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Sagat by GenesisGamma6

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/12/06

SNK vs Capcom Chaos
Sagat for Beginners FAQ
Version 1.0
By GenesisGamma6 (AKA Epsilon of Blood-sports.net)
Started and completed on: September 10, 2006

Formal Stuff
This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

(1) Introduction to the Emperor of Muay Thai
(2) Quick bio and story information 
(3) Legend
(4) Game basics
(5) Trademark Specials of the Emperor
(6) Classic Supers of the Emperor
(7) Basic combos
(8) A few final tips
(9) Miscellaneous Information
(10) Credits and Contact Info

Introduction to the Emperor of Muay Thai
As far as I'm concerned, there's no real way I can do an introduction that
would really capture the essence of Sagat. From his original position as the
final boss of Street Fighter, this powerhouse has evolved to become a somewhat
balanced top-tier character for the many Street Fighter games that followed.
For the SVC game, SNK decided to tone down Sagat in some ways while giving him
some new advantages. The end result? A familiar character with a brand new
feel to him. Read on to see what I mean...

The purpose of this FAQ is to give a brief guide for beginners to Sagat in the
SNK vs. Capcom game and will by no means provide insane amounts of combos.

Quick bio and story information
This is taken from Street Fighter Eternal Challenge, the official resource 
direct from Capcom Japan.

Height: 226 cm
Weight: 109 kg
3 Size: B140-W87-H95
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Thailand
Likes: Fierce Opponents
Dislikes: Weaklings
Fighting Style: Muay Thai

Sagat's scream of defeat echoed across the tournament, signaling the end to
his previously undefeated record as champion of the fighting world. His anger
and desperation after it was all over drove him to train harder than he ever
had before, all in the name of revenge. Discovering the power of a new 
technique he christened the Tiger Uppercut, Sagat slowly regained his
confidence and set forth on a path of vengeance against Ryu. He now travels
the world attempting to rebuild his reputation and take back the title that
was once his.

Primary colour: Blue shorts, light skin
Secondary colour: Red shorts, dark skin

u = Up
uf = Up-Forward
f = Forward
df = Down-Forward
d = Down
db = Down-Back
b = Back
ub = Up-Back
qcf = Quarter-Circle Forward
qcb = Quarter-Circle Back
hcf = Half-Circle Forward
hcb = Half-Circle Backward
P = Punch
LP = Light Punch
HP = Hard Punch
K = Kick
LK = Light Kick
HK = Hard Kick

Neo-Geo System Button Configuration
A = LP
B = LK
C = HP
D = HK

Game Basics
Dash: Tap f twice
Character will perform a quick dash forward. You are vulnerable to attack
during this dash.

Backwards dash: Tap b twice
Character will hop backwards. Once again, you are vulnerable to attack 
during the hop.

Guard Cancel Frontstep: Tap f twice while blocking or press BC while blocking
Character cancels block and dashes forward with a brief moment of 
invincibility. This is a key concept to master so get used to it quickly. 
This technique consumes some power gauge energy. According to Kao Megura's
general FAQ, tapping F twice consumes less power gauge energy than pressing BC
while blocking. 

Guard Cancel Attack: Press CD at same time while blocking
Character cancels block and performs a small counter attack to knock opponent
back. This costs you one level of your power gauge and seems to deal little 
to no damage so use this sparingly.

Throwing: Press AB or CD when near opponent
This is probably one of the elements that turns normal fighting game fans away
from this game. Throwing is a bit of a hassle here (even more so than Street 
Fighter Alpha 3's PPP or KKK throw input). If you miss a throw, there will
be a miss animation for your character and you will be punished for a missed
throw by losing some power gauge energy. Obviously a successful throw 
doesn't cost any power guage. The AB throw will keep your opponent in front
of you while the CD throw causes your character to switch sides so keep that
in mind.

Throw escape: Press AB or CD as soon as you are being thrown by the opponent
Your character will perform an action to avoid being thrown by the opponent.
Note that you must use the same input as the opponent did. So if the opponent 
tries an AB throw, you have to press AB as well to escape the throw.

