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Earthquake by Belhelmel

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/18/03

SNK vs Capcom
Earthquake FAQ
Version 1.1
By Belhelmel

- Formalities
- Version update
- Introduction
- Why Earthquake?
- Earthquake's Moves
- Earthquake's Supers
- Earthquake's Normals
- VS CPU Guide
- VS Human
- End

This FAQ is written by me and permission from me is needed if you want to use
it and you cannot copy it for use and sale and blah blah blah.

Version Update
Ver. 1.1 (Dec 2003)
- Added contents
- Added vs Violent Ken part in VS CPU Guide

This FAQ is aimed at giving a brief introduction of the character Earthquake
in the game SNK vs Capcom, how to play effectively against the computer and
a few shared thoughts on playing against a human opponent.  This FAQ is for
beginners learning to use Earthquake and beat the game and watch the ending
and also not be afraid of the average human challenger.  This FAQ is not for
big tournament pros and will not provide you with huge combo chains.

Why Earthquake?
Pros and Cons? Let's take a look:

- For a guy his size Earthquake has considerable speed and agility
- He's got a whole arsenal of moves for different situations that'll enable
you to play both aggressively and defensively
- Even if you don't win, at least you've occupied half the screen.  An Earthquake
vs Earthquake matchup will block out the crappy background graphics
- An easy to use character if you're solely looking to beat the computer and
watch the ending

- His size makes him a big target
- It's easy to get predictable, especially after playing against the
computer, more vs human games should help with this though

And the thing is, you don't want to use Iori/Terry/Akuma any more because your
brain has been bored frozen by these characters.  Well, for a change, try something
meaty, go for Earthquake.

Earthquake's moves
Let's take a look at how our obese friend can dish out punishment

Fat Burst: down, down-forward, forward + P
Earthquake farts.  A green puff of toxic gas floats slowly towards the opponent.

Great move to use if your opponent likes to jump.  Your opponent will be able
to hit you if they hyperjump (down, up) but they might land on the fart. A single
projectile will cancel out the fart but note that there is a big startup time
in this move, and you'll most likely be hit before the fart comes out if you use
it in reaction to your opponent's move, use it before your opponent jumps or throws
the projectile. This'll need a bit of psychological warfare with your human opponent.
The Fat Burst is better used when your opponent is down and you're waiting for
him to get up.

Fat Breath: forward, down-forward, down, back-forward, backward + P
Earthquake puffs out a jet of fire which lasts a few seconds.

You'll use this more than you use the Fat Burst. The stream of fire can be used
as both an anti-air and for cancelling out projectiles.  The fire lasts long enough
to cancel out two fast fireballs and can canel out supers like Shinku Hadoken.
It also takes a big chunk of your opponent's health and guard meter when blocked.
The startup is not as torrid as Fat Burst but it is still apparent, use this with
the startup time in mind and it'll serve you very well.

Fat Replica Attack: forward, down-forward, down, back-forward, backward + K
Earthquake disappears in a puff of smoke and reappears

Pressing B will make Earthquake reappear where he was standing with no attack
and pressing D will make Earthquake drop down on your opponent.  If the move
is blocked you can follow up with the Chainsaw Dive (down, down-forward, forward + P
in the air) or the Fat Bounce (down + K in the air).  The Chainsaw Dive is good
to use against opponents with no good anti-air moves and the Fat Bounce can cancel
out some anti-air moves. Both are good options
but don't get predictable.  Sometimes it's better to just land without a follow
up attack or do a B version and trick your opponnet into making a mistake.  As this
move means getting around without being the big target that Earthquake is, you'll
use this move a lot and it'll be easy to get predictable.

Fat Chainsaw: forward, down, down-forward + P
Earthquake disappears and reappears rolling along the floor

It's a ground version of the Chainsaw Dive but with a disappearing act at first.
Can be mixed with the Fat Replica Attack to confuse your opponent and serves as
an OK anti-air.

