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Guile by Big Shady

Version: v1.1 | Updated: 03/28/04

  _____ ___     ___  ______     ______ __   __      _      _____    _____
 /  __/ \  \   /  / /  ___/    / ____/ | |  | |    / \    /     \  /  __/
 \  \    \  \_/  /  | |        | |     | |--| |   / _ \   | / \ |  \  \
 _\  \    \     /   | |___     | |___  | |--| |  / /_\ \  | \ / |  _\  \
/____/     \___/    \_____\    \_____\ |_|  |_| /_/   \_\ \_____/ /____/

ASCII art by Evan Nikolich


* SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos:          *
* Guile Character FAQ v1.1           *
* By Evan Nikolich	    	     *
* email: evan.nikolich@villanova.edu *


version 1.1 (3/28/04)
- Fixed formating issues
- Ready to make another run for publication

version 1.0 (3/27/04)
- All moves, combos, quotes, and endings
- Final revisions made
- Ready for publication

Version 0.4 (3/14/04)
- Edited grammatical errors
- Added a HOW TO USE section

Version 0.3 (03/11/04)
- Edited grammatical errors
- ASCII "SNK vs. CAPCOM: SvC Chaos" Logo added
- Styles of Play added to GAMEPLAY/STRATEGY section

Version 0.2 (03/06/04)
- Edited grammatical errors
- Legal Disclamer added
- Guile's bio added
- Terminology added
- Groove Power Gauge System added
- Cancelables added
- More combos added
- Gameplay/Strategy added
- Fun Stuff added
- Credits added

Version 0.1 (03/03/04)
- Rough draft


This FAQ is for entertainment purposes only and is protected by copyright law.
If you want to use or cite this FAQ, please contact me at
evan.nikolich@villanova.edu.   If you improperly use or cite this document in
any way you will be presucuted to the full extent of the law.  Capcom vs SNK,
Capcom vs. SNK 2, Final Fight,  Mega Man, and Street Fighter are intellectual
properties of Capcom.  Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Metal
Slug, Samurai Showdown, SNK vs. Capcom Chaos, SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the
Millennium are intellectual properties of SNK/Playmore (Sammy now too?).

Thank you for reading this.


Right below this is the table of contents.  If you find something you are
interested in, just copy the text, hit CRTL+F, and paste the text into the
window and then hit find probably about 2 times. You should go right to the
section you want to read.  I hope this little tib bit helps :)



	A. Basic Commands
	B. The Groove Power Gauge System
	C. Terminology
		i.	Anti-Air
		ii.	Buffering
		iii.	Cancel
		iV.	Combo
		v.	Command Move
		vi.	Cross-up
		vii.	Guard Crush
		viii.	Juggle
		ix.	Jump-in
		x.	Normal Move
		xi.	Poke
		xii.	Special Move

	A. Normal Moves
	B. Command Moves
		i.	Dragon Suplex
		ii. 	Judo Throw
		iii.	Flying Mayor
		iv.	Knee Bazooka
		v.	Rolling Sabot
		vii.	Spinning Back Knuckle
	C. Special Moves
		i. 	Sonic Boom
		ii. 	Somersault Kick
	D. Super Special Moves	
		i. 	Somersault Strike (S)
		ii. 	Somersault Slash (S)
		iii. 	Sonic Hurricane (Ex)
	E. Cancelables

	A. Beginner
	B. Advance
	C. Expert

	A. Charging
	B. Buffering
	C. The Front Step and Guard Cancel Front Step (GCFS)
	D. Guard Cancel Attack
	E. Throws
	F. Styles of Play
	G. Intangibles

	A. Pre-fight Demos
		- Akuma (Gouki)
		- Athena
		- Balrog (Mike Bison)
		- Choi Bounge
		- Chun Li
		- Dan Hibiki
		- Demitri Maximov
		- Dhalsim
		- Earthquake
		- Geese Howard
		- Genjuro
		- Goenitz
		- Guile
		- Hugo
		- Iori Yagami
		- Kasumi Todo
		- Ken Masters
		- Kim Kaphwan
		- Kyo Kusanagi
		- M. Bison (Vega)
		- Mai Shiranui
		- Mars People
		- Mr. Karate
		- Red Arremer
		- Riot of the Blood Iori (Orochi Iori, Crazy Iori)
		- Ryo Sakazaki
		- Ryu
		- Sagat
		- Shiki
		- Shin Akuma (Shin Gouki)
		- Shin Mr. Karate (Honki Ni Natta Mr. Karate)
		- Terry Bogard
		- Tessa (Tabasa)
		- Vega (Balrog)
		- Violent Ken
		- Zero (Megaman Zero)
	B. Victory Poses and Quotes
		- Kyo Kusanagi
		- Iori Yagami
		- Ryo Sakazaki
		- Terry Bogard
		- Mai Shiranui
		- Kasumi Todoh
		- Kim Kaphwan
		- Mr. Karate
		- Choi Bounge
		- Earthquake
		- Genjyuro
		- Shiki
		- Mars People
		- Goenitz
		- Athena
		- Ryu
		- Ken Masters
		- Chun-Li
		- Guile
		- Dhalsim
		- Balrog
		- Vega
		- Sagat
		- M. Bison
		- Akuma
		- Hugo
		- Tessa
		- Zero
		- Demitri Maximoff
		- Dan Hibiki
		- Riot Iori
		- Serious Mr. Karate
		- Violent Ken
		- Shin Akuma
	C. Ending



