Ermac, Noob Saibot and the Brotherhood of Shadow
    Allies - Shujinko
    Difficulty - 5
    Fighting Styles - Chou Jaio and Ba Gua
    Weapon - Kriss
    ||Baraka (BARb)||
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - Bo' Rai Cho
    Allies - Shao Kahn, Deadly Alliance and Onaga
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Silate and Hung Gar
    Weapon - Blades
    ||Bo' Rai Cho (BORb)||
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Baraka and Shao Kahn
    Allies - Kung Lao, Kitana, Liu Kang and Li Mei
    Difficulty - 4
    Fighting Styles - Sumo and Drunken Fist
    Weapon - Jojutsu
    ||Dairou (DAIb)||
    Origin - Realm of Order
    Alignment - Neutral
    Foes - Hotaru
    Allies - Darrius and Damashi
    Difficulty - 5
    Fighting Styles - Wing Chun and Escrima
    Weapon - Autumn Dao
    ||Darrius (DARb)||
    Origin - Realm of Order
    Alignment - Neutral
    Foes - Hotaru
    Allies - Havik
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Shinto Ryu and Leopard
    Weapon - Gauntlets
    ||Ermac (ERMb)||
    Origin - Unknown
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Onaga and Ashrah
    Allies - Kenshi and Liu Kang
    Difficulty - 4
    Fighting Styles - Hua Chuan and Choy Lee Fut
    Weapon - Axe
    ||Goro (GORb)||
    Note: Only on GameCube.
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Evil
    Allies - Shao Kahn
    Foes - Baraka, Kitana and Motaro
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Shokan and Kuatan
    Weapon - Dragon Fangs
    ||Havik (HAVb)||
    Origin - Realm of Chaos
    Alignment - Neutral
    Foes - Hotaru and Onaga
    Allies - Kabal, Kira, Kobra and Darrius
    Difficulty - 4
    Fighting Styles - Snake and Tang Soo Do
    Weapon - Morning Star
    ||Hotaru (HOTb)||
    Origin - Realm of Order
    Alignment - Neutral
    Foes - Dairou, Sub-Zero and Darrius
    Allies - Onaga
    Difficulty: 1
    Fighting Styles - Ba Shan Fan and Pi Gua
    Weapon - Naginata
    ||Jade (JADb)||
    Origin - Edenia
    Alignment - Good
    Allies - Kitana and Sindel
    Foes - Tanya and Mileena
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Fan Zi and Kuo Shou
    Weapon - Bojutsu
    ||Kabal (KABb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - None
    Allies - Kobra, Havik and Kira
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Sun Bin and Goju Ryu
    Weapon - Hookswords
    ||Kenshi (KENb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Shang Tsung
    Allies - Sonya, Jax and Sub-Zero
    Difficulty - 4
    Fighting Styles - Tai Chi and Judo
    Weapon - Katana
    ||Kira (KIRb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - Shujinko and His Allies
    Allies - Kabal and Kobra
    Difficult - 1
    Fighting Styles - Xing Yi and Kenpo
    Weapon - Dragon Teeth
    ||Kobra (KOBb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - Shujinko and his allies
    Allies - Kira and Kabal
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Shorin Ryu and Kickboxing
    Weapon - Kali Sticks
    ||Li Mei (LIMb)||
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Shang Tsung, Quan Chi and Kano
    Allies - Bo' Rai Cho
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Lui He Ba Fa and Mi Zong
    Weapon - Kun Lun Dao
    ||Liu Kang (LIUb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Tanya
    Allies - Ermac, Nightwolf, Bo' Rai Cho and Raiden
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Jun Fan and Pao chui
    Weapon  - Nunchaku
    ||Mileena (MILb)||
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Evil
    Allies - Baraka and Shang Tsung
    Foes - Kitana
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Ying Yueng and Mian Chuan
    Weapon - Sai
    ||Nightwolf (NIGb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Onaga amd Shao Kahn
    Allies - Liu Kang, Raiden and Kung Lao
    Difficulty - 4
    Fighting Styles - Val Tudo and Tae Kwon Do
    Weapon - Tomahawks
    ||Noob-Smoke (NOOb)||
    Origin - Netherrealm/Earthrealm
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - Sub-Zero and Sektor
    Allies - United
    Difficulty - 5
    Fighting Styles - Monkey and Mitzu
    ||Onaga (ONAb)||
    Note: Only Available with Codebreaker.
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - Ermac, Nightwolf, Havik, Raiden and Shujinko 
    Allies - Baraka, Tanya and Hotaru 
    Difficulty - 5
    Fighting Styles - Dragon
    ||Raiden (RAIb)||
    Origin - The Heavens
    Alignment - Good
    Allies - Liu Kang and Kung Lao
    Foes - Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Onaga and Shinnok
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Nan Chuan and Jujutsu
    Weapon - Staff
    ||Scorpion (SCOb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Neutral
    Allies - None
    Foes - Quan Chi, Drahmin, Moloch and Sub-Zero
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Hapkido and Moi Fah
    Weapon - Mugai Ryu
    ||Shao Kahn (SHAb)||
    Note: Only on GamCube.
    Origin - Outworld
    Alignment - Evil
    Allies - Goro
    Foes - Kitana, Raiden and Liu Kang
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Tai Tzu and Lui He
    Weapon - Wrath Hammer
    ||Shujinko (SHUb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Good
    Foes - Onaga and Scorpion
    Allies - Damashi
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Mantis and Shaolin Fist
    Weapon - Dan Tien Dao
    ||Sindel (SINb)||
    Origin - Edenia
    Alignment - Good
    Allies - Kitana and Jade
    Foes - Shao Khan and Tanya
    Difficulty - 3
    Fighting Styles - Zha Chuan and Fu Jow Pai
    Weapon - Kwan Do
    ||Sub-Zero (SUBb)||
    Origin - Earthrealm
    Alignment - Good
    Allies - Smoke, Frost and Raiden
    Foes - Quan Chi, Hotaru and Scorpion
    Difficulty - 4
    Fighting Styles - Shotokan and Dragon
    Weapon - Kori Blade
    ||Tanya (TANb)||
    Origin - Edenia
    Alignment - Evil
    Foes - Kitana, Sindel, Jade and Liu Kang
    Allies - Shinnok, Quan Chi and Onaga
    Difficulty - 2
    Fighting Styles - Zi Ran Men and Yue Chuan
    Weapon - Kobu Jutsu
    ||                              MOVE LIST                                    ||
    |Key:                                 |
    |                                     |
    |GameCube                             |
    |^^^^^^^^                             |
    |1 - B Button                         |
    |2 - Y Button                         | 
    |3 - A Button                         |
    |4 - X Button                         |
    |5 - Left Shoulder Button             |
    |U - Up                               |
    |D - Down                             |
    |L - Left                             |
    |R - Right                            |
    |Playstation 2                        | 
    |^^^^^^^^^^^^^                        |  
    |1 - Square Button                    |
    |2 - Triangle Button                  |
    |3 - X Button                         |
    |4 - Circle Button                    |
    |5 - L1 Button                        |
    |U - Up                               | 
    |D - Down                             |
    |L - Left                             |
    |R - Right                            | 
    |Xbox                                 |
    |^^^^                                 | 
    |1 - X Button                         |
    |2 - Y Button                         |
    |3 - A Button                         |
    |4 - B Button                         |
    |5 - Left Trigger                     |
    |U - Up                               | 
    |D - Down                             |
    |L - Left                             |
    |R - Right                            |
    |+ - Buttons Pressed Together         | 
    |, - Buttons Pressed One After Another|
    |Remember - L and R Reverse on        |
    |           Opposite Sides of the     |
    |           Screen.                   |
    ||Ashrah (ASHm)||
    Chou Jaio:
    Wrist Chop - 1
    Piercing Wrist - R+1
    Crouching Low Arm Chop - D+1
    Nukite - 2
    Vicious Uppercut - D+2
    Snap Kick - 3
    Off Balance Trip - L+3
    Knee Bruiser - R+3
    Lifting Flat-Foot - U+3
    Ducking Snap Chip - D+3
    Hopping Crane Kick - 4
    Whirling Spin Kick - L+4
    Chicken Leg - R+4
    Soaring Crane - U+4
    Walking Steel Leg - D+4
    Chou Jaio Combos:
    Steel Wrists - 1,R+1
    Twin Eye Poke - 2,2
    Downfall - 2,2,5
    Stone Wrists - 2,1
    Leg Chopper - R+4,1
    Demon Slayer - 2,2,1
    Faithful Mind - 2,2,1,5
    Feeling Lucky - 2,2,3
    Furious Wrath - 2,2,1,5,2,2,5
    Killer in White - 2,2,1,5,3,R+3
    Ba Gua:
    Ox Tongue Palm Strike - 1
    Dragon Elbow Strike - D+1
    Power Palm - L+1
    Hooking Strike - 2
    Spear Hand Thrust - L+2
    Heavenly Uppercut - D+2
    Spinning Force Palm - 3
    Hammer Palm Strike - R+3
    Low Jagged Kick - D+3
    Stepping Side Kick - 4
    Swinging Sweep - L+4
    Horse Kick - U+4
    Low Turning Kick - D+4
    Ba Gua Combos:
    Stomach Pain - 1,3
    Fancy Hands - 1,2
    Chin Strikes - 2,2
    Rusty Blade - 1,3,5
    Painful Palms - 1,2,2
    Dancing Hands - 1,2,2,3
    Face Scrape - 2,2,4
    Face Poker - 2,2,5
    Art of Overkill - 1,3,R+3
    Chest Slash - 1
    Head Slicer - L+1
    Eye Poke - R+1
    Low Thigh Slash - D+1
    Right Down The Middle - 2
    Dancing Kriss - L+2
    Quick and Easy - U+2
    Rising Uplift - D+2
    Reverse Blade - 3
    Low Slash - L+3
    Neck Thruster - U+3
    Target Practice - R+3
    Low Quick Stab - D+3
    Pelvis Kick - 4
    Twisting Gut Cut - U+4
    Midsection Pain - D+4
    Kriss Combos:
    Kriss Kross - 2,2
    Twin Swipes - 1,1
    Fast Enough - R+1,1
    Fast Hands - R+1,1,1
    Extreme Fists - R+1,1,1,1
    Goddess Blade - 3,4
    King Thunder - 3,4,2
    Killing Bride - 3,4,2,2
    Special Attacks:
    Heavenly Light - D,R,1
    Lightning Blast - D,L,1
    Spin Cycle - D,U,3
    Nature's Torpedo - R,R,4
    Close - D,D,U,U,2
    Mid-Range - R,D,R,D,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Baraka (BARm)||
    Quick Punch - 1
    Spinning Elbow - L+1
    Nomad Cross - R+1
    Ducking Cross Punch - D+1
    Vertical Elbow - 2
    Frontwards Elbow - R+2
    Rising Uppercut - D+2
    Thai Knee - 3
    Ankle Kick - L+3
    Jumping Roundhouse - U+3
    Crouching Kick - D+3
    Front Sidekick - 4
    Dragon Sweep - L+4
    Low Demon Spinkick - D+4
    Silate Combos:
    Steel Punches - 1,1
    Triple Takeout - 1,1,1
    Head Spinner - L+1,2
    Speedy Elbow - 1,1,2
    Silate's Salute - 1,1,4
    Rocky Road - L+1,3
    Chest Damager - 1,1,3
    Scratch Fever - 1,1,3,5
    Hung Gar:
    Scratching Palms - 1
    Double Claw Strike - L+1
    Low Scratch - D+1
    Chameleon Palm - 2
    Razor Nails - L+2
    Hammerfist Lift - D+2
    Baraka Hop - U+2
    Spinning Hook Kick - 3
    Slithering Foot - D+3
    Tiger Tail Kick - L+3
    Leg Take Out - R+3
    Twisting Sidekick - 4
    Legtrip - D+4
    Spinning Roundhouse Kick - L+4
    Leaping Frog Legs - U+4
    Clearing Space - R+4
    Hung Gar Combos:
    Sharp Things - 1,2,5
    Sneaky - 3,5
    Hot Palms - 1,L+1
    Taking Out Your Eyes - 1,L+2
    Priceless - 1,2,5,3,2,2
    Suffering Blades - 1,2,5,3,2,1,1
    Downwards Slash - 1
    Mid-Ripper - L+1
    Face Impaler - R+1
    Low Scissors - D+1
    Throat Slash - 2
    Send Them Flying - U+2
    Chest Slash - R+2
    Crouching Dual Stab - D+2
    Scarlet Swing - 3
    Up and Beyond - U+3
    Get the Point - R+3
    Tow Slash - D+3
    Spinning Sidekick - 4
    Demon Sweep - L+4
    Shin Stab - D+4
    Blades Combos:
    Slashing Wind - 1,1
    Mithril Metal - 2,2
    Long Tips - 2,1
    Frenzy Slashes - 2,1,1
    Cyclone - 3,3
    Kahn's Warrior - 3,3,2
    Outworld Walker - 3,3,2,2
    Baraka's Special - 3,3,4
    Dark Void - 3,3,2,1
    Heavy Damage - 3,3,2,1,1
    Special Attacks:
    Flying Shard - D,L,1
    Mutant Blades - R,R,3
    Chop Chop Blades - D,U,3
    Close - R,U,D,2
    Mid-Range - R,D,L,R,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Bo' Rai Cho (BORm)||
    Sumo Slap - 1
    Power Lift - L+1
    Low Strike - D+1
    Rib Slap - 2
    Double Handed Push - R+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Cheap Shot - 3
    Sweeping Kick - L+3
    Crab Kick - D+3
    Headbutt - 4
    Side Chop - L+4
    Low Foot Plant - D+4
    Sumo Combos:
    Ring Out - 1,2
    Phat Hands - L+4,2
    Champion Sumo - 1,2,3
    Frenzy Legs - 1,2,5,3,3
    Sleepwalker - 1,2,5,3,2,2
    Drunken Sumo - 1,2,5,3,5
    Drunken Fist:
    Spinning Backfist - 1
    Cross Strike - L+1
    Serving Fist - D+1
    Drinking Punch - 2
    Twisting Flash - D+2
    Battle Punches - U+2
    Lazy Leg - 3
    Sweep Kick - L+3
    Drinking Wine - D+3
    Drunken Leg - 4
    Spinning Kick - L+4
    Monkey Kick - D+4
    Drunken Fist Combos:
    Krazy Monkey - 3,2
    Twist of Lime - 1,1,1
    Crushing Grapes - 3,3,3
    Staggering Steps - 2,3,2,2
    Zero Tolerance - 3,3,2,2
    On the Rocks - 2,2,1,1,1
    City Protector - 3,3,5
    Overhead Strike - 1
    Strong Overhead Strike - L+1
    Pelvis Hit - D+1
    Two-Handed Thrust - 2
    Vertical Smash - L+2
    Upwards Stick - D+2
    Homerun Swing - 3
    2-Hit Strike - R+3
    Low Foot Poke - D+3
    Straight Thrust - U+3
    Mid Reverse Strike - 4
    Leg Poke - L+4
    Dodge Nitro Slam - U+4
    High Reverse Strike - D+4
    Jojutsu Combos:
    Homerun - 2,3
    Cheap Stick - 2,4
    Dancing Stick - 2,4,1
    Crusty Branch - 2,4,4
    Splitting Bamboo - 2,4,L+1
    Rolling Wind - 2,4,4,U+3
    Special Attacks:
    Puke - L,R+2
    Monkey Flips - D,L,1
    Belly Bash - R,R,4
    Earthquake - R,L,3
    Mid-Range - D,U,R,R,2
    Mid-Range - U,L,R,3
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Dairou (DAIm)||
    Wing Chun:
    Pressure Fists - 1
    Long Arm Punch - U+1
    Ducking Low Punch - D+1
    Overhead Knock - 2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Sideways Smack - L+2