Earthquake's Supers
Earth Got'em : (down, down-forward, forward) x 2 + P
Earthquake will punch the air in front of him and if he connects, the opponent will
be flung to the far side of the screen and be drilled by his chain for a neat 10 hits

Meant to be an anti-air but it'll trade hits sometimes.  It also doesn't work against
opponents who can jump in with a downward air projectile, eg. Akuma and Geese.
But on the plus side, it'll also hit your opponent on the ground, but bear in mind
the very short range of the move.  It's also good to use if you're cornered.

Fat Guilty: (down, down-forward, forward) x 2 + K
Earthquake throws his chain into the air, the other end of the chain lands on your
opponent, lifts him/her up and blows him/her up.

The better of the two supers.  It must be blocked high but you'll be surprised at how
many people will block low.  It's not very good against the computer as it's programmed
to block once you execute the move but against the human opponent it's great.  Do it
when you anticipate a jump-in or throw a fireball, then sit back and watch him curse.
You'll rarely get punished even if it's blocked unless you're very near.

Fat Carnival: down, down-forward, forward, down-forward, down, down-backward, backward
 + AC
This is an Exceed super, meaning you can only do it when your health meter is in the
red and your name's flashing and you've got at least one super bar left.

Earthquake disappears and reappears rolling along the floor like the Fat Chainsaw,
but if he hits, his henchmen will come out and join the kicking party.  The opponent
will get kicked continously for awhile before Earthquake finishes off with a fart
in the opponent's face.

One of the few good Exceed supers out there.  Use it when you're cornered or in other
desparate situations where the startup on other moves will not bail you out.

Earthquake's normals
The main normal move you'll be using is the standing HK (D button).  Earthquake's
short legs deceives everyone of how far this kick can reach.  For a HK attack it
comes out amazingly quick, it's possible to kick your opponent two times in a row
with this.  In fact it's so quick your opponent will sometimes be kicked before
the fireball comes out.  Use the standing HP (C button) when you're far (though
it's not as good as the kick)

VS CPU guide
Some characters can be a breeze, some not.  But all the CPU characters can be
defeated by Earthquake if done right.

Ryu - He'll do his Shoryuken often and anything you do will be hit.  at the start
of the round, kick him with the D button and throw a Fat Guilty when you anticipate
a fireball, he'll usually do three in a row, especially if you get hit by one of them.
When he's down, do a Fat Burst, he'll block high, walk over and do a crouching
D button attack, rinse and repeat.

Ken - Ken will always be Ken and will always do a few Shoryukens in succession.
It's up to you how you like to punish these moves.

Chun Li - More ground-based than she is in other games.  Do the Fat Replica Attack
often against the CPU Chun Li.

Guile - He's a menace if you're using other characters. He always seem able to
pull that Double sommersault out of the blue.  But with Earthquake, he's much easier.
Do the Fat Replica Attack (D version of course), don't do a follow up attack in the
air, just land, and then kick to your heart's content.

Dhalsim - He'll do his Yoga Teleport often, just kick when he's at it.  And when
Dhalsim switches to Yoga Fire attack, do the Fat Replica Attack, the worst he can
do is Yoga Inferno.  But this should not be a tough battle.

Dan - Just fart, he'll continously jump into your fart, poor fella.

Hugo - Don't get caught, do your Fat Replica Attack often, follow up with a Chainsaw
Dive.  Foolproof against most things Hugo can do.

Bison (Boxer) - Block, and kick. You can also throw in some Fat Breath and Fat Burst
for him to charge into.  Not difficult.

Balrog (Masked guy) - A tougher battle.  But just remember: Fart when far,
disappear when near.

Sagat - He'll throw plenty of fireballs your way.  If you can, blow them out
with a Fat Breath, but because of the startup on this move, you'll need to use Fat
Replica Attack sometimes. In order to avoid the Tiger Uppercut, do the Fat Replica
Attack before he throws the fireball, this will require you to predict his move
but it won't be hard after a few trial-and-errors attempts

Tabasa - The CPU Tabasa is a pushover and there's nothing she can do which you can't
cancel out with Fat Replica Attack.

Violent Ken - It's your lucky day if you get Violent Ken instead of Riot Blood Iori.
All you ever have to do, is stand there and use your Fat Breath to burn him to a cinder.
If you do the C button version you don't even have to time since it lasts so long
Ken'll surely rush into the flames.