"To crush or too be crushed... there can only be one way."


	Those are the words that ran across arcade cabinets and NEO GEO
homecarts last year as SNK vs Capcom Chaos was released to the public. Every
since Capcom's Street Fighter and SNK's Fatal Fury, a war has waged agmonst 2D
fighting game fans.  "Street Fighter is better than Fatal Fury!", "Samurai
Showdown destorys your Street Fighter rehash!", "Street Fighter Alpha owns King
of Fighters!", "Mark of the Wolves makes Street Fighter III its bitch!", and
various other war crys of the Capcom and SNK loyal.  Then we finally saw
"Capcom vs SNK" released by Capcom in 2000 on the NAOMI hardware.  Not a
terrible game, but not a great one either.  Then SNK release "SNK vs Capcom:
Match of the Millennium" for NEO GEO Pocket Color, which was recieved with much
praise.  Capcom released "Capcom vs SNK 2" in 2001, significantly better than
its previous effort.  Now in 2003 SNK brought the rivilary to one of the
greatest pieces of hardware, the NEO GEO!  "SNK vs Capcom: Chaos" was released
in 2003 with much excitement.  A true tribute to the SNK franchises and seeing
Capcom's Street Fighters on the NEO GEO hardware.  Who would have thought that
day would ever come?  Anyways, SvCC is a great game and I am writting this FAQ
for the character Guile, who go overs overlooked too often in my opinion.
	Guile is consider to be part of the "lower-tier" in SvCC, and he
unfortunately he is.  Guile is no more the  power-house he was in Street
Fighter II, but he is still playable, no matter what people say.  He is also
one of the most fun characters to play with in SvCC.  I don't know about you,
but I am kind of tired of using the Capcom shotos and the ol'SNK standby's of
Kyo and Iori.  They are great characters and good for competitive use (I
really don't reccomend SvCC for competition, though), but we have to mix it up
once in a while :)
	This FAQ assumes you know nothing of the SvCC system and will start
from square one.  I know some of you vets maybe thinking to yourself "oh I'll
skip the 'System' garbage and get to the moves and combos."  Don't think too
hastily, it might help having a little refresher on how to play and you might
learn a nuance or two.  I certainly have not mastered every aspect of this
game, but some day, some day ;)
	Also this FAQ is mainly bases off the AES homecart.  There has been
rumors of PCB revisions, but I cannot confirm that.  Enjoy this FAQ, take it
for what it's worth, and by all means contribute if you think you have some
useful information.


Mainly taken from Street Fighter Alpha 3

Birthday: 1960 December 23
Height: 182cm
Weight: 86kg
BWH sizes: B125, W83, H89
Blood type: O
Birthplace: America
Occupation: Air Force Pilot
Special Skill: ?
Likes: American Coffee
Dislikes: Natto (fermented Soy Beans)
Fighting Style: Special Force Techniques

Outfit #1: Green army duds, blonde hair
Outfit #2: Blue army duds, light blue hair


 	O   O 	O   	Up-back(ub)	Up(u)		Up-foward(uf)
  	 \  |  /

       O--  O  --O  	Back(b)		Neutral		Forward(f)

 	 /  |  \
 	O   O   O	Down-back(db)	Down(d)		Down-forward(df)

	  B  C  D	

A 	- Weak Punch
B 	- Weak Kick
C 	- Strong Punch
D 	- Strong Kick
Start 	- Razz/Taunt
blk	- Block
cX	- Hit button while crouching
jX	- Hit button while jumping
X, X	- Commands following one after another
XY	- Buttons together at the same time
X + Y	- Command AND button
X/Y	- Command either/or
.X	- Charge command (Approximately 2 seconds)