    Side Kick - 3
    Digging Heels - L+3
    Walking Stomach Kick - D+3
    Train Kick - 4
    3-D Slap - U+4
    Low Spin Kick - D+4
    Wing Chun Combos:
    Trapping Hands - 1,1
    Lock Down - 1,1,1
    Stick Fists - 1,1,U+1
    Reaver Strikes - 1,2
    Junk - 1,2,4
    Long Legs - 2,4,3
    Iron Horse Legs - 2,4,4,3
    Razor Legs - 1,2,4,4
    Whispering Tail - 4,4,3
    Doom Attack - 1,2,4,3
    Wonder Thunder - 1,2,4,4,3
    Changing Winds - 1,2,4,5
    Forearm Strike - 1
    Lifting Skull Cracker - L+1
    Low Chop - D+1
    Pak Fist - 2
    Upward Sky - U+2
    Hanging Arm - D+2
    Abdominal Strike - 3
    Wild Attack - L+3
    Short Elbow - D+3
    Knee - 4
    Turning Foot - D+4
    Escrima Combos:
    Double Trouble - 1,1
    Trap Those Hands - 2,3
    Hand Lock - 2,3,4
    Secret Knees - 2,3,4,4
    Chaos Strikes - 3,4,4
    Deadly Fu - 4,4
    Path Walker - 3,1,1
    Open Passage - 3,1
    Warrior of Chaos - 2,3,1,U+2
    Hidden Evil - 3,1,U+2
    Sharp Spin Action - 2,3,5
    Sonic Air Wave - 2,3,4,5
    Autumn Dao:
    Gut Slash - 1
    Wushu Spin - R+1
    Thigh Slash - D+1
    Upward Wind - 2
    Upward Launcher - L+2
    Double Handed Slash - D+2
    Melon Cutter - 3
    Crouching Cyclone - R+3
    Tornado Spin Cutter - L+3
    Low Long Ranged Stab - D+3
    Chest Stab - 4
    Blender Slice - R+4
    Foot Chopper - D+4
    Autumn Dao Combos:
    Tiger Slashes - 1,1
    Beast Power - 1,1,2
    Blood Letter - 1,1,R+3
    Special Attacks:
    Tombstone Drop - R,L,D,1
    Stealthy Shadows - D,U,3
    Iron Leg - D,L,2
    Mid-Range - D,U,L,L,1
    Close - D,D,L,3
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Darrius (DARm)||
    Shinto Ryu:
    Face Chop - 1
    Leaning Elbow - L+1
    Low Stomach Punch - D+1
    Nose Chop - 2
    Skull Chop - R+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Hi Face Kick - 3
    3-D Sidekick - U+3
    Low Snap Kick - D+3
    Head Kick - 4
    Shin Kicker - U+4
    Flipping Kick - L+4
    Foot Kick - D+4
    Shinto Ryu Combos:
    Chopping Wind - 1,1
    Heavy Damage - 1,1,4
    Fierce One - 1,1,L+1
    Swift Chops - 1,2,R+2
    Hazy - 1,2,3
    Triple Speed - 1,2,4
    Shinto Stealth - 1,1,U+4,Up+4
    Blending Hands - 1,2
    Blending Feet - 3,3,3
    X-Feet - 2,3,3,3
    Knock You Out - 1,2,4
    Wake Up - 1,2,3,3
    Krazy Styles - 1,2,3,3,3
    I Have the Power - 1,2,3,4
    Shinto Claws - 1,2,3,5
    Leopard Paw - 1
    Sabertooth Uppercut - L+1
    Double Palm - U+1
    Low Paw Strike - D+1
    Knuckle Fist - 2
    Upward Jackhammer - L+2
    Batting Practice - D+2
    Power Spin Kick - 3
    Leg Trip - L+3
    Walking Heels - D+3
    Razor Heels - 4
    Spinning Sweep Kick - D+4
    Leopard Combos:
    Blurry Punches - 1,1
    Knuckle Pain - 1,1,1
    Sneaky Leopard - 1,1,3
    Face Splat - 1,1,1,2
    Stalking Eyes - 1,1,U+1
    Pouncing Paws - 1,1,L+1
    Outstanding Results - 1,1,2,4
    Keep it Cool - 1,1,2,5
    Talon Face Slash - 1
    Chest Pain Elbow - R+1
    Chest Slash - L+1
    Leg Poker - D+1
    Forward Strike - 2
    Double-Handed Strike - L+2
    Smooth Uppercut - D+2
    Upwards Hand Blade - 3
    Swinging Gauntlet - L+3
    Shin Kick - D+3
    Rib Kick - 4
    Freaky Stun Kick - D+4
    Gauntlets Combos:
    Power Glove - 1,2
    Total Destruction - 1,2,4
    Letting Loose - 1,2,4,4
    Enraged - 1,2,4,4,4
    Kombat Control - 4,4
    Sharp Feet - 4,4,4
    Special Attacks:
    Tricky Blast - D,L,4
    Twisty Kick - L,R,4
    Chest Cruncher - L,R,1
    Target Practice - D,R,3
    Mid-Range - U,D,L,R,3
    Close - D,R,R,U,1
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Ermac (ERMm)||
    Hua Chuan:
    Thigh Punch - 1
    Long Arm Fist - L+1
    Razor Hand - D+1
    Fast Hammer Strike - 2
    Hammer Fist Uppercut - D+2
    Soaring Edge Hand - 3
    Low Mule Kick - D+3
    Foot Plant - 4
    Creeping Leg - D+4
    Hua Chuan Combos:
    Chop Shop - 2,2
    Blender Fist - 2,2,2
    Face Chop - L+1,3
    Chop 'em Up - 2,2,1
    Face Plant - 2,L+1
    Swift like the Wind - 2,2,5
    Choy Lee Fut:
    Tiger Claw - 1
    Sloping Ridgehand - U+1
    Deadly Palm - R+1
    Kneecap Strike - D+1
    Dual Rising Ridgehand - 2
    Ridged Knife Chop - L+2
    Grasping Uppercut - D+2
    Twin Ox - 3
    Twin Fingers - L+3
    Choy Lay Foot - D+3
    Snapping Sidekick - 4
    Dragon's Tail - L+4
    Sneak Attack - R+4
    Whirling Demon - D+4
    Choy Lee Fut Combos:
    Nitro Strike - 1,1
    Strong Ox - 1,1,3
    Strong Mule - 1,U+1
    Bloody Master - 1,1,4
    Carving the Way - 1,1,L+2
    Grasping Fingers - 1,1,2
    Choy Lay Powder - 1,1,2,5
    Overhead Slice - 1
    Whirling Blade - L+1
    Sideways Cut - R+1
    Power Jab - D+1
    Horizontal Slash - 2
    Windy Axe - L+2
    Slice You in Two - U+2
    Unresting Axe - D+2
    Stomach Mash - 3
    Low Slasher - L+3
    Pelvis Cut - U+3
    Foot Slice - D+3
    Quick Fist - 4
    Ankle Slicer - D+4
    Axe Combos:
    Slice And Attack - 1,3
    Mystic Rush - 1,3,4
    Beat Down - 1,3,4,4
    Into the Shadows - 1,3,4,4,4
    Special Attacks:
    Mystic Float - D,U,3
    Mystic Bomb - (Mystic Float),D,3
    Dive Kick - (Mystic Float),R,3
    Telekinetic Throw - R,L,2
    Telekinetic Slam - L,D,L,4
    Hado-Energy - D,L,1
    Mid-Range - D,L,L,D,3
    Mid-Range - L,D,L,D,4 
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Goro (GORm)||
    Note: Only Playable on GameCube.
    Shokan Jab - 1
    Vicious Swing - L+1
    Face Flat - U+1    
    Low Punch - D+1
    Center Chop - 2     
    Angry Slap - L+2
    Uppercut Slap - D+2
    Chest Stomp - 3
    Low Shokan Kick - L+3   
    Low Creeping Kick - D+3
    Pain Giver - 4     
    Long Reach Poke - D+4
    Shokan Combos:
    Quick Death - 1,1
    Killer Slap - 1,2
    Goro's Pain - 1,4
    Foot Planter - 2,4
    Gripping Death - 1,1,3
    Dragon Hands - 1
    Excessive Punch - R+1
    Ducking Hook Punch - D+1
    Damaging Fist - 2
    Kuatan Spin Kick - 3
    Quick Shin Attack - L+3
    Quick Uppercut - D+3
    Snuff Kick - 4
    Tricky Poke - R+4
    Low Cyclone - D+4
    Kuatan Combos:
    Swift Like the Wind - 2,2
    Rushing Madman - 2,1
    Rawr - 2,2,3
    Dragon Fangs:
    Chest Slash - 1
    Face Slash - L+1
    Upward Cut - U+1
    Low Thigh Cut - D+1
    Quick Stomach Strike - 2
    Four Arm Lifter - U+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Face Knocker - 3
    Knockdown Slap - R+3
    Low Arm Swing - L+3
    Low Tap - D+3
    Chin Stun - 4
    Power Slap - R+4
    Low Stun Kick - D+4
    Dragon Fangs Combos:
    Stomach Punches - 2,2
    Face Crusher - 4,3
    Flurry Claws - 2,2,1
    Hands of Fury - 2,2,4
    Special Attacks:
    Ultimate Force - D,L,1
    Spinning Slaps - D,R,2
    Tremor Pound - U,D,3
    Leaping Stomp - D,U,3
    Mid-Range - L,L,R,R,3
    Close - R,L,R,L,1
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Havik (HAVm)||
    Bai She Tu Xin - 1
    Cross Fang - L+1
    Low Palm - D+1
    Viper Strike - 2
    Gut Buster - L+2
    Twin Fang Uppercut - D+2
    Qing She Chu Dong - U+2
    High Snapkick - 3
    Low Cobra Kick - D+3
    Mid Kick - 4
    Quick Low Kick - D+4
    Eagle Pecking - L+4
    Snake Combos:
    Twisting Python - 2,2
    Spiritual Snake Tail - 2,3
    Blinding Strike - 2,L+1
    Soul Catcher - 2,L+4
    Serpent Touch - 4,L+2
    Thrusting Fang - 1,1,1
    Rattlesnake - 1,1,3
    Hissing Strikes - 1,1,2,3
    Poisonous Snake - 1,1,2,2
    Poisonous Palm - 1,1,2,2,L+2
    Lethal Venom - 1,1,2,L+4
    Snake Eyes - 1,1,2,L+1
    Cobra Revenge - 1,1,4,L+2
    Hissing Fangs - 2,2,5
    Snake Tang - 1,1,2,5
    Overrun - 1,1,2,2,5
    Tang Soo Do:
    Open Palm - 1
    Knee Chop - D+1
    Downward Elbow - L+1
    Forward Open Palm - 2
    Hard Fist - R+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Front Ball Kick - 3
    Low Parallel Kick - D+3
    Inside Crescent Kick - R+3
    Spinning Sidekick - L+3
    Sweeping Knife Hook - 4
    Low Foot Strike - D+4
    Tang Soo Do Combos:
    Face Breaker - 2,2
    Path Maker - 3,3
    Nightfall - L+1,4
    Rushing Palm - 1,1,1
    Rotting Stench - 2,3,4
    Walking Dead - L+1,3,3
    Death Wind - 1,1,2,2
    Hell Bringer - 1,1,2,R+2
    Internal Power - 1,1,3,3
    Decaying Guard - 1,1,2,3,4
    Chaos Master - 1,1,2,5
    Morning Star:
    Iron Swing - 1
    Knock-Down - L+1
    Stomach Crunch - R+1
    Low Punch - D+1
    Finger Jab - 2
    Uplifting Mace - L+2
    Upward Mace - D+2
    Downwards Spike - 3
    Spikes to the Thighs - U+3
    Two Handed Swing - L+3
    Toe Bash - D+3
    Hip Takeout - 4
    Rib Slap - R+4
    Shin Swipe - D+4
    Morning Star Combos:
    Basic Steps - 2,2
    Fast Fists - 2,2,2
    Special Attacks:
    Torso Spin - D,L,1
    Diving Corpse - L,D,1
    Crackling Legs Projectile - L,R,3
    Head Snap - L,R,2
    Corpse Taunt - R,L,4
    Close - D,R,R,U,4
    Mid-Range - R,R,R,L,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Hotaru (HOTm)||
    Ba Shan Fan:
    Backfist - 1
    Smashing Fist - L+1
    Low Punch - D+1
    Chest Backfist - 2
    Smashing Elbow - U+2
    Power Punch - R+2
    Rising Fist - D+2
    Stomach Kick - 3
    Shun Pain - L+3
    Twisting Low Kick - D+3
    Front Kick - 4
    Creeping Kick - D+4
    Ba Shan Fan Combos:
    Double Backfist - 2,1
    Bashing Skulls - 2,L+1
    Cruncher - 1,3
    Leg Bash - 1,L+3
    Launching Bash - 2,1,5
    Pi Gua:
    Ridge Hand - 1
    Knife Hand Chop - L+1
    Swing Chop - U+1
    Low Knife Hand Chop - D+1
    Spear Hand Strike - 2
    Wing Chop - R+2
    Spear Hand Sweep - L+2
    Sharp Uppercut - D+2
    Stepping Heel Kick - 3
    Low Shin Kick - L+3
    Pointy Toe Strike - D+3
    Power Heel Kick - 4
    Low Spin Kick - D+4
    Pi Gua Combos:
    Falling Tree - 2,2,3
    Rushing Ridgehand - 2,2,1
    Good Order - 2,2,4
    Slicing Hands - 2,L+1
    Rain from Above - 2,2,U+1
    Spinning Out of Kontrol - 2,2,5
    Face Cutter - 1
    Raging Uproar - L+1
    Blunt End - D+1
    Stomach Slash - 2
    Leg Takeout - L+2
    Razor Spin - U+2
    Diamond Cutter - D+2
    Face Poker - 3
    Long Hilt - L+3
    Hot End - U+3
    Shin Splitter - D+3
    Power Kick - 4
    Cartwheel Pain - L+4
    Sharp End - D+4
    Naginata Combos:
    Royal Guard - 1,L+1
    Samurai Spirit - 1,1
    7th Death Dealer - 1,1,4
    Honor Guard - 1,1,U+2
    Demonic Warrior - 1,1,L+4
    Special Attacks:
    Grasshopper - R,R,4
    Lava Burst - D,L,1
    Mid-Range - R,U,L,D,1
    Close - D,R,L,R,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Jade (JADm)||
    Fan Zi:
    Movement Attack - 1
    Powerfist - L+1
    Leg Chop - D+1
    Chest Punch - 2
    Double Palm Uppercut - D+2
    Shoulder Kracker - 3
    Mule Kick - D+3
    Thigh Buster - 4
    Trampling Toe - R+4
    Spinning Kick - D+4
    Fan Zi Combos:
    Fan Zi Quan Fist - 2,2
    Havik Attack - 2,2,L+1
    You Can't Escape - 2,2,4
    Hard Hands - 2,2,1
    Stir it Up - 2,2,5
    Edenia Sister - 2,2,1,5
    Evolution - 2,2,1,5,4,5,L+2
    Staff of 8 - 2,2,1,5,4,5,1,U+1
    Champion - 2,2,1,5,4,5,4,2,2
    Kuo Shou:
    Stomach Smash - 1
    Razor Elbow - L+1
    Lower Claw Strike - D+1
    Chin Lifter - 2
    Evil Uppercut - L+2
    Jack Hammer - D+2
    Steel Teeth Strike - 3
    Creeping Kick - D+3
    Mid-Section Kick - 4
    High-Heels - L+4
    Heel Tapper - D+4
    Kuo Shou Combos:
    Turning Heels - 4,4
    Blazing Staff - 4,4,5
    Loud Bang - 4,4,5,L+2
    Krispy End - 4,4,5,3
    Anger - 4,4,,5,1,3
    Ouch - 4,4,5,1,U+3
    Chin Poker - 4,4,5,1,U+4
    Head Knocker - 1
    Crouching Upward Staff - D+1
    Twisting Hilt - 2
    Turning Pole - L+2
    Rising Long Pole - D+2
    Underarm Hilt Lift - 3
    Amazon Power Strike - U+3
    Tricky Toe Strike - L+3
    Shin Smasher - D+3
    Mid-Section Reach - 4
    Dancing Face Poke - U+4
    Long Low Ranged Hit - D+4
    Bojutsu Combos:
    Over the Top Head Hits - 1,1
    Feel the Wind - 2,1
    Rising Staff - 1,L+1
    Raging Demon - 2,1,3
    Green Warrior - 2,1,L+3
    The Hunted - 2,1,L+4
    Chin Chopper - 2,3
    Special Attacks:
    Vanishing Winds - L,R,1
    Blazing Nitro Kick - L,R,4
    Razor-Rang - D,L,3
    Dodging Shadows - L,R,2
    Mid-Range - L,R,U,R,1
    Close - L,R,R,R,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Kabal (KABm)||
    Sun Bin:
    Small Frame Strike - 1
    Twisting Hammer Fist - L+1
    Golden Fist - D+1
    Digging Fingers - 2
    Chest Opener - L+2
    Awkward Uppercut - D+2
    Large Frame Kick - 3
    Small Frame Toe Kick - L+3
    Aged Heels - U+3
    Dangerous Feet - D+3
    Thunderous Chestbreaker - 4
    Dusty Shin Kick - D+4
    Sun Bin Combos:
    Hidden Hands - 1,1
    Road to Victory - 1,1,1
    Hidden Fists - 1,L+1
    Linked Thrust Kick - 1,1,1
    Gathered Strength - 1,L+3
    Overhead Pain - 3,3,3
    The Art of War - 1,3
    Masked Psycho - 1,1,2
    The Beast - 1,1,U+3
    Psycho Machine - 1,1,2,5
    Goju Ryu:
    Shotei - 1
    Long Arm Palm - L+1
    Elbow to Knee - D+1
    Wind Cutter - 2
    Head Crusher - R+2
    Monkey Uppercut - D+2
    Chudan-Mae-Geri - 3
    Defensive Sidekick - U+3
    Spinning Trip - D+3
    Ankle Tapper - L+3
    Foot Smasher - 4
    Scratching Heels - D+4
    Goju Ryu Combos:
    Dual Shotei - 1,1
    No Escape - 1,2
    Head Twister - 1,4
    Speed Monster - 1,1,5
    Hook Sword:
    Chest Strike - 1
    Twisting Hook - U+1
    Shoulder Rip - L+1
    Low Reverse Blow - D+1
    Power Hook - 2
    Twin Overhead Strike - L+2
    Chin And Neck Slice - U+2
    Spinning Sidekick - 3
    Leg Hooks - U+3
    Leg Tripper - L+3
    Scissors Swipe - D+3
    Double Axe Kick - 4
    Upward Cross Strike - D+4
    Shin Strike - L+4
    Hood Sword Combos:
    Razor Moon - 1,1
    Strength and Balance - 1,1,2
    Furious Edges - 2,1
    Blazing Fury - 2,1,4
    Unholy Strength - 1,1,4
    Hooksword Pain - 1,1,1,5
    Shady Blows - 1,1,L+1
    Special Attacks:
    Raging Flash - L,R,4
    Plasma Blast - D,R,1
    Nomad's Touch - D,L,2
    Close - R,U,U,U,3
