Review by Red_Maxx_XIII

Reviewed: 05/12/05

A so-so attempt by SNK Playmore. Not completely bad.


Well, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that SNK made a decent attempt at a console version of this game, and it's not completely crap. The bad news is, the Disc #37 demo found in Official Xbox Magazine from last year was great, even with it's restraints (it's a demo after all), and this version went down from that. People have been throwing around tons of negative/positive feedback regarding specific categories for this game. Here, I will either support those peoples opinions, or completely disprove them.

People, learn to look CLOSELY at the sprites in this game; a lot of the characters you guys say are reused sprites are actually COMPLETELY NEW, but with the shading and color choices, I'd understand how people see reused sprites. Take a look at Iori for example. Look at his hair in a game like, say, KoF '99. Now look at Iori in SvC Chaos. That's right, in '99, Iori's bangs are longer and straighter, while in SvC Chaos, they're shorter and they curl down over his face like his character art in many games shows. Other notable sprites that completely disprove these negative comments are Terry's and Kim's brand new animations, Genjyuro's new shadow effect on his skin and clothes from Samurai Shodown games, and Earthquake, Mars People, and Shiki's sprites are completely new in every way. I only noticed that Kyo and Goenitz have reused sprites, but I say that because I haven't even compared their sprites from previous games yet.

As for the backgrounds, I didn't think too harshly of them. They needed brighter colors, but I thought they fit quite well with the obvious fantasy element within SvC Chaos (ever read the storyline for the SvC Chaos manga?). I've noticed that the Factory/Factory Abandoned stage that the water flowing from the pipes in the background looks well done, even though the animation is small and contains only a few sprites. Also, I like the effects the stages have on fighter's appearances; the final bosses stage has a fire pit in the background, and it has a glowing effect on the fighter's front or back sides, depending on where they're standing by the fire. The lab stage has a clank on the metal floor when fighters jump on it or are dropped onto it. SNK was creative here.

SOUND - 8/10
I thought the music was great in this game. Personally, I love the Factory's and Hell's themes the best. The music fits great with the stages and contain provide a nice atmosphere for the battles played out in the game.

This is the games major downfall, in my opinion. I don't know what SNK was thinking when they went from the OXM demo I referred to earlier and the finished product. Maybe it was "hey, let's play a practical joke on our fans by making characters like Kyo, Iori, Ryo, and Ryu automatically cancel into a Quarter-Circle-Forward special move when their Forward, Down, Down-Forward specials start. Tee hee hee!" Seriously, all the main characters in the game who have both types of special moves have this problem, except for a select few. I've noticed that both Akumas, Tessa, Ken, and Violent Ken are fine. Everyone else who has those moves have that bug. And that bug wasn't existent at all in the demo. This hurt me. But then again, maybe it's my controller... I hope it is...

This game did just as well with it's difficulty levels as any other company did with their games. SNK's games have always been kinda challenging, even on the easiest difficulty levels, which is nice for people with intermediate (like me) to professional skills in fighting games. There isn't much more I can say about this category.

Well, all fighting games have unlimited Replay Value. You'll always want to try to beat your high scores, or unlock hidden characters, or challenge friends to fights. These alone give games like this insanely high Replay Value. There is one problem however; SNK Playmore babied us. For once, I'd like to unlock ALL the hidden characters by myself, not have all but 2 unlocked for me. There are 12 hidden characters in this game, and all but two of them are available from the start. That lost a point for the Replay Value column. However, it's still quite a challenge to get the two remaining unlockable characters, so that's a plus.

OVERALL - 7/10
This game isn't amazing like Capcom VS. SNK 2 or Marvel VS. Capcom 2, but it is a decent game and it deserves more credit than people give it. It was SNK's first attempt at an online-enabled game, and is pretty much a test for them. The control issue hurts the game, but there are a lot of great characters who aren't effected by the control problem. Kim Kaphwan anyone? Think of it like this; all the Xbox fighters that SNK is making now, the games that have Xbox Live playability, will become great because of this. SNK will correct their mistakes and improve and add upon them for later games. But, as a game, this is an ok fighter that is definitely worth at least a rental. Hardcore SNK fans should still buy it, as they'll see a lot of their favorite characters, not to mention see SNK's side of the rivalry between SNK and Capcom.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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