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M. Bison by psychochronic

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/19/06

SVC Chaos M. Bison FAQ:


-Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic
of Shoryuken.com (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) with
some help by G Product

Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
Last Update: February 19, 2006

Notes before reading this document:
1) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document 
is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted 
in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form 
(written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be 
used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling 
it or giving it away as a gift. Although I am...the author in 
the majority of the text, please respect the other authors 
whose work I have included in this guide.

2) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
feature (Ctrl + F) to find whatever term you're looking for 
easy mobility. 

Table of Contents:
1) Version Changes
2) Character Biography
3) Legend
4) Pros and Cons
5) Basics
6) Movelist
   -Special Moves
   -Super Combos
7) Combos/Cancels
8) Contact
9) Credits

Version Changes:
1.00 - February 19, 2006:
Compilated February 19, 2006. Finished within an 8-hour 

Character Biography:
Affiliation:  Shadaloo 
Fighting style: Psycho Power 
Birthplace: Unknown 
Birthdate: April 17 
Height: 182cm (approx. 6 ft) 
Weight: 96kg (212 lbs) 
3 sizes: B133, W90, H92 
Blood type: A 
Special Skill: Hypnotism 
Likes:  World Domination
Dislikes: Useless subordinates, weaklings 
Signature Moves: Psycho Crusher, Knee Press Nightmare, 
Mega Psycho Crusher 
First Game Appearance: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

U = Up
UF = Up-Forward
F = Forward
DF = Down-Forward
D = Down
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
UB = Back
QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
HCF = Half-Circle Forward
HCB = Half-Circle Backward
P = Punch
LP = Light Punch 
HP = Hard Punch 
K = Kick
LK = Light Kick
HK = Hard Kick

NeoGeo Button Mapping:
A = LP
B = LK
C = HP
D = HK

XBOX Button Mapping:
X = LP
A = LK
Y = HP
B = HK

Various Points:
(+): Pro (Positive note)
(?): Unknown (Tentative note)
(-): Con (Negative note)
(+): Head Press has a lot of priority and is fast.
(+): Psycho Crusher can crossup on opponents wakeup.
(+): LP + LK throw in the corner is a free setup to a crossup 
(+): Final Psycho Crusher has a lot or priority and the whole 
thing is invincible.
(+): Head Press can be buffered.
(+): Head Press can be mixed up.
(?): Head Press can be used as an anti-air but timing must
be right.
(?): As a charge character, he loses his charge when he does 
a GCS with Fx2 but pressing LK + HP leaves your directional 
input free but cost 1 level of gauge when tapping Fx2 costs 
only 10%.
(-): No good reversal attacks.
(-): No moves safe from a GCS.
(-): Bison Warp is his only invincible Special Move (on startup).
(-): No invincibility frames on any Special Move or Super
Combos (not including Exceed).
(-): No Super Cancels.
(-): No MAX cancels.
(-): No good wakeup game. Final Psycho Crusher and 
Teleport are risky situations.
(-): Psycho Crusher has litle-to-no priority.
(-): Psycho Crusher is not safe if blocked.
(-): Knee Press has slow startup.
(-): Slow Teleport.
(-): Meter-Dependant.
(-): Can't combo into Final Psycho Crusher.
(-): Lack of speed.

Front Ground Step: Tap Fx2:
Character stops after a determined distance and attacked 
anywhere during the step.

Back Ground Step: Tap Bx2:
Character stops after a determined distance and attacked 
anywhere during the step.

Guard Cancel Front Step (costs 1 Level): Tap Fx2 or LK + 
HP while blocking:
Also known as "GCS". Cancels your block and does a 
Front Ground Step right after.

Guard Cancel Attack (costs 1 Level): Tap HP + HK while
Cancels your block and does a Counter Attack right

Big Jump: Tap DB, D or DF then UB, U or UF:
Character jumps slightly higher.

Normal Body Toss: LP + LK or HP + HK:
Characters' throw.