    Close - U,U,D,D,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Kenshi (KENm)||
    Tai Chi:
    Mid Palm Strike - 1
    Rising Spade Hand - L+1
    Fist Strike - D+1
    Chopping Strike - 2
    Quick Uppercut - L+2
    Rising Uppercut - D+2
    Straight Kick - 3
    Low Lean Kick - D+3
    Spinning Roundhouse - 4
    Low Spin Kick - D+4
    Standing Sweep - L+4
    Tai Chi Combos:
    Empty and Full - 1,1
    Blind Justice - L+2,3
    Play by Ear - 2,2,2,3
    Dark Fists - 2,2,2,1,1
    Fading Light - 2,2,2,L+1
    Blind Man Owning - 2,2,2,5,4,L+2
    I Can Hear You - 2,2,2,5,4,3
    Yeah! - 2,2,2,5,4,5,2,3,3
    Suplex - 1
    Thrusting Palms - L+1
    Low Palm Fist - D+1
    Leg Trip Throw - 2
    Standing Uppercut - L+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Back Kick - 3
    Backward Shin Kick - L+3
    Low Sweep - D+3
    Side Snap Kick - 4
    Wheel Kick - L+4
    Low Kick - D+4
    Judo Combos:
    Ground Work - 4,4,3
    Shinny Kicks - 4,4
    Metal Fury - 4,4,L+2
    Bloody Blade - 4,4,5,2,1
    Turning Death - 4,4,5,2,4
    Blind Swordsman - 4,4,5,2,3,3
    Gut Slice - 1
    Downward Slash - D+1
    Chin Slicer - 2
    Rising Edge - U+2
    Swift Uppercut - D+2
    Painful Swing - 3
    Leg Cutter - L+3
    Piercing Blade - D+3
    Twisting Edge - 4
    Sweeping Blade - D+4
    Katana Combos:
    Day Break - 2,2
    Legacy of Steel - 2,3
    Mad Dog - 2,2,3
    Silent Slice - 3,3
    War Path - 2,2,3,3
    Feel the Steel - 2,2,4
    Special Attacks:
    Telekinetic Slam - L,D,L,1
    Telekinetic Toss - D,L,4
    Telekinetic Push - R,R,2
    Tele-Fury - L,R,3
    Mind Warp - D,L,3
    Mid-Range - R,R,L,L,2
    Mid-Range - U,R,L,R,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Kira (KIRm)||
    Xing Yi:
    Straight Punch - 1
    Power Fist - L+1
    Low Palm Strike - D+1
    Chop Strike - 2
    Eagle Strike - D+2
    Steel Fingers - R+2
    Front Snap Kick - 3
    Low Foot Strike - D+3
    Rising Knee - 4
    Hopping Back Kick - L+4
    Toe Strike - D+4
    Lifting High Kick - U+4
    Xing Yi Combos:
    Red Zone - 4,2
    Casualty - 4,3
    Seek and Destroy - 1,1,4,3
    Twilight - 1,1,2
    Dangerous - 1,1,4
    Firey Hands - 1,1,U+4
    Wrath of Kira - 1,1,L+4
    Rebel Chick - 2,L+1
    Suffering - 1,1,2,L+1
    Assault and Battery - 1,1,4,2
    Rebel Queen - 1,1,4,5
    Throat Chop - 1
    Spinning Elbow - L+1
    Leaping Power Punch - U+1
    Low Knife Strike - D+1
    Shoulder Chop - 2
    Upwards Uppercut - U+2
    Double Handed Push - L+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Reverse Side Kick - 3
    Spinning Trip - L+3
    Knee - R+3
    Low Kick - D+3
    Axe Kick - 4
    Scorpion's Tail - L+4
    Creeping Kick - D+4
    Kenpo Combos:
    Black Tiger - 1,1
    Leopard Paws - 1,3
    Bad Girl - 1,3,3
    Tiger Strikes - 1,1,U+1
    Black Dragon Special - 1,1,4
    Red Beauty - 1,1,2
    Leopard Legs - 3,3
    Into the Night - 1,1,5,L+2
    Dragon Teeth:
    Forward Chest Slashes - 1
    Downward Circling Sword - L+1
    Low Upward Strike - D+1
    Rising Dragon Teeth - 2
    Upward Circling Teeth - L+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Frontal Stab - 3
    Dragon Push - R+3
    Tippy Toe Stab - U+3
    Low Tippy Kick - D+3
    Front Sidekick - 4
    Spinning Dragon Kick - L+4
    Low Spin Kick - D+4
    Dragon Teeth Combos:
    Dragon Tooth - 1,3
    Sharp Girl - 1,R+3
    Snap Dragon Kicks - 4,4
    Black Dragon Tail - 4,4,4
    Hi-Octane - L+1,L+2
    Special Attacks:
    Black Dragon Ball - L,R,4
    Kiss of Death - L,R,1
    Night Shade - D,R,3
    Far - L,R,R,L,4
    Mid-Range - U,R,D,L,3
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Kobra (KOBm)||
    Shorin Ryu:
    Face Punch - 1
    Side Elbow Strike - L+1
    Lower Punch Attack - D+1
    Power Chest Strike - 2
    Knife Hammer Strike - R+2
    Hammer Fist Uppercut - D+2
    Front Thrust Kick - 3
    Creeping Low Attack - D+3
    Shin Thrust - L+3
    Cutting Kick - U+3
    Rising Axe Kick - 4
    Low Kick - D+4
    Flip Kick - U+4
    Double Flip Kick - Up+4,Up+4
    Shorin Ryu Combos:
    Kobra Strikes - 1,1
    Bone Breaker - 1,2
    Peace Out - 1,2,U+3
    Strong Uppercut - 2,5
    Cutting Hands - 2,1
    Big Blast - 2,3
    Renegade - 2,1,2
    The Foot Sword - 3,3
    Deadly Venom - 2,3
    Phantom Feet - 1,1,3
    Phantom Legs - 1,1,3,3
    Tricky Trip - 1,1,3,5
    I'm the Best - 1,1,3
    Kobra Kai - 2,3,3
    Iron Fist - 1
    Ducking Quick Jab - D+1
    Face Jab - 2
    Chin Lifter - U+2
    Dual Fist Uppercut - D+2
    Head Kick - 3
    Thigh Kick - L+3
    Grounded Kick - D+3
    Heel Kick - 4
    Hooking Sweep - L+4
    Shin Stomp - D+4
    Kickboxing Combos:
    Ring Out - 1,2
    Powerman - 1,3
    Face Smacker - 1,3,5
    The Champ - 1,U+2
    Killer Legs - 1,3
    Krazy Hands - 1,2,2
    Krazy 8's - 1,2,2,5
    Left Right Hook - 1,L+2
    Lightning Fast - 2,2,3
    Flurry Punches - 2,2,L+2
    Low High Tai Kicks - L+3,3
    Kali Sticks:
    Quick Stick - 1
    Crushing Blow - L+1
    Overhead Bash - R+1
    Leg Hit - D+1
    Face Smack - 2
    Dual Face Smack - R+2
    Ducking Upward Poke - D+2
    Low Thigh Hit - 3
    Triple Cross Attacks - L+3
    Dual Overhead Bash - U+3
    Tapping Stick - D+3
    Side Kick - 4
    Spinning Trip Kick - L+4
    Scissor Hit - D+4
    Kali Sticks Combos:
    Blurry Sticks - 1,1
    Kobra Fangs - 2,3
    Take Out - 2,3,3
    Channeling Power - 1,1,U+3
    Windy Pain - 2,3,L+3
    Hard Hitting - 1,1,2
    Bruising Pain - 1,1,2,3
    Black and Blue - 1,1,2,3,L+3
    Special Attacks:
    Windmill Kick - D,L,4
    Burning Fist - D,R,2
    Tele-Punch - D,L,2
    Chi-Blast - D,R,1
    Crouching Chi-Blast - D,L,1
    Close - D,L,R,D,4
    Close - R,L,R,R,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Li Mei (LIMm)||
    Lui He Ba Fa:
    Sideward Palm - 1
    Hammer Palm - L+1
    Needle Fingers - D+1
    Heel Palm Strike - U+1
    Open Fist Strike - 2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Back Kick - 3
    Sweeping Kick - L+3
    Back Sweep - D+3
    Swinging Elbow - 4
    Lifting Knee - L+4
    Walking Heels - D+4
    Lui He Ba Fa Combos:
    Lost Rose - 2,3
    Pink Dragon - 3,3
    Extreme Fists - 1,1,1
    Unleashed - 2,L+1
    Explosive Strength - 1,1,L+3
    Rejuvenation - 1,1,2,3
    Coiled Dragon - 1,1,3,3
    Golden Path - 1,1,2,L+1
    Twister Spin - 2,3,5
    Typhoon Hands - 1,1,2,3,5
    Mi Zong:
    Hook Fist - 1
    Slap Down - R+1
    Low Strike - D+1
    Off Balance Punch - L+1
    Straight Punch - 2
    Pelvis Strike - L+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    High Kick - 3
    Crab Kick - D+3
    Sweeping Trip - L+3
    Side Kick - 4
    Step Kick - D+4
    Lift Kick - L+4
    Smashing Kick - U+4
    Mi Zong Combos:
    Good Old 1-2 - 1,1
    Triplets - 1,1,1
    Zong Rage - 1,1,3
    Angry Ape - 1,1,R+1
    Lost Track - 2,2,U+3
    Iron Broom - 2,2,L+3
    Crossing Paths - 1,2,2,5
    Kun Lun Dao:
    Lethal Slash - 1
    Leaf Cutter - U+1
    Leg Slicer - D+1
    Swift Wind - 2
    Stomach Poke - R+2
    Deadly Blade - D+2
    Melee Slice - 3
    1000 Swings of Death - L+3
    Low Slice - D+3
    Front Kick - 4
    Leg Trip - L+4
    Toe Poker - D+4
    Kun Lun Dao Combos:
    Basic Slashes - 1,1
    Wind Kontrol - 1,1,2
    Kun lun's Best - 1,1,3
    Unmatched - 1,1,4
    Blood Thirsty Blade - 2,L+3
    Special Attacks:
    Nova Blast - D,L,1
    Carnival Spin - R,D,3
    Flying Furry - R,R,2
    Flipping Heel Kick - D,L,4
    Mid-Range - R,R,R,1
    Mid-Range - L,R,R,4
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Liu Kang (LIUm)||
    Jun Fan:
    Sternum Punch - 1
    Hook Uppercut - L+1
    Groin Punch - D+1
    Chest Punch - 2
    Overhead Skull Knocker - R+2
    Crouching Cross - D+2
    Snap Kick - 3
    Shin Blaster - L+3
    Low Kick - D+3
    Power High Kick - 4
    High Hook Kick - U+4
    Dragon Sweep - L+4
    Low Chip Kick - D+4
    Jun Fan Combos:
    Gun Punches - 1,1
    Blurry Vision - 1,1,3
    Kang Bang - 1,1,3,4
    Lightning Legs - 3,4
    Berserker Rage - 1,1,R+2
    Revenge of Kang - 2,4
    Spiritual Warrior - 2,3
    Ghostly Strikes - 2,L+1
    Extreme Fists - 1,1,3,5,1,L+1
    Blurry Furry - 1,1,3,5,1,U+2
    Pao Chui:
    Knife Strike - 1
    Power Fist - L+1
    Ducking Ridge Hand - D+1
    Hammock Fists - 2
    Upward Cannon - U+2
    Cannon Uppercut - D+2
    Rib Sidekick - 3
    Low Heel Kick - D+3
    Soaring Crane Feet - 4
    Strong Foot Plant - U+4
    Creeping Heels - D+4
    Pao Chui Combos:
    Sunshine - 1,1
    Sunset - 1,1,U+2
    Rising Cannon Legs - 4,U+4
    Q-Fists - 1,1,L+1
    Bullet Kicks - 3,3
    Triple Kicks - 3,3,3
    Dummy Attack - 4,1
    Open Wound - 4,1,1
    Forceful - 4,1,1,L+1
    Death Fists - 4,1,1,U+2
    Monster Kicks - 4,3,3,3
    Ripple Lifter - 4,3,5
    Quick Overhead Strike - 1
    Skull Basher - L+1
    Twisting Chako - D+1
    Side Swing - 2
    Underarm Rising Power - L+2
    Killer Swing - D+2
    Circular Swing - 3
    Shin Bash - L+3
    Double Blunt - R+3
    Low Chako Hit - D+3
    Power Kick - 4
    Spinning Hook Kick - L+4
    3-D Bash Riser - R+4
    Foot Smack - D+4
    Nunchaku Combos:
    Spinster - 1,1
    Cyclone Twister - 1,1,1
    Nitro Blister - 1,1,1,1
    Blurry Hits - 1,1,2
    Chako Frenzy - 1,1,3
    Frenzy and Kick - 1,1,3,4
    4-Hit Blaster - 1,1,2,L+2
    Special Attacks:
    Flying Kick - R,R,4
    Low Dragon Fire - R,R,1
    High Dragon Fire - R,R,2
    Flying Bicycle Kick - D,R,3
    Mid-Range - L,L,L,R,2
    Mid-Range - R,R,U,U,3
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Mileena (MILm)||
    Ying Yueng:
    Snake Fang - 1
    Gusting Wing - L+1
    Low Wrist Chop - D+1
    Elbow - 2
    Chin Breaker - L+2
    Shoulder Pain - U+2
    Palm King - D+2
    Axe Kick - 3
    Tiger Tail Kick - D+3
    Reverse Side Kick - 4
    Ankle Chipper - L+4
    Demon Sweep - D+4
    Ying Yueng Combos:
    Fingers to Eyes - 1,1,1
    Heaven and Hell - 1,1,3
    Mian Chuan:
    Palm Strike - 1
    Phoenix Palm - R+1
    Crushing Knee - U+1
    Crouching Snake Fang - D+1
    Cotton Punch - 2
    Cold Fist - U+2
    Quick Palm - L+2
    Rising Uppercut - D+2
    Spinning Side Kick - 3
    Spinning Low Sweep - L+3
    Low Kick - D+3
    Rising Axe Kick - 4
    Front Side Kick - L+4
    Spinning Sidewinder - D+4
    Mian Chuan Combos:
    Cold Fists - 2,2
    Cold Fists Gets Icy - 2,2,U+1
    Cotton Rage - L+2,2,2
    Krazy Legs - 4,3
    Keeping Kontrol - 4,1
    Outworld Wonder - 4,3,5
    Sai Hilt - 1
    Overhead Smash - L+1
    Low Swipe - D+1
    Gut Stab - 2
    Rising Sai - U+2
    Twin Fangs - R+2
    Shin Stab - D+2
    Throat Poke - L+2
    Foot Spike - 3
    Low Poker - L+3
    Face Slash - R+3
    Knee Poke - D+3
    Sweeping Sai - 4
    Hooking Stab - D+4
    Sai Combos:
    Quickness - 1,1
    Lightning Stabs - 1,1,1
    Anarchy - 1,1,L+1
    Whirling Demon - 1,1,2
    Rising Dragon - 1,1,U+2
    Sabertooth - 2,R+2
    Special Attacks:
    Rolling Thunder - L,D,4
    Soaring Sai - D,R,2
    Kick from Above - R,R,4
    Mid-Range - R,R,D,D,1
    Far - U,U,R,R,3
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Nightwolf (NIGm)||
    Val Tudo:
    Gut Punch - 1
    Low Snake Bite - D+1
    Overhead Smash - L+1
    Razor Elbow - 2
    Rising Sun - U+2
    Hammerfist Uppercut - D+2
    Knee Crush - 3
    Leg Sweeper - L+3
    Val Tudo Striker - U+3
    Creeping Leg - D+3
    High Kick - 4
    Sweeping Cyclone - D+4
    Val Tudo Combos:
    Rush Punches - 1,1
    Beat Down - 1,1,3
    Rapid Chain Punches - 1,1,1
    Red Sky - 1,1,1,5,4
    Dirty Trick - 1,1,1,5,L+4,4
    Tae Kwon Do:
    Side Kick - 1
    Hook Kick - L+1
    Setting Palm Punch - D+1
    Downward Axe Kick - 2
    Rolling Heel Kick - L+2
    Peaceful Uppercut - D+2
    Spinning Heel Kick - 3
    Leg Tap - D+3
    Ankle Smash - L+3
    2-Hit Axe Kick - 4
    Nitro Kicks - L+4
    Tapping Low Kick - D+4
    Tae Kwon Do Combos:
    Cleanness of Mind - 4,4
    Take Out - 4,L+3
    Peaceful World - 1,1,L+1
    Wild Things - 4,L+3,3
    War Path - 1,1,5
    Sidewinder Slash - 1
    Twin Peaks - L+1
    Rising Mountain - U+1
    Thigh Chop - D+1
    Mid-Section Strike - 2
    Slashing Talons - R+2
    Stone Hilt Uppercut - D+2
    Twisting Edge - 3
    Shin Buster - L+3
    Foot Chop - D+3
    Middle Kick - 4
    Stomach Crop - D+4
    Tomahawks Combos:
    Stone Hammer - 1,2
    Swift Wind - 1,3,4
    Savage Edge - 1,1
    Revenge - 1,2,R+2
    Headhunter - 1,2,3
    Scalping Time - 1,2,3,4
    Special Attacks:
    Spirit Arrow - D,L,1
    Rhino Charge - R,R,4
    Lightning from Above - D,U,1
    Reflector - L,R,2
    Far - L,R,L,R,1
    Mid-Range - D,R,D,U,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Noob-Smoke (NOOm)||
    Sloth Fist - 1
    Downward Slap - R+1
    Low Twisting Slap - D+1
    Hooking Wrist - 2
    Berzerk Slap - L+2
    Palm Uppercut - D+2
    Thrust Kick - 3
    Leg Scraper - L+3
    Push Kick - D+3
    Bad Monkey - 4
    Whirling Low Kick - D+4
    Monkey Combos:
    Tree Monkey - 1,1
    Going Ape - 2,1
    Krazy Apes - 2,4
    Monkey Rage - 2,1,1
    Monkey Trouble - 2,1,3
    Double Trouble - 1,1,5
    Lunge Attack - 1
    Thigh Break - L+1
    Low Quick Claw - D+1
    Turning Lunge Strike - 2
    Dual Upward Wrists - R+2
    Single Upward Palm - D+2
    Axe Kick - 3
    Sneak Attack - D+3
    Reaching Toe Poke - 4
    Shattering Kick - U+4
    Dancing Foot - L+4
    Low Flat Foot - D+4
    Mitzu Combos:
    Flowing Wing - 1,1
    Lunge Strikes - 1,2
    King Palms - 1,2,R+2
    Long Ranged Strikes - 1,2,4
    Deadly Foes - 1,2,4,5,1
    Special Attacks:
    Smokeycut (Smoke) - R,R,4
    Stinky Cloud (Smoke) - U,D,1
    Dark Assassin (Smoke) - D,L,2
    Death from Above - R,R,3
    Dark Shadows (Noob)- D,L,3
    We Live (Noob) - D,L,2
    Darkness(Noob) - U,D,1
    Mid-Range - L,R,L,R,4 (Noob)
    Mid-Range - U,D,D,R,2 (Smoke)
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Onaga (ONAm)||
    Note: Must use Codebreaker to unlock.
