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Voice Translations by Kibagami

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/30/04

SNK vs Capcom
for Neo*Geo Home System and Neo*Geo arcade system
Vocal Collection FAQ written by Kibagami
Version 1.4 12/10/2003, 11/20/2003
(c)2003 Kibagami. All rights reserved.

This FAQ is copyrighted property of its author and it cannot be reprodu-
ced by any mean whatsoever, being they electronic or conventional, without
the written permission of the author. This also means the author of this FAQ
expressly forbides its use in websites, magazines (Specially american videogame
magazines, which are expert plagiarists)or any  public document. Copyright
violation is a very serious crime and I will use the legal way in case these
statements are disregarded.

This FAQ contains some Japanese text. To view it, you may need a Japanese
language viewer plug-in available at njstar.com. If your PC supports
Japanese,then you don't need it. Also, I am Japanese, so if there are any
english grammar mistakes, I'm sorry for it.

This FAQ is best viewed with Windows Notepad or Microsoft Word 2000.


--Revision history
--SNK characters' translations
--Capcom characters' translations
--Special intros translations

This is a Vocal Collection of SNK vs Capcom Chaos and a translation for the
Japanese speech. I got it from the Neo*Geo game. This is an awesome game, so
I decided to make a FAQ for it.

For foreign languages, like Korean, German, Russian and Hindi, translation
software was
used. Also, if some wordad are not translated, it's because I am in the process
of checking if the character is exactly saying that, once I make sure, I will
translate it. It can also happen because some are only expressions, like Dossei
and others.

For now, I have only added a few characters' translations. I will be updating
the FAQ often with more speech as I play the game. I hope this FAQ is useful.


--Revision history.

11/11/2003 Ver 1.0 : First version of this FAQ written.
11/14/2003 Ver 1.1 : Some speech added.
11/19/2003 Ver 1.2 : Layout improvement. Added Revision History.
                     More speech for characters already in the FAQ. Added
                     Goenitz and Mr. KaraTe.

11/20/2003 Ver 1.3 : Adapted the FAQ for the Arcade version of the game.
                     Added more speech. Added Kasumi and Shiki.

12/10/2003 Ver 1.4 : Added more speech. Added Hugo. Added Ryu.


--Character Speech translations.

SNK characters:

*Kusanagi Kyou*

-Speech :

Start : "Ikuze!"           : "Let's go!"
Taunt : "Mou oyasumi kai?" : "Is it bedtime already?"

"Kono!"             : "You!"
"Body ga amei ze!"  : "Your body is weak!"
"Orusu da ze!"      : "You are not paying attention!"
"Garaaki da ze!"    : "You left yourself wide open!"
"Kocchi da ze!"     : "Here!"
"Kurae!"            : "Eat this!"
"Moero!"            : "Burn!"
"Otto!"             : "Whoa!"

"Gwoooh! Kurai yagare!"           : "Gwoooh! Eat this!"
"Korede...kimeru ze!"             : "I will end this!"

Win poses:

"He he! Moetaro"     : "Heh heh! Burned"
"Ore no...kachi da!" : "Victory is mine!"


*Sakazaki Ryou*


Start : "Kakatte koi!" : "Bring it on!"
Taunt : "Ora Ora!"     : "C'mon C'mon!"

"HienShippuuKyaku!"  : "Flying Gale Kick!"
"ZanRetsuKen!"       : "Fast Furious Fist!"
"Ko OuKen!"          : "Tiger Glowing Fist!"
"HaouShouKouKen!"    : "Supreme Flying Roaring Fist!"
"Ichigeki Hissatsu!" : "One-hit certain kill!"
"Kyokugen-Ryuu Ougi! Ora ora ora ora! Moratta! : "Kyokugen Style Secret!
                                                  Ora ora ora ora!
                                                  I got ya!"

Win poses:

"Kore ga Kyokugen-Ryuu da!" : "This is the Kyokugen Style!"
"Osu!                       : No translation. It is a martial arts greeting.

"Kyokugen" means "Utmost limit"
"Hissatsu" also means "Special technique"


*Kim KapHwan*


Start : "Ikuzo!"                           : "Let's go!"

Taunt : "Hmph!"

