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Zero by jygting

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 03/02/07

SNK vs. Capcom Chaos
Zero Character Guide
Version 0.3
March 2, 2007

Created by: jygting
This FAQ can be ONLY found at:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents
1. Author's Note
2. Basic Controls
3. Summarization of Moves
    3a. Explanation of Moves
4. The Voice behind Zero
5. Version History
6. Credits

1. Author's Note
Hi and welcome to my SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Zero Character Guide! In this 
Guide, I'll show you some of his moves listed here so sit back, relax, 
make yourselves comfortable and enjoy!

2. Basic Controls

f- forward
b- backward
d- down
u- up
db- down backward
df- down forward
ub- up backward
uf- up forward

LP- Light Punch
LK- Light Kick
HP- Heavy Punch
HK- Heavy Kick

tap f,f-                        Dash
tap b,b-                        Backward Dash
tap f,f then uf
   / db then uf or df then ub-  High Jump
L1 Button-                      Chouhatsu (Taunt)

3. Summarization of Moves

Note: Moves with an asterisk '*' means that you can perform it in the 

  Upper                             LP+LK
  Tensou Buster Shot                HP+HK

Miscellaneous Moves
  Sandan Tsuki                      f+LK,LK,LK
  Jouhou Tsuki                      b+LK
  Naname Shitatsuki                 df+LK
  Jump Kahou Tsuki                  In air, d+LK
  Sliding Kougeki                   df+HK

Hissatsu Waza
  Buster Shot*                      d,df,f+LP 
  Charged Buster Shot               d,df,f+HP (chargeable)
  Z Saber*                          b,db,d,df,f+LK
  Charged Z Saber*                  b,db,d,df,f+HK (chargeable)
  Triple Rod*                       f,d,df+LK
  Charged Triple Rod*               f,d,df+HK (chargeable)
  3-Rendan Z Saber                  d,db,b+LP or HP (can do 3 times)
  Shield Boomerang                  d,db,b+LK or HK
  Irregular Hunt                    f,b,db,d,df,f+LP or HP
  Cyber Elf (Support)               charge b then f+LP,LK,HP or HK
  Cyber Elf (Bakudan Secchi)        charge d then u+LP,LK,HP or HK              

Chou Hissatsu Waza
  Spiral Buster Shot                d,df,f(2x)+LP or HP (chargeable)
  Dash Ultimate Saber               d,db,b,db,d,df,f+LK
  Slide Ultimate Saber              d,db,b,db,d,df,f+HK

Exceed Moves
  Cyber Elf Force                   LP,LP,d,LK,HK

3a. Explantion of Moves

Chouhatsu- L1 Button
Zero contacts Ciel and says "Mondai nai, F Level da." ("Not a problem, 
it's an F Level.")

Upper- LP+LK
Zero grabs the opponent and does an uppercut.

Tensou Buster Shot- HP+HK
Zero grabs the opponent, teleports then fires his Z Buster diagonally.

Sandan Tsuki- f+LK,LK,LK
Zero thrusts his Triple Rod three times, increasing the length of the 
                   Combo: 3 Hits

Naname Shitatsuki- df+LK
Zero thrusts his Triple Rod diagonally down.

Jump Kahou Tsuki- In air, d+LK
Zero jumps then thrusts his Triple Rod downward.

Sliding Kougeki- df+HK
Zero slides down to the opponent.

Buster Shot- d,df,f+LP
Zero fires a pellet from his Z Buster.

Charged Buster Shot- d,df,f+HP (chargeable)
He charges then fires a charged Buster Shot.

Z Saber- b,db,d,df,f+LK
Zero does an heavy overhead slash with his Z Saber.

Charged Z Saber- b,db,d,df,f+HK (chargeable)
Zero charges then slams his Z Saber down to the ground.

