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Earthquake by OldSpice

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/06/04

  Earthquake FAQ v 1.2 from OldSpice, Smell me. nintendocholo@yahoo.com

 Copyright (c) 2004 OldSpice


  General Human Vs. Human Strategy,Sucessful Vs. CPU strategy,One 
  Bug,and a basic moveslist with explanation of features and 
  strategies that are commonly used in SvC Chaos
 Order of contents

 -About Earthquake

 -Reasons to use earthquake

 -Basic Controls


 -Throw Evasions


 -Uses For Special Moves

 -Guard Cancel Front Step (GCFS)

 -Move Buffering

 -Maximum Mode Combos

 -Eartquake Strategies

 -CPU strategies



 - About Earthquake -
 Big Big Fat Fat Ninja that only showed up in two fighters that 
 i know of,Samurai Showdowns 1 and 2.There is a Really Excellent
 Samurai Showdown TAPFAQ here on gamefaqs by Shawn Holmes And Spencer
 Fujimoto.(You guys Rock!)This Faq has more depth on samurai showdown
 2 than i can read or explain,So if you want to read something cool
 about Samurai Showdown,read thiers.There has been a dramatic 
 change from the SS Earthquakes and The new SvC Earthquake,This one is
 much easier to use,and has been very fun.Earthquake is my
 best Normal Character in this game and my unsecret normal 
 tournament character.

 -Reasons to use Earthquake-

 Fast.The New Earthquake is a very fast one in all aspects,Walks 
 faster than Ryu,He can Distance himself and counter the opponents hit 
 misses well in split second time with C and D.

 Strong.Close standing C combos into standing D for up to 50% of a 
 bar.His Exceed takes off a whole bar.This is ALOT of damage.I own
 novice geese players with Quake.

 Good attack range.Standing D takes up a fourth of the screen,standing
 C nearly takes up half,both with quick recovery time.Fat Guilty 
 homes in on opponents anywhere on the screen as an overhead and 
 is invincible to anything except grabs and grab moves.

 Amusingly evil.Like Gen-An from the samurai showdowns 1 and 2,he 
 is a bloodthirsty evil being that laughs with glee while playing 

 Note: The Corner is not good for Quake,it is a big weakness quake has.
 Once he's in there,there's Not much he can do.If you can,CD throw
 at a open spot to trade sides.

 -Basic Controls-

 You'll find two different layouts of buttons depending on the cabinet.
      Traditional SNK           New SNK(playmore)

          B C D                        A C 
        A                              B D

 A = Weak punch 

 B = Weak kick 

 C = Strong Punch 
 D = Strong kick

 You probably understand basic stick and button controls but I'll 
 describe them anyway

 hcf and qcf =  

 half circle forward and quarter circle forward

 hcb and qcb =

 half circle back and quarter circle back

 f,d,df =

 jumping against the wall uf =
 jumping against the wall up-forward (Earthquake can triangle jump
					     off the wall)
 f,f =
 rapidly tap forward,forward to dash forward

 b,b =  

 tap back,back rapidly to backstep  

 AB together slightly before         CD together is the Guard
 hitting the ground is a             Cancel Attack,It's similar to 
 tumble,or roll,allo-   	     the KOF CD counterattacks,
 wing you to roll back               except it does not deal
 into a standing position	     damage to your opponent.
 immediately,instead of		     The CD counter knocks
 simply hitting the ground,	     Your opponent across the
 lying there for a split	     screen,giving you space
 second giving agressive	     and room to setup a defense.
 players more of a adv-		     
 antage over you.

 I recall this does not		     This is said to take a 
 take anything from your	     entire bar from the gauge!
 power gauge.Just hit AB a	   I think it takes slightly 
 blink before hitting the	    less,but it is still a lot 
 floor from a knockdown.	     and will deplete your power
				                          gauge really fast.

 Near AB Is the fart throw which ends with your opponent in front of
 you.I have not found use for it except as a suprise alternative
 to the CD throw.
 Near CD Is the other throw where earthquake slams the opponent behind
 him and gives you time for releasing a safe fat burst usually 
 even if they safe fall.It is good for this or getting out of the 
 corner after a well timed guard cancel front step (GCFS)

 Missed throws will deplete your power gauge and are not 
 supposed to work on crouching opponents.(although they do 
 work sometimes)

 -Throw Evasions-

 You can also evade a throw by pressing the corresponding 
 buttons.For example,AB gets you out of a AB throw,and CD gets 
 you out of a CD throw..

