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Survival Mode FAQ by Xenomic

Updated: 01/04/2007

Survival Mode FAQ

                                 | Copyright 2007 Steven Marr  |
                                 | By Steven Marr (aka Xenomic)|
                                 | xenomic@bigstring.com       |
                                 | kushara@bigstring.com       |
                                 | entity_of_chaos@hotmail.com |
                                 | AIM: Xenomic, AnkokuRyu  |
                                 |                             |
Version 2

-Added in Specific Fighter Strategies and Anti-AI Moves section.
-Added in Kyo Kusanagi

                                       Legal Script

All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged where are not specifically 
mentioned. If you wish to reproduce this document AS IS, you may do so after 
asking my permission, and not for profit. If I see fit, I, however, will 
revoke permission and ask for it to be taken down if necessary.

                Table Of Contents

1. Explanation of this FAQ
2. About Survival Mode
3. Tips & Tricks
4. The Fighters
5. Strategies
6. Specific Character Strategies
7. Anti-AI Moves
8. Credits
1. Explanation of this FAQ

This faq is to help with taking you through the Survival 
Mode to unlock the two secret characters, Athena and Red 
Arremer. Note that this faq will attempt to break down each 
of the fighters that you'll face in Survival Mode, and how to 
go about defeating each and every one of them. So, without 
further adieu, let us begin the onslaught!

2. About Survival Mode

In Survival Mode, you are pitted up against every fighter 
in the game. Depending on how well you fight, you'll gain 
health back. If you manage to defeat your opponent using 
a Super Special, then you get back a bar's worth of health. If 
you manage to pull of an Exceed on your opponent and kill them, 
then you get full health back. Also note that each fight is one 
round only, meaning if you lose a round, you'll have to start 
over from Match 1. Be careful which fighter you choose, as this 
can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

3. Tips & Tricks

1) Study your opponent carefully a couple times in Survival 
Mode. This will help you understand how to go about defeating 
them. This is a major key to your survival.

2) When your opponent has about 3/4 of his/her last health 
bar left, use your fighter's Exceed to finish them off, so that 
you start fresh in your next fight.

3) Sweeps are your best friend. However, you have to be a
ble to time it right to get your opponent everytime, and even 
then it's not guaranteed that you'll hit.

4) Some fighters will be a really big pain in the ass (Goenitz, 
Shin Mr. Karate, Shin Akuma, Athena, Red Arremer, Orochi 
Iori, and Mai are the big ones here). Be prepared to fight your 
ass off against these fighters!

5) A good trick is to abuse certain attacks of characters. 
Note that for my Survival Mode, I used Terry (This faq 
will also attempt to break down the other fighters as well, 
but will focus more on Terry). 

4. The Fighters

Here is a breakdown of the fighters and the 
ranking that I gave them (At a later date, I will 
update this section with other characters).

Note that these are based on a 5-star rating, with 1 
being very easy to 5 being very hard. This is based 
on the fighter vs. the opponent, and how tough the 
opponent is to beat with that specific fighter.

-Chun Li-
-M. Bison-
-Mars People-
-Mr. Karate-
-Orochi Iori-
-Red Arremer-
-Shin Akuma-
-Shin Mr. Karate-

Vs. Akuma (2)
Vs. Athena (3)
Vs. Balrog (1)
Vs. Choi (1)
Vs. Chun Li (1)
Vs. Dan (1)
Vs. Dhalsim (2)
Vs. Demitri (2)
Vs. Earthquake (2)
Vs. Geese (3)
Vs. Genjyuro (3)
Vs. Goenitz (5)
Vs. Guile (4)
Vs. Hugo (2)
Vs. Iori (3)
Vs. Kasumi (1)
Vs. Ken (2)
Vs. Kim (1)
Vs. Kyo (1)
Vs. M. Bison (2)
Vs. Mai (4)
Vs. Mars People (2)
Vs. Mr. Karate (3)
Vs. Orochi Iori (5)
Vs. Red Arremer (5)
Vs. Ryo (2)
Vs. Ryu (2)
Vs. Sagat (3)
Vs. Shiki (3)
Vs. Shin Akuma (4)
Vs. Shin Mr. Karate (5)
Vs. Tabasa (2)
Vs. Terry (2)
Vs. Vega (2)
Vs. Violent Ken (3)
Vs. Zero (1)

-Violent Ken-

5. Strategies

-Vs. Akuma-

"Humph. Such a pushover. And here I thought you
were gonna be tough. You're nothing but a turd nugget..."