    Dragon Fist - 1
    Low Kick - D+1
    Three-Hit Punch - 2
    High Kick - D+2
    Dragon Slam - 3
    Mid Kick - D+3
    Backhand Slap - 4
    Special Attacks:
    Dragon Breath - R,L,1
    Dragon Scorch - R,D,1
    Dragon Stomp - R,R,1
    Dragon Slam - R,R,2
    Dragon Slide - R,R,3
    ||Raiden (RAIm)||
    Nan Chuan:
    Lightning Jab - 1
    Low Strike - D+1
    Uppercut - L+1
    Shoulder Slap - R+1
    Rainbow Chop - 2
    Palm Uppercut - D+2
    Overhead Chop - L+2
    Dual Thunder Palms - R+2
    Stepping Snap Kick - 3
    Shin Strike - D+3
    Hook Leg Takedown - L+3
    Hop Side Kick - 4
    Low Chin Strike - D+4
    Nan Chuan Combos:
    Thunder Clap - 2,3
    Trickster - 1,1,2
    Electric Snake - 2,L+1
    The Middle Way - 2,L+2
    Knowledge And Skill - 1,1,3
    Finishing Touch - 1,1,2,3
    Natural Way - 1,1,2,L+2
    Wake The Dead - 1,1,2,L+1
    Power Bolts - 1,1,2,5,1,L+1
    Out of Order - 1,1,2,5,1,3,4
    Blackout - 1,1,2,5,1,3,5,4,4
    Rend - 1,1,2,5,1,3,5,4,3
    Sparky - 1,1,2,5,1,3,5,4,L+2
    Open Hand Strike - 1
    Bearhand Chop - L+1
    Low Strike - D+1
    Bent Wrist Strike - 2
    Thunder God Palm - R+2
    Diagonal Fist - D+2
    Front Snap Kick - 3
    Sweep - L+3
    Back Sweep - D+3
    Front Thrusting Kick - 4
    Front Sweep - D+4
    Jujutsu Combos:
    Heavenly Strikes - 3,4
    Long Arm Pokes - 1,1,2
    Essence of Strength - 1,1,3,4
    Reigning God - 1,1,3
    Thunder God Fists - 1,1,L+1
    Fireworks - 1,1,3,5,4,4
    Dark Thunder - 1,1,3,5,4,3
    Chain Lightning - 1,1,3,5,4,L+2
    Overhead Strike - 1
    Low One Handed Poke - D+1
    Upward Strike - 2
    Charged Stick - L+2
    Low Strike - D+2
    Leaping Strike - 3
    Reaching Strike - L+3
    Sweeping Strike - D+3
    Reverse Thrust - 4
    Staff Blast - U+4
    Sweeping Swing - D+4
    Staff Combos:
    Slap Down - 4,4
    Great Lightning God - 4,4,4
    Pain from Above - 4,4,3
    Static Stick - 4,4,L+2
    Special Attacks:
    Lightning Bolt - D,L,1
    Flying Thunder God - R,R,4
    Static Teleport - D,U,3
    Shocking Touch - R,R,2
    Mid-Range - L,D,R,D,1
    Far - D,R,R,1
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Scorpion (SCOm)||
    Right Cross - 1
    Face Strike - L+1
    Twisting Palm - D+1
    Neck Chop - 2
    Hammer Fist Uppercut - D+2
    Axe Kick - 3
    Knee Knockdown - R+3
    Hop Sweep - L+3
    Back Sweep - D+3
    Snap Kick - 4
    Front Sweep - D+4
    Backside Kick - L+4
    Front Thrust Kick - U+4
    Hapkido Combos:
    Flowing Water - 2,2,1
    Inner Power - 2,2,4
    Specter Blast - 3,L+1
    Lethal Legs - 4,L+4
    Liftoff - 4,U+4
    Burning Soul - 2,3,U+4
    Sinking Leaf - R+3,L+3
    Doombringer - 2,3,L+1
    Painless - 2,2,5,1,L+1
    Death Fingers - 2,2,5,1,1
    Kruncher - 2,2,5,1,4
    Flurry Kicks - 2,2,5,1,3,3,3
    Hell on Earth - 2,2,5,1,3,3,5
    Moi Fah:
    Stone Hand - 1
    Ducking Knife Thrust - D+1
    Angry Wind - L+1
    Stone Fingers - 2
    Blackout - L+2
    Rising Uppercut - D+2
    Snap Kick - 3
    Leaping Crescent Kick - L+3
    Pecking Toe - R+3
    Turning Low Kick - D+3
    Stomach Smasher - 4
    Horse Shoe - D+4
    Moi Fah Combos:
    Low Fury - R+3,3
    Fingers of Death - 1,1,1
    Double Tap Kick - 3,3
    Pain Taps - 3,3,3
    Chain Kombo - 1,1,3,3,3
    Sharp as Hell - 1,1,L+1
    Krazy Rush - 1,1,4
    Mugai Ryu:
    Bloody Tip - 1
    Hilt Blunt - R+1
    Ducking Horizontal Slash - D+1
    Horizontal Slash - 2
    Swinging Vengeance - U+2
    Dark Lifter - R+2
    Double Handed Uppercut - D+2
    Fiery Saber - 3
    Agony's Edge - L+3
    Speed Demon - R+3
    Low Thigh Slash - D+3
    Gut Slicer - 4
    Ankle Slash - L+4
    Toe Poke - D+4
    Mugai Ryu Combos:
    Bloodfire - 2,2
    Bloodbath - 2,2,1
    Swift Fire - 2,2,4
    Special Attacks:
    Bloody Spear - L,R,1
    Hellfire - D,L,2
    Backflip Kick - R,L,3
    Teleport Attack - D,L,3
    Mid-Range - R,D,R,R,1
    Close - R,L,R,L,1
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Shao Kahn (SHAm)||
    Note: Only Playable on GameCube.
    Tai Tzu:
    Crushing Chest Punch - 1
    Smashing Fist - L+1
    Low Punch - D+1
    Head Knocker - 2
    Burning Palms - L+2
    Rising Fury - D+2
    Stomach Kick - 3
    Twisting Leg Trip - L+3
    Crouching Low Kick - D+3
    Power Kick - 4
    Thigh Cruncher - R+4
    Quick Low Kick - D+4
    Tai Tzu Combos:
    Power Strikes - 1,5
    NA - 3,5,3
    Lui He:
    Stone Knuckle - 1
    Low Knee Hand - D+1
    Spear Hand Chop - 2
    Hammer Uppercut - D+2
    Fast Sidekick - 3
    Shin Trip - L+3
    Twisting Foot Strike - D+3
    Snapping Sidekick - 4
    Razor Heels - D+4
    Lui He Combos:
    Rushing Fists - 1,1
    Destructive Hands - 1,1,1
    Ruler of Outworld - 1,1,3
    Face Scaper - 3,3
    Invader - 1,1,L+3
    Double Tap Knee - 4,4
    I Win - 1,1,3,3
    NA - 1,1,5
    NA - 3,5
    Wrath Hammer:
    Face Cutter - 1
    Raging Uproar - L+1
    Blunt End - D+1
    Screaming Hammer - 2
    Dizzyness - R+2
    Power Swing - D+2
    Hammer Stopper - 3
    Low Hammer Hit - R+3
    Shin Destroyer - D+3
    Power Kick - 4
    Krazy Swing - L+4
    Cheap Shot - D+4
    Special Attacks:
    Explosive Blast - D,R,1
    Uplifting Knee - L,R,3
    Charging Spikes - R,R,2
    Emperor's Shield - D,L,1
    Ridicule - D,U,1
    Mid-Range - D,U,U,R,2
    Close - L,R,D,R,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Shujinko (SHUm)||
    Sideways Poke - 1
    Low Mantis Claw - D+1
    Leaning Fingers - 2
    Mantis Takes Prey - L+2
    Stone Column - U+2
    Mantacut - D+2
    Creature Kick - 3
    Forceful Ball Kick - U+3
    Sting Tap - L+3
    Low Kick - D+3
    Leaping Mantis Legs - 4
    Upward Leg - U+4
    Long Sweep Kick - L+4
    Hiding Mantis Claws - R+4
    Creeping Mantis - D+4
    Mantis Combos:
    Deadly Bent Wrists - 1,1
    Looking For Prey - 1,1,1
    Time To Hunt - 1,1,3
    Stunning Prey - 1,1,U+3
    Metal Mantis - 1,1,2
    Scratch it Up - 1,1,2,4
    Old Timer - 1,1,2,L+2
    Stone Mountains - R+4,1
    Time and Space - R+4,1,3
    Secret Hands - R+4,1,U+3
    Take Kontrol - R+4,1,2,L+2
    Perfection - 1,1,2,5
    Big Slice - R+4,1,1,5,3,4,4,5
    Zero - R+4,1,1,5,3,4,4,5
    Mighty Jinko - 1,1,1,5,2,4,3
    Sifu Shujinko - 1,1,1,5,4,4,R+2
    World Ruler - R+4,1,1,5,2,4,3
    Hardcore - R+4,1,1,5,4,4,R+2
    Shaolin Fist:
    Center Punch - 1
    Shielding Wrists - L+1
    Stone Cracker - R+1
    Ducking Iron Fist - D+1
    Forward Wrist Snap - 2
    Upward Temple - L+2
    Cement Blaster - R+2
    Jackhammer - D+2
    High Heel Kick - 3
    Turning Kick - L+3
    Low Steel Foot - D+3
    Ball Toe Strike - 4
    Steel Leg Trip - L+4
    Spinning Low Kick - D+4
    Shaolin Fist Combos:
    Fist of Pain - 1,2
    Monk Legion - 1,2,4
    Strength and Honor - 2,4
    White Tiger - 2,4,3
    Graceful Speed - 1,2,4,3
    Stealth Monk - 1,4
    Bludgeon Fist - 1,4,4,R+2
    Precise Killing - 1,4,4,3
    Sneaky Legs - 4,3
    Poor Soul - 1,2,4,5
    Explorer - 1,2,4,5,1
    Plane Searcher - 1,4,4,5
    Dan Tien Dao:
    Mountain Wind - 1
    Leg Taker - L+1
    Crouching Low Slice - D+1
    Melon Slicer - 2
    Upward Moon Slice - U+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Quick Cut - 3
    Leg Trip - L+3
    Shin Cutter - D+3
    Turning Sidekick - 4
    Ankle Slice - D+4
    Dan Tien Dao Combos:
    Double Throat Cuts - 1,1
    Special Attacks:
    Icy Breeze - D,R,1
    Flaming Fist - D,R,2
    Flying Jinko - R,R,2
    Flip Scissor Kick - D,L,3
    Spear - L,R,1
    Slide - R,L,3
    Opponent Slam - L,D,L,4
    Close - U,D,D,R,3
    Close - L,U,R,R,1
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Sindel (SINm)||
    Zha Chuan:
    Yoke Punch - 1
    Chest Clinch - L+1
    Mantis Claw - D+1
    Roaring Overhead - 2
    Southern Uppercut - D+2
    Rising Axe Kick - 3
    Spring Leg - U+3
    Low Spring Kick - D+3
    Twisting Sweep - L+3
    Southern Sidekick - 4
    Slithering Foot - D+4
    Zha Chuan Combos:
    Moslim Fists - 1,1
    Justice - 1,1,1
    Burning Fist - 1,1,2
    Spider Legs - 4,4
    Revenge - 4,4,4
    Cunning Killer - 4,4,4,4
    Killer Kick - 1,1,5
    Sneaky Fist - 4,4,4,5
    Fu Jow Pai:
    Straight Claw - 1
    Knee Strike - L+1
    Knee Claw - D+1
    Upward Paw - 2
    Tiger Strike - L+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Back Kick - 3
    Spinning Low Kick - D+3
    Roundhouse - 4
    Lifting Kick - L+4
    Shin Kick - U+4
    Low Toe Kick - D+4
    Fu Jow Pai Combos:
    Bloodshed - 3,3
    The Queen - 1,1,1
    Wandering Claws - 1,1,2
    Black Tiger - 1,1,1,3,3
    Black Widow - 1,1,1,3,5
    Kahn's Kontrol - 1,1,2,5
    Darkness - 1,1,1,3,5,4,1
    Tight Cut - 1,1,1,3,5,4,4,3
    Kwan Do:
    Gauging Slash - 1
    Berzerk Chop - U+1
    Chin Cut - D+1
    Head Chopper - 2
    Twisting Hilt - L+2
    Turning Amazon - U+2
    Reaching Edge - D+2
    Ranged Blade - 3
    Feet Cutter - L+3
    Rising Kwan End - U+3
    Whirlwind Chop - D+3
    Liver Slice - 4
    Head Saw - D+4
    Kwan Do Combos:
    Ancient Secret - 1,U+3
    Sindel's Edge - 1,L+3
    Cutting You Up - 4,4
    Slashing Queen - 4,4,1
    Keeping Distance - 4,4,3
    Special Attacks:
    Banshee Scream: R,R,1
    Star Screamer: R,R,3
    Sliding Foot Grab: L,R,1
    Mid-Range - L,R,R,L,1
    Mid-Range - U,U,L,R,3
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Sub-Zero (SUBm)||
    Spear Hand Strike - 1
    Forward Elbow Strike - L+1
    Lower Knee Strike - D+1
    Sword Hand Strike - 2
    Rising Jack Hammer - D+2
    Mountain Punch - L+2
    Rising Thrust Kick - 3
    Side Snap Kick - R+3
    Low Snap Kick - D+3
    Thrust Kick - 4
    Low Strike - D+4
    Low Shin Kick - L+4
    Shotokan Combos:
    2-Hit Trick - 3,2
    Cold as Ice - 1,1
    Triple Threat - 1,1,1
    Cold Feet - 1,1,3
    Cheap Cold Shot - 1,1,4
    Frigid Touch - 1,1,3,2
    Lin Kuei's Secret - 1,1,3,R+3
    Ultimate Shogun - 1,1,3,L+2
    King's Crown - 3,R+3
    Peaceful Mind - 3,L+2
    Icy Pain - 1,2,4
    Cloudy Hands - 1,2,L+1
    Iron Horse - 1,2,L+2
    Rock Solid - 1,2,4,5,3
    Lin Kuei Storm - 1,2,4,5,2,3
    Zero Below - 1,2,4,5,2,4
    Frosty - 1,2,5,5,2,5
    Thin Ice - 1,2,4,5,2,L+2
    Dark Fist - 1,1,3,5
    Cold Blade - 1,2,4,5,1,2,5
    Back Knuckle Strike - 1
    Ducking Claws - D+1
    Upper Lunge Punch - L+1
    Sun Fist - 2
    Dragon Attack - L+2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Roundhouse Kick - 3
    Low Talon Strike - D+3
    Front Stomp Kick - 4
    Wheel Turning Kick - U+4
    Sidestep Claw - L+4
    Low Dragon Kick - D+4
    Dragon Combos:
    Yielding Fire - 1,3
    Ice Pop - 1,1,2
    Tiger in Cave - 4,L+2
    Dragon Dance - 1,L+1
    Silent Dragon - 1,2,3
    Dragon Plays With 7 Stars - 1,2,4
    Ice Maker - 1,2,5
    3-Hit Claws - 1,2,L+2
    Twist Of The Tiger - 1,2,U+4
    Chill Out - 1,1,2,5
    Kori Blade:
    Overhead Swing - 1
    Downward Stab - D+1
    Spinning Slash - L+1
    Overhead Slash - U+1
    Blade Lunge - 2
    Icy Lift - L+2
    Kori Uppercut - D+2
    Frosty Slash - 3
    Thigh Ripper - D+3
    Back Kick - 4
    Sweep Kick - L+4
    Crouching Slash - D+4
    Kori Blade Combos:
    Bitter Blade - 1,L+1
    Special Attacks:
    Ice Clone: D,L,1
    Freeze Ball: D,R,3
    Cold Shoulder: L,R,4
    Close - R,L,D,R,2
    Mid-Range - L,D,R,D,1
    Hara Kiri:
    ||Tanya (TANm)||
    Zi Ran Men:
    Reaching Punch - 1
    Knee Punch - D+1
    Double Handed Knee Strike - 2
    Natural Palm - R+2
    Radical Uppercut - D+2
    Hi-Heel Kick - 3
    Shin Destroyer - L+3
    Foot Smash - D+3
    Sidekick Bruiser - 4
    Low Chip Kick - D+4
    Zi Ran Men Combos:
    Perfect Form - 1,1
    Good Seasons - 2,R+2
    Bloody Boots - 3,3
    Sneaky Heels - L+3,R+3
    Mind and Body as One - 1,1,3
    My Lucky Feet - 3,3,5,3
    Yue Chuan:
    Knuckle Hand - 1
    Wide Double Arm Palm - L+1
    Grasping Palm - D+1
    Forearm Strike - 2
    Uppercut - D+2
    Stomach Palm - 3
    Low Freaky Kick - D+3
    Side Kicker - 4
    Low Turning Kick - L+4
    Yue Chuan Combos:
    Knuckle Punches - 1,1
    Knuckle Master - 1,1,1
    Pelvis Ripper - 3,3
    Finishing Touch - 2,L+1
    Let's Dance - 1,1,2
    Power Heels - 3,3
    All Skill - 3,2,L+1
    Toad Style - 2,5,L+1
    All for You - 2,5,3,3
    Do You Feel it - 2,5,2
    Twisty Edges - 2,5,1,1
    Kobu Jutsu X-Fer - 2,5,1,1,U+1
    Kobu Jetsu:
    Underarm Twirl - 1
    Overhead Smash - L+1
    Inward Dual Strike - U+1
