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Choi by ChickyHearn

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/23/04

SNK vs Capcom Chaos
Choi Bounge FAQ version 1.0
By ChickyHearn


0. Introduction
   0a. Version history

1. How to Play
   1a. Basic Controls
   1b. Power Gauge

2. About Choi
   2a. Key Selections of Choi
   2b. Biography
   2c. Pros/Cons of Choi

3. Choi's Moves
   3a. Command moves 
   3b. Throws/Holds
   3c. Special Moves
   3d. Super Moves

4. Choi Combos

5. Secrets/Misc.

6. Comments/Credits


0. Introduction

        Well, your friend ChickyHearn is back again to inform you of 
one of the underated characters, Choi Bounge.  Most people who never 
played KOF most likely have never heard of him, sad really.  But now I'm 
here to give you the information you need to become a great SvC player
while not following the rest of the crowd with another Ryu/Ken/Akuma 
or Kyo/Kim/Terry player.  For once you will stick out from the rest of
the crowd by using Choi.  Because Choi is both a intermedite and advance
character you can start learning Choi at any time.  Follow me into the 
world of Choi!

0a. Version History

December 23, 2003- Version 1.0 is started.

1. How To Play

        SNK vs Capcom Chaos is very similar to King of Fighters in that
it uses a 4 button controll sceme.  Their are 2 punch buttons (1 light 
1 strong) and 2 kick buttons (1 light and 1 strong).  The game is played
of course with a joy stick (if your in an arcade).  Very user friendly.

1a. Basic Controls

        Like stated above their are 2 punch buttons and 2 kick buttons.
Most SvC arcade cabinets have the buttons colored red and blue.  Also
each button is given a letter, A,B,C,D.  Punches are buttons A and C, while
kick buttons are B and D.  Buttons A and B are light attacks and C and D 
are strong attacks.  
             Up                  _     _
     Up Back |  Up Forward    A / \   / \ C
           \ | /                \_/   \_/
     Back -- O -- Forward        _     _
           / | \              B / \   / \ D
  Down Back  |   Down Forward   \_/   \_/

1b. Power Gauge

         In SvC the power gauge is similar to the A-ism found in 
SF Alpha 3 except for the fact that when it fills completely it turns 
into the MAX bar.  This bar basically slowly goes down but while it is 
filled you can use Super Moves for as much as the bar is filled.  Each 
Super Moves takes a little bit of energy in the MAX bar until it is empty.  
Once the MAX bar empties the bar goes back to level 2.  To use an EXCEED
move (basically a level 3 super) you must have your health be hafe gone
and your name flashing under the health bar.  An EXCEED move doesn't 
cost any energy stocks, but you can only use it ONCE per FIGHT, NO not
once per round ONCE PER FIGHT.

You can gain energy and lose energy in different ways:

-Performing special moves
-Dealing damage
-Recieving damage
-Being taunted

-Using AB or CD throws
-Guard Cancels
-Super Moves


2. About Choi
          Here's the background information that you'll want to know incase
people want to know about him.  

2a. Key Selections of Choi

(From Kailu Lantis)

Birthplace:            Korea
Birthdate:             October 25, 1961 (41 years old)
Height:                1.53 m (5')
Weight:                44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood type:            B
Hobbies:               Cutting things
Favorite food:         Crabs
Favorite sport:        Gymnastics
Most valuable:         His claws
Hates the most:        Kongyaku
Fighting style: Tae Kwon Do combined with self-taught fighting skills with claws

Choi's Uniform- Basically a smaller version of Kim's except for the brown pants,
hat, and shoes.