 More people are likely to use the CD throw,and in some cases
 people use the AB throw to catch people off guard.


 Fat Bound : d + B or D

 Fat Burst : qcf + A or C

 Fat Chainsaw : f,d,df A or C (Can be done in air)
			      (with  qcf + A or C)

 Fat Breath : qcb + A or C (Can be directed up or down with the stick)
 Fat Copy : qcb + B for fake (or qcb + D for attack)
 Note also you can determine which direction Earthquake bounces off to
 by pressing the stick in that direction before the impact.It 
 is avoidable by antiair or backstep,so don't abuse it.


 Fat Kusari Gawa Uppercut? : qcf,qcf + A or C

 Fat Guilty : qcf,qcf + B or D

 Fat Carnival : qcf,hcb + AC

 -About their uses-

 Fat Bound -
 It does alot of chipping depending on which you use, 
 d + B bounces twice,d + D bounces three times chipping at 
 a max of 8 times in the corner.People will also fall for it 
 sometimes and try to counter,GCD,or super getting hit 
 anyway.Although it is possible to get countered,It's difficult 
 for the other player to do.Use assorted Fat Bounds and Air 
 Chainsaws too,there is noticeable differences.You can also cancel a
 backstep into either Fat Bound.B bounces twice,D bounces thrice.
 If done correctly,you'll be able to move away really fast.

 Fat burst - 
 The A and C Fat Burst have the same amount of startup time,So use 
 the C one instead.Slow and lingery like Uriens Aegis reflector from
 3rd strike,earthquakes fat burst is hard to jump over.If they do,  
 Fat Chainsaw or Command Antiair.

 Fat Chainsaw -
 The A fat chainsaw makes a good anti air.I've also 
 found it easier to do a Fat Chainsaw out of a dash instead of the 
 regular way.You can also combo it from standing C or D.Even 
 better,after hitting with the combo,you have enough time to safely do
 a C Fat Burst unless your opponent safe falls.

 Fat Breath -

 Eats ShinkuHadoken!And other various big projectiles.
 Fat Copy -

 The D Fat Copy is a overhead.You can also control which side 
 earthquake bounces off to by holding the direction right or left after 
 dissapearing.You can also do the Fat Bound or the Air Fat 
 Chainsaw from the bounce,but i reccommend doing the B Fat Bound 
 right afterwards  because it gives opponents less time to air counter
 the bounce(by a split second).In fact,it's likely you'll hit people
 while they try antiairing after you  hit with the Fat Copy.

 -Supers and Exceeds- 
 Fat Kusari Gawa Uppercut? -

 The Fat Kusari Gawa Uppercut super works like a antiair,Has
 Invincibility startup,can hit opponents on the ground,be 
 comboed after close standing D,And works nicely as a WakeUp move 
 (When you are getting up from a fall)

 Fat Guilty -

 Fat Guilty is also another good super which also has invincbility 
 startup.You can use it on slow jumping chracters like dhalsim,but 
 more importantly,Immediately after opponent supers.(Within 
 one second sucessfully retaliates more than 50% of the super 
 moves in this game!)Earthquake is invincible to anything except
 throw moves untill the chain comes back to him.Use a Fat Guilty 
 to Counter The Sakazakis Haoh Shodoken,Geeses raging storm,another
 Earthquakes Fat Guilty,(Looks really cool)Or any other super that 
 has slow recovery time.

 Earthquakes Exceed,Fat Carnival -

 Fat Carnival is a strong exceed move but the experienced player will
 be anticipating a attack after earthquake poofs.Try using fat
 carnival as a anti air or move buffering as a shortcut for Fat 
 Carnival and Complete the motion when you see a open spot. 

 -Guard Cancel Front Step-(GCFS)-

 Guard Cancel Front Step : The most used feature in this game.Takes a
 little of your power gauge.Can also be initiated with BC,uses a 
 bit more.Just dash (f,f) forward during the time you block an 
 attack.After using a GCD I try fitting in--->

 ->a standing D,(Fast and knocks people away)

 -)CD throw,(Good throw,works for getting out of the corner, even
 better followed by a safe,immediate qcf + C [fat burst])

 ->standing C then f,d,df with A (Fat Chainsaw) followed by a qcf 
 with C (Fat Burst)while they are down.Don't abuse GCFS,You'll
 get bad habits like doing it on everythng you block,More experienced
 players will see it and will setup a counter for your GCFS.Aha!