    Crossing Low Strike - D+1
    Head Basher - 2
    Razor Swipes - L+2
    Cutting Uppercut - D+2
    Crossing Tonfa - 3
    Crushing Side Blow - L+3
    Low Snap Kick - D+3
    Elbow End - 4
    Long Ranged Trip - L+4
    Defensive Bash - U+4
    Walking Short Kick - D+4
    Kobu Jetsu Combos:
    Underarm Slap - 1,1
    Dual Tonfa Snuff - 1,1,U+1
    Wonder Twirls - L+2,1
    Slicing Wind - L+2,L+1
    Razor Wands - L+2,1,1
    Head Knocker - L+2,2
    Tonfa Steel End - L+2,3
    Billy Club Pain - L+2,3,3
    Striker Sticks - 3,3
    Spinner - L+2,1,1,U+1
    Special Attacks:
    Human Cannon Drill - R,R,3
    Air Fire Blast - D,U,2
    Surging Blast - D,L,2
    Split Flip Kick - D,L,4
    Find Me - U,D,1
    Mid-Range - R,D,D,D,1
    Close - U,L,R,U,2
    Hara Kiri:
    ||                                 STORIES                                   ||
    Beginning is from unlocking character bios or secret characters, view in the 
    menu "Characters."
    Middle is from unlocking alternate costumes, view in the menu 
    Ending is from beating the game with each charcter, view in the menu 
    ||Ashrah (ASHs)||
    Ashrah is a demon who has discovered a means for escaping the Netherrealm...a 
    holy sword. To achieve her goal of purification, she must slay powerful evil 
    such as Noob Saibot with the sword. Each denizen of the Netherrealm she 
    defeats brings her closer to freedom. I am a demon, a denizen of the 
    Netherrealm. For ages, my sisters and I have blindly served Quan Chi as 
    members of the Brotherhood of Shadow. But I questioned a command given by the
    sorcerer. To set an example, he sent my own sister to slay me. During my 
    escape, I discovered a weapon -- a sword -- that seemed to be of heavenly 
    origin. With each demonic assassin that has fallen to this blade, I have felt 
    a strange exhilaration. It is as if the taint of evil is leaving me.
    Now I understand the strange sensation I feel when I exterminate a demon 
    of the Netherrealm with this sword. The sword is purifying me as I cleanse 
    the world of evil. With each fiend I eradicate, my presence here becomes more 
    unstable... soon I will be expelled from this realm. If I were to slay a 
    powerful demon such as Noob Saibot, I would finally become an ascending 
    demon, free from the Netherrealm forever.
    Noob Saibot was not originally a demon, which might explain why Ashrah sensed 
    great evil in him; he had to earn his place in the Netherrealm. He actually 
    desired to remain there. His companion, however, seemed to be having a problem 
    adjusting. Perhaps was some good left in the cyborg. Whatever the case, Noob 
    would have to face Ashrah alone. Ashrah defeated Noob Saibot and finally 
    earned her ascension from the Netherrealm. But the sword that made her escape 
    possible did not travel with her. I suspect it still remains in the 
    Netherrealm, waiting to release another of its denizens from damnation.
    ||Baraka (BARs)||
    Baraka's Tarkatan race is a mutated hybrid of Netherrealm and Outworld 
    species. A loyal warrior, Baraka faithfully serves his new master, The Dragon 
    King, by preoccupying Outworld opposition with his Tarkatan hordes, the 
    backbone of the Dragon King's terrifying army. I am of the Tarkata, a savage 
    race of nomadic warriors bred from denizens of Outworld and demons of the 
    Netherrealm. My kind have served many masters: Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan 
    Chi... All have fallen. All have been weak. But our new master is strong!
    Invincible! We will slay all who oppose him! We will follow him to blood 
    ONAGA! He has ordered us to ravage Outworld in order to distract the foolish 
    allies and give him time to complete his plan. Mileena poses as Princess 
    Kitana to confuse and misdirect the enemies of the Dragon King. She lies to 
    them and tells them to attack our raiding parties. But our Lord will be 
    nowhere near us. We draw their armies from him. When my master's will is 
    done, they will all be consumed!
    Baraka assumed that the treacherous Mileena had given her armies a powerful 
    magic. They fought with savage brutality, but he could not stop their 
    advance. He vowed that Mileena would pay for her betrayal. Baraka's warriors 
    brought word that she had agreed to meet with him in an ancient lair, but 
    Baraka was no fool... He sent another in his place... 
    ||Bo' Rai Cho (BORs)||
    Kitana has given full command of her allied Outworld army to Bo' Rai Cho. 
    Although his fight against the Tarkatan hordes does not go well, he will find 
    inspiration from an unexpected source. I have dealt with Tarkatan warriors 
    before. Baraka and his mutant thugs were easy to evade as I entered Shang 
    Tsung's palace to rescue Li Mei. I had arrived not a moment too soon. I 
    snatched her away from the Deadly Alliance and swiftly carried her to safety. 
    An alarm was sounded, and hordes of Tarkatan warriors pursued us across the 
    main bridge.
    On the other side of the palace bridge, I was met by Earthrealm's Thunder 
    God, Raiden, and his band of heroes marching to battle the Deadly Alliance. 
    I bid them a glorious victory, but my primary concern was Li Mei's safety. 
    I have since learned of the disaster that took place at the palace. The 
    Dragon King had indeed returned, as legends foretold. Without our Earthrealm 
    allies, I fear for Outworld's future.
    Onaga seemed invincible. The races of Outworld were in disagreement on how 
    to deal with this threat, and Baraka's hordes were sweeping the land. Bo' 
    Rai Cho had almost given up hope when he was visited by the spirit of his 
    greatest student, Liu Kang. Their roles now reversed, Liu Kang gave Bo' Rai 
    Cho the inspiration necessary to continue the fight. Bo' Rai Cho's soul was 
    invigorated! He met with Outworld's many leaders to forge a temporary truce. 
    Kitana gave him command of what remained of her army, and he led them to 
    battle against Baraka's mutant foot soldiers. The new army of Outworld crushed 
    the Tarkata vermin, and Baraka himself was bested by Bo'Rai Cho's attack. The 
    victory inspired the people of Outworld to rise up against The Dragon King.
    ||Dairou (DAIs)||
    I was once a member of the Seidan Guard. I believed in the power of Order and, 
    lived by this strict codes of my superiors. I had saved many lives during my 
    years of service. But when I killed an assailant in a fit of rage. I was 
    arrested and sentenced to a life of incarceration. For all the good I had 
    done, the event that had come to define me was that one riot incited by the 
    I emerged from prison a changed man.  No longer would I follow orders of the 
    Seidan.  Neither could I bring myself to give in to Chaos. Instead, I opted to 
    serve myself. I became a mercenary, a warrior for hire, and have become 
    revered in Orderealm's secret underground. My neutrality has been put to the 
    test, however, as my current contract is to find and kill my former guardsman, 
    Normally, Dairou took no risks and ambushed those he had been hired to kill. 
    But in this case, he felt compelled to announce his intentions to kill his 
    fellow Guardsman, Hotaru. There still must have been some code of honor left 
    in his cynical heart. Hotaru was defeated... but before Dairou could reveal 
    who had commissioned the attack, Hotaru drew his dying breath.
    ||Darrius (DARs)||
    Leader of the resistance in the Realm of Order, Darrius lives a life in the 
    shadows. His ambition is to overthrow the oppressive regime that strangles 
    freedom. To some he is a hero...but to others he is nothing more than a 
    terrorist. I am Darrius. There are many in the  Realm of Order who would call 
    me a terrorist. But to the true patriots of Seidan, I am a hero. I fight 
    against the rule of an oppressive regime. I am the leader of the resistance 
    movement. Our numbers are ever-growing. One day I will lead the charge against 
    the establishment. Until then, I wait... and plan... and scheme.
    One of the best recruitment tools I have discovered is the law itself. If my 
    ranks are in need of a powerful warrior like a Seidan Guardsman, for instance, 
    I will hire an outsider to kill the man's family in the hope that his rage 
    will lead to a violent altercation with the assassin. Once he is imprisoned 
    for the attack, I free the Seidan Guardsman and easily recruit him to our 
    The mercenary Dairou had succeeded in stealing the Declaration of Order and 
    was paid many koins for his efforts. After Darrius hid the document, he 
    announced its capture to the world and heralded in a new beginning for the 
    realm of Seido. As Darrius had predicted, officials were outraged that the 
    Resistance had stolen the most prized possession of the Seidan government. 
    Hotaru was ordered to lead the charge against them. He underestimated their 
    numbers, however, and the Resistance defeated him and his men. The senate 
    would soon be in the hands of the revolutionaries.
    ||Ermac (ERMs)||
    We are Ermac. We are the fusion of the souls of dead warriors, created by Shao 
    Kahn to obey him without question. We served as his enforcer for many years, 
    until the Earthrealm warrior Kenshi released us from our bondage and awakened 
    out perception of the worlds that surrounds us. We are now free to choose our 
    own destiny.
    We encountered a fellow warrior spirit who, like Kenshi, understood our 
    suffering. Eager to atone for the atrocities we had committed in Shao Kahn's 
    name, we agreed to help this warrior, Liu Kang, to liberate his allies from 
    the control of The Dragon King. Shao Kahn may be dead, but it seems his 
    essence lives on in this new menace. It is as if they are both manipulated by 
    the very fabric of the realms.
    In an outer chamber of The Dragon King's throne room. Ermac did battle with 
    Liu Kang's enslaved comrades. Ermac was more that a match for the five 
    warriors, but their defeat was not his objective. Liu Kang materialized and, 
    one by one, freed their souls while Ermac occupied the rest. Eventually, all 
    five were awakened from their enchantment and freed from Onaga's control. 
    Ermac was pleased that his warrior skills could for once bring about a noble 
    outcome. He sensed, however, that an ominous force still shaped the destiny of 
    the realms. It was everywhere. He cloud feel influence on Onaga, though The 
    Dragon King was oblivious to its manipulation. Time was running out. Ermac 
    feared the celebration of this latest victory would be short-lived.
    ||Goro (GORs)||
    Note: Only Viewable on GameCube.
    Kitana's army allied with my Shokan warriors in an attempt to destroy my old 
    master, Shao Kahn. It was rumored that he was weakening and that our victory 
    was inevitable. During the last battle against Kano's militia, however, I was 
    attacked from behind by a shadow warrior, Noob Saibot. I do not know for how 
    long I lay dying on the battlefield, but when I regained consciousness, I was 
    greeted by the last person I expected to see...
    Shao Kahn found me near death on the battlefield. Though he was not wearing 
    his battle armor, I recognized his voice. It was truely him. He used what 
    little power he had left to revive me. He asked me to join him once again 
    and aid in destroying a rising power in Outworld. In return, he would give the 
    Shokan favored status and banish the Centaurs. I accepted his offer. I placed 
    my royal seal on the disfigured corpse of a fallen Shokan warrior and together 
    we fled into hiding to regain our strength for the coming battle.
    Goro had regained control of his shokan army and fought to cleanse Outworld 
    of The Dragon King's tarkatan horde. Though the tarkata are formidable 
    adversaries, they were no match for an army of shokan, inspired as they were 
    by regaining Shao Kahn's favor. Baraka's troops were quickly defeated. Goro 
    had proven himself a powerful ally of the emperor. But Shao Kahn had given the 
    shokan much in his return to power. Goro felt a gift of loyalty was in order. 
    The Edenian military had been crushed and Kitana herself had been captured. 