"HiEnZan!"       : "Flying Slash!"
"HanGetsuZan!"   : "Half-moon slash!"
"HishouKyaku!"   : "Flying Kick!"
"Neryo Chagui!"  : "Descending Kick!" (In Korean)
"Moratta!        : "Got you!"
"HaKi Kyaku!"    : "Supreme Spirit Kick!"  (HaKi does NOT mean Ambition
                                            in this case)

"Mikitta wa!"    : "I understand perfectly what you are doing!"
"HouOu Kyaku!" Hatatatah! Asho!"  : "Phoenix Kick! Hatatatah! Asho!"
                                     ("Asho!" is the traditional TaeKwonDo
                                       battle cry.)

Win poses:

"Nakanaka! Mou te maire" : "Not bad! Come again!"


*Shiranui Mai*



Start : "Shiranui Mai mairimasu!" : "Here comes Shiranui Mai!"
Taunt : "Ora Ora!"                : "C'mon, c'mon!"

"Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi!" : "Killer Ninja Bees!"
"Musasabi no Mai!"        : "Dance of the Giant Flying Squirrel!"
"RyuuEnBu"                : "Dragon Blaze Dance!"
"KaChouSen!"              : "Flower Butterfly Fan!"
"Fuusha Kuzushi!"         : "Windmill Smasher!"
"no Mai!"                 : "!"
"Shiranui-Ryuu Kyuukyoku Ougi!"        : "Shiranui Style Ultimate Secret!"
"Haaa...Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi!"  : "Haaah...Super Killer Ninja Bees!"
"Hitotsu, Futatsu, Mittsu!"            : "One, Two, Three!"
"Andy!" (when defeated)

Win poses:

"Yo! Nippon Ichi!"         : "Japan's finest!"

The correct spelling and pronouncing of Mai's last name is "Shiranuhi"


*Terry Bogard*


Start : "Get ready!"

Taunt : "Hey, c'mon c'mon!"

"Kick back!"
"Rock you!"
"Get outta here!"

Win poses:

"Stand up!"


*Yagami Iori*


Start : "Sugu raku ni shite yaru"       : "I will make this quick and easy"
Taunt : "Ore ga kowai no ka?"           : "Are you afraid of me?"

"Nani?!"                : "What?!"
"Muda da!"              : "Useless!"
"Jama da!"              : "Out of my way!"
"Gwoooh! Shine!"        : "Gwoooh! Die!"
"Shine!"                : "Die!"
"Doushita?"             : "What's wrong?"
"Ikuzo!"                : "Let's go!"
"Asobi wa owari da! Nake! sakebe! soshite shine!!" : "Playtime is over! Cry!
                                                      Yell! then die!!"

"Konomama de wa owaranzo!" : "It can't end like this!"
(When defeated)

Win poses:

Laughs maniacally.
"Sonomama shine!"   : "Just die there!"


*Choi Bounge*



Start : Poses
Taunt : "Kore kore kore!"    : Literally "This!"
                               (He means "Hit me here!")

"Ukiii!!"                     : In Japanese, this is the onomatopeyic
                                sound for monkeys.

"Sasu de yansu!"              : "Stab!"
"Kiru de yansu"               : "Cut!" or "Kill!"
"Kiri kiri mai mai!"	      : "Cut cut, dance, dance!"
"Shinu de yansu!"             : "Die!"

Win poses:

"Kachi de yansu!"             : "I win!"



-Speech :

Start : "Saa, Kami ni inorinasai"  : "Well, pray to God"
Taunt : "Nurui desu ne?"           : "Aren't you pathetic?"

"Hahaha! "
"Ikaga desu?"       : "How do you like this?"
"Saa..."            : "Well..."
"Osoi desu ne!"     : "You're slow!"
"Sou desu ka?"      : "?"
"Koko desu ka"      : "Here"
"Owakare desu!"     : "Farewell!"
"Kore ga...ShinBatsu desu!"   : "This is...God's punishment!"

Win poses:

"Kuuyara tamenasai"     : "Repent while you still can" or
                          "Straighten your ways while you still can"

"Madamada desu ne"      : "Still not good enough"




Start: "Hmph!"
Taunt: "Kakatte konu ka?"  : "Will you fight?"