 -Move Buffering-
 This game also has move buffering in the mix.Move buffering is a 
 interesting concept allowing supermoves and exceeds to come out 
 differently.A example of buffering would be dashing (f,f) in 
 the middle of a movement layout like qcf,hcb +AC.i.e. if you 
 wanted to buffer into fat carnival,It'd go--->

 --> qcf,ff,hcb + AC
 Which is dashing 
 forward and poofing right into the fat carnival,one use 
 for move buffering for a non charging character like Quake.You 
 do qcf,then dash immediately afterwards.Next,hcb + AC at a open 
 spot when you see one.The Fat Carnival Exceed has invincibility 
 startup and can take a whole bar.

 Side note on move buffering for charge characters

 If you use charge characters in SvC,Move buffering is important 
 to win.Vega and Guile can buffer into exceeds and supers,and for 
 the both of them,each have the moves with invincibility startup.
 One way to do this would be Guile charging back for a 
 second,dashing forward,then doing f,b,f + D.

 If blocking,you can also do the supers or exceeds after a GCFS. 
 -Max Mode Combos-
 Very fun.Try some out when your power gauge is full and flashing.

 To my knowledge,Earthquake has none.

 ....Finish with super just before the end of the depletion for a 
 nice combo ending and decent damage infliction.(Any CvS2 peeps 
 remember finishing A Groove combos know)these are not all the 
 maximum  mode combos...if anybody surely knows others,send me a email. 
 Iori :  Jumping deep D,standing close C,qcb + D, f,d,df + C, qcb + D,
 f,d,df, + C, qcb + D, f,d,df + C, qcb + D, f,d,df + C, qcf,hcb 
 + C, and qcf x4 with AC.

 Kyo :   qcf + A, qcf + C, (repeat untill 3/4ths of max bar goes down)
 qcf + D,D, qcb,hcf + C

 Geese : qcf + B, f + D (Repeat untill 3/4ths is depleted,f + D,A
 Reppuken,juggle with C Raging Storm [db,hcb,df + C])

 Mai:    f,d,df + C, hcb + B (Repeat untill 
 gauge is nearly depleted,Then qcf,qcf + C)[Or Exceed with 
 qcb,hcf with BD.]

 Zero :  (in corner)qcb + A,qcb +A,qcf + B,qcb + A,qcb + A,qcb,qcf + D

 -Vs.Human Strategies with Earthquake-

 -->Extreme Fat Burst Abuse
 The C Fat burst is really good,has the same startup time as the A 
 fat burst and Travels across the screen at the same speed as 
 uriens aegis reflector from 3rd strike.This thing is tough to 
 jump over and can be played very clever.After a normal knockdown,
 safely excecute a C fatburst and Keep it alive as long as you 
 can.Most characters cannot normally jump over this and if they 
 do,do the A fat  chainsaw as a antiair knocking down,keeping fat 
 burst moving,maintaning mobile defense.Interesting techniques 
 would be walking alongside the burst,so you can block projectiles and
 counter,with the fat burst still on.Another good technique is poking
 with standing D,Yes,Poking with standing D works.The quakes standing
 D is fast with nice range.This strategy is fairly effective.
 Golden Rule is Fat Bursting when safely possible,Like after knockdowns 
 or at a distance,And keeping it alive.

 The projectile strategy has a weakness,People can AB fall and 
 stop it before it starts with a wakeup projectile taking out 
 the fat burst.

 -->When people turtle
 When someone turtles up,they will look for a open spot to counter.
 Things to do while you have a living fat burst are distanced Air 
 Fat chainsaws,Crouching D sweeps standing behind the burst,Standing D
 alongside Fat Burst,And a D fat bound chipping in the corner.

 Most of these attacks are good because of the difficulty to 

 -->Strong Attacks

 The C and D attacks are Fast and powerful.Standing C chains into D,
 Dashing in D combos into A Fat Chainsaw or his super qcf,qcf + 
 C.Standing D and Dashing D are a fun poker,with quick startup.