    Goro brought her before Shao Kahn and sacrificed her as an offering of fealty 
    to the once and future emperor of Outworld.
    ||Havik (HAVs)||
    A cleric of chaos, Havik strives to bring disorder to the universe. He will 
    ally himself with anyone who opposes order and structure. He has influenced 
    many realms, but his ultimate goal is to bring the doom of Seido, the realm of 
    Order. Chaos. The universe thrives on it. Forces pitted against each other in 
    never-ending turmoil. My kind worships entropy. We wander the realms sowing 
    disorder. My latest sojourn had brought me to Lei Chen, an Outworld city 
    imprisoned by the one known as Hotaru. For many years he had kept Chaos at bay 
    beyond the outer walls. I would undo the Order he had fought so hard to 
    It was I who led the "heroes" to the location of the Dragon King. The Chaos 
    that would ensue from their attack would be a blessing to this realm. Onaga 
    must never gain the upper hand in this struggle. The realms shall never cease 
    their struggle! Chaos will reign forever!
    The others had defeated The Dragon King, but left his broken body unattended 
    on the floor of his throne room. Not long ago, a similar fate had befallen 
    his former advisor, Shao Kahn. Havik ripped the still-warm heart from the 
    carcass and consumed it, thus absorbing Onaga's power to reanimate the dead. 
    Had the Dragon King succeeded in his plans for total domination, the 
    never-ending turmoil of life would have come to a stifling halt. Those who 
    defeated him believed that the realms were at rest once more, but Havik had 
    vowed to restore the Chaos that had once ravaged Outworld. Shao Kahn would 
    rule again!
    ||Hotaru (HOTs)||
    A hero from the realm of Seido, Hotaru fights to preserve law and order. 
    Although his initial sojourn to Outworld was to kombat the Emperor Shao Kahn, 
    he has since allied with a ruler he believes will bring stability to the 
    realms. There is an order to the universe -- law that all of the nature must 
    obey. For centuries I have imposed order on those who would wreak havoc. 
    Outworld has long been a source of disruption, but an older ruler has made a 
    triumphant return. During Onaga's rule, his military forced peace throughout 
    his domain. I will see that his return brings order to this war-torn realm 
    once more. I will fight against the insurgents to clear the path for The Dragon
    King's coming.
    Years ago, I fought against the vile Tarkatan warriors. I vowed to protect the 
    Outworld city of Lei Chen from the attacks of Shao Kahn. Times have changed. 
    Now I find myself aiding Baraka and his troops. I pledged the loyalty of the 
    city to Onaga and began my mission to stop the uprising against him  Baraka's 
    militia have brought word of an Earthrealm warrior named Sub-Zero who has 
    slain many Tarkata  I will hunt him down. I will bring him before the justice 
    of The Dragon King.
    In the wilds of Outworld, Hotaru captured the renegade Earthrealm warrior 
    Sub-Zero and brought him before The Dragon King. Onaga's judgment of Sub-Zero 
    was swift, and Hotaru was given the task of carrying out his punishment: 
    death. His fate served as a reminder to all who challenge the authority of 
    The Dragon King.
    ||Jade (JADs)||
    Longtime ally of the Edenian crown, Jade witnessed the arrival of The Dragon 
    King and raced to Edenia to inform her queen of Kitana's fate. She arrived 
    too late, however, for Tanya had already imprisoned Queen Sindel and gave 
    The Dragon King access to that realm. She freed Sindel and the two escaped to 
    Outworld. I had arrived too late. Kitana and her allies from Earthrealm had 
    been slain in an epic battle against the Deadly Alliance. At the least, they 
    had killed many Tarkata before they died. As I knelt beside her, a menacing, 
    dragon-like creature strode across the bridge to the palace. I leapt out of 
    sight and watched as he resurrected the dead and ordered them to regroup near 
    the Living Forest. I followed them in secret.
    The Dragon King's entourage crossed into Edenia and imprisoned Queen Sindel. 
    He used Princess Kitana to guard her, knowing the Queen would not attack her 
    own daughter. I fought Kitana and eventually managed to lock her in a cell of 
    her own. Kitana screamed furiously, alerting the enemy. Before Queen Sindel 
    and I escaped through a portal to Outworld, I caught a last glimpse of The 
    Dragon King... and at his side... Tanya!
    The traitor Tanya had given The Dragon King the information he needed to 
    finish merging the Kamidogu. But before he conquered all the realms, Jade 
    would see Tanya dead. Jade had allowed Baraka's soldiers to capture her, 
    feigning defeat in battle. As Tanya approached her prisoner, Jade waited for 
    the right moment... and threw a glass orb filled with concentrated Tarkatan 
    essence at her. The glass broke, splashing its contents across Tanya's body. 
    Baraka and his vile savages worked themselves into an uncontrolled frenzy. 
    They perceived Tanya to be a rival male and instinctively attacked. I doubt 
    she survived the encounter.
    ||Kabal (KABs)||
    I had left the Black Dragon and all that it stood for... but to some I would 
    forever remain associated with that despicable organization. Eventually the 
    Red Dragon clan found me, and I was defeated by Mavado. He left me for dead 
    and took my hookswords as his trophies. As the life trickled from my body, 
    a stranger rescued me: a cleric of Chaos who called himself Havik. He 
    convinced me to return my clan to its former glory. Never again will I deny my
    devotion to the Black Dragon.
    Inspired by Havik, I set out to find and kill Mavado of the Red Dragon. His 
    organization is secretive, but not invisible. It feels good to have hookswords 
    in my hands once again. I have since recruited young, skillful warriors to 
    fill the ranks of the new Black Dragon clan. I will now lead my fellow Dragons 
    to Outworld, where Havik has a task for us. It will be an excellent opportunity
    to test the abilities of my young comrades - and weed out the weak ones.
    Havik had given Kabal's new Black Dragon recruits a task: Lure the heroes away 
    from The Dragon King's corpse while he somehow retrieved the heart and with 
    it, Onaga's power to raise the dead. Apparently Onaga's ancient army had only 
    been invincible by means of constant resurrection during battles. The power to 
    raise the dead would prove quite useful to the Black Dragon clan. Kabal slew 
    Havik and took The Dragon King's heart for himself. Havik was most impressed.
    ||Kenshi (KENs)||
    The blind swordsman Kenshi was almost killed in Outworld, but was saved by the 
    Lin Kuei ninja, Sub-Zero. As they both make their way across Outworld to find 
    the portal to Earthrealm, Kenshi's keen senses detect an agent of The Dragon 
    King who shadows their every move. I lay near death after my fight with the 
    Red Dragon Mavado. But the ninja Sub-Zero found me and aided my recovery. As 
    my wounds healed, the soul of my ancestors told me of their return to my 
    sword. Their captor, Shang Tsung, was most certainly dead -- though I did not 
    know how or by whom. Having no more reasons to remain in Outworld, I made a 
    temporary alliance with Sub-Zero, and we began our search for a way back to 
    Still weary, I traveled with Sub-Zero to the portal that had brought him to 
    Outworld. I noticed that his armor was charred and worn from battle. He told 
    me of a powerful warrior named Hotaru, a loyalist to a new ruler of this 
    realm, who had attacked him for slaying a troop of Tarkatan militia. Sub-Zero 
    thought he had defeated the warrior, but I am not so sure. I have sensed a
    presence following us for the past few days...
    As Sub-Zero and Kenshi trekked across Outworld, they strove to keep themselves 
    hidden, only traveling at night. But was they neared the portal to Earthrealm, 
    The Dragon King zealot Hotaru attacked with a blast of glowing energy that 
    temporarily blinded Sub-Zero. Kenshi's sense of sight is of a spiritual 
    nature, thus he was unaffected by the intense flash of Hotaru's projectile 
    attack. In the dark, Kenshi had the advantage. Hotaru did not see his approach.
    Unaware, he strode in to kill Sub-Zero. It was the last mistake he'd ever make.
    ||Kira (KIRs)||
    Kira is the first recruit of the new Black Dragon. Kabal saw in her a 
    calculated ruthlessness that the clan had previously been lacking. Kira will 
    help the clan bring the world to its knees, but first, she must travel to 
    Outworld to test her might against foes of The Dragon King. I was the first of 
    Kabal's recruits. I had stolen away to the mountains of Afghanistan, selling 
    weapons to the terrorists -- disguised as a man. When they discovered my 
    gender, I had to fight my way out of the cave. I suppose Kabal assumed that 
    any woman who could do business with cutthroat extremist organizations and 
    live to talk about it must be worthy of his new Black Dragon clan. When I 
    alone emerged from the cave, Kabal stood before me with an offer to join him.
    The complacency of the original Black Dragon allowed for their destruction. 
    Kabal claims that a new Black Dragon clan will rise from the ashes -- more 
    ruthless, more calculating than before. We will not exist as a mere band of 
    pirates. We will cause the downfall of civilization itself and live in a world 
    of blessed anarchy.
    Once they had defeated the enemies of Havik, Kabal complimented Kobra and Kira 
    on their ferocity in battle. Their true test, however, was to face each other, 
    to decide which of them was worthy of the new Black Dragon clan. Neither 
    refused the challenge. Kobra fought with ferocity, but his lack of discipline 
    allowed Kira to control the battle, easily manipulating Kobra into exposing 
    himself to her attacks. She defeated him, and proved her worth to Kabal, who 
    gave her the honor of finding two more recruits to pit against each other in 
    Mortal Kombat.
    ||Kobra (KOBs)||
    Kobra sought to test his kombat skill. Once he killed his first opponent, 
    however, the thrill overtook him and now victory is his obsession. Kabal 
    recognized the potential of Kobra's brutal nature and enlisted him into the 
    new Black Dragon. I had always wondered if my martial arts training would work 
    in an actual fight. I trained in school for years. I was the best in my class. 
    But we were never allowed to hurt each other -- REALLY hurt each other. How 
    did I know attacks would break an arm? that this one would rupture an organ. 
    I prowled the back alleys of New York in search of an opportunity to put my 
    skills to the test. I needed to know what kombat really was.
    I couldn't stop. The thrill of kombat consumed me. I had killed! First it was 
    drug dealers and gangbangers - it allowed me to justify the violence. But the 
    bloodlust grew. I killed for money, looting convenience stores and gas 
    stations. When the law finally caught up with me, I couldn't remember how 
    many had died. Sitting cuffed In the police car, I heard some of the officers 
    shouting and firing their guns. When some chick and a masked guy with bloody 
    hookswords stepped into the light, I knew I was in the company of friends.
    Kabal brought his new recruits to Outworld, where a siege was underway 
    against The Dragon King. Kobra grew impatient. He wanted to join the fray, 
    but Kabal held him back. They were not to attack until the heroes had won. 
    Once The Dragon King had been defeated, Kabal gave the order to strike the 
    victors. The new Black Dragon tore through their ranks and left no survivors. 
    Kobra began to realize he was going to like being a Black Dragon.
    ||Li Mei (LIMs)||
    Emerging as the victor of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi's fake tournament, Li Mei 
    fell victim to their evil plans and her soul was transplanted into the 
    mummified remains of an ancient soldier. Although rescued from this fate by 
    master Bo' Rai Cho, Li Mei has been tainted by the warrior corpse her soul 
    temporarily inhabited. I had entered the tournament held by the Deadly 
    Alliance in hopes of winning the freedom of my enslaved town - I was a naive 
    fool. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi had no intention of rewarding a victor. Instead 
    they prepared to transplant my soul into the last remaining corpse of Onaga's 
    ancient army. Had it not been for the surprise intervention of Master Bo' Rai 
    Cho, I would have become a servant of evil.
    Master Bo'Rai Cho brought me back to health, and for this I am forever in his 
    debt. The brief moment my soul occupied the warrior corpse changed me in ways 
    I may never truly understand. Master Bo' Rai Cho has trained me well during 
    the time I have spent with him, and I feel a sense of duty to Outworld like 
    never before. But I cannot deny that I feel strangely drawn to a new power 
    taking hold in this realm...
    An alliance had been formed of warriors from vastly different origins, but 
    with a similar goal: to defeat Onaga. Li Mei marched uneasily into battle 
    against The Dragon King. The closer she got to him, the more she came to 
    understand which side was truly deserving of victory. Li Mei turned on her 
    former allies and gave emperor the time he needed to finish merging the 
    Kamidogu. The Dragon King now all powerful. He had the means to control the 
    universe, to make and unmake as he saw fit. Li Mei watched in delight as the 
    Elder Gods fled before his might. Onaga then transformed her into his queen, 
    to be forever at his side. He had given her powers beyond anything she has 
    ever imagined. Together they will rule the One Realm and slay the last of the 
    Elder Gods.
    ||Liu Kang (LIUs)||
    The sorcerer Shang Tsung had killed me and consumed my soul. I remained 
    trapped within his being, tormented by his evil, along with many other victims 
    of his vampiric soul drain. Through Shang Tsung's eyes, we witnessed the 
    battle with Raiden, who sacrificed himself to stop Onaga. Raiden's blast 
    destroyed Shang Tsung, and our souls were free to ascend into the heavens. I 
    remained in Outworld, however, to aid my friends in the fight against The 
    Dragon King.
    Why someone would desecrate my grave and reanimate my body, I cannot say. 
    Somehow my corpse retains my knowledge of martial arts and has killed many 
    innocents. Though I am not the perpetrator of these slayings, I cannot help 
    but feel responsible for the brutality committed by my corporal form. The 
    battle between mind and body has begun.
    Liu Kang's friends had been freed. Onaga had been defeated, and the realms 
    were secure once more. But there was one more battle that remained. Liu Kang's 
    body had been used by some unknown force as a tool of destruction. It had left 
    death in its wake and needed to be stopped. The chaos would end in Earthrealm. 
    The fight raged with neither kombatants able to best the other, when a jolt of 
    energy crackled through them both. Liu Kang's nerves blazed like fire and he 
    felt a rush of air fill his lungs for the first time since his death. He was 
    Liu Kang once more: Protector of Earthrealm. Champion of Mortal Kombat.
    ||Mileena (MILs)||
    Created by the sorcerer Shang Tsung, Mileena has at last fulfilled her destiny 
    as Kitana's successor by posing as the former princess. She misleads Kitana's 
    military forces in an attempt to give The Dragon King the time he needs to 
    complete his plans. Only Baraka knows the truth behind her deception. I am a 
    creation of sorcery, the hybrid of a Tarkatan warrior and the princess of 
    Edenia. My purpose was to eventually replace my...sister... Kitana, from whom 
    I was cloned. Kitana regained her memories, however, and uncovered the plot to 
    supplant her. After Shinnok's invasion, she cast me into her prison, where I 
    remained until Baraka freed me.
    My hatred for Kitana consumes my every thought. But Baraka tells me that his 
    new lord, The Dragon King, has possession of Kitana's body and uses it as his 
    personal bodyguard. My only chance for revenge against her will be to serve 
    Onaga and pose as the Princess, leading her precious alliance of Edenia and 
    Outworld to their doom.
    Because it is widely believed that Princess Kitana had slain her many years 
    ago, none were suspicious of the veil Mileena wore to conceal her Tarkatan 
    features. It was not difficult for her to assume the identity of the princess 
    and take control of her alliance. To further conceal her deception, Mileena 
    gave command of the armies to Bo' Rai Cho and instructed him to lead the 
    attack against Baraka's diversionary forces. Baraka's militia had failed to 
    divert the enemy, and to her surprise, was decimated by Bo' Rai Cho's forces. 
    She then realized that she was in control of the most powerful military force 
    in Outworld and Edenia combined... She had finally achieved her true purpose, 
    her destiny. Mileena could not continue her charade indefinitely-not as long 
    as Baraka knew the truth. She ambushed him in the ancient Beetle Lair and fed 
    him to a swarm of flesh-eating insects. All hail Princess...Kitana.
    ||Nightwolf (NIGs)||
    Nightwolf has foreseen the coming of The Dragon King in his dreams. To defeat 
    this new menace, he must corrupt his own soul and enter the Netherrealm. The 
    process will alter his temperament and make him a danger to even his allies. 
    He must travel alone if he is to succeed. As the Shaman of my tribe, my 
    connection with the supernatural has been interrupted by vision of a dark 
    presence. To confront this foe, I have assumed the role of Sin-Eater to 
    absorb the sin of my tribesmen. I must embrace this corruption, though I will 
    eventually become a threat to those I care for. It is a necessary evil if I am
    to save the realms.
    The Sin-Eater ritual has corrupted my soul and will therefore allow me to 
    enter the Netherrealm. There I will implement my plan to defeat Onaga. The 
    sins I have absorbed have poisoned my temperament, however, and I have forced 
    myself into exile until my task is complete in the depths of Hell.
    Nightwolf had traversed realms and fought many demons to get to this place 
    deep within the Netherrealm. Using knowledge passed to him form his 
    forefathers, he drew a binding symbol on the ground and chanted the ancient 
    words that would draw the spirit of The Dragon King to this wicked place. 