Body Toss Evasion: As soon as thrown by the opponent, 
press LP + LK or HP + HK in the same buttons that the 
opponent presses:
Clearly avoids the opponents throw.

Break Fall: LP + LK when landing:
Character gets back up quicker instead of getting knocked



LP: (FAR) Short range, safe, can cancel into Specials or Supers 
and is safe to GCS. (CLOSE) It repeats into self, safe if 
blocked and cancellable.

LK: (FAR) Okay range, can be used as a pressure poke and can 
be comboed from 2 standing close LK's. Slightly safe to a 
GCS. (CLOSE) It's safe if blocked, cancellable, repeats into
self and hits low. Not safe to GCS'.

HP: (FAR) Good range and damage (regular and guard). Not 
safe to a GCS, hits crouching attacks better than standing HK. 
(CLOSE) It's slightly safe if blocked, cancellable, good 
damage (regular and guard). Same goes for farther ranges 
but can be used as an anti-air sorta and seems to have a 
larger hitbox as well. Also not safe to GCS'.

HK: (FAR) Good range and damage (regular and guard). Hits 
at a high angle making it a decent anti-air if you anticipate a 
jump. Same properties as HP up close.


LP: Cancellable, safe and cancels into itself and short range.

LK: Hits low but not cancellable. A little slow on start-up. 
Can link into a crouching LP and is safe if blocked.

HP: Anti-air, good damage, not much horizontal range and 
cancellable. Can hit late on wake-up and can be cancelled 
into Specials or Supers.

HK: Slide attack which covers good range but a bit slow 
on startup. Knocks down opponent but open for GCS' 
which make it a very risky move. Bison is not safe if it's 
blocked. Best for punishment situations and setups for 
Psycho Crusher crossups.


LP: Very little range but comes out quick and stays out 
for the entire arc of the jump.

LK: Comes out quick and stays out for the entire arc of 
the jump with good range. Excellent as an air-to-air attack 
and a crossup.

HP: Okay damage but little-to-no range and hits at a 
good angle. Not much use there; nothing special you 
know other than a decent combo starter.

HK: Hits at a very steep angle and comes out slow so 
sometimes if you dont press the button fast enough as 
you'll land before the animation can be complete. It does 
good damage and hits very deep that it looks like you'd 
have to block low but you still block high. Probably
Bison's best jumping attack with good range and 
priority and another cross-up and also combo starter.

Psycho Crusher: Charge B, F + P:
M. Bison's signature special attack. The Psycho Crusher 
is not like it is back in SF2 days. In SVC it's not known for 
doing alots of chip damage or leading to a 50/50 throw.
Best used as a combo finisher. Ok damage, knocks down. 
Can also fly over low attacks and projectiles like Iori's 
Dark Thrust or Terry's Power Wave. The LP version flies 
a short distance. Good to use after hitting with a Anti-air 
crouching HP to get back in close range. Can cross-up a 
fallen opponent, but not recomended. The LP version is 
best used a sorta reversal. The HP version travels much 
further and can lead to a cross-up Mega Psycho Crusher. 
The HP version also puts Bison on the other side of the 
screen (blocked or not). Psycho Crusher is also unsafe 
when blocked. It can lead to punishment situations or a 
GCS to throw. LP version is not as risky cause some 
opponents may not react in time. HP version can also 
lead to free throws once Bison ends up on the other 
side of the screen. While Bison lands and is backwards, 
the opponent can dash up to throw. So only use 
Psycho Crusher when u know it hits. Also it comes 
out very quick.