Recovery Roll: Press AB when landing
A standard feature in King of Fighters, this allows your character to recover 
on their feet quickly instead of being knocked down.

Trademark Specials of the Emperor
Tiger Rage: Press AB when near opponent
Sagat grabs the opponent and bashes his knee into their face multiple times.
Like with previous multi-hitting grab moves in this game, there are a set 
number of hits that is programmed into the game before the enemy is released
from the grab.

Tiger Carry: Press CD when near opponent
Sagat's old throw from his Street Fighter days where he grabs the opponent,
switches sides and tosses the enemy far away.

Tiger Hook: f + A
His old close MP from Capcom VS SNK 2, Sagat punches downward towards his 
enemy. This is an overhead so blocking high is necessary to defend against
this move.

Tiger Tail: db + D
Like Akuma, Ryu and Ken, Sagat's crouching MK is a command move in this game
and is a cancelable move.

Tiger Shot: qcf + P
Ah, the old projectile that's been with him since the first Street Fighter
game. Back then, it did 60% damage on a successful hit and 30% damage when
blocked (according to BDragon's Street Fighter FAQ). Eeyow. Anyways, this
move can be ducked under by most characters except for Demitri, Hugo and the
Samurai Shodown characters (Earthquake, Shiki and Genjuro). Since this is 
fired high, it will only negate normal projectiles that it makes contact with
so it can easily pass a Ground Tiger Shot or Iori's Yamibarai projectile.
As Sagat is fairly open when using this move, I suggest you keep your usage of
this move to a minimum.

Ground Tiger Shot: qcf + K
Sagat crouches and performs a low Tiger Shot. As it's easy for the opponent 
to jump over, I once again urge you to keep your usage of this to a minimum.
First introduced in Street Fighter II. 

Tiger Uppercut: f, d, df + P
Another classic move introduced in Street Fighter II, the Tiger Uppercut has
kept players from jumping in too often. The A version will be a short leap for
one hit while the C version is a longer leap into the air that goes for 5 hits
(if the move connected with the enemy on the ground). Sagat has invincibility
during the first few animated frames of the Tiger Uppercut. This move can also
be comboed into which is a good sign.

Tiger Crush: f, d, df + K
Sagat leaps forward and strikes the enemy with his knee. This move has been
toned down a bit by SNK to keep things fair but it's still a well-rounded move
that can be used in combos. Use the B version as the D version leaves you more
open for Guard Cancel Frontstep and a counter.

Classic Supers of the Emperor
Tiger Cannon: qcf x 2 + P
Introduced in Street Fighter Alpha, Sagat throws a super version of his normal
High Tiger Shot. I suggest that you save your meter for other supers and any
other feature that requires power gauge energy since this isn't a very good 
super. Most characters can duck under this with the exception of those who 
can't even duck a normal Tiger Shot. Of course, you can use this to punish
players who constantly abuse their projectiles. Unlike Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken,
this move doesn't lose hits when it absorbs normal projectiles. This has a 
pretty slow start up but it gains speed once released. Sagat also has a brief
moment of invincibility as he rears back to perform this move. C version goes
a bit faster than A version.

Ground Tiger Cannon: qcb x 2 + P
Sagat crouches and then fires a super version of his Ground Tiger Shot. This
is a bit better than the Tiger Cannon but not by much. It's easy to jump over
and even if the enemy blocks it, they can use Guard Cancel Frontstep to make
an attack while you are recovering. Sagat basically extends his body when he
crouches to fire so certain moves can beat him out of it like Orochi Iori's Ya
Otome but if he gets hit with something like Shouryuuken, he will still be 
able to release the projectile. The same notes for the projectile's speed
from the previous super apply here.

Tiger Raid: qcb x 2 + K
One of Sagat's better supers. He will begin with a small series of low kicks
before ending in a long multi-hitting kick for a total of 7 hits. Sagat has
invincibility on the first low kick only. If the opponent is hit by the final
long kick in the corner, you can follow up with another move since he or she
will be juggled momentarily. To maximize this move's potential, use this as 
a follow up to a close standing C that hits the enemy when he or she is in the
corner. There's no difference in juggling if you use the B or D version.