    Nightwolf had carried the burden long enough. He released the sins of his 
    people into the mystic symbol, and their weight bound Onaga to the 
    Netherrealm. Free of the corruption he had harbored for so long, Nightwolf 
    was expelled from the depths of the Netherrealm and into the unknown.
    ||Noob-Smoke (NOOs)||
    A member of the Brotherhood of Shadows, Noob Saibot found himself in Outworld 
    when Quan Chi was defeated. No longer bound to any master, he has begun his 
    own campaign of domination. His first ally with be the cyborg ninja Smoke, 
    whom he discovered in the bowels of Shao Kahn's fortress, and has reprogrammed 
    to be used as a seed for a new form of cyborg. Under Shao Kahn's rule, I 
    hunted enemies of his throne. As a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, I did 
    Quan Chi's bidding. All the while serving Shinnok, Lord of the Netherrealm, 
    as well. Now all my masters are gone; I am at long last free to pursue my own 
    destiny. Outworld is where I will begin my ascension to power. Now is the time 
    to forge a legion of assassins loyal only to Noob Saibot.
    I found my first "ally" in the abandoned fortress of Shao Kahn. Deep in the 
    labyrinth of torture chambers and prison cells the cyborg ninja Smoke, lay 
    inoperative. A war trophy of the late Emperor, Smoke had lain there since the 
    invasion of Earthrealm. It did not take long for me to reactivate his 
    nanotechnology, which reshaped and repaired his artificial body.
    With Smoke as his template. Noob Saibot planned to return to the Netherrealm 
    and use Smoke's nanotechnology to create an army of cyborg demons. He was 
    unaware that they were followed by someone Noob had not seen since before 
    he become a wraith. Smoke instantly recognized their visitor. He was an echo 
    of their past. He was Sub-Zero. Noob Saibot's brother. Noob Saibot was 
    surprised to see how much stronger his brother had become. If he were still 
    Lin Kuei, still human, he would probably have shown some degree of pride. 
    But, as Raiden had revealed during the ordeal with Shinnok's amulet, his soul 
    had become tainted when he died at the hands of Scorpion, Noob Saibot, the 
    original Sub-Zero, had descended into the Netherrealm free from compassion. 
    He ordered Smoke to assist him in slaying his brother -- his first act as 
    ruler of the Netherrealm.
    ||Onaga (ONAs)||
    Note: Must use Codebreaker to Unlock.
    My enemies had failed to prevent me from fusing all the weapons of the Elder 
    Gods into one. I used this ultimate weapon to warp reality, merging the realms 
    into a singular existence. Not satisfied with merely ruling one realm, I took 
    all that exists and merged it into myself. There can only be one 
    consciousness. I am everything. I have become... the One Being.
    ^Ending not actually in the game. Unlock in Krypt: IQ for 139 Onyx Koins and 
    MN for 164 Gold Koins.
    ||Raiden (RAIs)||
    As a last resort against The Dragon King's advance, Raiden sacrificed himself 
    by releasing his godlike essence; thereby creating an intense ethereal blast. 
    The Dragon King was unaffected and continues to threaten the realms. I was 
    well aware of Onaga, the former ruler of Outworld. Shao Kahn had been his 
    advisor until he poisoned The Dragon King and stole Outworld for himself. But 
    Onaga had somehow returned, more powerful than before. His power seemed 
    augmented by a force previous exhibited only by the Elder Gods. Even the might 
    of the Deadly Alliance combined with my own could not defeat him. I did the 
    only thing I could: I released my godlike essence in an attempt to destroy 
    them all.
    By the time my energies reformed in Earthrealm, I was aware of all that had 
    transpired. I became disgusted with the doings of mortals. It was Shujinko's 
    vanity and desire for glory that had led to the return of The Dragon King. I 
    will no longer allow the will of men to determine the fate of this realm. 
    They will fight for it, or I will destroy them. All will fear the new God of 
    My patience for mortals has worn thin. If I am to protect Earthrealm. I must 
    punish those who would threaten it. The fools Shujinko had let himself be 
    deceived into believing that he worked for a greater good. He was in fact an 
    unknowing tool for a greater evil-one that had almost caused the destruction 
    of Earthrealm. That Shujinko undid his mistake and destroyed The Dragon King 
    is of no importance. Those who place Earthrealm in harm's way will pay with 
    their lives.
    ||Scorpion (SCOs)||
    In his haste to confront his nemesis, Quan Chi, he was ambushed by two Oni and 
    cast into a powerful soulnado. He would surely have been torn apart by the 
    souls trapped there had he not managed to escape into the Void. It was in this 
    place that he first set eyes on the fabled Elder Gods. He would be forever 
    changed by this encounter.
    While in the Void, I witnessed, along with the Elder Gods, the death of Raiden 
    and the re-emergence of The Dragon King. Suddenly aware of my presence, the 
    Elder Gods transformed me into their servant and gave me a new purpose: to 
    prevent The Dragon King from merging the realms.
    The Elder Gods had transformed Scorpion into their weapon in order to defeat 
    The Dragon King before his plans of domination unmade the realms. With 
    enhanced abilities, he tirelessly tracked Onaga through the realms until 
    finally he cornered him in the Nexus. The Dragon King had many allies, but 
    they were no consequence. It was in fact Scorpion who was the true Champion 
    of the Elder Gods, the Enforcer of their will. Only he could stop the menace 
    that threatened all that exists. Only he could defeat The Dragon King.
    ||Shao Kahn (SHAs)||
    Note: Only Viewable on GameCube.
    My defeat at the hands of the Earthrealm warriors had left me weakened, and my 
    dominance in Outworld was waning. Kitana's forces were closing in. It was only 
    a matter of time before they would overrun my stronghold. Using a powerful 
    magical item retrieved long ago by my minions, I created a clone of myself to 
    draw my enemies' attention while I escaped into the wilds. When I have 
    regained my strength, I will destroy all who have oppossed my rule.
    Though I had gone to great lengths to ensure my old nemesis Onaga could never 
    be revived, I have discovered that he has indeed returned from beyond death, 
    as his holy men had prophesied. He now commands the Tarkatan Horde, a vicious 
    fighting force once loyal to me. When I have killed Onaga and regained control 
    of Outworld, they will pay for their treason with their lives!
    Shao Kahn had regained his strength, and he and Goro marched boldly to The 
    Dragon King's throne room, slaying all who stood in their way. Like an echo 
    of their battle ages ago, Shao Kahn and Onaga fought with a fury fueled by 
    intense hatred. Knowing The Dragon was too powerful to defeat in mere kombat, 
    Shao Kahn blasted Onaga with his war hammer, causing him to hurtle into Goro's 
    poisoned blades. Onaga had fallen victim to Shao Kahn's treachery once more. 
    With Onaga defeated, Shao Kahn reclaimed Outworld once again. His army of 
    shokan decimated what remained of Kitana's armies and the Tarkatan horde and 
    scattered their survivors into the unknown. A new era had begun in the realm 
    of Outworld. Long live the emperor Shao Kahn.
    ||Shujinko (SHUs)||
    Long before Liu Kang won the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm, Shujinko 
    had begun his quest to retrieve the Kamidogu for the Elder Gods. His journey 
    took him to many realms where he met many experienced warriors along the way. 
    I was a fool. I had allowed myself to be deceived into believing that I worked 
    for a greater good. I was in fact an unknowing tool of a greater evil. My ego 
    allowed Onaga, The Dragon King, to manipulate me into bringing together the 
    lost Kamidogu. They are very weapons by which the Elder Gods smashed the One 
    Being, forming the many realms we call existence. But their misuse can also 
    bring the realm crashing together again... reawakening the One Being... 
    unmasking all reality.
    The realms are the shattered consciousness of the One Being, who has been 
    working subconsciously through The Dragon King. Should Onaga succeed in 
    conquering reality by fusing the Kamidogu, he will unwittingly begin a cascade 
    of events that will merge all the realms together. The One Being will become 
    whole once more, and all other beings will cease to exist. I must find and 
    unite the warriors of all the realms if I am to save us. I will use The Dragon 
    King's gift against him.
    So that I would be able to defend myself during the quest to find the 
    Kamidogu. Onaga had given me the power to adsorb the fighting ability of any 
    warrior I encountered. But his 'gift' would prove to be his undoing. The 
    warriors in Outworld were in disarray. Heroes were not focused on the true 
    threat of Onaga and villains were unaware that they were bringing about their 
    own destruction by serving him. I united them, and in one moment, absorbed 
    their combined fighting powers. I shattered each of the Kamidogu, the source 
    of his invulnerability. This weakened Onaga, and I attacked him without mercy. 
    His mortal form was no match for a kombatant infused with the powers of so 
    many warriors. The Dragon King was finally defeated. The realms will remain 
    as they have since the beginning.
    ||Sindel (SINs)||
    A new threat has put Queen Sindel's realm of Edenia in peril. With the aid of 
    her faithful ally Jade, she will travel to Outworld to defeat The Dragon King 
    and free her daughter Kitana from his control. Once again Edenia had been 
    invaded by an Outworld threat. The Dragon King flooded this realm with 
    Tarkatan warriors and held me captive in my own prison. My only daughter, 
    Kitana, had somehow become his slave and guarded me night and day. I remained 
    captive, for I could not bring myself to assault her, even to regain my 
    freedom. Thank the Elder Gods Jade did not share my apprehension.
    Jade and I escaped to Outworld to discover what we could about Onaga. He had 
    been searching Edenia for... I know not what. I fear, however, that the 
    knowledge left behind by Shao Kahn so many years ago may be his objective. 
    That information should have been destroyed - but if it still exists, it could 
    spell disaster for the realms. I cannot save my daughter Kitana until I learn 
    more about her captor.
    Although Onaga had returned from the dead, he did not re-inhabit his original 
    body. Sindel and Jade found his sarcophagus opened. His body remained, but the 
    armor was missing. Strangely, the hieroglyphics in his tomb were similar to an 
    ancient Edenian language. She discovered an incantation, inscribed by Onaga's 
    holy men, that was intended to transport his soul back into its original body. 
    As she was memorizing the spell, Onaga emerged from the shadows. Onaga could 
    have defeated both Jade and Sindel, but instead he took sadistic pleasure 
    unleashing Kitana against them. He was a fool. Jade held off Kitana while 
    Sindel thrust her Kwan Dao into the heart of the corpse. As she screamed the 
    ancient incantation, Onaga's soul leapt from Reptile's body into its intended 
    vessel. The corpse came to life and cried in agony as the Kwan Dao prevented 
    its heart from reforming. Sindel held the blade firmly in place as Onaga 
    returned to the cold sleep of death. With The Dragon King defeated, the realms 
    were safe and Sindel's daughter, Kitana was free from his spell. May Edenia 
    know peace once more.
    ||Sub-Zero (SUBs)||
    While still in Outworld, the Lin Kuei Grand Master, Sub-Zero, discovers his 
    true heritage -- the source of his mastery over cold. This discovery will aid 
    him in the fight against The Dragon King's Tarkatan hordes. My fellow Lin 
    Kuei, Frost, had betrayed me and stolen my Dragon Medallion. Unable to control 
    the medallion's power, she was consumed by her own freezing ability. I 
    searched Outworld for a suitable place to bury her remains when I happened 
    upon ancient ruins carved into a mountainside.
    I learned that the ruins were a holy structure belonging to a lost race of 
    people who had attained mastery over cold. After thorough study of this 
    culture, I now believe both Frost and myself to be their descendants. I laid 
    Frost's body in a sarcophagus and left the catacombs, donning the armor of my 
    newly discovered heritage.
    On his way to the rendezvous point with Raiden and the others, Sub-Zero was 
    ambushed by a band of Tarkatan warriors in the Living Forest. He tried to 
    outrun them, but there were too many. He was quickly surrounded. Sub-Zero 
    decided that his last living deed would be to vanquish as many of these 
    barbarians as he could before he succumbed to death. As Sub-Zero began his 
    attack, he felt his armor speak to him. It guided and strengthened each blow 
    as he broke their limbs and crushed their skulls. At his feet, a dying 
    Tarkatan warrior uttered the words, "Long live the Dragon King..."
    ||Tanya (TANs)||
    I had been called an enforcer of the Deadly Alliance. I preferred the term 
    "ambassador." It was my duty to impose the will of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung 
    upon the denizens of Outworld. But the sorcerers' rule was short-lived and 
    I found myself leaderless, longing to return to my birthplace in Edenia. When 
    Baraka caught up with me, he gave me a choice: Serve his new lord of Outwork - 
    or die. I have lived for thousands of years because I make the right 
    decisions. I pledged my service to The Dragon King.
    Onaga was aware of Shao Kahn's invasion of Edenia so many years ago. 
    Apparently The Dragon King had been watching Shao Kahn from beyond his death. 
    Whatever the late emperor had been attempting, Onaga was determined to 
    complete it. He was looking for lost information, ancient spells that would 
    fuse the Elder Gods' six Kamidogu into one and therefore make it possible for 
    him to wield their combined might. I brought him to Edenia, where I believed
    that information still existed.
    In Edenia, Tanya had located the ancient texts that described the process by 
    which to fuse the Kamidogu into one. With this information, Onaga was able to 
    create the One Kamidogu - a tool of unspeakable power. As The Dragon King was 
    distracted, reveling in his victory, Tanya seized the opportunity to snatch 
    the Kamidogu from him, thereby obtaining God-like power. She destroyed The 
    Dragon King and became Ultimate Overlord of the realms.
    ||                               ARENAS                                      ||
    Most levels in this game are multi-tiered, meaning that you can go to many 
    places within a level by hitting your opponent through things or off things.
    Beetle Lair:
    This is an old house with lots of beetles scurrying around with a secret 
    grotto beneath.
    Many windows and pillars can be destroyed in the starting area. Beside some 
    pots is a bare wall that you can knock you opponent into to enter the Beetle 
    Lair. Down here are more windows and pillars to break.
    Level-Specific Weapon:
    A huge axe called the Throaxe is in here to maul your opponent with. It is 
    located in the actual Beetle Lair.
    The Chamber of Artifacts:
    A huge gass-fill area, remember what happens when you throw stones? Artifacts 
    are collected in this area.
    Breaking the glass below you takes you to different levels of the Chamber.
    Level-Specific Weapon:
    A sword called the Lungchuan Dao is in this level to hack your opponent with. 
    Break the crystal in the middle of the starting area to get the sword.
    The Dark Prison:
    A prison with incarserated inmates, some of which you will remember.
    Being knocked through the fence in the starting area sends you into the 
    courtyard. In the cells are past MK characters and they will grab you if you 
    get too close.
    Knocking your opponent into one of the walls in the couryard has them smooshed 
    by two walls of spikes.
    The Deadpool:
    You're in a room filled with acid, don't get eaten alive.
    Fall in the acid to be eaten down to the bone.
    Dragon King's Temple:
    A round area with spikes surrounding you.
    Hit your opponent into the spikes to impale them ending their life.
    Dragon Mountain:
    A mountainous area.
    The Falling Cliffs:
    A island sort of thing that is constantly crumbling away becoming smaller and 
    If you fall off the edge you take a freefall before being impaled on a spike.
    The Golden Desert:
    An egyptian style place, looks like a desert.
    Knock you opponent into one of the walls to have a statue come down crushing 
    Hit your opponent into the black abyss to have them impaled by a spike.
    Hell's Foundry:
    A loud dirty foundry, ya.
    Knock your opponent off the edge of the starting area to send him down to the 
    lower section of the foundry. 
    Knock your opponent onto one of the presses below to get them crushed into 
    metal products.
    Kuatan Palace:
    Round area surrounded by lava.
    Hit your opponent into the laval surrounding the area to burn him alive.
    Liu Kang's Tomb:
    A tomb dedicated to Liu Kang.
    Level-Specific Weapon:
    The weapon in this level is called the Quadspade. Use it to sclice your 
    opponent up. It is found right in the middle of the starting area.
    Living Forest:
    A forest filled with living trees, spooky.
    Lower Mines:
    A mine, cave-like place.
    Hit your opponent through the wooden fence in the starting area to enter the 
    lower section of the mine.
    Knock you oppoenent into the metal dragon's mouth at the beginning to have 
    them bitten in two.
    Hit your opponent into the rock crusher below to give them a pounding 
    Send your opponent into the pit of lava below to send them to hell.
    Nethership Interior:
    You are in the interior of the Nethership from Deadly alliance, remember it 
    way stormy and raining on the top in DA.
    The Windows of the ship can be smashed by hitting them with your opponent. 
    Breaking the fence behind you will reveal hanged corpses and a new place to 
    Level-Specific Weapon:
    Hit the corpses into your opponent to cause damage.
    The Nexus:
    A weird place with purple skies.
    Hit your opponent off the side of the nexus to send him into the abyss.
    The Pit:
    You're on a platform surrounded by spikes, don't fall off.
    Fall off the edge to be impaled by spikes, a bit thorny.
    The Portal:
    A place with a protal sucking stuff in, in the background.
