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Genjyuro by psychochronic

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/19/06

SVC Chaos Genjyuro FAQ:


-Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic
of Shoryuken.com (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) with
some help by G Product

Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
Last Update: April 16, 2006

Notes before reading this document:
1) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document 
is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted 
in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form 
(written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be 
used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling 
it or giving it away as a gift. Although I am...the author in 
the majority of the text, please respect the other authors 
whose work I have included in this guide.

2) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
feature (Ctrl + F) to find whatever term you're looking for 
easy mobility. 

Table of Contents:
1) Version Changes
2) Character Biography
3) Legend
4) Pros and Cons
5) Basics
6) Movelist
   -Special Moves
   -Super Combos
7) Combos/Cancels
8) Contact
9) Credits

Version Changes:
1.01 - April 19, 2006:
Added a couple Max combos and the NOTE about his 
Frenzy of Rage.

1.00 - April 16, 2006:
Compiled and finished on April 16, 2006.

Character Biography:
Full Name: Genjyuro Kibagami
Birthplace: Yamashiro-koku, Anjou-mura 
Birthdate: June 9 in the 10th Year of Horai (1760 A.D.), at 
the hour of the Serpent (10:00 a.m.) 
Height: 6 shaku: 182 cm (6') 
Measurements: N/A 
Weight: 22 kanme: 82.5 kg (181.5 lbs.) 
Blood type: AB 
Weapon: The famous sword, Baio-doku (Poison of the Plum 
Fighting style: The Sword Arts of the Ancient Shadow 
Likes: Gambling 
Dislikes: "Nice guys" 
Flaws: None 
Idol(s): No one 
Philosphy on the sword: "A skill for killing people." 
Time of peace: "Whenever I take the forbidden drug." 
Perferable Soulmate: Women with strong defenses 
First Appearance: Samurai Shodown II 

U = Up
UF = Up-Forward
F = Forward
DF = Down-Forward
D = Down
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
UB = Back
QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
HCF = Half-Circle Forward
HCB = Half-Circle Backward
P = Punch
LP = Light Punch 
HP = Hard Punch 
K = Kick
LK = Light Kick
HK = Hard Kick

NeoGeo Button Mapping:
A = LP
B = LK
C = HP
D = HK

XBOX Button Mapping:
X = LP
A = LK
Y = HP
B = HK

Various Points:
(+): Pro (Positive note)
(?): Unknown (Tentative note)
(-): Con (Negative note)
(+): Long range attacks.
(+): Good zoning and spacing capabilities.
(+): Good attack priority.
(+): Good damaging attacks.
(+): Inflicts okay guard damage.
(+): Can stun opponents fast.
(+): Command throw has no whiff animation.
(+): Average mixups.
(+): Paulownia Smasher Lighting Wings is a good wakeup,
reversal, anti-air and combo finisher.
(+): Diving Fang Thrust is unblockable.
(?): Sweep is a special normal.
(?): Crescent Moon Laceration a GCS attempt counter.
(-): Only one Super Combo.
(-): Can't combo off a low-attack.
(-): Too much recovery on his attacks, leaving him open to 
GCS attempts.
(-): Diving Fang Thrust is too insuffiecent to setup.
(-): Some attacks have long startup.
(-): Cherry Blossom Slice is slow as hell.
(-): No safe options.

Front Ground Step: Tap Fx2:
Character stops after a determined distance and attacked 
anywhere during the step.

Back Ground Step: Tap Bx2:
Character stops after a determined distance and attacked 
anywhere during the step.

Guard Cancel Front Step (costs 1 Level): Tap Fx2 or LK + 
HP while blocking:
Also known as "GCS". Cancels your block and does a 
Front Ground Step right after.

Guard Cancel Attack (costs 1 Level): Tap HP + HK while
Cancels your block and does a Counter Attack right

Big Jump: Tap DB, D or DF then UB, U or UF:
Character jumps slightly higher.

Normal Body Toss: LP + LK or HP + HK:
Characters' throw.

Body Toss Evasion: As soon as thrown by the opponent, 
press LP + LK or HP + HK in the same buttons that the 
opponent presses:
Clearly avoids the opponents throw.

Break Fall: LP + LK when landing:
Character gets back up quicker instead of getting knocked



LP: (FAR) Probably his safest poke. Covers a good amount 
of space in front of him with his Katana. Still a little slow on 
recovery for a light attack. The damage is small and this 
move is open to GCS attempts. (CLOSE) A short cancellable 
jab that repeats into itself and is good for combos. Small 
damage but safe none-the-less and good for tick-throws.

LK: (FAR) Long-range poke with his Katana. Decent poke, 
still open to GCS attempts but for a poke this as safe of a 
poke as it gets or whatever you understand. Okay for a 
footsie game. (CLOSE) A quick cancelable elbow attack. 
Good for combos and safe if blocked. Used for same 
things as close LP. 