Knee Press: Charge B, F + P:
The Knee Press can be subsituted with the Psycho 
Crusher in punishment situations and some combos. 
It hits twice and knocks down. It also does slightly more
damage than the Psycho Crusher. Due to it's slightly 
slow startup, it can only be comboed from strong attacks. 
It does do damage (including guard and chip). The Knee 
Press is usually pretty safe when blocked cause it recoils 
Bison outside of close range. This way the opponent may 
whiff an attack and you can punish. Mix it up with Head 
Press for knocked down opponents. Suspecting a jump-in 
or Head Press, they'll do a anti-air prematurely. During 
this time, Knee Press will be starting up and before they 
recover or touch ground you will hit them with a Knee 
Press. But the Knee press can leave Bison open for GCS 

Head Press: Charge D, U + K:
In every other game for special moves, Bison relied mostly 
on his Psycho Crusher and Knee Press. In SVC, it''s all 
about his Head Press. It's quick, it homes in on the 
opponent and it  packs alot of priority. It can outpriortize 
some anti-airs as well, can be used on waking up opponents, 
is relatively safe if  blocked or not and does good damage. 
The charge time for it is short unlike in SFII games for the 
home console. Hard to punish and react to as well. It also 
punishes whiffed attacks from far away and can hover him 
over high attacks and projectiles. Most open for attacks 
like Demitri's aerial Chaos Flare. It can also crossup but it's 
not consistent. Head Press is quite spammable plus you 
can control where you go after it hits by steering forward 
or backward, which can confuse your oppoent in rather to 
anti-air or dash forward. So when you land you can possibly 
hit with a super, but this attempt can be quite risky if they 
just react by blocking. Even though Bison leaps in the air 
with a jump attack, this technique can be blocked low so it 
is not an overhead!

Somersault Skull Diver: P (after Head Press):
This move comes in handy with his Head Press mix up 
game. This attack also carries some decent priority. Bison 
can either fly back with it keeping himself safe from harm 
and building some bar or move forward to push the attack. 
The later it hits the more advantage you have. This attack 
can also start a combo as well like a regular jumping attack. 
It also has okay range and damage. The Head Press and 
follow up do not combo but if the Head Press hits a 
jumping opponent as a counter hit and then you hit with 
the follow-up then the opponent is left in a juggle state 
then you can either hit them with a Psycho Crusher, Knee 
Press or Mega Psycho Crusher. Even though Bison leaps
in the air with a jump attack, this technique can be blocked 
low so it is not an overhead!

Devil Reverse: Charge D, U + P then P:
This move contains two commands. So if you dont press 
LP or HP the second time, Bison will just do a super jump 
similar to the Head Press without attacking. This move is 
used mostly for mind games and baiting attacks, espcially 
since you can control where he throws out his fist. Doing 
this command while hitting back is an okay way to build 
some bar. Mix this move up with the Head Press for 
maximum effectiveness. Since it resembles the head press 
some opponents may throw an anti-air, so you can press 
B + P to hit them. So basically your baiting them for an 
anti-air so u can punish them for it. Like an anti-air deterent. 
Okay damage and range, knocks down, decent priority and
another trick with is after landing an LP + LK throw against 
the opponent you can execute this move with HP and 
press F just before you land press P and you'll hit from 
behind. You can then throw them again and hit from the 
front. Mix up the timing and when u execute both commands.
Even though Bison leaps in the air with a jump attack, 
this technique can be blocked low so it is not an overhead!

Bison Warp: (F, D, DF or B, D, DB) + LP + HP or LK + HK:
Not exactly crucial to gaming but good for every now and 
then. The Bison Warp isn't as quick or have much range as 
in other games. (F, D, DF) moves him forward and (B, D, DB) 
moves him back. LP + HP travels a longer distance than LK +
HK. This is Bison's only special with invincibility frames 
but only on startup. The recovery is a bit slow but manageable. 
If you get an opening this can get him outta corners or outta 
trouble when he gets knocked down. Still a bit risky. From far 
range against zoning opponents you can warp back and forth 
in a game of footsies to bait them for an attack and frustrate 
them. Warp to throw is also an option but risky as well.
Use with caution.

*All Supers costing 1 Level.

