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    Sindel by SkyfireMike

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    Version 1.01 - 10/17/2004 - by Mike Sweetser
    Contact: sindelfaq@gmail.com
    Sindel's always been my favorite Mortal Kombat character, due to her cool 
    unique look, her great moves and her character.  Since nobody else has done a 
    character FAQ for her yet, I'll pick up the ball and do it :)  I'm on XBox Live 
    as MikePac and on these boards as SkyfireMike.  See ya there :)
    Version 1.01 - 10/17/2004
    -- Added control descriptions for Xbox and PS2 to make the FAQ non-specific.
    Version 1.0 - 10/15/2004
    -- Everything's new.  This is the first version of the FAQ.
    This FAQ is copyright 2004-whenever by me, Mike Sweetser.  Please do not repost
    or use parts of the FAQ without telling me first.  If you're nice, I will more
    than likely give you permission, especially if you give credit; otherwise, 
    I'll send my evil monkeys after you.  They're MONKEYS.  And they're EVIL.  They
    will CUT YOU, man.
    I. WHO IS SHE?
      - Her two character bios and also, her ending.
      - Information on unlocking Sindel in the game, all her goodies in the Krypt,
        and her Konquest quests (kwests?)
      - Her moveset.  Enjoy.
      - Combomania!
      - To quote Bugs Bunny: Stragety!
    I. WHO IS SHE?
    - Sindel's two character bios and ending.
    "Once again Edenia had been invaded by an Outworld threat.  The Dragon King
    flooded this realm with Tarkatan warriors and held me captive in my own prison. 
    My only daughter, Kitana, had somehow become his slave and guarded me night and
    day.  I remained captive, for I could not bring myself to assault her, even to
    regain my freedom.  Thank the Elder Gods Jade did not share my apprehension."
    "Jade and I escaped to Outworld to discover what we could about Onaga.  He had
    been searching Edenia for... I know not what.  I fear, however, that the
    knowledge left behind by Shao Kahn so many years ago may be his objective. 
    That information should have been destroyed -- but if it still exists, it could
    spell disaster for the realms.  I cannot save my daughter Kitana until I learn
    more about her captor."
    (Jade opens Onaga's sarcophagus as Sindel reads hieroglyphics inscribed on a
    nearby pillar.  Onaga and one of his guards are waiting in the background.)
    Although Onaga had returned from the dead, he did not re-inhabit his original
    body.  Sindel and Jade found his sarcophagus opened.  His body remained, but
    the armor was missing.  Strangely, the hieroglyphics in his tomb were similar
    to an ancient Edenian language.   She discovered an incantation, inscribed by
    Onaga's holy men, that was intended to transport his soul back into his
    original body.  As she was memorizing the spell, Onaga emerged from the
    (As Jade battles Kitana, Sindel holds her Kwan Dao in the heart of the corpse. 
    Onaga's soul is escaping his current body and returning to the corpse.)
    Onaga could have defeated both Jade and Sindel, but instead he took sadistic
    pleasure in unleashing Kitana against them.  He was a fool.  Jade held off
    Kitana while Sindel thrust her Kwan Dao into the heart of the corpse.  As she
    screamed the ancient incanation, Onaga's soul leapt from Reptile's body into
    its intended vessel.  The corpse came to life and cried in agony as the Kwan
    Dao prevented its heart from reforming.  Sindel held the blade firmly in place
    as Onaga returned to the cold sleep of death.
    (Jade stands nearby as Sindel embraces Kitana, a tear streaming from her eye.)
    With the Dragon King defeated, the realms were safe and Sindel's daughter,
    Kitana, was free from his spell.  May Edenia know peace once more.
    -- Unlocking Sindel and her Krypt items
    -- Completing her Konquest quests
    Instead of being available right from the get-go as she was in Mortal Kombat 3,
    Sindel is a hidden character in Mortal Kombat Deception.  You must first unlock
    her before using her in the game.
    To complete one of Sindel's quests in Edenia, you will need to get the White
    Lotus Emblem - without it, a ring that is required will not show up.  The
    reasoning behind this is unknown.  Unfortunately, you must complete parts of a
    quest BEFORE finishing Konquest, as you cannot get it afterward.
