• Fatalities

    After you have beaten an opponent and the announcer yells "Finish Him!" it is time to input a Fatality. Fatlities require a set distance to perform. The distances are:

    Close: 1 step away from your dazed opponent
    Sweep: 2 steps away from your dazed opponent
    Far: 5-6 steps away from your dazed opponent (end of arena)

    After you are at the required distance press the L trigger to enter the Fatality stance. Then input the fatality code.

    Ashrah's First FatalityDown, Down, Up, Up, Y (close)
    Ashrah's Second FatalityForward, Down, Forward, Down, Y (sweep)
    Baraka's First FatalityForward, Up, Down, Y (close)
    Baraka's Second FatalityForward, Down, Back, Forward, Y (sweep)
    Bo Rai Cho's First FatalityDown, Up, Forward, Forward, Y (sweep)
    Bo Rai Cho's Second FatalityUp, Back, Forward, A (sweep)
    Dairou's First FatalityDown, Up, Back, Back, X (sweep)
    Dairou's Second FatalityDown, Down, Back, A (close)
    Darrius's First FatalityUp, Down, Back, Forward, A (sweep)
    Darrius's Second FatalityDown, Forward, Forward, Up, X (close)
    Ermac's First FatalityDown, Back, Back, Down, A (sweep)
    Ermac's Second FatalityBack, Down, Back, Down, B (sweep)
    Havik's First FatalityDown, Forward, Forward, Up, B (close)
    Havik's Second FatalityForward, Forward, Forward, Back, Y (sweep)
    Hotaru's First FatalityForward, Up, Back, Down, X (sweep)
    Hotaru's Second FatalityDown, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (close)
    Jade's First FatalityBack, Forward, Up, Forward, X (sweep)
    Jade's Second FatalityBack, Forward, Forward, Forward, Y (close)
    Kabal's First FatalityForward, Up, Up, Up, A (close)
    Kabal's Second FatalityUp, Up, Down, Down, Y (close)
    Kenshi's First FatalityForward, Forward, Back, Back, Y (sweep)
    Kenshi's Second FatalityUp, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (sweep)
    Kira's First FatalityBack, Forward, Forward, Back, B (far)
    Kira's Second FatalityUp, Forward, Down, Back, A (sweep)
    Kobra's First FatalityDown, Back, Forward, Down, B (close)
    Kobra's Second FatalityForward, Back, Forward, Forward, Y (close)
    Li Mei's First FtalityForward, Forward, Forward, Forward, X (sweep)
    Li Mei's Second FatalityUp, Back, Forward, Forward, B (sweep)
    Liu Kang's First FatalityBack, Back, Back, Forward, Y (sweep)
    Liu Kang's Second FatalityForward, Forward, Up, Up, A (sweep)
    Mileena's First FatalityForward, Forward, Down, Down, X (sweep)
    Mileena's Second FatalityUp, Up, Forward, Forward, A (far)
    Nightwolf's First FatalityBack, Forward, Back, Forward, X (far)
    Nightwolf's Second FatalityDown, Forward, Down, Up, Y (sweep)
    Noob Saibot & Smoke's First FatalityBack, Forward, Back, Forward, B (must be noob) (sweep)
    Noob Saibot & Smoke's Second FatalityUp, Down, Down, Forward, Y (must be smoke) (sweep)
    Raiden's First FatalityBack, Down, Forward, Down, X (sweep)
    Raiden's Second FatalityUp, Down, Forward, Forward, X (far)
    Scorpion's First FatalityForward, Down, Forward, Forward, X (sweep)
    Scorpion's Second FatalityForward, Back, Forward, Back, X (close)
    Shujinko's First FatalityUp, Down, Down, Forward, A (close)
    Shujinko's Second FatalityBack, Up, Forward, Forward, X (close)
    Sindel's First FatalityBack, Forward, Forward, Back, X (sweep)
    Sindel's Second FatalityUp, Up, Back, Forward, A (sweep)
    Sub-Zero's First FatalityForward, Back,. Down, Forward, Y (close)
    Sub-Zero's Second FatalityBack, Down, Forward, Down, X (sweep)
    Tanya's First FatalityForward, Down, Down, Down, X (close)
    Tanya's Second FatalityUp, Back, Forward, Up, A (close)

    Contributed By: flump.