Mega Psycho Crusher: Charge B, F, B, F + P:
Mega Psycho Crusher HAS NO priority or invincibility 
frames whatsoever which puts a dampener on Bison for 
defensive situations when he needs big damage fast. This 
super carries the same traits as the special as it travels over 
low attacks and ground based projectiles. Fast, can combo 
from light and strong attacks. Unsafe if blocked. If done
close he crosses over to the other side. You can use it to 
cross up the opponent. For example: you connect with a 
crouching HK. Just as your opponent starts to get up 
execute a super. This way it will hit from back. After one 
hits your chances of getting another one off is high because 
you'll travel to the other and they'll be backwards as they 
get up. They can still block it but from the other.direction. 
Best setups are off any attack that knocks down but every 
character gets up a different pace and it's harder to connect 
on smaller/thinner opponents.

Knee Press Nightmare: Charge B, F, B, F + K:
This super has more startup than the Mega Psycho Crusher 
and can ONLY be comboed from strong attacks. Decent chip
and guard damage but the last hit is very open to GCS attempts. 
However, if the whole thing is blocked and they dash up at the 
end without a GCS you can easily hit them with a Mega Psycho
Crusher. A bit risky but teaches the opponent that they were 
better off GCS'ing instead. After a Mega Psycho Crusher, you 
can also hit them with a Knee Press Nightmare but due to the 
gaps in it they can turn around and block in time. This super 
has a little bit of priority, at least more than the other super but 
still not enough and no invincibility frames either. Plus, this 
super does a little lesser damage.

*Only useable when the vitality is red and can only be used
once per match.

Final Psycho Crusher: Charge B, F, B, F + LP + HP:
Out of all of Bison's attack this has the most invincibility 
frames and priority. It's invincible from start to finish. However, 
the startup is too slow be used in any combos. It can blast 
through projectile attacks. Best used for punishment situations; 
mainly against projectile or any other heavy recovery attacks
or an anti-air cause this reigns as Bison best anti-air. However, 
you must anticipate an attack to hit wit this move. The effect
covers the whole screen does a 50% + damage and knocks 
down. It can be used in crossup's a well in place of a second 
Mega Psycho Crusher after the fist crossup but this must be 
done early. However, this is not recomended. Does alot of chip 
damage and guard damage. The recovery is a bit slow so Bison 
can be left open for attacks.

Cancel Chart:

Standing Close:



Jumping Diagonal:
Super Cancelable Attacks	

Max Cancelable Attacks	

A = LP
B = LK
C = HP
D = HK

A=cancels into anything except special normals (you know like f + LP)
R=repeats or chain into itself
X= non cancellable
/=divides hits
C=cancels into special normals, specials and supers
S=cancels only into supers

Various Combos:

-Jumping deep HK (crossup or not) crouching LK, link 
crouching LK,/crouching HP/standing close HP/standing close 
HK, Psycho Crusher/Mega Psycho Crusher or crouching HP/
standing close HP/HK, Knee Press/Knee Press Nightmare

-Opponent is in the corner, jumping Head Press, Somersault 
Skull Diver (counter hit), Mega Psycho Crusher x 4 (100% 
 ^You don't have to be in MAX mode, but you do if you want 
4 Supers.

-When the crouching HK connects, cancel into a LP Psycho 
Crusher to go over the fallen opponent. Then you can execute 
a crossup Mega Psycho Crusher.
^MAX mode only.

-Mainly if his crouching HK slide gets blocked you cancel it into 
a Head Press to keep the pressure on your opponent or Bison 
Warp backwards to clear any punishment attack or cancel his 
crouching LK to Psycho Crusher which is good for people who 
can't do the link combo but the main thing is the slide being 
cancelled so he can't be punished when its blocked. Or try to 
land a knock-down and land 4 cross-up mega Psycho 

Contact me! Here are the following e-mails and internet 
forums you can find me at:

MSN Messenger/Hotmail: b_unit905@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: psychochronic2004@yahoo.ca

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Props to those who made this guide possible:

G Product for various points about the moves and the SNK
Playmore Japan site for the explanation of the basics.


Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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