    Quan Chi's Fortress:
    Looks similar to the one in DA.
    Knock your opponent off the side to have him fall down and get cut into a 
    million pieces by the lasers below.
    Shang Tsung's Courtyard:
    A fighting area with viewers.
    The Slaughterhouse:
    A huge wooden, bloody place that is well...a slaughterhouse. 
    Knocking your opponent through the floor where you start out will take you to 
    the actual Slaughterhouse below. 
    Knock your opponent into the rotating spikes in the slaughterhouse for a 
    bloody ending to his life.
    Level-Specific Weapon:
    A blade called the Cleaver is found near the Deathtrap of this level. Use it 
    to slaughter your opponent.
    The Sky Temple:
    A huge tall building just waiting for someone to fall off. 
    Knocking someone through the fence around the starting area sends them crashing
    Knock your oppoenent off the second level and through the fence to see them 
    get smashed into the floor below. 
    Level-Specific Weapon:
    A weapon called the War Hammer adorns the top level of the Sky Temple. Use it 
    to beat your opponent sensless.
    Ying Yang Island:
    A happy tropical island in the pacific somewhere, also a dangerous forbidden 
    place, hence "Ying Yang."
    Stone statues near the starting area can be smashed away. Knocking your 
    opponent into the palm trees will cause a coconut to fall on thier heads.
    Knocking your opponent off the side of the island will have them eaten by 
    piranhas, leaving red water.
    ||                              CHESS KOMBAT                                 ||
    Here is a basic list of the things in Chess Kombat. Chess Kombat plays 
    like a game of chess only with MK players instead of chess peices. When you 
    want to take over a place occupied by the enemy you fight a round of Mortal 
    Kombat and decide who wins. The winner gets the square. Teams are made up of 
    MK player, one can be assigned to each different piece type. This game is vary 
    unique and different from any type of fighting you've probably ever done.
    Grunts x8 - These are the Pawns, the basic peices in chess. They can only move 
                a limited number of spaces at a time and have around half full 
    Shifters x3 - These pieces shift into your opponent during battle. Whoever your 
                  opponent is they will morph into them. If another shifter is 
                  challanged by a shifter they will keep their form. They have 
                  half health unless they are up against another shifter in which 
                  case they will have 100% health.
    Sorcerers x2 - The Sorcerer can cast either red or blue spells. They are weak 
                   having only 1/3 health.
    Champions x2 - These peices are big and strong, they have 100% health.
    Leader - x1 - Basically the King, don't let him die. He has almost full health.
    Player Moves:
    Grunts - 2 spaces forward, back, left and right or 1 space diagonal.
    Shifters - 5 spaces in any direction.
    Sorcerers - 2 speaces forward, back, left and right.
    Champions - Up to 9 spaces in any direction.
    Leader - 1 space in any direction.
    The Couryard - This level is in Shoalin Monks, or looks like it.
    The Deadpool - This area has acid in the background and I think you know what 
                   goes in there. Hit your opponent in the acid to eat them to the 
    The Living Forest - Spooky trees that look alive with faces and all. 
    The Pit - This looks like the original Pit for Mortal Kombat one. You can 
              Knock you opponent over the edge just like in the game to send in 
              into the spikes below.
    The Portal - There is a portal in the back and it is sucking things in.
    Special Spaces:
    Traps - Before you start the game you need to set a trap or a fake trap, if 
    you want. Put the trap on a area of the board you don't want your opponent to 
    occupy. If he steps in the trap he will be instantly killed. The trap doesn't 
    go away so many victims can fall prey to the trap. If you use a fake trap it 
    can be a decoy to play mind games, use at your descretion. 
    Power Spuares - They are the green ones that will be closer and further away 
    from you in the middle. Being on these spaces will give you exra powers and 
    Shifter Spells:
    Heal - Heal injured player
    Protect - Protect a player from injury for 3 turns
    Resurrect - Reanimate a fallen comrade
    Teleport - Teleport any Grunt, Shifter or Champion to another space on the 
    Exchange - Switch Grunt, Shifter or Champion with your opponent's one
    Imprison - Immobilized any enemy piece for 3 turns
    Kill - Kills a enemy Shifer or Grunt
    Sacrifice - Kill a friendly piece to heal another friendly piece
    ||                              PUZZLE KOMBAT                                ||
    Puzzle Kombat plays like a tetris or Dr. Mario. Arrange the same colour of 
    blocks touching each other and then take them away with a breaker. Simple. 
    The person who's blocks touch the top of their screen first loses. Getting 
    combos and such makes your opponent have more blocks, that's about it except:
    Bombes - Clear all blocks of the same colour it lands on.
    Meter - Performing combos and such fills your meter so you can so a special 
    Character Moves:
    Baraka - Clear sides of the screen away with blocks.
    Bo' Rai Cho - Takes tops rows away.
    Ermac - Take of a layer or two of blocks from the top.
    Jade -  Put blocks into enemies screen.
    Kabal - Two bombs are dropped clearing two colours away.
    Kenshi - Turns enemies blocks invisible.
    Mileena - Takes middle rows away.
    Nightwolf Breaker Buster: Stop opponents from performing combos.
    Raiden - Send blocks to enemy.
    Scorpion - Mixes opponents blocks up. 
    Sindel - Arranges all colour so that they are matching.
    Sub-Zero - Freezes opponents blocks so you cannot see them.
    Stage Fatalities:
    Beetle Lair - Weight cruches losing player.
    Hell's Foundtry - Crusher smooshes player.
    Liu Kang's Tomb - Losing player is burnt by the torch.
    Sky Temple  - Lightning explodes the losing player.
    Slaughterhouse - Losing player is chopped by blades.
    Ying Yang Island - Snake eats losing player.
    ||                               THE KRYPT                                   ||
    ATTENTION GAMCUBE PLAYERS: Koffins PD, SH, OJ and JS contain stuff related to 
    Goro and Shao Kahn, since both are only in the GameCube Version. PS2 and Xbox 
    players will find other things in those koffins; unlocking Li Mei, Kira, Havik 
    and Hotaru as playable characters. I don't Know which Koffins Li Mei, Kira, 
    Havik and Horaru are unlocked for GameCube and sorry for any inconvenience.
    Here are the important koffins, all the rest contain useless drawing, videos, 
    renders and pictures.
    Alternate Costumes:
    Baraka - SR for 2,252 Gold Koins
    Bo' Rai Cho - IB for 2,086 Onyx Koins
    Havik - CN for 1,114 Jade Koins
    Hotaru - QT for 1,064 Ruby Koins
    Kira - SG for 990 Sapphire Koins
    Noob-Smoke - EJ for 1,494 Platinum Koins
    Ashrah - EE, key located in H-4 of the Neatherealm, at 5:00p.m., must have 
      completed Konquest mode
    Dairou - QI, key located in D-8 of the Chaosrealm, must have completed konquest
    Darrius - TB, key located in E-8 of Outworld, in a hut
    Ermac - QP, key located in A-8 of the Netherrealm
    Goro - PD, key is located in C-8 of Earthrealm, NOTE: GAMECUBE ONLY
    Jade - GC, key located in G-4 of Outworld, in a tent
    Kabal - DA, key located in B-1 of the Chaosrealm, must have completed konquest 
      mode and fight Kabal at this location
    Kenshi - SC, key located in A-6 of Earthrealm, at 12:00p.m.
    Li Mei - TE, key located in A-5 of the Orderrealm, between 6:00a.m. and 
      7:00a.m., must fight Li Mei at this location.
    Liu Kang  - ER, key is located in H-5 of Edenia, the first of any month between
      12:00p.m. and 12:15p.m., must have completed Konquest mode
    Kobra - IP, key located in G-6 of Earthrealm, must fight kobra at night
    Mileena - HL, key located in F-7 of Earthrealm, between 7:00p.m. and 9:00p.m.
    Nightwolf - AM, key located in A-4 of the Netherrealm, must have completed 
      konquest mode and fight Nightwolf at this location
    Raiden - EM, key located in F-3 of Edenia, must have completed Konquest mode 
     and fight Raiden at this location
    Scorpion - KI, key located in B-6 or F-6 of Earthrealm Village
    Shao Kahn - SH, key located in B-5 of Earthrealm, NOTE: GAMECUBE ONLY
    Shujinko - JO, key located in F-1 of Edenia, Tuesday at 2:00a.m., must have 
      completed Konquest mode
    Sindel - MH, key located in H-6 of Outwold, in a hut at 7:00p.m.
    Sub-Zero - RM, key located in F-8 of Earthrealm, between 7:00p.m. and 9:00p.m.
    Tanya - ML, key located in C-2 of Outworld, must fight Tanya at this location
    Dead Pool - JI for 2,191 Ruby Koins
    Dragon Mountain - DO, key located in H-8 of Outworld, at 10:00a.m.
    Golden Desert - AB, key located in E-2 of the Netherrealm, at 8:00p.m.
    Kuatan Palace - GF, key located in A-4 of Orderrealm, in a hut
    Liu Kang's Tomb - BH, key located in H-6 of Earthrealm, at 3:00a.m.
    Living Forest - DS for 1,694 Sapphire Koins
    Nexus - JQ, key located in A-4 of the Chaosrealm, at 3:00a.m.
    Portal - GP, key located in D-5 of Earthrealm Village, or E-5 after completing 
      Konquest mode
    Quan Chi's Fortress - OQ, key located in H-5 of the Orderrealm, in a hut
    Shan Tsung's Courtyard - OB, key located in A-1 of the Netherrealm, between 
      3:00a.m. and 7:00a.m.
    Liu Kang's Tomb - HQ for 1,515 Jade Koins
    Ying Yang Island - HB, key located in D-1 of Earthrealm Village, or G-4 after 
      completing Konquest mode
    Some Bios are alternates, while some are main Bios
    Ashrah - QN for 324 Sapphire Koins
    Bo' Rai Cho - BO for 269 Ruby Koins
    Dairou - CE for 422 Jade Koins
    Darrius - QD for 392 Gold Koins
    Ermac - PJ for 254 Jade Koins
    Havik - LL for 398 Sapphire Koins
    Havik - OS for 395 Ruby Koins
    Hotaru - GK for 267 Gold Koins
    Hotaru - LO for 342 Jade Koins
    Jade - AQ for 352 Platinum Koins
    Jade - RP for 258 Jade Koins
    Kabal - KS for 233 Onyx Koins
    Kenshi - JK for 245 Jade Koins
    Kenshi - PR for 288 Gold Koins
    Kira - GS for 202 Sapphire Koins
    Kira - MK for 283 Platinum Koins
    Kobra - TP for 283 Onyx Koins
    Li Mei - NF for 281 Ruby Koins
    Li Mei - QH for 296 Onyx Koins
    Nightwolf - LE for 265 Platinum Koins
    Noob-Smoke - GB for 390 Sapphire Koins
    Noob-Smoke - HI for 312 Gold Koins
    Sindel - AJ for 186 Sapphire Koins
    Sindel - TI for 269 Onyx Koins
    Tanya - DP for 306 Platinum Koins
    Tanya - KA for 233 Jade Koins
    Baraka - GA, key located in A-3 of Earthrealm
    Goro - OJ, key located in E-7 of Earthrealm NOTE: GAMECUBE ONLY
    Liu Kang - BI, key located in H-4 of Earthrealm
    Liu Kang - SE, key located in G-5 of the Orderrealm
    Mileena - RE, key located in F-6 of Earthrealm
    Raiden - KG, key located in G-1 of Outworld
    Raiden - SA, key located in C-4 of Earthrealm
    Scorpion - RT, key located in D-4 of Eathrealm
    Shao Kahn - JS, key located in C-5 of Earthrealm NOTE: GAMECUBE ONLY
    Shujinko - DB, key located in H-1 of Edenia
    Shujinko - MM, key located in G-8 of the Chaosrealm
    Sub-Zero - AS, key located in C-3 of Earthrealm
    Hidden Characters:
    Jade - OI for 2,417 Jade Koins
    Noob-Smoke - DM for 3,642 Jade Koins
    Havik - JS, key located in H-4 of the Chaosrealm, inside a hut
    Hotaru - OJ, key located in H-1 of the Orderrealm, between 4:00a.m and 2:00p.m.
    Kenshi - ON, key located in C-3 of Earthrealm Village or E-4 of Earthrealm
    Kira - SH, key located in H-2 of Earthrealm, in a hut between 1:00a.m. and 
    Li Mei - PD, key located in F-7 of Outworld, inside a house
    Liu Kang - OT, key located in G-8 of Edenia, behing a tent on Friday at 
      12:00a.m., must have completed Konquest mode and trained with Liu kang in 
    Raiden - MA, Key located in E-3 of the Orderrealm, must have completed 
      Konquest mode and fight Raiden at this location
    Sindel - SJ, key located in D-1 of Netherrealm, betweeen 9:00p.m. and 4:00a.m.
    Tanya - DI, key located in A-3 of Outworld, in ice caves bewteen 7:00p.m. and 
    Shujinko - Complete Konquest mode to unlock
    150 Gold Koins - CR for 125 Ruby Koins
    242 Platinum Koins - KM for 145 Ruby Koins
    254 Sapphire Koins - CH for 154 Gold Koins
    258 Ruby Koins - RB for 215 Onyx Koins
    268 Ruby Koins - IM for 133 Platinum Koins
    277 Gold Koins - QR for 123 Platinum Koins
    297 Jade Koins - LH for 217 Sapphire Koins
    297 Sapphire Koins - BG for 352 Ruby Koins
    299 Ruby Koins - LR for 201 Jade Koins
    322 Sapphire Koins - OG for 148 Jade Koins
    325 Ruby Koins - NP for 144 Onyx Koins
    343 Platinum Koins - RO for 124 Jade Koins
    348 Jade Koins - QL for 134 Ruby Koins
    348 Sapphire Koins - NR for 115 Ruby Koins
    357 Gold Koins - NL for 105 Jade Koins
    357 Onyx Koins - JG for 175 Ruby Koins
    361 Jade Koins - HT for 324 Sapphire Koins
    371 Jade Koins  - AE for 137 Platimun Koins
    374 Gold Koins - CB for 338 Platinum Koins
    378 Ruby Koins - FP for 107 Sapphire Koins
    397 Gold Koins - AC for 63 Sapphire Koins
    397 Onyx Koins - RH for 163 Gold Koins
    418 Platinum Koins - FT for 228 Jade Koins
    434 Jade Koins - HG for 317 Gold Koins
    434 Gold Koins - HE for 173 Onyx Koins
    434 Onyx Koins - TF for 150 Sapphire Koins
    461 Gold Koins - BR for 129 Ruby Koins
    461 Onyx Koins - NH for 144 Platinum Koins
    463 Platinum Koins - QB for 189 Sapphire Koins
    476 ONyx Koins - NA for 126 Jade Koins
    477 Sapphire Koins - KJ for 161 Onyx Koins
    489 Jade Koins - LC for 182 Onyx Koins
    602 Sapphire Koins - BD for 117 Gold Koins
    659 Platinum Koins - BM for 97 Gold Koins
    772 Ruby Koins - CA for 202 Gold Koins
    Puzzle Kombat Characters:
    Jade - GO for 2,911 Ruby Koins
    Kabal - MI for 2,425 Platinum Koins
    Raiden - PP for 3,604 Gold Koins
    Bo' Rai Cho - ND, key located in C-6 or A-7 of Earthrealm Village
    Kenshi - TR, key located in G-4 of Earthrealm, between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m.
    Mileena - GM, key located in C-6 of the Netherrealm, at 3:00p.m.
    Onaga - Unlock Onaga by using the Codebreaker. He is big and bulkey, covers 
    alot of the screen.
    Shujinko's Moves:
    Flying Jinko - CG, key located in E-5 of Edenia, must have completed Konquest 
    Kobra's Power Fist - KN, key located in G-6 of Edenia, at 8:00p.m., must have 
      completed Konquest mode
    Li Mei's Flip Kick - OF, key loacted in D-1 of the Orderrealm, must have 
      completed Konquest mode
    Scorpion's Spear - ID, key located in A-1 of Edenia, must have completed 
      Konquest mode and fight Scorpion at this location
    Sindel's Foot Grab - DD, key located in D-8 of Edenia, Monday at 12:00a.m., 
      must have completed Konquest mode
    Sub-Zero's Freeze - IN, key is located in F-5 of the Orderrealm, in a building 
      at 6:00p.m., must have completed Konquest mode
    Fatality 1 - LF, key located in C-8 of Outworld, at 12:00a.m., must have 
      completed Konquest mode
    Fatality 2 - SQ, key located in D-4 of the Orderrealm, must have completed 
      Konquest mode
    Hara Kiri - KK, key located in A-8 of Earthrealm, inside Lin Kuei cave on the 
      16th of any month, must have completed Konquest mode
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