Hold b when attacked	- Standing Block
Hold db when attacked	- Crouching Block
f, f			- Frontstep (Dash), can be canceled anytime
b, b			- Backstep (Hop)
db/d/df then uf/u/fb	- High jump
f,f into uf/u/fb	- High jump
AB/CD			- Normal Throw Command (Consumes 25% of 1 Power Gauge
			  level if missed)
AB/CD while grabbed	- Throw escape, but will only work on normal throws and
                          if the same buttons are pressed as the opponents
AB when knocked down	- Quick get up
f,f while blk		- Guard Cancel Front Step (GCFS) (Consumes 20% of 1
			  Gauge level)
BC while blk		- GCFS (Consumes 60% of 1 Power Gauge level)
CD while blk		- Guard Cancel Attack (Consumes 100% of Gauge level)
MAXimum Mode		- When Power Gauge reaches level 3, certain moves can
			  cancel anywhere
Super Special Move (S)	- Consumes 1 Power Gauge Level
Exceed (Ex)		- Can only use when half of your life is gone and only
			  once per match


[LVL.1] "Super Special Move", "Guard Cancel Attack" and "Guard Cancel Front

[LVL.2] "Super Special Move", "Guard Cancel Attack" and "Guard Cancel Front

[MAXIMUM] "Super Special Move", "Guard Cancel Attack", "Guard Cancel Front
Step" and "Cancel Anywhere".

NOTE: When you RAZZ your opponent you increase their groove powergauge


	- A move that knocks your opponent out of the air. Used mainly to
	  prevent jump-ins.

	- Holding position of a move, followed by a command, go the next
	  position of the move.  This is best demonstrated in example.  Guile's 	
	  SONIC BOOM you can hold "back," throw 2 quick punches hit "forward"
	  and punch to unleash the SONIC BOOM.

iii. 	CANCEL
	- To stop mid-animation of a move and go into another.  This is most
	  helpful in stringing together a series of hits into a combo.

iv. 	COMBO
	- A series of hits that go unblocked.  They are usually started with a
	  quick hit.  In SvCC they are refered to RUSH combonations.

	- Not a super move, but move that requires you to input a direction and
	  press a button.  Good for stringing together combos.

	- The hit-box of a particular jumping move(s) that allows you to hit
	  behind the opponent.  For instance, you jump over your opponent, but
	  on the way down strike them and land behind them.  Very effective
	  and leads into a combo!	

	- There is a green guage below your life bar.  It decreases as you
	  block and if it hits zero you are stunned and your opponent can do
	  what they want with you.  The same goes for your opponent.

viii.	JUGGLE
	- When you knock your opponent into the air and keep them in the air,
	  sort of like kicking a ball up repeatedly up in the air. Guile
	  unfortuantly does not have any juggles.

	- Jump and come down striking your opponent.  Usually starts a combo.

	- A move that has no certain commands to input.  A punch is a punch and
	  a kick is a kick.

xi. 	POKE
	- Poking is the equivalent to jabbing in boxing.  You are trying to
	  keep your opponent guessing and trying to find an open spot in their

	- A move that requires a certain series of inputs to be executed.
	  Special moves typically string combos together or finish them off.



------- 	-----------
A		A very fast quick punch.  Excellent for poking.
B		A quick kick the shins.  A decent poke move with a litte more
		range than the quick punch.
C		A slow straight punch.  When in close an elbow to the head.
D		A slow lunge kick.  Good range and moves Guile forward a step.
		When in close, becomes an "upside down" kick.

cA		Same as the standing quick punch, just crouching.  Excellent
		poking tool.  Can be blocked standing.
cB		A low quick kick.  Has to be blocked low.
cC		An uppercut, GREAT for anti-air!
cD		Two kick sweep.  Slow, but good for nailing opponents coming
		out of the air or that have missed move.

jA		A weak punch striking downward.  Pretty much useless.
jB		When jumping straight up, just a forward quick, good for air to
		air.  Jumping diagonally, a downard knee that can be a
jC		A strong downward handchop.  Use to be Guile's bread 'n butter
		cross-up, but no more.  Use this instead of jA for jump-ins,
jD		Long jump kick, good for air to air.


|		   |	- Crushing suplex.	|
|	AB	   |	- Good for grabbing 	|
|		   |	  blocking opponents.	|

|		   | - Throw over your shoulder.|
|	 CD	   | - Good for grabbing 	|
|		   |   blocking opponents.	|

|		    | - Throw to the ground 	|
|		    |	from the air.		|
| In Air AB/CD	    | - Great for air-to-air  	|	
|		    |	combat.			|

|		   | - 1 RUSH hit	|
| O-- / --O + B    | - can follow A    	|
|		   |			|

|		   | - 1 RUSH hit	|
| O-- / --O + D    | 			|
|		   |   			|

|		| - 1 RUSH hit		|
|	 	| - More reach & damamge|
|  \  + B	|   than cB		|	
|   O		| - Slower than cB	|
|		| - Can be canceled into|
|		|   in MAX mode		|

|		   	     | - 1 RUSH hit		|
|		      	     | - Can be canceled into in|
|	--O + C	     	     |	 MAX mode		|
|			     | - Follow a sonic boom 	|
|		   	     |	 with this for a solid	|
|			     |   1, 2 combo.		|