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  • Hari Kiris

    After an opponent has beaten you and the anouncer yells "Finish Him!" it is time to input a Hari Kiri. Hari Kiris require no set distance unlike fatalities. To perform one simply put in the code while your character is dazed after losing a battle.

    Ashrah's Hari KiriUp, Down, Up, Up, Y
    Baraka's Hari KiriDown, Back, Up, Back, B
    Bo Rai Cho's Hari KiriBack, Back, Forward, Forward, Y
    Dairou's Hari KiriBack, Back, Back, Down, X
    Darrius's Hari KiriBack, Forward, Forward, Y
    Ermac's Hari KiriDown, Up, Up, Down, A
    Havik's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Up, Y
    Hotaru's Hari KiriUp, Back, Back, Back, Y
    Jade's Hari KiriForward, Forward, Forward, Back, Y
    Kabal's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Down, Y
    Kenshi's Hari KiriDown, Back, Back, Forward, B
    Kira's Hari KiriForward, Back, Up, Back, A
    Kobra's Hari KiriUp, Up, Back, Back, Y
    Li Mei's Hari KiriUp, Down, Up, Down, A
    Liu Kang's Hari KiriDown, Down, Down, Up, A
    Mileena's Hari KiriBack, Down, Forward, Back, X
    Nightwolf's Hari KiriUp, Up, Up, Up, A
    Noob Saibot & Smoke's Hari KiriDown, Up, Up, Down, B
    Raiden's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Back, X
    Scorpion's Hari KiriDown, Down, Up, Back, X
    Shujinko's Hari KiriDown, Back, Down, Back, A
    Sindel's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Down, B
    Sub-Zero's Hari KiriDown, Up, Down, Up, Y
    Tanya's Hari KiriDown, Down, Forward, Up, A

    Contributed By: flump.

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  • Extra koins after missions

    You can only do this after you complete a mission and go back to the person to get your reward. If this person runs away, follow him. When he stops he will start to throw his aarm down to dissapear. Right before he does this run into him. He will stop and not dissapear. Talk to him again and he will say the exact same thing as before. He will also give you the same number of koins.

    Contributed By: xxjdragonxx.

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  • Headless Liu Kang

    When using using Liu Kang, perform his second fatality against Shujinko (the fatality where he "dives" into the opponent's body). When that happens, Liu Kang will tear off Shujinko's head and you will see no head whatsoever. This will only work on Shujinko.

    Contributed By: Brimstone.

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  • Walking on Air

    In Konquest Mode, The "Walk on Air" glitch can be performed in the Realm of Order. Go to the outermost walkway in H-5, and touch the invisible barrier while you change from H-5 to H-6. You will end up being able to walk on the grey air, and even go out where it looks like you can't. You should then be in the negative area.

    Contributed By: Element Dragon.

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  • Extra Costumes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AshrahFound in a chest H-4 Netherrealm around 7:00 pm
    BarakaOpen Koffin SR with 2252 Gold Koins
    Bo Rai ChoOpen Koffin IB with 2086 Onyx Koins
    DairouD-8 Chaosrealm. 8 pm Beat Konquest first.
    DarriusFound in a treasure chest in a house in F8 in Outworld.
    ErmacFound in a treasure chest in A-8 in Netherrealm
    ErmacFound in a chest A-8 Netherrealm
    HavikOpen Koffin CN with 1114 Onyx Koins
    HotaruOpen Koffin QT with 1064 Ruby Koins
    JadeFound in a chest G-4 Outworld
    KabalFound in a chest B-1 Chaosrealm (Fight Kabal)
    KenshiFound in a chest A-6 Earthrealm
    KiraOpen Koffin SG with 990 Sapphire Koins
    KobraDefeat Kobra on the beach in Earthrealm
    Li MeiDefeat Li Mei around 11am at Blue town in Orderrealm
    Liu KangFound in area H-5 of Edenia at 12 PM the first day of every month.
    MileenaFound in a treasure chest at point F-7 in earthrealm after 7pm behind a tent
    NightwolfDefeat Nightwolf near the castle walls in Netherrealm.
    Noob - SmokeOpen Koffin EJ with 1494 Platinum Koins
    RaidenFound in a chest F-3 Edenia (Fight Raiden)
    ScorpionFound in a treasure chest in the first city in Konquest
    ShujinkoFound in area F-1 in Edenia. Inside the double doors on the side of the palace, on a Tuesday at 3AM.
    SindelFound in a chest H-6 Outworld
    Sub-ZeroFound in a treasure chest in F-8 in Earthrealm at 7PM-9PM
    Sub-ZeroFound in a chest F-8 Earthrealm
    TanyaDefeat Tanya near the Ice Cave in Outworld.