If you've played the Street Fighter series or 
the Vs. series before, you know about Akuma 
and how tough he can be. However, this isn't the 
case in here. He seems to have been toned down to 
the point that his AI is pathetic at most in Survival Mode. 
The most that you have to worry about is him using a Gou 
Shoryuken or Zanku Hadoken on you. Most of the time, you 
can simply just walk up to him and sweep him to death.

But, for those of you who rather duke it out, try to avoid 
jumping at Akuma, as this will provoke him to counter 
with Gou Shoryuken, and you don't want that to happen 
too much. Projectiles work well too, but beware that Akuma 
likes to hop over them at you. This, however, can turn to 
your advantage if you immediately act upon his mistake, as
he never seems to attack when he jumps at you. He also 
tends to not block Super Specials or Exceeds that much, 
so you can get health back from this fight if you're running 
low. If not, then save them for future fights.

-Vs. Athena-

"Oh shit.....didn't expect you. But seriously, what's with 
the bikini?"-Xenomic

You get to fight Athena on Round 35, and she can 
be a bit of a pain. Every one of her normal Specials 
do a considerable amount of damage, and this can lead 
to you falling quickly. However, she doesn't seem to attack
as much as you would think. Try jumping and attacking her, 
then follow up with a Super Special or Exceed to punish her. 
You'll definently want to finish this fight with an Exceed 
if possible, since your next fight is against Red Arremer.

Some of Athena's Specials will trick you pretty easily. If you want to
try and use her (even if you haven't unlocked her yet), go to Training
Mode and make sure that Random Select is on when you go into the
Training Mode Menu. 

Athena is also prone to sweep attacks, and also likes to jump over
projectiles, and just like Akuma, she tends to not attack when she
jumps at you. Make sure to punish her for it.

-Vs. Balrog-

"Let's just rush into those nice little balls on the 
screen, shall we?"-Xenomic

Balrog really isn't that tough to beat, though for 
those who may not have projectiles, he can be 
a little rough. As long as you throw projectiles, 
Balrog will be stupid enough to dash into them. 
Sometimes, he'll jump them, which is your cue to trip 
him. Up close, he loves to block and counter, so be 
careful when going head-to-head against this boxer.
Avoid Anti-Air attacks like Guile's Somersault Kick 
and Ryu's Shoryuken, otherwise you'll end up getting 
hurt pretty badly.

-Vs. Choi-

"An ugly midget.......yay for me."-Xenomic

More annoying than hard. He tends to jump around 
a lot, so keep your Anti-Air specials ready, if you have 
them. He also likes to run into some attacks like Terry's 
Burning Knuckle and Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku at 
times. Exceeds and Super Specials tend to connect easily 
against Choi as well. Not very tough at all.

-Vs. Chun Li-

"You again? Oh look....now you bounce as well..."-Xenomic

Not too bad, but can deal some damage if you're not 
careful. She doesn't tend to attack head-on like some 
of the other fighters, but she loves to guard and counter.
Try to trip her, or use Anti-AI attacks like Burning Knuckles 
to beat through Chun Li. Don't bother too much with Super 
Specials or Exceeds unless you're confident that they'll connect.

-Vs. Dan-

"..........When did you get so good? Don't EVER do that 
Hissho-Buraiken again!"-Xenomic


Surprisingly enough, Dan can put up quite a fight for 
being called a joke character in previous games. Some 
of his attacks can do a lot of damage and he likes to attack
head on, so you're best bet is to back off and fire projectiles 
at him. When his health bar is flashing, stay away! He likes 
to try and use his Hissen-Buraiken, which will and can hurt 
you very badly, and you don't want that in this mode. Finish 
him with an Exceed, as he doesn't block them as much.

-Vs. Dhalsim-

"Hmmm.....you make a better woman than you do a man."


Dhalsim is really annoying, since he loves to teleport 
and use Yoga Fire to no end. However, you can counter 
this by firing projectiles at him and forcing him to jump
at you. He'll try to attack, but he does it so prematurely 
that it'll never hit you, which lets you counter him very 
easily. Up close, sweeps and combos are key to taking him
out. However, be warned that he also loves to sweep. 
Not too difficult, but not too easy either.

-Vs. Demitri-

"Hey, when'd you show up? Oh well. Time to kick 
your sorry little ass again! Sorry old chum!"-Xenomic

"Come on baby!"-Demitri

Darkstalker's own vampire just loves to throw out 
Chaos Flares and Bat Spins at every turn. Annoy him 
back by sweeping him and using Anti-AI moves. Watch 
out for his Midnight Bliss, as he loves to use that unexpectedly.