2b. Biography

          Choi Bounge was a mild mannered butcher (figures) who lived with his
wife.  Although he lived a happy life he wanted to have more excitment.  One
night while locking up his shop he noticed a large man running down the street.
The large man did not notice Choi because he was so small and acidently ran into
him.  When Choi got up he noticed that the man was the famous criminal Chang
Koehan.  When they both got to Chang explained how he was running from the police
and so he started talking about how he's always on the run and the excitment 
of the criminal life.  Of couse this got Choi thinking and soon they were a 
famous criminal dual.  Soon though their fate would change, one day while 
scouting a woman who looked well off they were attack by a white blur.  When 
they got up they noticed that it was the Tae Kwon Do master Kim Kapkwan.  Kim
explained that he didn't mean to kill them but to reform them.  Afraid for their
lives they had no other choice but to go with him.  Together the three trained
everyday and taking part in the King of Fighters tournments.  So far both Chang
and Choi are still in care of Kim and his training partner Jhun.  Just so you
know, Kim/Chang/Choi are called the Korea Team in the King of Fighters, their
team has appeared in KOF 94-03, Kim and Chang appeared in KOF 94-03 while
it appears that Choi has been given the KOF 03 tournment off.

2c. Pros/Cons of Choi

EXTREAMLY FAST (faster than Vega it seems!)
Jumps extreamly high and far (highest jump in the game)
Has both charge moves and circular moves.
Good Supers

Low stamina 
Not the greatest combo character
Short reach
Exceed is hard to hit with

3. Choi's Moves
       Here I'll explain Choi's moves and how to use them effectively.
Remember just you have special moves doesn't mean that you'll always need
you use them constantly.  Normal moves are just as good.


f = foward      uf = up/foward
b = backwards   ub = up/back
u = up          df = down/foward
d = down        db = down/back

QCF = quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
QCB = quarter circle back (d, db, b)
HCF = half circle forward (b, db, d, df, f)
HCB = half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)
DP = "dragon punch" motion (f, d, df)
BDP = backward "dragon punch" motion (b, d, db)

A = Light Punch
B = Light Kick
C = Strong Punch
D = Strong Kick

P = Any punch
K = Any Kick

3a. Command Moves

       Light Punch (standing) - A

Choi's basic punch, does little damage.  Just have Choi doing a little
jab motion with his claw.

       Light Kick (standing) - B

Choi's basic kick, does little damage.  Basic kick to the ribs/shins.

       Strong Punch (standing) - C

Choi's strong punch does average damage.  Has Choi doing a downward
slash with both of his claws.

       Strong Kick (standing) - D

Choi's strong kick does average damage.  Choi picks himself off the
ground with one hand and does a "drop kick" sort of pose.

       Light Punch (air) - A

See ground light punch.

       Light Kick (air) - B
See ground light kick.

       Strong Punch (air) - C

Does a downward slash sort of like his standing strong punch.

       Strong Kick (air) - D

A funny looking move in that Choi does a drop kick with both feet while
holding his hat high above his head.

       Light Punch (crouching) - A

See ground light punch.

       Light Kick (crouching) - B

See ground light kick.

       Strong Punch (crouching) - C

Extends both his claws, average damage.

       Strong Kick (crouching) - D

Supports himself in the air by both his arms in a laying position while
extending both his legs, average damage.

       Sankaku Tobi - Jump towards the wall, then press away from it.

This move is vital to playing Choi I believe.  You can really bug your
opponent by jumped alot.  Alot of the time this is a bad idea, but 
because your playing Choi and he has fast and far jumps this is for the
most part safe to do.  A good surprise move is to jump really high until
you can see Choi on the screen then (while still not seen) input the 
Hishou Kyaku to surprise your opponent.

       Toorima Geri - b / f + B             

Basically a guard crush move.  Personally I don't use it much because
of its lag time, especially if its block.  If its blocked your in for
a world of hurt.

3b. Throws/Holds
        Let me remind you that throws use energy from your power gauge 
so be careful when you use them not to use all your energy.

        Zujou Sashi - AB when near opponent

This hold move has Choi jump up on the opponents shoulders and then he
preceeds to repeatly stab your face with his claws.  Throws are vital
when playing Choi however and should be used carefully.  Honestly when
you think about it this move should instantly kill you opponent, I mean
he staps the top of your head like 8 times!