    To get the headband, you must first talk to Master Shen early in your Konquest
    journey.  You can find him in E-4 in Earthrealm in front of a small hut on the
    water (you can see it easily from the map - it is a hexagon-shaped hut right in
    the river running through Earthrealm).  He will give you information about the
    Mortal Kombat tournament, and tells you to meet Wen the Elder.
    Wen the Elder is found in front of a smaller hut nearby in D-4 - you can easily
    recognize him by his black top and hunch.  He gives you more information about
    the tournament and asks that you return when you have more training.
    The time will come following your training in Earthrealm with Nightwolf and
    your subsequent battle with Shang Tsung.  After you defeat Shang Tsung, go back
    to D-4 and talk with Wen..who will tell you that they have already chosen Liu
    Kang as their representative in the Mortal Kombat tournament.  However, you can
    still help the White Lotus by defeating several strange "Beast Men".  At this
    point, you will receive the White Lotus Emblem, which is necessary to finish
    one of Sindel's missions in Edenia.  It is VERY important to do all of this
    NOW, as it will not be available later!
    The "Beast Men" they refer to are several Tarkatan warriors, including Baraka,
    who are grouped near the Nexus Portal.   Once you defeat Baraka, return to Wen,
    who will congratulate you on defeating the warriors.  
    At this point, you may continue in your quests by going to speak to Kenshi.  
    Once you arrive and talk to the happy fun ball, you will meet Princess Kitana,
    Sindel's daughter in C-4.  She will tell you of Shao Kahn merging Edenia with
    Outworld, and again invading the realm to retrieve the Kamidogu.  She asks you
    to help free Queen Sindel from Shao Kahn's imprisonment by defeating Tanya,
    Shao Kahn's guard.  You can find Tanya northeast of that location, under an
    arch in C-1.  You will have to get past her in order to free Sindel.  Once you
    defeat Tanya with Shujinko, open the door directly to the left to free Sindel.
    Sindel is pleased to hear that her daughter Kitana is alive, and urges to leave
    immediately.  Once you leave the room, follow the light to Sindel's palace in
    C-6 and speak to the Queen.  She will bestow on you her training style.  Once
    you complete training, she will give you the Edenia Kamidogu.  She and Kitana
    will continue fighting to end Shao Kahn's tyranny, urging you to leave
    Sindel and Kitana both seem to live in Sindel's palace at C-6; at regular
    intervals, they emerge from the building, wander about Edenia, then return. 
    Kitana goes all over the realm while Sindel usually remains in the area she
    emerged from.  To begin this quest, find Kitana and talk to her.  She needs her
    help inspiring the guards by wearing Sindel's ring - however, she needs help
    finding it.  You'll need help too - the White Lotus Emblem you got earlier. 
    Without this, the ring WILL NOT show up.
    To find it, go to H-2 - go east of the Nexus Portal until you come to a wooden
    bridge.  Cross the bridge, then go directly north - past the trees, you will
    see a big rock, and behind it..Sindel's ring.  Track down Kitana again and talk
    to her to give her the ring.  She will thank you and give you 500 Onyx Koins in
    reward.  Well done!
    If you talk to the civilians near the Nexus Portal, one will inform you that he
    wishes to fight the forces of Shao Kahn, but would like for his sword to be
    blessed by Sindel.  He will give you the Edenian Sword.  Take it to Sindel's
    palace at C-6 (go southwest from the Portal) enter the castle walls and wait
    for Sindel to show up and then talk to her.  She will gladly bless the sword. 
    Go back northeast and find the citizen you got the sword from.  He will thank
    you and give you 400 Sapphire Koins as a reward.
    -- The Krypt Key required for this Koffin is located in the Netherrealm at grid
       D-1; however, it will only appear between 9 PM and 4 AM game time.  To reach
       it, go to C-6 from the Nexus Portal to exit the building, then go across the
       bridge to D-6 and north from there.  Cross the bridge at D-3 and continue
       going north into the Colosseum-shaped area.  Once 9 PM rolls around, the
       chest will materialize next to Quan Chi.  Open it and the key unlocking
       Sindel's Koffin is yours.
    BIO: Koffin TI - 269 Onyx Koins
    -- This displays Sindel's main costume, as well as information on her fighting
    ALTERNATE BIO: Koffin AJ - 186 Sapphire Koins
    -- This displays Sindel's alternate costume, as well as information on her
       fighting styles.