For those of you who like to duke it out, watch for Bat Spin, 
then counter with an Anti-Air attack like Shoryuken or Rising 
Tackle. Also, try throwing out Hadokens and any other projectile 
attacks that your character may have. Demitri's a little rough,
but don't despair. He's not as tough as one may think.

-Vs. Earthquake -

"A big fat guy......he's about as hideous as Richard 

Can you talk about easy? The only thing that can 
really get you are his fart attack and his Exceed. Other 
than that, he's a piece of cake. He never really seems to 
block, and he's about as stupid as they come when it comes 
to getting hit by Super Specials or Exceeds. You can even 
take him on head-to-head without too much damage if you want.

-Vs. Geese-

TO DIE! Welcome back!"-Xenomic


Fatal Fury's original boss returns yet once again, and 
this time, he's a bit tougher than usual. He loves to throw 
out Double Senpukens and use Air Senpukens, so watch 
it. Also watch out for his counter stance, as he'll pull it out 
at times that you won't expect it. When his health is flashing, 
beware! You may end up with a Raising Storm if you're not 
careful! He also likes to duke it out, so you may end up being 
on defense at any time. Fight back with sweeps and combos, 
and finish up with Super Specials or Exceeds so that you 
can gain health back.

-Vs. Genjyuro -

"Hm? Did Haohmaru have a brother? Heh...this'll 
be fun. Watch out, pretty boy!"-Xenomic

Damn annoying samurais......

Genjyuro loves to throw out his projectile attack and use 
his rush attacks a lot, so you'll need to be on your toes 
to beat him. If you're on the other side of the screen, fire 
projectiles like mad at him until he jumps at you. He'll attempt 
to hit you, but you stay where you are, he won't. This will let 
you either trip him or combo into a Super Special or Exceed. 
When up close, you'll most likely be on the defense. However,
from time to time, you'll want to try and throw out some 
punches and kicks to chip off some damage. Remember 
though, that time is not your friend. You'll want to do
as much damage to him as you can if you hope to continue 

-Vs. Goenitz-

"Wind......wind.....wind.....more wind..........enough, you 

SNK boss syndrome. Enough said.

Goenitz abuses his wind attacks like no tomorrow. Expect 
this fight to be one of the most troublesome battles you'll 
have. You'll need to try and rush in, but that's not as easy 
as it looks. Try busting out Rush attacks (like Burning Knuckle), 
or hang back and fire projectiles at him. Wait for an open 
opportunity to attack him, then continueously pound the 
pressure on Goenitz. Finish with an Exceed if possible,
because you'll most likely be drained from this fight.

-Vs. Guile-

"......I hate this guy. Just about as much as I hate that 


Guile is by far one of the biggest nuisances in the game. 
He constantly blocks everything and counters with Sonic 
Boom and Somersault Kick. You'll have to take off damage 
slowly by dealing chip damage with strong attacks. Avoid any
close-up confrontations with Guile, as they could lead to 
disaster at any moment.

-Vs. Hugo-

"Annnnnnd.....here's Andre the Giant!"-Xenomic

Can be hard, can be easy. Depends on who you use to 
fight him. He has no projectiles, so you can exploit that 
weakness, right? Wrong! Hugo has an ability that can let 
him blunt any damage, regardless of what it is, if timed right.
You may have to resort to attacks like Tatsumaki Senpukyaku 
or Burning Knuckles to get through this fight. 

-Vs. Iori-

"Yay! Get to kill you again! Or, at the very least, get to 
knock out some more of your teeth."-Xenomic

Iori can be a big pain in the ass as well, especially 
when you get up close with him. He loves to counter 
close attacks with his Fireball (Anti-Air) attack, and far 
away, he'll just fire off his projectile. Either way, this fight
will be tough, but not to the point like Goenitz. You'll 
have to outsmart him by forcing him to jump at you, 
then counterattack with whatever you've got. Make sure 
to avoid his counters (he likes to use them when 
you're close to him).

-Vs. Kasumi-

"Hey, I remember you! Too bad you won't win, cuz 
you just don't have the spunk to beat anyone."-Xenomic

Pathetically easy. The only thing you have to worry 
about here is her counter stance. Other than that, you 
can easily pummel your way through this fight with no 
problem. You may want to gain some health back if you 
enter this fight low on health.

-Vs. Ken-

"Dammit....now I'm gonna have to listen to him again..."-Xenomic


Trust me, you'll get tired of hearing this. Ken abuses 
this attack, even if he's not close enough to use it. When 
you see it, this is your chance to make him shut up. Make sure 
that you do it when he's in the air. Otherwise, you may end up 
getting hurt badly. Also, be careful of his Hadoken, as he'll use 
it occasionally if you're not close enough to him.