 -->Me Vs. Human

 Fat Burst whenever safe,sweep and poke with D.When people try 
 jumping my Burst I antiair with the A Fat Chainsaw.I wakeup to 
 open spots with qcf,qcf + C,and immediately retaliate Supers with
 Fat Guilty.For my exceed,I wakeup Fat Carnival or buffer into it
 hitting a open spot.I retreat cancelling backsteps into the B Fat 
 Bound and My D Fat Bound Chips 8 times in the corner.I CD Throw to
 get out of corners,And have 2 antiairs...d + C,and A Fat Chainsaw.I
 love comboing standing/dashing D into the A Fat Chainsaw or 
 qcf,qcf + C and dash back and forth behind a Fat Burst like a 
 little kid because it's protecting me!Muahahahahu!

 -CPU Strategies-

 Sucessful methods for Earthquake Vs. CPU

 Any Knockdown,Then Fat burst.Usually,the CPU will continuously 
 block up or down as long as it's in the screen.Crouching D 
 sweeps work on standing blocks,jumping D overheads crouching 
 blocks.You need to fat burst safely as the previous one vanishes 
 in order to repeat the pattern.
 Quake has a 3 hit combo that connects into Fat Kusari Gawa 
 Uppercut.(Perhaps it can be started with crossover C belly 

 This works on the CPU when it Blocks Fat Burst Low.
 Throw the Fat Burst,CPU blocks Low,dash twoard,Jump over CPU 
 opponent,Standing D them into Fatburst,Dashing in D into Kusari
 Gawa Uppercut.

 qcf + C,Dash In,Jump Over,D,ff +D,qcf,qcf + C

 Against Riot Iori :
 CPU Riot Iori Blocks Down when a Fat Burst 
 is thrown.Jumping D will hit him as a overhead,And the big combo i 
 described earlier also works on CPU Riot.
 Against Violent Ken :   
 Standing D kick after his teleports,he's really open.The CPU Violent
 Ken Falls for The Fat Burst and will repeatedly jump into it 
 provided proper distancing.  

 Against Shin Akuma :
 GCFS CD Throw when he does the jumping double air fireballs.You can 
 also do a D Fat Copy and Akuma will teleport.If Akuma teleports twice,
 the CPU akuma will teleport behind you being open for a split second.
 Standing D him.You can safely D fatcopy as much as you want to get 
 Akuma open for a standing D or standing D into qcf,qcf + C.

 Against Shin Mr.Karate : Retaliate his supers and exceed with Fat 
 Guilty.When Karate throws 3 Big Fireballs,GCFS the 2nd one to pass the 
 3rd and counter.CPU Shin Mr Karate also sweeps close after you fall
 down  leaving himself open,And when there is a Fat burst on the 
 either Shin Mr.Karate usually blocks standing and is open for numerous
 sweeps,or repeatedly attempts to jump over the Fat Burst.

 Against Athena :
 Repeated Jumping D followed by standing D hits alot.When Athena does
 the jumping canary super,D Fat Copy and you hit her.It's very fun and
 you can do a air fat chainsaw off the top of the screen.It looks so
 Or you can also do what i've seen from the SvC Battle Instinct DvD,
 Walk up to Athena,AB Throw,Repeat,Untill she's in the corner.
 Then uf,AB Throw,Repeat.

 Against Red Arremer:
 CPU Red Arremer likes to fly alot.D fatcopy and Fat Guilty Hit Arremer
 ALOT.No more Screen full of Monster in My Pockets!

-One Bug- 

 Hugo 100% throw
 There is a bug where hugo can do a 100% damage throw on Earthquake.
 Earthquake does Fat Guilty,Hugo does the 360 throw on him just before 
 it hits him.(chain end in the air)Then,Hugos sprite breaks into 
 cornflakes and does a 360 throw that takes 100% of Earthquakes life 
 Silly Fresh Style...Like MC GoodWrench on Soul Train Yo!

 Thanks go to Jason Wilson who let me practice SvC daily on his 
 where i also watched the SvC Chaos Battle Instinct DVD repeatedly like
 the playboy channel.

 Thanks also go out to Steven Figueroa Of GameZone-X,Who got SvC within
 a week of the US release date and immediately put it for a quarter
 on a freaking beautiful cabinet with 360s.

 Thanks also go out to Caga,Who encouraged me to practice and gave me
 drive to pursue playing.

 Thanks go to K4 for telling me the Hugo vs. Earthquake bug, 
 Zeros Infinite,and ALOT of kof 2002 craziness

 This was my first FAQ.I hope it'll help someone.

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