|		  | - Projectile, 1 RUSH hit	|
| .O--, --O + A/C | - A version is slower than c|
|		  | 				|

|                     |	- Upward spinning kick,	|
| |  O  + B/D	      |   1 RUSH hit 		|
|.O  |		      |	- GREAT anti-air	|
| 		      |	- D version goes higher	|
|		      |	  than B version and	|
|		      |   does more damage.	|


|			     | - SUPER, 10 RUSH hits 	|
|   / \    /   O + B/D       | - Moves up and across	|
| .O , O, O , /		     | - Anti-air potential	|
|			     |				|

|			     | - SUPER, 8 RUSH hits	|
|   / \    /   O + A/C       | - Vertical upward	|
| .O , O, O , /		     | - GREAT anti-air		|
|			     |				|

| iii. TOTAL WIPEOUT(S)     |	   USEFUL INFO		    |
|			    | - SUPER Horizontal moving	    |
| .O--, --O, O--, --O + B/D |   combo of punches  & kicks   |
|			    | - 6 RUSH hits		    |
|			    | - invunerable at start of move|

|			   | - EXCEED Move		|
| 			   | - 13 RUSH Hits		|
| .O--, --O, O--, --O + AC | - Negates all projectiles	|
|			   | - invunerable at start of 	|
|			   |   move			|


Normal Cancels
- A or cA into a special or another A or cA
- B or cB into a special
- C or cC into a speical

Maximum Mode "Anywhere Cancels"
From any attack you can cancel into:

- cC into either TOTAL WIPEOUT of SONIC HURRICANE!  As the punch lands, you
  can cancel into either of those 2 attacks.

- Follows same notation from HOW TO PLAY section.
- (X) signifies a CROSS-UP.
- MAX mode cancels will be noted in the RUSH counter.
- Beginner combos are simple combos with normal & command attacks.
- Advance combos incorparate combos with special moves.
- Expert combos incorparate combos with super special moves.


 A, A				2 RUSH hits
 cA, cA				2 RUSH hits
 cA/A, B			2 RUSH hits
 A, A, f+C			2 RUSH hits, 3 total (3 RUSH if in MAX mode)
 deep jC, A			2 RUSH hits
 b/f+B, A/cA			2 RUSH hits
 b/f+B, cA, cA			3 RUSH hits
 A, A, A			3 RUSH hits
 A, A, A, f+C			3 RUSH hits, 4 total (4 RUSH if in MAX mode)
 cA, cA, df+B			3 RUSH hits in MAX mode
 deep jC, A, A			3 RUSH hits
 deep jC, A, A, A		4 RUSH hits
 deep jC, A, A, A, f+C		4 RUSH hits, 5 total (5 RUSH if in MAX mode)


 .b, f+A, f+C			2 RUSH hits
 .d+cA, u+B/D			2 RUSH hits
 .d+cA, cA/A, u+B/D		3 RUSH hits
 deep jC+.b, f+A, f+C		3 RUSH hits
 deep jC+.d, cA, u+B/D		3 RUSH hits
 deep jC+.b, A, f+A		3 RUSH hits
 deep jC+.b, A, f+A, f+C	4 RUSH hits
 jB(X), cA, A, u+B/D		4 RUSH hits
 jB(X), .b+A, A, f+A, f+C	5 RUSH hits


 .b, A, f, b, f + B/D					6 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)
 deep jC, .b, A, f, b, f + B/D				7 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)
 .b, A, A, f, b, f + B/D				7 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)
 jB(X), .b, A, A, f, b, f + B/D				8 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)
 .db+cA, df+cA, db+cA, uf+A/C				11 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)	
 .db+cA, df+cA, db+cA, uf+B/D				13 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)
 .db+cA, df+cA, db+cA, uf+B/D, .db, df, db, uf+B/D	13 RUSH hits, followed
							by 8 RUSH hits for 21
							hits.  (2 Power Gauge
							levels 	and need to be
							in corner)
 jB(X), .db+cA, df+cA, db+cA, uf+B/D			14 RUSH hits
							(1 Power Gauge level)
 deep jC, .b+A, f, b, f+AC				15 RUSH hits
							(EXCEED required)
 jB(X), .b+A, A, f, b, f+AC				16 RUSH hits
							(EXCEED required)



There has been many complaints about that the charging is broken and you know
what, IT IS!  Problem is our boy Guile's special moves are CHARGING MOVES!!!!
DAH!  Don't fret my readers, we just have to work with the system.  The thing
you'll notice with the charge moves, is that you cannot go from "downback" to
"up" or "forward."  The trick is to roll to the the "down" or "back," which
ever one you need, then move to "up" or "forward."  So yeah, you might think
that it sucks, but just a little practice and you'll get the hang of it in no
time.  Also with Guile's SOMERSAULT SLASH and STRIKE you can roll your wrist.
You do not need to hit "db, df" you can just roll "db,d,df,db" then to "uf."
Makes things much easier.