-Vs. Kim-


Kim has a tendency to keep you down on the ground 
a lot if you don't watch what you're doing. Anti-Air specials 
are your best friend here, as are projectiles, as Kim possesses 
none of them. You can even get up close and duke it out, but
do know that he'll make you pay with your health if you don't 
watch him. His favorite move to use, from what I've seen, 
is his flipkick move.

-Vs. Kyo-

Kyo's not that difficult to beat. He has absolutely no projectiles
to use that'll save him from most fighters, thus he has to rely on close-ranged
attacks to pull him through. You can spam projectiles against him if you want,
but if you want to duke it out, then expect a strong combo from time to time.
Still, the CPU does a terrible job of making Kyo seem like a big threat. End 
this fight with a Super Special or an Exceed.

-Vs. M. Bison-

"Oh goodie! You butt chin ass is back. Why don't you 
crawl back in your grave and stay there, before I dump 
a truckload of shit on your ass?"-Xenomic

Mr. Teleport and PSYCHO CRUSHER!

This is the nickname I've given to Bison. He just simply 
doesn't like to stay in one place for very long, so you'll 
most likely be chasing Bison around the area. You'll want 
to be lery of Psycho Crusher and Mega Psycho
Crusher, as they tend to come out of nowhere.

-Vs. Mai-

"Oooh.....you again. You may be lovely, but I still hate 
fighting you. I wouldn't mind losing to you though......hey, 

Mai can and will be a pest to you. She loves to spam her 
Butterfly Fan, and tends to use her Triple Butterfly Fan special 
quite often. You're best bet is to get in close and duke it out with 
her. She takes damage very easily, and she doesn't seem to do too 
good when people are pressuring her. Her speed and jumping
will annoy you, but don't let it. That'll only lead to your demise 
if you do. Try and finish this battle off with an Exceed, just in 
case, or a Super Special.

-Vs. Mars People-

"................The hell is this thing? Where'd it come from????"-Xenomic

Very easy to beat. You can put the pressure on it without 
worry from anything but it's Super Special, which is so easy 
to avoid it's pathetic. Simple punches and kicks will get you 
through, but finish with a Super Special to fill your health up 
if you're too low.

-Vs. Mr. Karate-

One of the actual average fighters. You may or may not have 
a tough time with him, but odds are, it'll be tough. He loves to 
counter any jumping action, and if you're far away, he'll throw 
projectiles at you. Up close, he's a dangerous force, but that's
your only hope. Duke it out with him, but be ready to go on 
the defense at any time. This is going to be a very tough fight, 
so try and finish it off with an Exceed (which you'll most likely have) 
or a Super Special at the very least. You don't want to go on
to the next fight hurt too badly.

-Vs. Orochi Iori-

Your toughest opponent is definently going to be this demon. 
He simply puts too much pressure on you at all times, and 
he's incredibly fast. Your best bet is to stay on the other side 
of the screen and throw projectiles until he jumps at you, then sweep 
him and run away. This is the only sound method that I've found to
work efficiently against him.

-Vs. Red Arremer-

Your final opponent (most likely). Stay far away! His 
attacks hurt a lot if you're up close, and you don't want 
to flaunder in this final battle. Beware of his Exceed as well, as 
it goes to mid-screen, and WILL do a full bar of damage to you. 
His Zombies and other specials will pester you as well, but take 
heart and use your best strategy to ounce this beast!

-Vs. Ryo-

Surprisingly, Ryo is pretty easy to beat. He tends to walk 
into Super Specials, and he doesn't block that much. However, 
he loves to counter air attacks, so avoid jumping at him. Don't 
worry too much about Ryo unless he actually does start giving you
a hard time. In that case, smash through him with Dash attacks. He 
just loves those moves.

-Vs. Ryu-


You actually don't hear these attacks as much as you would 
in other games. You can simply walk up to him and duke it out. 
Makes me a bit sad to see Old Faithful so easily trounced. Then 
again, he must've let himself go after all of those other compilations, no?
Finish him with a Super Special, at most.

-Vs. Sagat-


Sagat's infamous move, and he'll spam it like no tomorrow. The 
same for his Tiger Shots. So, you'll have to figure out how to 
avoid his Tiger Shots, while at the same time, avoiding his Tiger 
Uppercut. Tricky? Yes. Hard? It can be. When you get close, and 
he throws a High Tiger Shot, duck and trip him. Before he gets up, 
trip him again. He'll fall for it more often than not. This is a cheap 
way of going about beating Sagat, but to do it the old fashioned way
is almost impossible against him.