    NOTE: You must first unlock Sindel at Koffin SJ before this chest will show.
    -- The Koffin for Sindel's alternate costume requires a Krypt Key to open,
       which is found in Outworld in Konquest Mode, in grid location H-6.  From the
       Nexus Portal in Outworld, go east until you reach E-2, then turn south.
       Once you go past the lava pool to the left at F-4, begin going southeast
       until you reach G-6.  Instead of going into the village, turn and go east.   
       You will meet up with Frost at H-6, and next to her will be a hut; inside
       the hut is the chest containing the key.
    SINDEL STORYBOARD: Koffin AT - 155 Platinum Koins
    -- This is a storyboard drawing for Sindel's ending, showing the rough sketches
       involved in creating such art.  
    SINDEL CHARACTER STUDY - Koffin HP - 156 Platinum Koins
    -- This shows the concept sketch for Sindel, by Herman Sancez.  "Her main
       costume was carried over from her previous MK appearances, but with some
       updates like the gartered thigh boots added to capitalize on her darkly
       seductive aspects.  Her alternate costume carries the gothic element a bit
       further: the color scheme changes to crimson, black and grey.  Her arms are
       protected by sleeves composed of fleshy armor platelets of unknown origin."
    SINDEL PROMOTIONAL RENDER - Koffin KE - 178 Sapphire Koins
    -- A promotional render of the character model used for magazine articles and
       website content.  Render by Brian McRae, design and game model by Luis
    -- This actually isn't for Sindel herself, but for the Konquest main character,
       Shujinko - unlocking this Koffin gives him use of Sindel's throw, the Foot
       Grab.  Go to Edenia and go south from the Nexus Realm till you cross the
       bridge at E-6.  Once you cross the bridge, go southwest to D-7, then south
       to a group of houses.  Go to the house at the farthest wall and behind it,
       then wait until midnight on Monday morning.  A black and white yin-yang will
       appear - run it over to collect the key.
    -- Sindel's moveset.
    Xbox Controls:
      X             Attack 1
      Y             Attack 2
      A             Attack 3
      B             Attack 4
      L             Change To New Fighting Style
    PS2 Controls:
      Square        Attack 1
      Triangle      Attack 2
      X             Attack 3
      Circle        Attack 4
      L1            Change To New Fighting Style
    - High Attacks
      1             Yoke Punch - basic straight punch to the chest
      2             Roaring Overhead Hammerfist - overhead clubbing fist
      3             Rising Axekick - will spin opponent in air and down
      4             Southern Sidekick - crescent kick to the gut
    - Low Attacks
      Down + 1      Mantis Claw - forward punch to the ankle
      Down + 3      Low Spring Kick - ducking kick to ankle
      Down + 4      Slithering Foot - crouching sweep kick
      Back + 3      Twisting Sweep - legsweep, will take opponent down
    - Power/Popup Attacks
      Back + 1      Chest Clincher - kneelift, will juggle opponent
      Down + 2      Southern Uppercut - uppercut, will spin opponent in air
      Up + 3        Spring Leg - lifting kick to gut, backflips opponent
    - High Attacks
      1             Straight Claw - straight shot to gut
      2             Upward Paw - short uppercut
      3             Back Kick - spinning back kick to gut
      4             Roundhouse - back roundhouse to face
    - Low Attacks
      Down + 1      Low Claw - Crouching punch to shin
      Down + 3      Spinning Low Kick - Sweeping kick to shin
      Down + 4      Low Toe Kick - Crouching kick to shin
      Back + 1      Knee Strike - Downward punch to knee
      Back + 4      Shin Kick - Sidekick to shin  
    - Power/Popup Attacks
      Back + 2      Tiger Strike - double palm strike to gut, will knock back
      Up + 4        Lifting Kick - High kick to face, will spin juggle
      Down + 2      Uppercut - Double-fisted uppercut, will juggle
    - High Attacks
      1             Gauging Slash - Quick overhead strike
      2             Head Chopper - Wrist-turn slice to neck
      3             Ranged Blade - Jab to gut
      4             Liver Slice - Wrist-turn slice to side
    - Low Attacks
      Down + 3      Whirlwind Chop - Wrist-turn slice to ankle
      Back + 3      Feet Cutter - jab to feet
      Up + 2        Turning Amazon - Spinning jab to feet, will knock down
    - Power/Popup Attacks
      Up + 1        Berserk Chop - Leaping overhead slice, will bounce juggle
      Down + 1      Chin Cut - Quick force to chin
      Back + 2      Twisting Hilt - Spinning jab of hilt to gut
      Down + 2      Reaching Edge - Wrist-turn spinning slice to chest
      Up + 3        Rising Kwan End - Wrist-turn jab of hilt to thigh, will juggle
      Down + 3      Head Saw - Long jab to head
      Forward, Forward + 1            Banshee Scream (from up to three steps away)
      - Sindel screams loudly at her opponent.  If caught in the scream, the 
        opponent is immobilized and slowly drawn closer to the direction of the
      Forward, Forward + 3            Star Screamer
      - Sindel spits out a blue energy projectile at the opponent, hitting high.