NOTE: It has been rumored that Guile's charge problems have been fixed on later
      SvCC PCB revisions, but I cannot confirm this because this FAQ is based
      off the home cart for the NEO GEO AES.


Buffering is crucial to any Guile player's success.  Since all of Guile's
special moves are charge moves, we have to buffer his special moves to get
successful combos.  When we do a jump-in/cross-up start holding "back" or
"down" as leave the ground down to charge for your intended attack if the
jump-in/cross-up connects.  Keep charging as you buffer more attacks in such as
cA or A.  If you are doing SUPER SPECIAL MOVES keep landing quick attacks as
you make your movements if it permits you.


The "Front Step" is two taps "forward" and is cancelable at anytime.  So you
can be dashing, go into a "high jump" or cancel into a normal or command move.
Some characters can buffer the "front step" into special moves.  Unfortunately
Guile cannot use any special moves with the "front step," and since we are
Guile fans here screw the rest to the characters :p

The "Guard Cancel Front Step" (GCFS) is preformed when you are blocking and then
tap "forward" twice or hitting BC while blocking.  When the GFCS is preformed
you are invincible and like the "front step" can cancel at anytime.  The double
"foward" consumes 20% of one Power Gauge Level and the BC consumes 60% of one
Power Gauge Level.  Now preferably we would like to use the double "forward"
cause it consumes less Power Gauge.  Only problem is that Guile cannot buffer
the double tap into special moves, so the BC GCFS is advantageous for Guile
players cause you keep charging during the GCFS.


Pressing CD while blocking preforms the "Guard Cancel Attack," consumes 100% of
one Power Gauge level, and does NO DAMAGE to the opponent. For Guile this
attack is his SPINNING BACK KNUCKLE and it launches the opponent across the
screen.  This move is costly in soaking up one of you Power Gauge levels and
its sole intent is to get the pressure of pestering opponent.  You use this if
you are really stuck in a corner or a "Guard Crush" is imminent, otherwise try
to stick to the GCFS.


Guile has 3 command throws.  If you are going to throw an opponent while you
are on the ground, you better be sure it will land or it will cost you 25% of
one Power Gauge level.  Now Guile's air throw, FLYING MAYOR, does not consume
any of your Power Gauge if missed.  Heck the FLYING MAYOR really doesn't
"miss," either a jumping A, B, C, or D will happen.  Basically with throws,
throw an opponent if they are constantly blocking your pokes, if they have a
slow recovery on an attack, or for some badass air-to-air combat.  The FLYING
MAYOR is definitely a sweet "in your face" throw :D


With Guile there are two styles of play.  The first style and what most
beginners start with, is the conservative way, just trying to constantly
charge.  Its okay, but you won't get alot of KO's, maybe not even alot of wins
that way.  The "charging" style of play is very different than the
"quarter/half circle" style and can be very unwieldy at first to play with
offensively.  Its very easy to get back in the mindset of just throwing SONIC
BOOMS and use your SOMERSAULT KICK when the opponent jumps in.  It might work
against weaker players, but it can definitely be exposed by more skilled

The second way, and my preferred way, to play offensive all the time.  Poke
the hell out of your opponent and unleash SONIC BOOMs followed with a dash or
jump-in to close the gap.  When you jump, start charging right away.  Buffer
your specials in normals and you'll be an offensive powerhouse.


The intangiables will make or break as a Guile player or any player in any
fighting game.  If you follow and practice these intangiables you will
hopefully notice an improvement in your skills in fighting games across the

First off, KNOW YOUR CHARACTER!  If you have read this FAQ this far, you
probably think you know Guile pretty well, but you must put everything into
practice.  You need to know how fast each of his attacks are, what his hit
boxes are like, how he high jumps, what is the exact timing of all his moves,
which moves will I make my bread 'n butter with.  You need to know all these
things to truly become a master.

Secondly, WATCH YOUR OPPONENT AND NOT GUILE!  Yes I know, Guile is totally
bad ass looking with that cool flat top hair (how the hell does he get it
like that?) and his buff physique.  Problem is if you spend too much time
watching Guile and not the guy your fighting, you'll get whacked very quick.
You need to be constantly aware of where your opponent is, where they are
moving, and try to read their future moves.  DO NOT be looking at your
character as you bust moves out, but be looking at your opponent and seeing
if you are opening any holes in their defense and if you have opened a hole,
make them pay.  Also watching your opponent helps you defend yourself, it
lets you know when to block.  Also, FOR GOD'S SAKE PLEASE BLOCK!  I've seen
people who are so offensive minded never really seem to think about blocking.
BLOCKING KEEPS YOU ALIVE, SO DO IT! Just hold back on the stick and block.
PIECE O' CAKE!  Have I stressed "blocking enough yet?
I sound like a chicken now :p

Finally, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! "Practice, Practice, do it again.  Over
and over, do it again."  An old Sesame Street song from my youth :)  You have
to practice if you want to get better.  Use PRACTICE MODE to test out combos
and hit dectection schemes, play against the computer, and play against human
opponents to break predictable patterns.  Make sure you having fun, though.
Playing SvCC should never feel like "work" to you, if it does stop playing and
find something else to do.