HP: (FAR) Lots of range, damage and guard damage. 
Would be good if it weren't for that horrible recovery. If 
you're going to commit to this move make sure it hits, 
otherwise, you're open for punishment or a GCS. Best 
used at max range but covers a large area in front of him.
(CLOSE) A 2 hit Katana attack with the first hit being a 
cancelable. Good for combos, damage and guard damage
but unsafe if blocked.

HK: (FAR/CLOSE) Same animation for both range. A 3 hit 
kick. From far range only the last hit will probably connect. 
No use from max range, only close range. Second hit is a 
cancelable and good for verifying combos. Good damage 
and okay guard, even though the first hit goes straight up, 
do not mistake it for an anti-air at all!


LP: Very similiar to standing close LP which is a short range 
jab. Fast and chains into self, a flexible opening for combos 
or can be used for tick-throws. Little to no range.

LK: A good low slash that's a passable poke. A bit slow on 
recovery making it open to GCS attempts and okay for footsie 

HP: Very similiar to standing far HP aspect. Big damage and 
guard and covers a large portion in front of Genjyuro. Lots 
of recovery and unsafe if blocked however standing far HP 
has a little bit more range.

HK: Strangely enough, this attack doesn't knock down and 
opponents can block it high or low. Not cancellable, okay 
range, damage. Overall this move has little to nothing to 
offer, has average size hit-box to it though.


LP: A quick jab, passable air-to-air attack. Comes out fast 
and stays out for the entire arc of the jump. This is best 
jumping attack for tick-throws. Same animation for jumping 

LK: A straight forward slash. Good for zoning in the air and 
a great air-to-air attack. Not the best jump-in attack since it 
hits straight forward. Little damage and stays out for the 
entire arc of the jump. 

HP: This attack has great priority, range, damage and guard. 
Covers a good portion of space in front of him making it good 
for zoning. The diagonal version a low-angle slash that has
good priority and damage. Best jump-in for combos.

HK: A straight forward kick attack. Good damage, range and 
priority but do to it's slow startup, LP or LK is better suited 
for vertical jump air-to-air attacks and HP is a better jump-in 
for combos.


Adverse Wind: DF + HP: 
Genjyuro swipes his Katana in an upward slash that works as 
an anti-air. In addition, this move is cancelable. If it hits as anti-
air, you cancel it into Divine Fang Thrust for an unblockable. 
An LP Triple Demise to get back in close for a throw or combo 
or an HP Triple Demise to move behind them for a free mixup. 
The safest option is to cancel into an LP Cherry Blossom Slice
so they will be forced to block when they land, quick recovered 
or not. The Divine Fang Thrust is risky because they can quick 
recover but if they don't and if you don't hold the button down, 
then this will be the best setup for the unblockable. 

Hem Frayer: F + HK: 
A cancellable sweep that hits low and knocks down. Passable 
setup for a Divine Fang Thrust, however the Hem Frayer is a 
close-range attack so this is not a safe setup. A better mixup 
to go for is cancel it into an LP Triple Demise so you will pass
underneath them and cross the opponent up, then do a 
crouching LP, Triple Demise. The opponent's back will be 
facing you so the LP one will hit from the back and the HP 
from the front. Very confusing for the opponent. In addition, 
the crouching LP is a timing device (must whiff) or you can 
dash up HK (2 hits) and combo them after the crossup or you 
can keep it safe and after crossing them up throw a Cherry 
Blossom Slice.

Cherry Blossom Slice: QCB + P:
Genjyuro's projectile as he swings his sword and a card comes 
out. Used for spacing and on waking up opponents but too 
slow to be used in combos and it's good to use after you land 
a throw. An LP version will hit them just as they get up from a 
throw. This way Genjyuro keeps his opponent locked down.  
Best used at max range, does okay damage but very little to no 
guard and chip damage. If it hits on a counter against a jumping 
cornered opponent, then you can juggle with a Paulownia 
Smasher Lighting Wings, Reverse 5 Flashes or Frenzy of 
Rage. The HP version travels much faster.

Paulownia Smasher Lighting Wings: F, D, DF + P:
A versatile move as Genyuro swings his sword into the air. 
Goodfor ending combos, anti-air, reversal, defensive attack 
that knocks down and has a slight window of invulnerability. 
LP version is safest as the HP version travels further and 
higher but suffers from bad recovery so resort to the LP 
version except for combos but if the move hits out of range, 
then you'll get 1 hit off and no knockdown.

Death of 100 Demons - QCB, F + P:
Genyuro slashes forward several times until one hits and 
stabs the opponent for a throw-type attack but it can be 
blocked. Does some guard damage but not as much has 
you'd think. Comboable and the HP version stays out 
longer but easily suspectible to GCS attempts.

Crescent Moon Laceration: F, D, DF + K (close only):
Genjyuro's command throw which can be comboed into and 
leaves the opponent in a juggle state. If you have the level, 
go for a super, otherwise the best follow-up's are Lighting 
Wings or Frenzy of Rage. Good attack for him since it gives 
a high damage option off a throw attack. In addition, there is 
no whiff animation and the startup is almost instant. Stick to 
the LK version since there's more recovery time on the HK 
version, making it harder to land an extra hit none-the-less 
it is still possible just more difficult.