  • Unlockable Arenas

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beetle LairFound in a treasure chest at point A-6 in Earthrealm after finishing Konquest
    CourtyardTreasure chest in netherrealm (Area A-1)
    Dead PoolOpen Koffin JI with 2191 Ruby Koins
    Dragon KingIn chaos realm at 4am on a Sunday check one of the huts at D-7.
    Dragon MountainFound in a treasure chest at point H-8 in Outworld
    Golden DesertTreasure chest in neatherrealm (area E-2)
    Kuatan PalaceFound in a treasure chest at point A-4 in Orderrealm
    Liu Kang's TombAt the end of the bridge in earthrealm after fighting Jax (Area H-6)
    Living ForestOpen Koffin DS with 1694 Sapphire Koins
    NexusTreasure chest in choasrealm (Area A-4, 3am)
    PortalTreasure chest in earthrealm (area G-5)
    Quan Chi's FortressFound in a treasure chest at point H-5 in Orderrealm
    Shang Tsung's CourtyardFound in a treasure chest at point A-1 in Neatherrealm

    Contributed By: dasviolator and NBA 500K1.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    HavikFound in a treasure chest on map H-4 In Choasrealm in Konquest (check the houses)
    HotaruFound in a treasure chest at point H-1 in Orderealm after 4AM
    JadeOpen Koffin OI using 2,417 Jade Koins in Krypt
    KenshiFound in a treasure chest on map C-3 In Earthrealm in Konquest
    KiraFound in a treasure chest at point H-2 in Earthrealm between 1-4am
    Li MeiFind her in a house in outworld (Area F-7)
    Lui KangFound in a treasure chest at point G-8 in Edenia at 12AM Friday Morning behind the tent
    Noob - SmokeOpen Koffin DM using 3,642 Onyx Koins in Krypt
    RaidenDefeat Him at Point E-3 in Orderrealm After Finishing Konquest Mode
    ShujinkoFinish Konquest Mode
    SindelFound in a treasure chest at point D-1 in Netherrealm (Monday at 1 AM)
    TanyaFind Treasure Chest on map A-3 In Outworld

    Contributed By: dasviolator and McHazard24.

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  • Unlockable Puzzle Fighters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bo' Rai ChoOpen Koffin ND - Key from Chest in Earthrealm at C6
    JadeOpen Koffin GO - 2,911 Ruby Coins
    KabalOpen Koffin MI - 2,425 Platinum Coins
    KenshiOpen Koffin TR - Key from Chest in Earthrealm at G4
    MileenaOpen Koffin GM - Key from Chest in Netherrealm at C6
    RaidenOpen Koffin PP - 3,604 Gold Coins

    Contributed By: aux.

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  • Unlockable Shujinko Moves

    You must first collect all of the Kamidogu and complete Konquest Mode in order to unlock his additional moves.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bike KicksChaosRealm G-4 ( Sunday at 12 AM )
    Fatality 1Outworld C-8 ( Area behind Rain )
    Fatality 2OrderRealm D-4
    Flip Scissor KickOrderRealm D-1
    Flying JinkoEdenia E-5
    Hara KiriEarthRealm ( A-8, the 16th of the month at midnight, inside the little cave )
    Icy BreezeOrderRealm F-5 ( Inside Building at 6 am )
    Opponent SlamWednesday in Edenia C-8 ( 5 PM )
    Power FistEdenia G-6 (Behind Building, 11AM)
    SlideEdenia D-8 ( Behind house 3 AM Monday )
    Throw SpearEdenia A-1 ( Defeat Scorpion )

    Contributed By: SamanosukeAkechi.

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Easter Eggs

  • Random Select

    While in the character select screen, press UP and A/Start while highlighting scorpion and you will get a random pick.

    Contributed By: mkguruman.

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  • Level Select

    While at the Character choose screen, press the BLACK button to select your unlocked Arenas.

    Note: This only works on Versus and Practice mode.

    Contributed By: LPSoldier922.

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