- Everything is in alphabetical order

Akuma vs. Guile:

AKUMA: To live or die in battle. Admirable resignation.
GUILE: That's a soldier for you.
AKUMA: You're a fool to come oppose me. Just hear the spirits of my victims!
GUILE: I'll leave that to you. Bring it on, beastie!

Athena vs. Guile:

GUILE: ? Where...?
ATHENA: Your fighting has openend the dimensional doors. This is Heaven. You
have no place in this place.
GUILE: Did you say Heaven? Where is my family?
ATHENA: Your family are all living down below.
GUILE: Without my family, Heaven would be Hell. Send me back!

Balrog vs. Guile:

BALROG: You! Guile! Nice timing! My punching bag's shot. I've been looking for
something to beat on.
GUILE: Me. A punching bag?
BALROG: That's right. I'll punch and punch and punch till you bleed.
GUILE: How can you punch me if you can't hit me?
BALROG: You talk too much.

Choi Bounge vs. Guile:

GUILE: Kids like you should not play with knives.
CHOI: I'm no kid, buddy boy. I'm a full-fledged adult, I am!
GUILE: Yeah, sure. You kids always say that.
CHOI: Gyah! That did it! You're mine, buddy boy!

Chun Li vs. Guile:

CHUN: Oh, Guile! Fancy meeting this. What brings you here?
GUILE: That's a military secret.
CHUN: Always so devoted, eh?
GUILE: I've heard that you're working out more. How about a match or two?
CHUN: Are you sure? I won't hold back.
GUILE: Don't worry about me. Bring it on!

Dan Hibiki vs. Guile:

DAN: Hah! Cha! Doh-yaaaah!
GUILE: (What dance is that?)
DAN: ...Who are you?! You got a problem?
GUILE: No, you just looked so happy dancing...
DAN: Why you! Berating the secrets of the Saikyo Groove, eh?
GUILE: Those are... secrets?
DAN: I can't take it no more! It's war, yankee! I'm going to extract your bone
marrow with my Saikyo Groove!

Demitri Maximov vs. Guile:

DEMITRI: Hey, would you care to give me a hand? And for your trouble, I offer
eternal life.
GUILE: No, thanks. I won't give up being a human.
DEMITRI: What? Do you refuse? There's nothing to be gained from mortality.
GUILE: You're one wild dude. You just don't get it. If I may speak, I say there's
no value in eternal youth.
DEMITRI: Hmph... If you don't value life, I'll take it from you.

Dhalsim vs. Guile:

GUILE: Dhalsim. How goes it? How long has it been?
DHALSIM: A long time. I have evolved. I'm not what you know.
GUILE: Neither am I. Of course, my limbs don't stretch.
DHALSIM: You still seek vengeance, I see.
GUILE: Yes...
DHALSIM: Even one as you fails to find enlightenment... But the wheel of hate
must one day stop spinning.
GUILE: No matter what you say, you cannot stop me.

Earthquake vs. Guile:

GUILE: Are you an American?
EARTHQUAKE: Sure am. It's great to meet a fellow countryman. Nice to meet you.
GUILE: Sorry, pal. You disgrace the USA!
EARTHQUAKE: What did you say?
GUILE: Choose your weapon! I can destroy you with one hand behind me!
EARTHQUAKE: You've gone too far! It's the trough for you!

Geese Howard vs. Guile

GUILE: ? You! Why you're Geese Howard!
GEESE: Hmm. I guess I'm famous!
GUILE: Why are you here...? Plan to join Shadawloo and enlarge the organization?
GEESE: What the...? Somebody's misinformed.
GUILE: Well, if you don't want to tell me, fine. Just one more reason to smack
you around!
GEESE: That's why I love messing with soldiers! And just how will you achieve
such an impossible goal?
GUILE: Like this!

Genjuro vs. Guile:

GUILE: Hmmm. If you need a blade, you're no warrior.
GENJURO: ...So you're saying?
GUILE: I can take down someone like you barehanded!
GENJURO: ...I'll make sashimi out of you! Defend yourself!