Akuma & Shin Akuma - Do the C version of the Fat Breath, it'll cancel out anything
he can do, this is also a sure-fire way of beating Shin Akuma.  Easy.

Vega - You won't meet him many times but if you do, the Fat Breath, Fat Replica Attack
and your trusty kick will be all that you need.

Demitri - Another trigger happy opponent that you would love to disappear and land

Kyo - Has a variety of quick moves which can be a pain.  Block and kick. Simple
and effective.

Iori - He'll do that jumping move a lot, throw him after blocking it.  Do the Fat
Breath to cancel out his projectiles.

Terry, Kim, Ryo - Do the Fat Breath often.  You can also mix in the Fat Replica
attack sometimes.

Mai - A trigger happy opponent and can dominate the skies.  Use the hyper jump
followed by a Fat Bounce to get over her projectiles.

Kasumi - Use Fat Burst and Fat Breath more to avoid getting countered. Use the standing
kick and crouching kick alternatively.

Choi - Roughly the size of a football to Earthquake and Choi's really good for kicking.
Just kick and blow fire.

Mr. Karate - Yet another fireball opponent, kick him continously before the fireball
comes out.

Shiki - Another disappearing act, treat her like Dhalsim, but without Yoga Fire,
kick often and do Fat Replica Attack when she's not flashing all over the place.

Genjuryo & Geese - Another opponent to kick around.  With Geese, watch his fireball
patterns and do Fat Replica Attack. Don't jump in as he can knock you out of the air
with an air projectile.

Earthquake - Two mountains of fat covering up the crappy background graphics, great.
Wait for him to use up his super bar before doing anything or you'll eat the Fat Guilty.
When he farts, it's safe to use the Fat Guilty as he'll just stand there (not blocking)
and watch the fart float towards you. After you block a Fat Replica Attack, do one of
your own immediately.

Goenitz - Easy. Just do the Fat Replica Attack over and over again. (Don't follow up
with Chainsaw Dive or Fat Bounce). Goenitz will do his tornado move all day, do a
Fat Guilty immediately after blocking one.

Riot Blood Iori - The toughest CPU opponent you'll face.  There're two strategies I've
come up with.  Neither are guaranteed wins.  One is to jump backwards, Iori will do
an uppercut and you'll get a free hit.  Another is to jump in with a Fat Bounce, he'll
do his uppercut and sometimes the Fat Bounce will overpower him.  Good luck.

Shin Mr. Karate - This is a tough one.  Use your Fat Breath often, it's the safest
weapon you've got against him as it'll cancel out his triple-fireballs.  He'll
stand there doing his invisible fireball sometimes and that's when you've got to Fat
Replica Attack him, don't follow up with Chainsaw Dive or Fat Bounce.

Red Arremer - Too easy to be true, just do Fat Replica attack continously (with no
follow up attacks), to finish, do a Fat Guilty. He won't block!

Athena - I haven't beaten her yet.  Do Fat Replica Attacks followed by Chainsaw Dive.
If her Canary appears, jump like crazy!  Your Fat Guilty will not hit when Athena
is on the back of some animal, so don't bother.

VS Human
Golden rule is, don't ever challenge someone using Riot Blood Iori.  The maniac is too
quick.  You're helpless even if you block his jumping kick as he'll proceed to fling you
to the other side and do his Iron Maiden for a painful 22 hits.  For other characters,
you need to understand their nature.  Akuma and Kim will jump a lot, Terry and Chun Li
won't.  Characters which jump a lot will be easy prey for Fat Guilty, for characters
who don't jump much, kick them.  When you do Fat Replica Attack vs Geese, do not follow
up the attack.  Destroy your opponent's confidence by knocking them out of the air
with Fat Breath/Fat Burst/Fat Guilty, once their confidence is gone, the rest will be
easy.  Don't let your confidence go if you eat a big combo, Earthquake's a big target
and will no doubt have his fair share of pain, the main objective is inflicting more
damage than you receive.

Thank you for reading, any comments are welcome and constructive suggestions/comments
will be incorporated in a later version if there is to be one!

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