        Geketsu Zuki - CD when near opponent

Choi's other hold move this one has Choi go behind you and stab your back
side.  Again not vital in Choi's game play.  

3c. Special Moves

        Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan -  Charge d,u + P 

A good anti-air move that can surprise your opponent.  Basically Choi
spins in a circle and turns him self in to a small hurricane and goes
upward.  The strength of the punch changes how far Choi goes and the
damage done.  Can be comboed with some moves.  Try not to constantly
change down or down back as the opponent will figure out what your
trying to do.

        Hishou Kuuretsu Zan - Charge d,u + K *then press any direction + K/P
       *Houkou Tenkan 

Similar to the Senpuu Hien Zashi except it starts out with Choi flying
back to the wall and then jumping forward with his claws extending 
spinning around as he goes.  Once you are air borne you can control the
direction of where Choi flys.  Meaning that he may fly forward but if
you press up and Kick or Punch he'll change course and move upwards or what
ever direction you press the joy stick (you can do this a max of 3 times).
You can fake out an opponent by releaseing the kick button before hitting the 
wall, this causes Choi to not preceed with the spinning claw move.  Another
good trick is to hit the opponent three times (even if their blocking) and
then use the final chance to change course by going opponsite of the opponent
making it a safe move. 

       Kaiten Hien Zan - Charge b,f + P *then press any direction + P/K
      *Houkou Tenkan

Kaiten Hien Zan is the same as the Hishou Kuuretsu Zan except for the fact
that Choi starts the claw spinning move on the ground.  Thus I think this is
a better move because it isn't as predictable.  You don't see Choi doing any
thing like flying to a wall basically telling your opponent here I go.  Their
is no start up really.  Thus I perfer this move over the Hishou Kuuretsu Zan.
You can still change direction in this move by the way.

       Kaiten Hien Zan - qcb + P *then press P or **qcf + K at apex
      *Kishuu Hien Zuki
     **Hishou Kyaku

Another good move of Choi's.  The move starts with Choi rolling along the
ground like a ball.  If he hits the opponent he slowly works his way up
the opponents body (still in ball form) doing damage.  Now their are a 
couple things you can do with this move.  If you press Punch while he's
still rolling on the GROUND he'll quickly lunge forward with his claws out,
a good surprise move.  Next if you do happen to hit the move on the opponent
once you reach the top of the opponents head (when Choi begins to jump off the
opponent) you can input QCB + K and score some extra flying kick damage.  
Has a slow start up time so you may want to start the move up close.

       Hishou Kyaku - qcf + K (in the air)

A move that Choi must have learned from Kim this is his flying kick.  Like
Kim's he dives down from the air with his feet going back and forth.  A good
move overall.  Like I said before earlier in the FAQ a good trick is to
jump high off the view of the screen and in put the Hishou Kick to surprise
the opponent.

       Hien Zan - DP + K

Another move that Choi must have been taught by Kim, this is Choi's Somersault
Kick.  Like Guile's he jumps up in the air and does a backwards kick complete
with the motion blur :)  He then does an automatic taunt afterwards.  (Don't
worry it won't refill your opponents power gauge).  A good anti-air because
it doesn't need chargeing, however, the range isn't great even with a Strong

3d. Super Moves

       Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan - HCB,HCB + P, move b / f 

A supe up version of Choi's Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan.  This super move has
Choi spinning in place to create a giant hurricane that reaches the
top of the screen.  During this move you can move back and forth and 
you are immune to fireballs.  A good way you use this move of course
is if you opponent in has jump right above you.  You can then preceed
to juggle him by moving back and forth.  Even if you hit the opponent
while he is standing the hurricane sends him up allowing you to juggle.
Good damage overall, I use this move over the Hou'ou Kyaku super.