Goenitz vs. Guile:

GOENITZ: How many times have you escaped death? You've got that look.
GUILE: And what have you seen? A crazy psycho killer? Or the devil's servant?
GOENITZ: Heh, heh. I only see the path on which to lead you silly humans. Now
then, let me show you the path you must take.
GUILE: I can walk my path all by myself!
GOENITZ: Such ignorance... You are but a fool.

Guile vs. Guile:

GUILE1: It's like a nightmare. I'm looking at me.
GUILE2: So this is what a doppelganger is?
GUILE1: There's only one thing to do at such times.
GUILE2: So, we do agree. Put 'em up!

Guile vs. Hugo:

POISON: Oh, I'm in love. What a physique!
GUILE: Flattery gets nothing.
POISON: No, don't thank me. You'll earn it back through your work.
HUGO: Hey, you! Become my partner! We'll make quite a tag team!
GUILE: I've decided to give my life to the army. Try someone else!
POISON: You don't get it. You have no choice.

Guile vs. Iori Yagami:

GUILE: You sure are strong. But your evil's getting in the way of your moves.
IORI: Silence!
GUILE: Nothing comes of evil. And that means... you can't beat me, baby!
IORI: Enough prattle... Continue to hinder me ...and die!

Guile vs. Kasumi Todo:

KASUMI: Hey, you there! Where's my father?
GUILE: Beats me. What are you yammering about?
KASUMI: Hmm. Guess you're sworn to secrecy. But please, tell me.
GUILE: I'm really sorry. But I'm clueless. Pack it in, sister.
KASUMI: You still refuse after my entreaties? Very well then, jarhead!
GUILE: What're you doing?!

Guile vs. Ken Masters:

GUILE: ...You can't trick me.
KEN: So, you got me. Way to go, Guile!
GUILE: Long time, no see, Ken. You've still got it!
KEN: As do you. How about seeing how tougher we've got?
GUILE: Hold on a sec!
KEN: What's up? You can't chicken out, you're a major now, right?
GUILE: ...I gotta set my hair!
KEN: ...Get the lead out!

Guile vs. Kim Kaphwan:

KIM: Magnificent! Both speed and power, and an ideal physique to boot!
GUILE: You're not bad yourself. You look tough.
KIM: Have you ever come up against Tae Kwon Do?
GUILE: Nope. But I hear it's used by the military in Korea.
KIM: You know many things. Care to spar?
GUILE: There's a plan.

Guile vs. Kyo Kusanagi:

KYO: I guess in the end, martial arts is all about power, huh?
GUILE: Military martial arts are far superior to your antiquated ways of combat.
KYO: Yap, yap, yap. Why not try me, bud?
GUILE: Try you! That's funny. I'm the real thing, pal!
KYO: That's the spirit!

Guile vs. M. Bison:

GUILE: This evil power... I can't be mistaken. Bison!
BISON: Don't be shy. Hit me with whatever you're able to.
GUILE: I'm nothing like you. I'll avenge Charlie fair and square!
BISON: Is that so? Fight pure and die... eh? Honor for your remaining family...
is that it? Do what you got to!
GUILE: Mess with me and I'll clean your clock!

Guile vs. Mai Shiranui:

GUILE: I've heard Japanese women are both reserved and prudent.
MAI: That's about right, wouldn't you say?
GUILE: ...But I guess every country is guilty of a little propaganda.
MAI: The nerve! This reserved and prudent Japanese maid will rearrange your face!

Guile vs. Mars People:

MARS: Boop bap bop beep boop!
GUILE: Huh? An alien life form? HQ... I gotta contact HQ right away...
MARS: Beep boop bap boop boop!
GUILE: Hey, wait! Don't run away! Rats! Ah, what can I do?

Guile vs. Mr. Karate:

KARATE: Hm. No wasted movement. You must be a soldier.
GUILE: A look at my duds and any idiot'd know that!
KARATE: You got me there. So, are you ready for combat, soldier?
GUILE: If you keep this secret.
KARATE: Relax! Tennnn-shun!

Guile vs. Red Arremer:

GUILE: What's this place?
RED: Gya-gyah!
GUILE: ...Is this Hell? It would make sense. A soldier's lot. A natural fate.
RED: Gyah!
GUILE: Regardless, even in Hell, a soldier's a soldier. I must face the enemy.

Guile vs. Riot of the Blood Iori:

R.IORI: Gooh-ohhhh.
GUILE: What's the matter?
R.IORI: Oooooh-ohhhhh.
GUILE: Have you lost it?

Guile vs. Ryo Sakazaki:

GUILE: Don't get closer. Or I'll Sonic Boom you all over the pavement.
RYO: You and what army? One step closer, and I'll tear you apart.
GUILE: ...
RYO: ...
GUILE: Argh.
RYO: Gyaaah!