Charged Triple Rod- f,d,df+HK (chargeable)
Zero charges then spins his Triple Rod above. If in air, he spins his 
Triple Rod in front.
                    Combo: 4-9 Hits

3-Rendan Z Saber- d,db,b+LP or HP (can do 3 times)
Zero does an upward slash, downward slash and an overhead slash.
                    Combo: 3 Hits

Shield Boomerang- d,db,b+LK or HK
Zero uses his Shield Boomerang to defend himself from projectiles.

Irregular Hunt- f,b,db,d,df,f+LP or HP
Zero shoots 3 pellets of his Z Buster diagonally then a Cyber Elf falls 
down above the opponent.

Cyber Elf (Support)- hold b then f+LP,LK,HP or HK
Zero summons a Cyber Elf to support him. Each button has different 

LP- Recovers health
LK- A Nurse Cyber Elf that sucks the opponent's projectile
HP- A Bee-like Cyber Elf that shoots diagonally
HK- A Metaur. If it touches the opponent, he/she will become a Metaur 
which lasts a few seconds.

Cyber Elf (Bakudan Secchi)- hold d then u+LP,LK,HP or HK
Zero summons a Cyber Elf to cover him. Each button has different 

LP- Summons a blowfish Cyber Elf to where Zero is standing. If the 
opponent touches it, the blowfish will explode but if not, it will 
LK- Same as LP but high
HP- Same as LP but higher
HK- Same as LP but much higher

There is a limit of number while summoning Cyber Elves so be careful.

Spiral Buster Shot- d,df,f+LP or HP (chargeable)
Zero shouts "Spiral!" aims his Z Buster, charges then fires off a huge 
Spiral Shot.
                    Combo: 2-5 Hits

Dash Ultimate Saber- d,db,b,db,d,df,f+LK
Zero says "Ikuzo!" then dashes, teleports every combo and does a heavy 
slash behind the opponent, sending him/her flying.
                    Combo: 13 Hits

Slide Ultimate Saber- d,db,b,db,d,df,f+HK
Zero says "Kiero!" then does a sweep kick, teleports every combo and 
does a heavy slash behind the opponent, sending him/her flying.
                    Combo: 13 Hits

Cyber Elf Force- LP,LP,d,LK,HK
Zero commands his mini-knight Cyber Elf to charge, when the opponent is 
hit, he powers up, evolving all of his Cyber Elves and his Hacker Cyber 
Elf holds a huge hammer then pounds it down to the opponent then turns 
Zero pink. Once Cyber Elf Force is used, Zero recovers health, moves 
faster, time will stop and reduce damage from all attacks for a limited 
time. Unblockable.

4. The Voice behind Zero
He is none other than Kazama Yuuto! I'll also list some of character 
role in others as well....

Digimon Adventures
Yamato Ishida

Digimon Adventures 02
Yamato Ishida

Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite
Takashi Tokiwa

Tennis no Ouji-sama
Billy Cassidy

5. Version History
Version 0.1 (June 5, 2006)
Started making the guide. Added Moves and seiyuu.

Version 0.2 (October 24, 2006)
Added Chou Hissatsu Waza and Exceed moves. Some of the explanations are 
still missing....

Version 0.3 (February 28, 2007)
Added the Cyber Elves. Character Guide is now complete!

6. Credits
I wish to thank the following

<SNK Playmore>
For making the game. You Ro'K!

<Anime News Network> www.animenewsnetwork.com
Providing seiyuus! Thanks!

<Kao Megura>
I was inspired by his works in fighting games so I made this one. RIP 

<You (the Reader!)>
For reading this Character Guide! Thanks!

For making this guide since I'm a total bum today...

For posting my guide.

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SNK vs. Capcom is copyrighted by SNK Playmore

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, contributions, wanted 
to extend your vacation, sleep all you want, waste your tuition fee on 
something or whatsoever, please e-mail me at 
iii_sagittarius_lang@yahoo.com. Offensive messages will be ignored, so 
be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be duplicated, reproduced or sold nor 
plagiarized without the Author's permission. Please, don't do anything 
with my Guide OR ELSE...!!!

Thank You for reading my Guide!! Minna Lolicon de!?

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