       Hou'ou Kyaku - QCF,HCB + K 

A basic super combo.  Choi runs fast up to the opponent and preceeds to
do a bunch of different attacks ending with a Hien Zan.  Yet, this move
is a bit predictable because it starts out with Choi doing a somersault
first and it warns the opponent.  If you manage to hit the opponent it 
does good damage yes, but isn't anything special to look at.


       Shakushi - HCF,HCF + AC (in the air)

The Shakushi is Choi's EXCEED move.  And while it does GREAT damage when
done correctly, its not easy to do it correctly.  What happens is that
when you input the command the screen turns blue (all EXCEED moves do
this) and stays blue (Only Choi's does this).  Choi then disappears into
the background and you witness about 5 or so giant claw slashes and
then Choi diving out of the background at the opponent's face.  While
this is visually stunning and has a definate WOW factor the ability to
fully enjoy the damage of this move is limited.  Each claw slash does 
about half a bar of damage and while you think wow this could really 
turn the tables it most likely won't.  Why?  Well, to be honest, its 
really hard to get the opponent to be juggled.  The most I've ever gotten
was two slashes on an opponent.  Another problem with this move is that
you must be in the air to do it.  You can't wait on the ground hopeing that
the opponent will jump at you (which is what you want him to do, to have
a chance at a juggle).  If your opponent is on the ground their is a
good chance their block it.  But even then you'll most likely get in 
atleast one hit because it attacks both the front and back of the opponent
and he can't always be blocking in both directions.  In the end this 
EXCEED excels if you can juggle your opponent repeatly otherwise you'll
only get a bit of what it can really do.

4. Choi Combos

Not many that I know of.  Please any combo's from other Choi users
and I would be very happy.  Just send them to Streettiger03@aol.com.
I'll review then and add them along with your name.  

Here is one combo that worth telling.

Jump in with Hishou Kyaku while chargeing down, once you've hit
the ground quickly press Up and punch to do the Tatsumaki move.
Does good damage.


5. Secrets/Misc.

Play as secret characters

     Press and hold the start button on the character select screen
while holding input the directions on the joy stick according to the
character you want.  Then either wait for the timer to run down or
press any punch or kick.  (From Chris MacDonald FAQ)

        Crazy Iori              u,u,u,d,l,r,d,l
        Dan Hibiki              d,l,l,l,l,l,l,l
        Demitri Maximoff        r,r,r,l,u,r,d,u
        Geese Howard            l,l,l,d,l,u,r,u
        Goenitz                 d,d,d,r,d,l,l,l
        Mars People             u,d,r,r,r,u,d,l,l,d
        Violent Ken             u,u,d,l,l,r,l,u
        Zero                    u,r,r,l,l,d,u,u,u,r


6. Comments/Credits

        Well this is my third FAQ on gamefaqs.com and I think it came
out pretty good.  If you want to add something, comment about my
FAQ, or add it to your site e-mail me at Bancho@aol.com  I'll 
be happy to respond as long as it isn't about ROMs and stuff.  Like 
always I wrote this FAQ and thus I own it.  If I find it on any 
other site I didn't give permission I'll sue you for every penny you
have got that!!!  Anyway be sure to check out my other two FAQ's on
gamefaqs.com, Love Hina Advance (GBA) and Chang/Choi FAQ (CvS2).
Before I end this let me give credits to...

SNK for creating King of Fighters, my favorite fighting games of all.
Capcom for Street Fighter and Mega Man, close runners up.
CJAYC for gamefaqs.com, greatest gameing site.
Chris MacDonald for his overall SvC Chaos FAQ info
Kailu Lantis for the HUGE KOF Plot Guide
Me, ChickyHearn for doing this FAQ
The Japanese in general for animes and mangas
The lunch people at my school for that wonderful turkey, potatos, 
and gravy.  (BRING BACK THE PORK!!!)
And lastly once again for my bestest buddies (DB, DH, FD, FQ, HR, PC, VH) 
who otherwise if I didn't put their names here they would never 
believe I wrote it (guys, I put it in alphabetical order).

Well that's it for me.  Until we meet again, seeya! 


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