      Back, Forward + 1               Sliding Foot Grab (from up to 4 steps away) 
      - Sindel does a facefirst slide toward the opponent.  If connecting, she 
        grabs their ankles, causing them to wobble, then bends upward and kicks 
        them with both feet in the face, knocking the opponent down.
    FATALITIES (both from sweep distance)
      Back, Forward, Forward, Back + 1
      - Sindel executes the Banshee Scream at her opponent, but increases the
        pitch of the scream until the opponent's arms, legs and eventually their
        head fly off.  Sindel then levitates in the air in a victory pose.
      Up, Up, Back, Forward + 3
      - Sindel forces her opponent in the air with the Kwan Do, then holds the
        weapon above her and rapidly spins it like a helicopter's blade.  As
        the opponent falls downward, they lose a body part and are forced back up
        until they are completely demolished.  Sindel then twirls the weapon and
        poses with it.
      Forward, Up, Up, Down + 4
      - Sindel poses, then leaps high in the air, backflipping in midair and 
        landing vertically on her head, breaking her own neck.
    -- Sindel's combos.
      1, 1
      - Two-punch combo to chest
      1, 1, 1
      - Three-punch combo to chest 
      -- 3 Hits, 14% damage
      1, 1, 2
      - Two-punch combo to chest, overhead punch 
      -- 3 Hits, 14% damage
      -- Will bounce-juggle
      4, 4
      - Two crescent kicks to chest
      4, 4, 4
      - Three crescent kicks to chest
      -- 3 Hits, 12% damage
      4, 4, 4, 4
      - Four crescent kicks to chest
      -- 4 Hits, 13% damage
      -- Will knock back on fourth hit
      1, 1, 2 - on juggle, Back + X - on juggle, Down + Y
      - Two punch combo to chest, overhead punch, knee to gut, uppercut
      -- 5 Hits, 22% damage
      -- Will spin and down on last hit
      3, 3
      - Two spin kicks to chest
      1, 1, 1
      - Three quick punches to chest
      -- 3 Hits, 14% damage
      1, 1, 2
      - Two quick punches to chest, punch to jaw
      -- 3 Hits, 16% damage
      1, 1, 1, 3, 3
      - Three quick punches to chest, two side kicks to gut
      -- 5 Hits, 22% damage
      Up + 4 - on juggle, 1, 1, 2
      - High kick, two quick punches, short uppercut
      -- 4 Hits, 20% damage, will juggle on first hit and knock down at end
      4, 4
      - Two slices to side
      1, Up + 3
      - Downward slice, hilt to chest
      -- Will juggle
      1, Back + 3
      - Downward slice, jab to feet
      4, 4, 3
      - Two slices to side, slice to ankle
      -- 3 Hits, 21% damage
      4, 4, 1
      - Two slices to the side, overhead slice 
      -- 3 Hits, 21% damage
      -- Will briefly bounce juggle
      4, 4, 1 - on juggle, 4, 4, 3
      - Two slices to side, overhead slice, two slices to side, slice to ankle
      -- 6 Hits, 29% damage
      -- Will knock down on final hit
      -- NOTE: The last hit with A is difficult to last unless the juggle is 
         timed exactly right.  If you miss you will still knock the opponent down.