-Vs. Shiki-

Shiki's mediocre, just like Mr. Karate. She likes to teleport, so 
watch for that. She also likes to try and dash at you, so try using 
Dash attacks or attacks like Tatsumaki Senpukyaku to get through 
her attacks. Not too tough by no means. You'll face far tougher opponents in
the end.

-Vs. Shin Akuma-

The third toughest opponent, IMO, due to his unpredicability. 
He loves to throw out Zanku Hadokens at any time, and loves 
to counter close attacks with Gou Shoryuken. This is going to be 
a rough fight, but hang in there! You may need to trip him on occassion,
then go for a Super Special. Exceeds don't work very well against 
him, but you may want to try to use them when you see an opening. 
You most likely fight Shin Akuma after Akuma, so watch it.

-Vs. Shin Mr. Karate-

IMO, the toughest opponent you'll ever face, next to Orochi Iori and 
Shin Akuma. He's so unpredicatable and suffers from SNK Boss Syndrome 
that it's hard to come up with any good strategies against him. Therefore, 
you'll have to use everything you've got to beat him.

One thing I did notice in my fights against him is that he abuses projectile 
attacks like no tomorrow. Perhaps there's a strategy against this?

-Vs. Tabasa-

Can be a nuisance, especially when she starts throwing out 
projectiles all the time. However, this can be used to your advantage! 
If you manage to get close enough, she'll try to use her Anti-Air move 
or a projectile, at which case you block and counter with an Anti-Air move or
Super Special. Not too tough. More like annoying.

-Vs. Terry-

Once again, a mediocre fighter. He can get a bit aggressive, 
so be prepared to fight back at any moment. He loves to use 
Crack Shot and Power Wave, so watch out for those. He doesn't
seem to use his Super Specials very much, so you don't have to 
worry too much about them. Just focus and watch out for his counters, 
and you should be fine. Finish it with a Super Special or Exceed, if possible.

-Vs. Vega-

Vega's predicatable. Study him, and you'll see he likes to 
jump around and use his sweep move a lot. Anti-Air attacks 
and Dash attacks are perfect to beat Vega. Nothing really
special to say about him, other than he'll annoy you with his crys...

-Vs. Violent Ken-

Violent Ken.......he's a bit tricky. He'll stand around and suddenly 
throw out Hadokens or teleport right in front of you. He'll even 
throw out his Super Specials unsuspectedly. You'll need to be wary 
at all times, and try to jump in at him, though you 
may be hit by a Shoryuken. You're best bet is to rush him down, 
while being prepared to go on the defense at any time, especially 
when he gets back on his feet, as he'll more than likely counterattack.

-Vs. Zero-

Zero is pathetic in this game, at least the AI makes him look that way.
You can pretty much duke it out head-to-head with him and not even
worry about getting hurt that much. If you try to use Anti-AI attacks,
sometimes he'll counter with a LP, which will annoy ya to death at times.
Other than that, it's not that tough of a fight at all.

6. Specific Character Strategies

-Chun Li-
-M. Bison-
-Mars People-
-Mr. Karate-
-Orochi Iori-
-Red Arremer-
-Shin Akuma-

Honorable Way

Cheap Way

Yes, Shin Akuma is very cheap in this game. Here's a strategy
(from Rezzurection) on how to use him cheaply:

The trick is to SPAM like no tomorrow with him. Matter of fact, you should 
throw the CPU opponent into the corner. Then get close enough to them just to 
corner them.

Back away about 1-2 character's length(just to avoid any counter attacks) and 
just spam that Double Air-Fireball (Gou Zankuu) repeatedly. Just repeat until 
the CPU is drained of it's energy, or if they become dizzy use a DM (A Messatsu 
Goushoryuu would do just fine) 

And when things go bad, usually his Exceed will bail you out. (Unbloackable and 

-Shin Mr. Karate-
-Violent Ken-
7. Anti-AI Moves

This section is for those of you who just want to get through this
mode quickly and unlock Athena and Red Arremer without the

  -Zanku Hadoken
-Chun Li-
-M. Bison-
  -Flying Squirrel (also called Musasabi No Mai in Japanese)
-Mars People-
-Mr. Karate-
-Orochi Iori-
-Red Arremer-
-Shin Akuma-
  -Zanku Hadoken
-Shin Mr. Karate-
  -Power Wave
  -Burning Knuckle
-Violent Ken-
8. Credits

Thanks to Capcom and SNK, for making this game, and
here's to hoping that a great sequel comes after this.

Thanks to Gamefaqs, for hosting such a wonderful site

Thanks to Rezzurection, for the Anti-AI strategy for Shin Akuma, and
for reminding me that Kyo wasn't in this faq at all.

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