"HienShippuuKyaku!"  : "Flying Gale Kick!"
"ZanRetsuKen!"       : "Fast Furious Fist!"
"Ko OuKen!"          : "Tiger Glowing Fist!"
"ShouRan Kyaku!"     : "Rushing Chaotic Kick!"
"HaouShiKouKen!"     : "Supreme Climax Fist!"


*TouDou Kasumi*


Start: "Kakugo onegaishimasu!" : "Please be prepared!"
Taunt: "Ikuzo!"                : "Let's go!"

"Chou Kasane Ate!"             : "Super Heavy Hitter!"




Start: "Hajimemashou" : "Let's begin"

"Soko desu"                 : "There"
"Owarishimasu! Yokatta wa"  : "I'll end this! It was good"


--Capcom Characters

*Hugo Andore*


Start: "Anta no deban yo!" : "It's your turn!"
                              (Poison says it, Bao is sitting on Hugo's head)

       "Gwoooh!" (Hugo)

Taunt: "C'mon!"

"Back Break!"
"Hammer Mountain!"
"Ein! Zwei! Drei! Ende!"  : "One, two, three! The end!" (in German)

Win poses:

"Gwaaah!" (with Bao)
Poison comes. She blows a kiss.




Start : "Ukettetato!"                  : "I accept!"
        "Ore no kobushi wo tamesu ka?" : "Do you want to test my fist?"

Taunt : "Kakatte koi!"        : "Bring it on!"
        "Honki wo da ze!"     : "Be serious!"

"ShouRyuuKen!"                : "Rising Dragon Fist!"
"HaDouKen!"                   : "Waving Fist!"
"TatsumakiSenpuuKyaku!"       : "Tornado Whirlwind Kick!"
"Shinkuu...HaDouKen!"         : "Vacuum...Waving Fist!"
"Shinkuu Tatsumaki!"          : "Vacuum Tornado!"
"Shin! ShouRyuuKen!"          : "True! Rising Dragon Fist!"

Win poses:

Raises his arm.
Stands with his arms crossed.

"HaDou" can also be translated as "Surge"


*Hibiki Dan*


Start  : "Densetsu wo miseteyaru ze!" : "I will show you what a Legend is!"
         "Ikuzora!"                   : "Let's go!"
         "Yoshaa!"                    : "All right!"

Taunts : "Yahoo!"
         "Doushita doushita?!" : "What's wrong?!"
         "Namen ja nee zo!"    : "Don't understimate me!
         "Rakushou!"           : "An easy win!"
         "Ikuzora!"            : "Let's go!"
         "Ora ora ora ora!"    : "C'mon, c'mon!"
         "Yoyuushi!"           : "Piece of cake!"
         "Yoshaa!"             : "All right!"

 "GaDouKen!"                          : "Self-taught Fist!"
 "KouRyuuKen"                         : "Clearing Dragon Fist!"
 "Sorya!"                             : "Take that!"
 "HaOu...ShouKouKen!"                 :
 "IchiGeki Hissatsu!"                 :
 "Oyaji!"                             : "Dad!"
 "Shinkuu...GaDouKen!"                : "Vacuum...Self-taught Fist!"
 "Saikyou-Ryuu Ougi! KouRyuuRekka!!"  : "Saikyou Style Secret! Clearing
                                         Dragon Raging Fire!"

 "Hisshou...Ora Ora Ora! BuraiKen!"   : Certain Victory...C'mon, c'mon!
                                        Ruffian Fist!

 "Dah yah Hyaah!"

-Win poses:

 "Yatta ze!"                        : "I did it!"
 "Yatta ze...Oyaji!"                : "I did it, dad!"
 "Yoshaa!"                          : "All right!"
 "Rakushou!"                        : "An easy win!"
 "Chou Yoyuushi!"                   : "Super Piece of cake!"

"Saikyou" means "Strongest"


This FAQ is by no means complete. Expect updates often as I play the game.


 -- Credits and thanks.

    - This FAQ was written by Kibagami. Any comments, suggestions can be
      forwarded to my e-mail address: haoumaru@otakumail.com

    - Thanks to you for reading this FAQ

    - Thanks to GameFAQs for publishing it

  I guess that's all for now. See you all next update. Arigatou gozaimashita!

  (c)2003, Kibagami.

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