      Zha Chuan to Fu Jow Pai
        1, 1, Style Change
        - Two jabs to chest, high kick to face
        -- 3 Hits, 13% damage
        -- Will spin juggle on last hit
        3, 3, 3, Style Change
        - Three crescent kicks to gut, short punch to knee
        -- 4 Hits, 14% damage
        -- Will take down on last hit
      Fu Jow Pai to Kwan Do
        1, 1, 2, Style Change
        - Two jabs to chest, short uppercut, jab with butt of weapon to chin
        -- 4 Hits, 20% damage
        -- Will spin juggle on last hit
        1, 1, 1, 3, Style Change
        - Three short punches to chest, side kick, jab with butt of weapon
        -- 5 Hits, 23% damage
        1, 1, 1, 3, Style Change, 4, 1
        - Three short punches to chest, side kick, two jabs with butt of weapon,
           overhead slice
        -- 6 Hits, 28% damage
        -- Will bounce juggle on last hit
    -- Basic strategy.
    Sindel's a relatively simple character to use - three special moves, and two
    have similar movements, and are easy to pull off.  She also has a few very
    simple and easy combos with good power. 
    The Banshee Scream is Sindel's greatest weapon.. if used right.  The scream is
    an awesome defense against somebody stupid enough to jump at Sindel - it stops
    the opponent dead in their tracks and leaves them wide open for a combo.  The
    two important things to remember:
    - The move's range is about three steps.  Any farther than this and the scream
    simply won't get there (unless the opponent moves into it, of course -
    something to think about if an opponent's turtling then attacking).  The move
    appears like it should be in a cone shape, but there's no real shape to it -
    its effective area is simply the space three steps directly in front of Sindel.
    - This is the most important - Sindel is completely vulnerable for the duration
    of the move, and you cannot break out of it during its execution.  Therefore,
    while she's executing the Scream, Sindel is helpless during the approximately
    two seconds the scream is taking place.  If an opponent is able to sidestep the
    move, they can easily walk up to Sindel and combo her into oblivion.  Be
    When using the Star Screamer, remember that the projectile hits high - an
    opponent can duck under it, or of course, can sidestep it.  Sindel is not
    vulnerable very long while executing the move, making it relatively safe from
    long distances, unless fighting somebody with a distance move (like Scorpion's
    fire) or a quick projectile.  An opponent could feasibly sidestep the Star
    Screamer and quickly hit her with a projectile while she's briefly stuck in the
    move's execution.
    The Sliding Foot Grab is not nearly as dangerous as it looks to execute - if
    Sindel misses the move (either being too far away, or if the opponent leaps
    away or sidesteps) she will roll forward to her feet none the worse for wear. 
    However, a quick opponent can always quickly sidestep the Foot Grab and attack
    as she's rolling to her feet.  Also, a well-timed sweep or low attack can knock
    Sindel out of the slide.
    Sindel has a number of fast combos that she can execute quickly, such as X, X,
    X and B, B, B, B in Zha Chuan.  The fourth kick in B, B, B, B will knock the
    opponent back a great distance, and through areas in death trap and destrucible
    levels.  A decent strategy is to knock them back with the Bs combo and hit them
    with a Star Screamer as they're getting up; unless they block quickly, they'll
    get walloped as they stand.
    Sindel's combos in Fu Jow Pai have good power but are slower than the Zha Chuan
    attacks - if you use them, do them quickly.  Of course, you can always catch
    them in the Banshee Scream and do them at your leisure :)  X, X, X, A, A is a
    relatively simple combo to use that does a good amount of damage (22% damage if
    all five hits land) and will also set them up briefly for subsequent moves.  
    The two main combos in her Kwan Do fighting mode both build off of the quick
    and simple B, B, combo.  B, B, X and B, B, A both do 21% damage on 3 hits, but
    the X combo will juggle the opponent and the A combo will knock them down.  You
    can string the two combos together to add another 8% of damage for a good six
    hit combo.  
    The Kwan Do is not the fastest weapon in the game by far, due to Sindel always
    swinging it around before most of her attacks.  Those few split-seconds she's
    twisting her wrist to position the weapon are split-seconds that the opponent
    can counterattack.  
    Again, the Banshee Scream is key to Sindel's offense - use it wisely and you've
    essentially got free hits on the opponent, but use it badly and Sindel's life
    in the Kombat Arena will be short.
    -- Who to thank for this guide!
    - Thanks to CJayC for running GameFAQs, of course.
    - Thanks to Midway for the awesome game, possibly the best MK yet!

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