Tiger Genocide: qcf x 2 + BD [EXCEED]
Introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as Sagat's super combo and has 
been with the Emperor ever since. Being his most powerful super (since it was
the sole super he used when in X-Ism mode in Alpha 3), SNK chose this to act
as his Exceed move. Sagat performs a Tiger Crush, followed by a short Tiger
Uppercut with a much longer one acting as the finale. The majority of the 
Exceed damage comes from the second Tiger Uppercut. Sagat has invincibility
up to the first Uppercut. Be careful when inputting the command because the
game engine could accidentally interpret your input as a Tiger Crush instead.
This move works great as a follow up to Tiger Raid when the opponent is
juggled since the second Uppercut will still catch the falling enemy. I tested
this out and managed to get 75% damage on Ryu. Note that the initial Tiger 
Crush seems to be more of a D version going a bit higher rather than a 
mid-to-high Tiger Crush that Sagat does in the Capcom games so you may want to
rethink your tactics around this move.

Basic Combos
1. Close C => Tiger Uppercut/Tiger Crush/Tiger Raid
2. In corner, Close C => Tiger Raid => Tiger Uppercut/Crush/Genocide

Close D can also be used as a substitute for Close C but you must input the
follow up just as Sagat does the first kick so that he cancels from that move
into the special/super.

A few final words
I do believe that Capcom still owes us fans one last epic Ryu/Sagat battle
even though it seems that it has already been resolved by SFIII which kinda

Long live the Emperor!! That is all.

Some CPU End Boss Tips for those having trouble getting to Sagat's ending

Shin Akuma: The CPU attack pattern is that once you get in a corner, he'll 
continue teleporting back and forth and do random things that would obviously
destroy an agressive player (or a complete newbie). Have patience. Once in a 
while, he'll leap forward to do a Zankuu Hadouken. Once he lands, he usually
pauses for a bit so that's when you can quickly perform a throw. Also, try
and feint at certain times to have the CPU throw out a Messatsu Gou Shouryuu
when you still have time to guard. Then you can punish with a simple combo.

Violent Ken: Time your jumps carefully so that he can whiff his HP Shoryuuken
and then nail him with a combo.

Orochi Iori: Use your dashes as ways to feint so that he will whiff his 100
Shiki: Oniyaki in front of you. Also, your projectiles won't be as helpful
here since Orochi Iori's Ya Otome super will usually land on you before you
can pull off a Tiger Shot or Tiger Cannon.

Serious Mr. Karate: Learn to master Guard Cancel Frontstep so that you can
punish him when he does Chou Haoh Shikou Ken. He will occasionally leave 
himself wide open when he does his HP Built Upper and Kyokugen Kohou so be
ready to combo him there.

Red Arremer: I don't have too many tips here since I usually don't fight the
devil with Sagat. Red Arremer's projectiles can easily out do our Emperor
here so the only time to nail him in general is if he uses Hell Hunter
(Chijou) where he flies in a straight path. Just dodge it and counterattack.

Athena: Easy for anyone in general. All you need to do is be aware of her move
properties and their openings for a counterattack.

Miscellaneous Information
Win pose 1: Gets into a thinking pose and says "Try again!"
Win pose 2: Crosses his arms and laughs.

Win quote 1: Fatuous fool. Challenging me with such puny strength.
Win quote 2: You are too weak! You cannot even entertain the idea of wounding
Win quote 3: Be satisfied that you laid your fists on the emperor!
Win quote 4: Had enough, have you? This makes you now one of life's losers.
Special win quote against Ryu: My strength and skill kills!

Credits and Contact Info
Special thanks to those who wrote up Sagat FAQs for his appearances in other
games. Their useful information made this SVC Sagat FAQ easier to write. Also,
thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ for some additional notes on move properties for
the Muay Thai Emperor.

Kudos for Capcom and SNK teaming up together on these projects. Hope to see
another one in the works soon.

AIM: GenesisGamma6
Yahoo: nemesisalpha1@yahoo.ca
MSN/Hotmail: deadalpha@hotmail.com

Copyright 2006 Isaac Tong

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