Guile vs. Ryu:

RYU: Guile! It's been a while.
GUILE: You look as fit as ever. Not only that, seems you've gotten tougher.
RYU: How about you showing me your stuff?
GUILE: Hey, no problem. I'll show you everything I got!
RYU: Goes without saying. It's showtime!

Guile vs. Sagat:

GUILE: Where's Bison? Answer me, Sagat!
SAGAT: Me, tell you. Insulting! Without a fight, you think I'd tell you?
GUILE: Then I'll make you talk after I beat you silly.
SAGAT: I'll break your jaw so you can't beg for mercy.

Guile vs. Shiki:

GUILE: What? Where'd you come from?
SHIKI: ...Where? Where am I?
GUILE: ...Are you lost? Shall I take you to a safer place!
SHIKI: ...Don't touch me!

Guile vs. Shin Akuma:

GUILE: You give even me goose pimples...
S.AKUMA: Back off... There's no reason to throw your life away.
GUILE: What're you joking? If I must turn tail, I'd rather die.
S.AKUMA: There's no glory in being a courageous corpse.

Guile vs. Serious Mr. Karate:

GUILE: Wh-who is this...? If I move foolishly, he'll destroy me.
S.KARATE: What's up? You can't win if you don't move.
GUILE: This sinking feeling. What are you?
S.KARATE: Hmph. These fists will answer you. You got the courage?
GUILE: Sad to say, a soldier fears nothing. It's impossible.

Guile vs. Terry Bogard:

GUILE: Undefeated in Southtown. The legendary Hungry Wolf, Terry Bogard, I
TERRY: Huh? Who're you? ...Ha, ha, ha! Sorry, I don't know any cauliflower heads!
GUILE: Drole. Very well. I hear you and Mary are in cahoots, right?
TERRY: Hey, cauliflower head! That's top secret!
GUILE: As I thought. Time for the interrogation to begin. Let's go!
TERRY: You're as subtle as a skunk! OK! Come on!

Guile vs. Tessa:

TESSA: Oh, I get it! A sonic-speed punch... And that makes the shockwave.
GUILE: Who are you?
TESSA: Just a sorcerologist! I wish to speak with you more? Can you spare me the
GUILE: Sorcerologist...? Never heard of it, but I'll tell you no secrets.
TESSA: Is that so? Then I'd like to test you out in battle.
GUILE: H-hey!

Guile vs. Vega:

GUILE: Tell me where Bison is. And I'll spare your life.
VEGA: You lack ability and beauty, and talk beyond your station. What
GUILE: Will you tell me or not?
VEGA: It seems I'll have to slice you up good. An ugly brand of defeat.

Guile vs. Violent Ken:

KEN: Oooh-ohhhhhh! G-Guile...
GUILE: What's wrong, Ken? This's serious...
KEN: Ooooh-ohhhhhh. Die!
GUILE: Ken! Excuse my roughness, but it's nappy time.

Guile vs. Zero:

GUILE: Hmm? You're Megaman? Yeah, we've got the goods on you... some.
ZERO: You're mistaken... Get out of my way.
GUILE: As you insist. But how about a little performance test, huh?


(use your best JPN accent for the english :p)
Pose 1: Flicks hair and says "GOOD JOB!"
Pose 2: Flexs bicep and says "SUCCESSFUL OPERATION!"

[vs. Kyo:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Iori:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Ryo:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Terry:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Mai:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Kasumi:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Kim:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Mr. Karate:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Choi:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Earthquake:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Genjyuro:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Shiki:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Geese:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Mars People:] This needs to be reported.

[vs. Goenitz:] You should not move. Your rib cage must be crumbs by now.

[vs. Athena:] N/A

[vs. Ryu:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Ken:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Chun-Li:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Guile:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Dhalsim:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Balrog:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Vega:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Sagat:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. M. Bison:] Charlie, did you see me?

[vs. Akuma:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Hugo:] Sad. No mat and rope to aid you here makes the difference between
you and me clear.

[vs. Tessa:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.

[vs. Zero:] This needs to be reported.

[vs. Demitri:] You should not move. Your rib cage must be crumbs by now.

[vs. Dan:] You cannot defeat me!

[vs. Red Arremer:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Riot Iori:] You should not move. Your rib cage must be crumbs by now.

[vs. Serious Mr. Karate:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their

[vs. Violent Ken:] That is the fate of civilians who exceed their abilities.

[vs. Shin Akuma:] You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the
trenches: friend or foe.


(Guile stands under a cloudy sky while wearing his flight jacket)

GUILE: If it is said that there really is an afterlife...

(He walks away with his hands in his pockets)

GUILE: ...I cannot help hoping that it truly is a tranquil paradise.

(At his house, his wife and daughter look over their shoulders in surprise)

GUILE: ...But for now...

(His daughter hugs him)

GUILE: It's time to concentrate on treasuring the living.


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