Triple Demise: QCF + P x3:
Genjyuro slides forward with a slash that can be done multiple 
times for a 3 hit combo. The LP version comes out fast and can 
be comboed, however the HP version cannot and comes out
slower. But instead, he will slide behind them and slash them 
forcing the oppoent to block the opposite direction. It is 
possible for the first hit to connect and the last hits to be 
blocked if you're not quick enough. In addition, if the first hit 
is blocked, then you cannot continue the next two. The move 
is greatly used for combos. This move is espcially useful after 
his Hem Frayer or Adverse Wind or if you land a throw. The 
opponent will be backwards so then you can go for a Triple
Demise and force them to guess rather to block from the front 
or back. It is possible to cancel into HP version for a mixup 
game to make them block from one way to another but this 
can be risky. Also punishable if blocked and if the last hit is 
blocked, you're open for GCS attempts. In the case that the 
first hit connects and the second is blocked, then stop there 
and do go for the third hit. Still punishable but not as risky 

Divine Fang Thrust: QCB + K (hold K to delay): 
Genjyuro charges up and thrusts forward for a very powerful 
unblockable stab. Lots of range but suffers from extreme bits
of recovery time. Guarantees a knockdown and dishes out 
some good damage but it suffers from no decent setup's 
outside of a knockdown. Adverse Wind is the best since it 
will knock the oppoent to the other side a good distance.
Hem Frayer is also possible but extremely dangerous. Since 
he's in close-range, he's open for the well known wake-up 
reversals, so stay away from this move. Use it sparingly, 
safest from max range, the long startup renders him from 
defending himself properly and holding the button down 
will not increase the damage output.

Reverse 5 Slashes: QCF x2 + P:
This is Genjyuro's only super as he does a Paulownia 
Smasher Lighting Wing that leads to 4 other slashes with
the cards spreaded out and split in the middle. The first hit 
has a large hitbox so it can catch jumping opponents. Good 
damage and knocks down but suspectible to GCS attempts 
if blocked. Can be comboed from his standing HK (2 hits) 
or Crescent Moon Laceration. If you have the bar and they 
block the super and dont GCS, you can go for another super 
in case they throw something out then you can catch them 
in a super.

Frenzy of Rage: LP + LK + HP:
Gen performs a quick slash that resembles the Lighting Wings. 
Very quick on startup and recovery and can be used as an anti-
air and in combos which does average damage and a knock-
down. This activation attack leaves Genjyuro a strength boost 
for about 10 seconds and gives him the ability to perform Flash 
-Flash Finale: LK + HP + HK (during Frenzy of Rage):
You can perform this move while he's still red. He slides forward 
for a powerful slash attack which knocks down but it's slow, so 
it can only be comboed off of hard attacks. It can be comboed 
after a command throw in the corner but this is very insuffcient. 
Does a good amount of chip damage. If blocked, Genjyuro recoils 
back but is still open for GCS attempts. Both Exceeds have some 
invulnerability on startup and Flash Finale is good for going 
through projectiles.
*NOTE: Frenzy of Rage carries over to the next round if your time 
did not end last round and if you dont perform Flash Finale then 
you can Frenzy of Rage again but when you do DO Flash Finale 
then you can't use another exceed.

Cancel Chart:


Standing Close:



Jumping Diagonal:

Super Cancelable Attacks:	

Max Cancelable Attacks:	
Triple Demise (Any of the 3 hits), Divine Fang Thrust, Crescent Moon 
Laceration (1-3 hits), Paulownia Smasher Lightning Wings (1st hit)	
A = LP
B = LK
C = HP
D = HK

A=cancels into anything except special normals (you know like f + LP)
R=repeats or chain into itself
X=non cancellable
/=divides hits
C=cancels into special normals, specials and supers
S=cancels only into supers

Various Combos:
-Jumping deep HP, Standing close LPx2/crouching LPx2, LP Triple 
Demise/Death of 100 Demons

-Jumping deep HP, standing close HK (2 hits), LK Crescent Moon 
Laceration, Paulownia Smasher Lighting Wings/Reverse 5 Flashes/
Frenzy of Rage

-Jumping deep HP, Standing close HP (1 hit)/Standing close HK 
(2 hits), Flash Finale
*When Frenzy of Rage is still in effect

-LP Triple Demise (1 hit), LP Smasher Lighting Wings (1 hit), LP 
Triple Demise (1 hit), LP Smasher Lighting Wings (1 hit), LP Triple 
Demise (1 hit), LP Smasher Lighting Wings (1 hit), LP Triple Demise 
(1 hit), Crescent Moon Laceration, juggle with Reverse 5 Flashes
*Max Mode combo

-crouching LK, since now he can combo off of a low attack and go 
for a max combo or from a max range HP further making it better or 
cancelling it to a Cherry Blossom Slice or command throw to stay 
safe from a possible GCS attempt and it gives him the ability to 
start a max mdoe combo from big damaging long range attack 
*Max mode combo

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Props to those who made this guide possible:

G Product for various points about the moves and the SNK
Playmore Japan site for the explanation of the basics.


Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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